Hate carrying keys? Perhaps the jingling sound they produce in your pocket? Or are you looking for a safer, more fashionable, and convenient way to lock your door? Then you might want to invest in digital door locks, which are popular in Singapore.

Digital door locks are much safer and convenient as compared to a key. With the advanced technology we have here, we can now leave home without the burden of carrying keys.

Thus, to help you find the best digital lock for you, here is our list of the 20 Best Digital Locks to Buy in Singapore.

1. Starke Seamless™ Designer Digital Lock

Starke Seamless™ Designer Digital Lock

Price: $599 (U.P $899)

Key features we love:

  • Fingerprint, PIN, card, key unlocking
  • Smart app features
  • Free installation service
  • 1-year warranty

The Starke Seamless™ Designer Digital Lock has everything you need in a modern door lock. This digital lock is ranked 1st on our recommendations for its unique, amazingly modern design and the value it provides at its price point.

You can unlock this digital lock through 5 convenient methods – fingerprint, app, PIN, card, or key. It can store up to 100 different fingerprints which are useful, especially if you have a large extended family.

One of the standout features of this digital lock is its smart app features. With the app, you can unlock the digital lock remotely. When your guests are at your door, you can receive notifications to inform you about their arrival.

Through the app, you can then opt to unlock the door for them. With this digital lock, you get both security and convenience without compromising one or the other.

This digital lock is compatible with all types of doors. It can fit metal, wooden, plastic, sliding doors, and more. With each purchase of Starke Digital Locks, you get to enjoy a free installation service.

If you plan to install it on a metal steel door frame, there is an add-on fee of $40 for the welding work.

The process of purchase to installation is exceptionally smooth. At the point of purchase, you will need to indicate the date and time for the installation. On the whole, this lock is superb and truly deserving of topping our list of the best digital locks in Singapore.

2. Samsung DP-738/DP-739

Samsung DP-738 digital lock

Price: $638 (U.P $938)

Key features we love:

  • Aesthetic
  • Ergonomic
  • Unlock with Smartphone
  • In / Out Log Record

This Samsung digital lock also offers the Push-Pull door lock. It has fingerprint recognition and a Smartphone app service for modern living. You can check the access to your house to see who went in and out.

It also offers AES-128 encryption, providing a secure app and prevents hackings from happening.   As added security, it also has an Anti-theft setup to prevent intruders from going near your place.

3. Luxus Atlas

Price: $1100

Key features we love:

  • Aesthetic
  • Unlock With Smartphone
  • 2 Year Warranty

This digital lock from Luxus Digital features an ultra-slender body that stands out as one of the slimmest and most streamlined designs on the market. 

Designed for superior performance and ultimate versatility, Atlas allows effortless access via any method of your choice. From semiconductor fingerprint recognition to number-code pin entry, voice navigation, RFID Card access, one-time passwords, and even a mechanical key.

The compatible app allows round-the-clock monitoring and complete permission control from anywhere, just by using your smartphone. In addition, with its state-of-the-art inbuilt Lithium battery, Atlas offers up to a year of battery life on merely a single charge.

4. Yale YDM 4109RL Biometric

Yale YDM 4109R digital lock

Key features we love:

  • Voice Guide
  • Anti-panic egress with Safe handle
  • Scramble code
  • Alarm (Break / Damage)

Aside from PIN, this lock offers a fingerprint scanner to access the door. It also added some extra measures when it comes to security.

With its scramble code feature, you can assign random numbers before or after the correct PIN code to reduce the chances of exposing the right code to other people.

It also requires the user to complete the opening of the door by touching the palm on the keypad after entering the password to remove the residual fingerprints.

5. Samsung DP-728 Digital Lock

Samsung DP-728 Digital Lock

Price: $668 (U.P $900)

Key features we love:

  • Fingerprint, passcode and RFID access
  • Push-pull open for extra convenience
  • Smartphone access and notifications
  • 1-year warranty

The Samsung DP-728 Digital Lock is one of the most versatile options available in Singapore. It has all the different access types that a digital lock has. It can store up to 100 fingerprints for biometric access. You can also program it to use a password.

It also comes with RFID cards which you can tap to gain access if you prefer a physical key-type. You can even unlock it with its smartphone app. That is pretty amazing, considering that other digital locks only have one or two access systems.

In terms of design, this Samsung Digital Lock is a thing of beauty. It is modern and minimalist and comes in 4 different colors – dark silver, gold, noble gold, and bronze. You are sure to find one which suits your door color and design. Seeing it in action, we can say that the user experience of the lock is superb.

It comes with a push-or-pull function, so when you are carrying heavy groceries, you won’t have trouble opening the door. All in all, truly one of the best digital locks in Singapore!

