You must be wondering how has my sleeping lifestyle changed after I chanced upon Origin Mattress. Plenty, I would say. Thus, here I am presenting you my Origin Mattress review.

Ever experience sleepless nights? Not the best feeling, we know. With our packed schedules starting early every day, it is the worst feeling when you are feeling tired from the previous night due to poor sleep. Well, that was me, tossing around nights while staring at the ceiling before I fall asleep in the wee hours.

While I did not feel particularly uncomfortable with my previous mattresses, I did felt like I could find a better mattress that will satisfy me. This leads me to a desire of getting a new type of mattress, in hope of a night of better sleep.

Thus, my quest to search for the best mattress was on, and this was how I had bumped into Origin Mattress.

Origin Hybrid® Mattress – Best Supportive Mattress

Origin Mattress Review
Photo Credits: Origin Mattress

With all of my previous mattresses being either too hard or too soft, I decided to settle for something in the middle. Soft yet with some firmness present. This brings me to the Origin Hybrid® Mattress.

Their Origin Hybrid®️ is made with their signature pressure-relieving foams. It is topped off with an added layer of firmness from its high-quality springs and natural latex. This certainly gives out a bounce and luxurious support where needed.

My nature of work involves long hours of sitting. I like that this hybrid mattress provides me with the pressure relief and back support I need. Not only that, but it also absorbs the motion of restless sleepers like me. Say bye to those squeaky sounds made by noisy mattresses!

Most importantly, I believe there are times when your foam mattresses trap your body heat, making it very uncomfortable for you to sleep in. But with Origin Hybrid®️, regulates my body heat with their Cooling Gel Memory Foam.

Video Credits: Origin Mattress


Overall, this mattress is a good investment for me. We all know that Hybrid is usually more expensive. Comparing to normal innerspring or foam mattresses, hybrids are costly because of their differences in quality.

However, their Origin Hybrid®️ ranges from $399.00 to $829.00, making it a reasonable choice for those looking for affordability but good quality hybrid mattresses.

What’s more, is that Origin is the only risk-free mattress in Singapore. They have a 120-Night Trial if you decide to return your Origin Mattress, though I don’t think you will want to return it.

All their mattresses purchased will be provided with free same-day delivery. You can either have it delivered within the next 2 hours from your purchase or choose a time-slot of your preferences.

With that, I hope you will find this Origin Mattress review helpful if you are considering to get an Origin Mattress! For more brands on mattresses, you can check out our list of mattresses and latex mattresses.

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More Information On Origin Mattress

Cloud-like nights came to me as a gift with Origin Mattress. With Origin Mattress, I don't have to worry now about turning endlessly through my sleep.
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