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10 Best Ikea Food in Singapore [2021] 

Many of us visit Ikea even when we are not looking for any new furniture. Instead, we visit Ikea for the cafeteria which serves up cheap, affordable, and yummy food options!


15 Best Steamboat Buffets in Singapore [2021] 

With so many seafood buffets springing up on the market recently, it’s hard to know what the best ones are. With this list, you’ll never be left wondering where to visit to sate your next steamboat buffet craving.


10 Best Instant Noodles to Buy in Singapore [2021] 

Instant noodles are the ultimate form of comfort food. Perfect for any time of the day, instant noodles never fail to put a smile on our faces. Convenient and delicious, instant noodles are found in households everywhere. With this love for instant noodles, there is also a desire to explore new flavours and varieties when restocking our supplies. However, with so many different varieties found online and in supermarkets, deciding on a new flavour becomes a troubling task. This is why we have compiled this list of the top 10 best instant noodles to buy in Singapore so that the next time you restock, you’ll know which are the go-to instant noodles to try.


Best 10 UV Sterilizers in Singapore [2021] 

A sterilizer is an essential tool for parents when breastfeeding their little ones. we have explored Singapore shops to find the best sterilizers for your baby. Here are the best UV sterilizers in Singapore.


Best 10 Powerline Adaptors in Singapore [2021] 

Powerline Adaptors are devices that everyone should consider having in their home. A powerline adaptor is used to attain a more reliable internet connection over a longer distance. If you have an internet problem, then you should consider getting one of these powerline adaptors in Singapore.

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