6. Gateman G-Swipe

Gateman G-Swipe digital lock

Price: $388 (U.P $428)

Key features we love:

  • Fingerprint and User PIN security
  • Solid metal built for Heavy-Duty performance
  • Auto-Lock when the use closes the door to leave the house

The Gateman G-swipe is a smart digital lock that has a two-way entry authentication process. You can input a PIN code, fingerprint, or both. Five failed attempts to gain access will see the keypad deactivated for three minutes.

The lock is a self-diagnosis process that will alert you of any malfunctions. The keypad does not leave any residual fingerprint imaging, thus prevents exposure of your print or PIN used.

7. Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock

Hafele EL9000 Digital Lock

Price: $749 (U.P $799)

Key features we love:

  • Fingerprint, password or RFID access
  • Top-level security features
  • 2-year warranty

For top-notch security features, check out the Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock. It can store up to 100 fingerprints, be programmed with 4 RFID cards, passcode-enabled, or opened with a mechanical key (3 provided).

If it senses a break-in, it will emit a loud sound to warn you of the intrusion. Once you close the door, it will auto-lock, which saves you from forgetting to lock it.

If your door is between 4 to 5 cm in thickness, this digital lock will be perfect for your home. Overall, this lock is indeed one of the best digital locks you can buy in Singapore!

8. Igloohome Smart Digital Lock

Igloohome Smart digital lock

Price: $475

Key features we love:

  • Versatile control using the app
  • No WiFi required
  • Access through Bluetooth, Pincode, or key

This lock is one of the most value-for-money options available. When we last checked, it was affordable at less than $400. What’s more, it comes with free installation. This can cost more than $100 if you engage an outside contractor to do it. This is certainly a good deal that you should not miss out on.

This Igloohome Digital Lock is the epitome of what you want a smart lock to be. Its app gives you a whole range of functionality and versatility that you can’t find in most digital door locks.

With the app, you can unlock the door, grant visitors access, and track the logs of who opened the door. And all these are done without needing a WiFi connection. Of course, you can also opt to use a passcode instead if that’s what you prefer.

9. Hoz Sg

Key features we love:

  • One-Stop Solution in building the Smart Lifestyle
  • Two years warranty
  • Lifetime technical support

The team at Hoz Sg are strong advocates of Smart Living. They strive to give their clients the best experience by providing a series of services from the recommendation and installation of digital locks, IP cams, and digital door viewers. They also have top-notch after-sales services and maintenance, providing lifetime technical support to all of their customers.

They offer a wide variety of digital lock types, including push-pull locks, handle locks, rim locks, as well as deadbolts. Depending on your needs, you can filter through their comprehensive catalog to choose one that fits your needs and demands.

If you are confused over what type of lock you should get, you can head down to their showroom down at Eunos, where their professional team would guide and assist you.

10. My Digital Lock

EPIC digital lock

Price: $799 (U.P $1099)

Key features we love:

  • EPIC Digital Lock from Japan
  • Compact
  • Modern design

Since 2015, My Digital Lock has been the authorized distributor of EPIC Digital Lock in Singapore. This is the best-selling lock in Japan. Its design is compact, sleek, and simple. It is extremely durable, versatile.

Since then, they have offered Singaporeans many different kinds of digital locks. You can unlock HDB Fire-Rated doors and gates just by using a Smartphone. 

My Digital Lock is also the first digital lock company in Singapore that invented the first Satin Gold Gate Digital Lock with Push-Pull Lock. It features a convenient technology in which the Epic Satin Gold Push-Pull Lock will automatically unlock after you unlock the EPIC Satin Gate Digital Lock. 

In its latest offerings, My Digital Lock offers digital locks that can be unlocked through Bluetooth or WIFI. When you visit their webpage, you see that they have a massive catalog of digital locks. If you are confused, arrange for a free onsite quotation and view their products in their mobile showrooms that are around Singapore!

11. An Digital Lock

Key features we love:

  • 24-hour hotline
  • 2 showroom locations
  • Many brands to choose from

An Digital Lock carries a wide range of brands of digital locks for you to choose from. They have stock on all major brands such as Samsung digital door locks, Phillips smart locks, and more.

On top of that, the team at An Digital Lock does not just sell you what you want. They also provide you professional advice on which model would be suitable for your specific needs.

Many reviews of An Digital Lock also state that the team does not just recommend all customers the most expensive digital lock. Instead, they recommend based on each customer’s needs and practical demands! So, with them, you do not have to be afraid of hard selling or of misplacing your trust. 

Apart from selling digital locks, An Digital Lock also helps with the installation of door locks from $120 onwards, depending on the type of lock purchased.

