Finding an emcee who is perfect for your wedding is not easy. There are many established and upcoming wedding emcees in the industry. While you can ask your friend to be an emcee, and forget the trouble, it’s usually not the best choice. It’s advisable to hire a professional who will ensure the event runs well. A professional engages with your guests, can perform or tell thought-provoking stories. Besides, your wedding is bound to be a memorable event with a professional emcee.

Here are the lists of the most popular wedding emcees in Singapore that you should consider.

1. Rae Fung

Image credit: Rae Fung

Rae Fung is an experienced emcee and on-screen host. With an illustrious carrier in hosting clients such as global businessmen, CEOs, and ministers, she can entertain the old and young crowds alike. She will bring your wedding to a new level with her infectious personality, engaging hosting style, and light humour. 

Having helmed multiple events and live-streams for clients such as New Moon, Samsung, Changi Airport and People’s Association, she is known to be versatile, being able to handle any last-minute program changes, which is crucial to an event, especially if it is your wedding. 

With her authentic sharing of stories on her podcasts, this host is in no doubt, creative and above all spontaneous. Your guests will be treated to stories that are relatable as well as entertaining. Having exemplary customer testimonials and international clients, Rae Fung is a professional wedding emcee who will ensure your wedding runs not just smoothly, but the experience of your dreams.

Other services include:

  • Emcee and video-hosting services
  • Voiceovers
  • Communications and Voice Coaching
  • Keynote Speaking
AddressWorks remotely
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2. Linus Lee & Masterpiece Entertainment

Best 10 Wedding Emcees in Singapore |

More than just a wedding emcee, Linus is a Wedding Showmaster. With his 8-in-1 wedding experience, Linus helps wedding couples relieve the anxiety from planning and running their wedding on their own while ensuring it is organized and entertaining!

Linus has been hosting weddings for 16 years now and was voted as one of the Top 5 Singapore Wedding Emcees. Linus is also an established pianist, and over the past 25 years, has performed both locally and internationally.

As a Wedding Showmaster, Linus helps wedding couples plan and customize their wedding programme early; he advises them and provides them with tips on preparation and potential pitfall to look out for. On the day itself, Linus oversees the wedding event, helping to coordinate and host; Linus will also play the piano and sing at the wedding. Linus even choreographs the dance for couples who feel like grooving to the song!

With an organized, entertaining, and memorable wedding styled by Linus, couples can now sit back and relax and focus on their guests without worrying about running the event.


  • 16 years in wedding hosting and 25 years in music performing
  • Design, Plan, Run Your Wedding Programme
  • Host, Live Piano Performance and Singing in English and Mandarin
  • Create Singing or Dance March-Ins

*In line with current Covid-19 regulations, music performance is pre-recorded but will be reviewed progressively
Contact Details+65 9668 4820 
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3. Gladys Bay

Image credit: Gladys Bay

Gladys is the kind of person who wears many hearts in one and they all fit her personality very well. She is an actress, a bilingual host, and also a voiceover artist. Gladys is versatile when it comes to events and this has equipped her with the ability to cater across all age brackets making her the perfect emcee for your wedding. Her flexibility and ability to connect with her audience has made her be in high demand meaning you will have to book her in advance.

Even during this pandemic season, she has adapted quickly by hosting live streams for various brands on Facebook and Shopee. She has hosted notable brands such as Volkswagen and Land Transport Authority. Her energy is infectious and she brings fun to her events alongside her poised attitude. Relatable, adaptable, and curious; she’s makes an impact on your audience and keeps you listening. Your guests will be kept entertained throughout the wedding and you will be glad for choosing Gladys Bay.


  • Virtual and hybrid events (including live streams)
  • Corporate occasions (dispatches, lunch meetings, D&Ds, and so on)
  • Informal occasions such as contests and formal events such as award ceremonies.
  • Services outside of hosting: program advisor, planner, scripting, equipment rental, and studio bookings.
Contact Details+65 9338 8598
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4. Stanley Soh

Best 10 Wedding Emcees in Singapore |

Stanley Soh is a versatile and energetic individual who can handle your wedding audience well. With a good physique and outlook, he captures your audience since he stands out.

Stanley has been hosting since he was in secondary school. He is, therefore, able to relate well with the crowds. Your wedding event will be a lively and fun-filled event with Stanley as your preferred Emcee. Resplendent with charisma and energy, Stanley seeks to be an established singer and actor so that he can be more versatile to his audience and clients.


  • Private functions such as solemnization, birthday parties, karaoke performances, and weddings.
  • Corporate events such as family day, dinner and dance planning, meetings and seminars, and award ceremonies.
  • Public events, such as roadshows promotion and school events.
  • Community events such as Christmas parties and national day observance day.
  • Commercial events such as voiceovers and acting.
Contact Details+65 8691 8168
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5. Emcee James Yang

Singapore Emcee James Yang is a dynamic emcee whose magnetic personality engages the audience unlike any other master of ceremonies. Events hosted by him are like a dialogue between himself the audience. He speaks, they laugh, he charms, they respond in kind; every moment is compelling and interactive.

His reputation as a Professional Singapore Emcee has gradually risen over years; from celebrities to military personnel and countless event/wedding companies, he’s collaborated with them all. Whichever the occasion, James is often the Top Choice Emcee amongst clients

Emcee Services:

  • Corporate Virtual Events / Live-Events
  • Corporate D&Ds
  • Wedding Ceremonies / Solemnisations
AddressEmcee James Yang 3 Coleman Street #03-24 Suite 4405-Y
Contact Details+65 9733 4405
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6. White Ribbon SG

Best 10 Wedding Emcees in Singapore |

White ribbon SG gives you a chance to pick a bilingual emcee from their many hosts. You don’t need to freak if your guests are not English speakers. They have many talented and professional hosts who speak fluently. Your wedding will be a lively and also engaging event with White Ribbon SG.

