Who doesn’t like cars and wants to get useful insights into their favourite vehicles and latest models? Well, plenty has changed in the automobile industry and if you are a car enthusiast, you certainly deserve to get ahead of your peers. With the passage of time, many amendments were made in the shape and features of the automobiles. In this era, we have many genres of cars including SUVs, sports exotics, classic muscles, and much more.

There are many car enthusiasts around the globe who want to know about the latest trends in the automotive industries. Unfortunately, these trends don’t make it into the headlines that often. But don’t worry as Best in Singapore has shortlisted the best 10 car blogs for you that are fun to read and will certainly enhance your knowledge regarding cars. 

What is Car Blog?

A car blog is written by an automotive expert and comprises content related to news from the automotive world. Whether it be the latest updates in the automotive industries or the reviews of the latest cars. Car blogs provide adequate information about cars that can satisfy the thirst of any car enthusiast. They also simplify the fancy terms used in the automotive industry that can be difficult for some newbies. 

1. Car Gurus


  • Classic models 
  • Newest models 
  • New technologies in the automobiles 
  • Car reviews 

Link: Car Gurus

Whether the newest models in the industry or the classic hits, CarGurus has got it all cover for you and other car enthusiasts. The blogs cover the latest technologies in automobiles giving an insight into the developments in the automotive industry. Furthermore, you can find an in-depth review of your favorite car models on the blog website.

The dedicated staff is always working to provide you flawless services. It is guaranteed that the information provided in the blogs is always up to date and authentic. So, if you are a true car enthusiast follow the blogs by Car Gurus without wasting a single minute. 

2. Edmunds 


  • Model comparison  
  • Car lease 
  • Insurance information  
  • Best car ratings  

Link: Edmunds 

Edmunds is a big name when it comes to car blogs. If you are confused between two cars, you can compare the models or makes on the website to get the pros and cons of both models. In addition to this, the blogs cover a wide range of topics. Some blogs are focused on car lease methods and effective leasing to save your money. Also, if you want some information about auto insurance, then visit the blog site and you will not be disappointed with the quality content.

You will also find the list of top 5 cars lying in every category such as SUV, Mini-vans, sports cars, exotic cars, etc. This helps you in making a purchase decision. Even if you are not interested in buying a new car, gathering information to enhance your knowledge is not a bad option. 

3. Car and Driver


  • Latest cars 
  • Technological advancements  
  • Release dates of various models   
  • Comparison guides   

Link: Car and Driver

Car and Driver is again a big name in the automobile industry. Even the giant automobile manufacturers are fond of the car blogs published on the website. These blogs are mostly related to the latest technology used in engines, transmissions, suspensions, and other mechanical systems of the cars. Similarly, the blogs also cover the content related to the latest releases in the upcoming time.

You will find the release dates of these automobiles and their review covering audience expectancy from the model. Some blogs relate the expectancy and actual features, rating the cars. Comparison guides of various makes and models can also make your purchase decision easy if you are planning to buy a new car. So, Car and Driver is a great digital source to enhance your knowledge regarding automobiles. 

4. Automobile LUXUO 


  • Latest cars 
  • Luxury cars   
  • Exotic equipment    
  • Car reviews    

Link: Automobile Luxuo 

Automobile Luxuo is a Singaporean car blogging website that is known for its authentic content. Not only Singaporeans, but the global viewers are also fans of this blog page. You will find the content regarding the latest cars, mountain bikes, and electric scooters on this page.

Automobile Luxuo also reviews the expensive equipment introduced by various makes around the globe. You will also find car reviews enhancing your knowledge regarding the latest models and makes. Automobile Luxuo will also give an insight into the latest trends in the automobile industry. 

5. Trending Motors  


  • Latest cars 
  • Car comparison   
  • Expected prices of new releases     
  • Car reviews    

Link: Trending Motors 

Trending Motors is another exciting automobile blog page that provides its expertise in modern automobiles. You can get an in-depth car comparison of various makes and models.

The authors are automotive experts who write the blog for a common man having a passion for cars. So, you can browse through the blogs to find one that attracts you. The best part of Trending Motors is the car review blogs that are appreciated by the readers. They also review the cars according to the particular market and predict their success prediction in different countries. 

6. Classic Car News   


  • Classic cars  
  • Classic and modern car comparison    
  • Maintained classic cars      
  • Highest paid classics in the world     

Link: Classic Car News

We have shortlisted this car blog, especially for those classic lovers. The authors themselves are classic car freaks and their content is also focused on classic and vintage muscles. The blogs cover a range of topics such as comparison of classic and modern models of the same make. Reading differences of both gives you an insight into the technological advancements with the passage of time.

You will also find blogs regarding beautifully maintained classic cars around the globe including the interviews of the owners. There are a few classics for sale on the website that can also be found in blogs. These blogs are again like the last ones based on the highest-paid classic cars in the world. 

7. Auto Traders    


  • New vs used models   
  • Classic and modern car comparison    
  • Popular models in the country       
  • Auto Shows around the globe  

Link: Auto Traders

Auto Traders is another car blog shortlisted in our list. This is a great website for newbies who can develop a concept regarding different cars by comparison of modern and conventional models. Blogs also focus on the popularity of cars according to specific regions. That makes it easy for a new person in the automobile industry to make up his mind when going to buy a car.

You can also get information about the latest auto shows occurring around the globe. Yes, the schedules are impacted by the pandemics but the website has updated all the schedules as provided by the organizers. 

8. Cars    


  • Car comparison by up to 4 models    
  • User reviews     
  • Interviews with automotive officials       
  • Price updates 

Link: Cars

Cars is the best car blog for you if you want a brief comparison of various makes or models. The website compares up to 4 makes at a time selecting the best car for you according to features and affordability. Interviews with different automobile officials also provide insight into the latest technologies and upcoming cars that excite car enthusiasts.

You can also find blogs covering user reviews of different cars making it easy for you to make a purchase decision. Finally, car enthusiasts can also find up to date blogs regarding price updates of different car models with the passage of time. 

9. Auto Blog     


  • New models    
  • Maintenance price     
  • Car lease information 
  • Price updates 

Link: Auto Blog

Auto Blog is a car blog website mainly focusing on the latest models and maintenance of different automobiles. The authors are themselves experts providing their expertise to newbies, professional mechanics, and traders.

You can find blogs explaining the car lease process, complexities, and steps of auto finance and selection of best auto insurance policies. The website also provides authentic information regarding automotive prices and prices of their counterparts. So, whenever you are going to visit a market, go through the blogs to make up an approximated expenditure in your mind. 

10. Top Speed      


  • Evolution of different cars     
  • Latest automobile games    
  • Suggestions on car ownership  
  • Car comparison 

Link: Top Speed

This should not be mixed with Top Gear that is a famous automotive show. Top Speed is a blog site that provides you insight into the latest happenings in the industry.

You will find the latest reviews, car comparisons, and suggestions for car ownership. The best part about this website is the car evolution blogs that compare and contrast different models of the same car throughout its history. 

If cars are your passion, then do follow some car blog to enhance your knowledge regarding previous and latest technologies. There are a lot of car blogs published on the internet. But we have shortlisted the blog sites that provide you much more including the car blogs. You can compare different cars, get to know their prices, get an expert’s advice regarding purchase decisions and other services. So, select the car blog site according to your preference and follow it to increase your expertise in the field of automotive. 

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