If you want to check out the locks that AN Digital Lock offers, you would be glad to know that they have 2 showroom locations for you to choose from!

12. Zansan Digital Lock

Zansan Digital Lock

Key features we love:

  • Wide variety of brands
  • Corporate clients from many major companies
  • Well trained engineers for installation

Zansan Singapore is a trusted source and largest distributor of digital lock solutions and home security devices. Their goal is to deliver reliable, quality, and affordable digital lock solutions to those looking to enjoy the benefits of modern living. 

When you purchase a lock from them, you can trust that you are in safe hands. This is because all of their engineers are put through rigorous training to ensure that every digital lock installation is done properly and done well!

The brand carries more than 100 models across brands such as Bosch, Zeus, Philips, Samsung, Schlage, Yale, Asus, Gateman, and more. As a digital lock specialist, the team at Zansan helps their customers find the lock that best fits their needs, budget, and lifestyle.

They have corporate clients from companies such as the Housing & Development Board, Cycle & Carriage, and Singapore Police Force. Zansan Digital Lock is a brand that you can trust.

13. Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock

Price: $120 (U.P $150)

Key features we love:

  • Passcode and RFID entry 
  • Modern design 
  • 1-year official warranty 

If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality lock, you can consider buying this Samsung SHS-2920 Digital lock. The modern design of this lock gives off an aesthetic look. Besides, their customers also love its two-way access system.

You can set a digital passcode ranging between 4 to 19 digits according to your ease of access. Moreover, your family members and friends can access the lock through an RFID card. You can also use the additional security feature of lock in case of any vacation or holiday that prevents unauthorized access. 

So, if you are looking for a high-quality but affordable lock, visit their website

14. Schlage S-480 Digital Door Lock

Price: $299 (U.P $399)

Key features we love:

  • Passcode or RFID access 
  • Auto-lock feature 
  • Built-in alarm 
  • 1-year official warranty 

Schlage is like an old wine that gets better with age. It is one of the oldest lock manufacturers, and the latest digital lock has attracted many customers worldwide.

Besides, the lock features RFID access which you can set up a guest password.

In addition, Schlage has also included an auto-lock feature, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to lock your door.

The last feature of this lock is the built-in alarm system that helps prevent burglary or theft when you are out of your home.

So, if you are looking for this product, check out their website today.

15. SG Digital Lock’s YDR 323G Digital Lock

Price: $699

Key features we love:

  • Temperature detection and anti-fire features
  • Dual access
  • 1 year official warranty
  • Fake pin code

If you have a metal door, then you’re going to love this lock. The YDR 323G digital lock is a Yale model that is specially used for metal doors. It has a modern and slim design and comes with dual access – digital PIN and RFID. There are also plenty of anti-fire features like it is made of anti-fire material and has an alarm for fire escape emergencies.

If there is a fire in the house, it detects the temperatures insides and activates the alarm to alert everyone. The lock status is also released automatically. The internal force lock or the dead lock prevents anyone from unlocking the door from outside. It has easy re-registration of keys; just reset a new key to disable the old keys. The lock comes with a long lifetime battery and a 1-year warranty.  It has an option of fake PIN Code for unwanted visitors.

If you purchase this lock from SG Digital Locks then you can opt for the 2-year warranty option. You also get 24-hour support and free installation. There are also plenty of other locks to explore.

16. Philips EasyKey 9300 Digital Door Lock

Price: $1180

Key features we love:

  • Five ways to authenticate access
  • View unlocking access
  • Smart door viewer feature
  • 3 year official warranty

Are you someone like me who can’t remember passwords, and forget where they kept their RFID cards? Philips has come up with the perfect digital lock for us. This digital lock has over five different ways to check authentication – fingerprints, a mobile app, RFID Card, passwords and a mechanical key.

It looks super premium thanks to its durable zinc alloy and tempered glass panel and the push-pull smart door lock employs a full-automatic mortise. You even get a 3-year parts and labour warranty. For assured safety the lock is linked with iOT gateway. The smart door viewer feature in the lock will continuously take photos or videos and upload it to the mobile app under the abnormal alert, when it is binding with the door lock.

If you use the wireless network then you can even access and manage the door lock remotely, view access logs, monitor the status of the lock, and even achieve personalised management. You can even input up to 100 fingerprints and RFID cards.

17. Aztech Kyla Gen 1 Smart Door Lock

Price: $520

Key features we love:

  • Fast finger detection
  • Battery endurance for over 500 days
  • Alert system available
  • 1 year local warranty

With a 3-D digital sensor, and a sleek design, this digital lock is sure to be an excellent addition to any door design. It comes with a one-year local warranty, and also a key-less feature. The speed is pretty impressive as well; it can detect and identify the fingerprint in 0.3 seconds. And if there is any failed attempt in either locking or unlocking the door, an alert gets sent to your through their app.