White Ribbon also offers a variety of live music services at your events. A live band makes your wedding a fun, elegant, and classy wedding celebration. You will also love the fact that the hosts accept song requests which keep your guests fully engaged and entertained.

Other services include:

  • Bridal floral arrangements.
  • Coffer cart with its exclusive partner.
  • Photography and live streaming.
  • Wine and alcohol catering.
Address131 East Coast Road, Singapore 428816
Contact Details+65 9150 4584 │+65 9790 179 │+65 8777 9007
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7. Glittering Carousel

Photo credit: GC Live Music

Glittering Carousel is renowned for offering live entertainment at events. Its founder David Tan is a professional songwriter and singer who believes that music needs to be real and also from the heart at all times.

At Glittering carousel, you’ll get professional and versatile wedding emcees. With great talent in singing and hosting, the emcees are dedicated to making your wedding enjoyable.

The company offers both emcee and hosting services. You enjoy a variety of talented and professional emcees who have a background in radio and TV. Your wedding will have musical entertainers who are also your hosts. The company offers outstanding performance and excellent emcee services that will leave your guests entertained. 

Other services include:

  • Live music in addition to entertainment.
  • Wedding planning and organization.
  • Audio system and equipment rentals.
  • Music programs.
Address917 Hougang Avenue 9, #10-26, Singapore 530917
Contact Details+65 9824 5005, +65 8268 2805
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8. Charmaine Yee

Photo credit: Charmaine Yee

If you need an engaging and delightful emcee, then Charmaine Yee is a perfect fit for your event. With a background in radio and TV, you can rest assured that your wedding will be engaging and also very lively event. She has hosted many corporate events, sports events, and press conferences.

Charmaine is authentic, fun, full of life, and a charming emcee. With exemplary customer reviews and testimonials, be sure that your wedding emceeing will be excellent as you wish. Besides, she has a neutral accent and a natural ability to relate well with the crowd, thus, you get a perfect fit for your wedding emcee.

Your wedding will need her eloquence and charming personality. With expertise in hosting high profile events such as virtual twitter events and Carlsberg events, your wedding emceeing will be taken care of by a respectable professional.

Other services she offers include:

  • Corporate events emcee.
  • Product launches.
  • Press conferences.
  • Brand ambassadors and voiceovers in Singapore
Address46 Thomson Hill, Thomson Hills Estate, Singapore 574812
Contact Details+65 9616 1612
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9. Wayne Emcee

Photo credit: Wayne Emcee

No one desires a boring wedding where everyone has a straight face. That is why you need the services of Wayne Emcee. Known for brightening wedding celebrations with his lively presence and witty remarks, your wedding will be memorable.

Wayne is a bilingual emcee who has hosted high profile events such as the sports and channel U talk. He brings professionalism, experience, and also, an easily relatable atmosphere on your big day. You will love his competitive rates that will be within your budget.

With exemplary customer testimonials and reviews, you can rest assured that Wayne Emcee will handle your wedding professionally, make it a fun and also engaging event.

Other services offered include:

  • Birthday party emcee.
  • Community events.
  • Bilingual emcee services.
  • Dinner and dance emcee.
  • Birthday emcee.
  • Corporate event emcee.
  • School event emcee.
AddressBlk 341B Sembawang Cl #05-35, Singapore, Singapore, 752341
Contact Details+65 6850 5182 or +65 9181 7401
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10. Ainsley Chong

Photo credit: Ainsley Chong

Ainsley Chong will make your wedding memorable and give it an unforgettable experience. With an Educational background in Emcee from the Emcee academy in Singapore, be sure to get an experienced emcee for your wedding. Ainsley also has a background in event planning. He is therefore knowledgeable on all the wedding planning techniques and how to be relatable to crowds. As a result, he brings a terrific and interactive experience on your big day.

With charisma and a good sense of humour, your great day will be a fun-filled event. As an experienced entertainer, he performs magic tricks as a way of entertaining guests. Besides, he has exemplary customer reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers, you can rest assured that your wedding will run smoothly with Ainsley.

Other services include:

  • Roadshows and exhibitions.
  • Awards and conferences.
  • Roadshows.
  • Wedding emcee.
  • Product launches.
Address680 Upper Thomson Road #02-10, Singapore 787103
Contacts Details+65 9114 2044
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11. Merry Bees Live Bees

Photo credit: Merry Bees Live Bees

Founded in 2012 by three charismatic individuals, Merry Bee has hosted various events. The group hosts both private parties and small gatherings. With great performances on TV programs and also at high profile events like sports and celebrity events, you can be assured of good performances at your wedding.

Merry Bees Live also has a group of versatile singers. They will entertain your guests, making your wedding a memorable event, and act as emcees for your big day. With a team of professional wedding emcees, your wedding will have an engaging, joyful atmosphere and above all more fun-filled.

Other services include:

  • Singers and musicians for hire.
  • Emcee and Hosts.
  • Live Bands.
  • Strings, Harpists, Jazz Ensemble, Country/Folk Music.
  • Singing Telegram. 
  • DJs.
Address113, Eunos Ave 3, #07-08, Singapore 409838
Contact Details+65-9232 9395
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With the above list of the best ten wedding emcees in Singapore, you will have an easier task picking one. A perfect emcee needs to meet your needs. Besides, they should be within your budget, offer the kind of entertainment you prefer, and relate well with your guests. 

You need to ask upfront about the charges and if there are additional charges. If your wedding is not well planned and there are delays, you need to know if those will be extra hours which need additional costs. We hope your wedding will be memorable and fun-filled!