However, the most outstanding feature has to be the battery endurance which can last for over 500 days. No more replacing the battery every time! You can also keep track of movement inside or outside your place. However, do keep note that the door lock is not compatible with the Kyla Gen 2 Series.

18. Hivic Fingerprint Gate Lock M-1390g-Black

Price: $574

Key features we love:

  • Four methods for unlocking the door
  • Auto-locking feature
  • Double authentication mode

HIVIC Fingerprint Lock is a metal gate lock that comes with a super fast and accurate fingerprint sensor. The LED is extremely bright, and the sensitive touch pad allows you to open or close the gate easily. There is also easy gate lock settings, and even free installation services. You get access to four methods to unlock your door – pincodes, fingerprints, a remote controller and mechanical keys.

If you’d like to use the good old remote controller, you can open the gate lock from either inside the house, or even a certain distance for your family members and visitors while pressing the open button. A pretty handy feature if you’re feeling too lazy to open the door for visitors. If there’s an emergency (forgetting where you kept the remote), or the batteries run out, just use the mechanical key to unlock or lock the gate manually.

The best feature of this digital lock is the auto-locking. If you left the door unlocked by any chance, there is no need to take the hassle and tension as the door will be automatically locked with the help of this digital lock. There are LED status icons which show the status of the battery and lock, and a double authentication mode to ensure the double safety.

In case of any emergency like fire, the door will automatically be unlocked for the quick and safe escape from the house. There is also a volume control, anti theft setup and 9V battery backup making it an excellent choice for your house doors.

Get yours right here.

19. SG Digital Locks’s YM170 Black Digital

Price: $1099

Key features we love:

  • One-touch Fingerprint Verification 
  • Smart Connectivity: Bluetooth, Z-Wave and Zigbee 
  • Double authentication mode

Another popular offering from SG Digital, the YM170 is a model of Yale digital lock. This provides you with a smart-touch pad which lets you lock or unlock the door in mere seconds. And we have all seen those spy movies where they copy your fingerprints. Well, this lock comes with segmented scanning recognition which reduces the chances of residual fingerprints on the scanner.

So the possibility of fingerprints being copied is reduced to the minimum. It can also support up to 20 fingerprints and 2 mechanical keys; not to forget about the proximity card and bluetooth opening lock. The break-in alarm will alert you if there is any theft or damage taking place at home. The remote control option allows you to manage the lock remotely as well.

SG Digital is a Yale specialist, and carry all of their models. You only get original locks, and also plenty of other Yale products from smart locks to door seals, baby monitors, door viewers, IP cameras and even window restrictors.

Get this beast of a digital lock right here.

20. Gateman Grab 100-FH Digital Door Lock

Price: $589 (U.P $750)

Key features we love:

  • Four way authentication
  • Mortise-digital type lock
  • Very fast finger sensor
  • Premium look

The Gateman Grab Digital allows you access through a four-way authentication – fingerprints, remote controls, RFID Cards and the classic pin codes. This is a Mortise-type digital lock and comes with a 6-month local product warranty if you don’t opt for installation. If you opt for installation, then you get a 1-year local warranty.

The fingerprint sensor is extremely quick and maximises customer convenience to the maximum. After all. no one likes waiting for too long for your doors to open after a long day. The looks of this lock are pretty impressive too. The smooth metal frame, and classy appearance give it a premium look.

21. Orvibo Smart Door Lock T1

Key features we love:

  • FWinner of plenty of international awards
  • Over 8 sensors
  • 3D digital sensor
  • Premium and luxurious look

The Orvibo Smart Door Lock T1 is the brainchild of an outstanding team of designers and engineers. In fact, the design has been awarded several international design awards like the iF Golden Design Award, IDEA, Red Dot Award, German Design award, amongst others.

You get a battery life of over 500 days, which more than twice of the traditional 180 days that are offered by the more traditional digital locks. There is also a 3D Digital Sensor technology to ensure double protection both inside and outside the house.

It comes with over 8 sensors including – Anti-dismantle sensor, Door gap state sensor, back-handle sensor, Key unlocking sensor, C-touch capacitive sensor, Front handle sensor, Back locking sensor and Fingerprint sensor. It has a solid tempered glass panel which prevents it from mud and scratches. The lock has a very attractive, sleek and glassy look along with the safety that makes it a perfect choice for people. The best feature of this lock is that it comes with a Full view smart home security system. It provides real time detecting and 24 hours protection.

To Conclude

For houses and offices, a digital door lock is recommended. It provides us with high security and benefits that key can’t offer. Likewise, you can get access to your home with just a passcode or your fingerprints.

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