With most of our time at home or in the office, it is undoubtedly important to keep ourselves hydrated for the day. It can certainly be a hassle having to boil water using a kettle to make a cup of coffee to keep yourself awake. Thus, the best solution we have for you is… get a water dispenser! After doing some self-research, we decided to go with COSMO water dispensers for our instant water needs. Thus, here we have for you, our COSMO Water Dispenser Review!

COSMO Quantum

COSMO Quantum is available in black and white in colour, making it a good addition to your modern home. Besides, this is a countertop water dispenser, so it does not take up much table space.

This water dispenser is designed in Germany. You can certainly tell from its minimalistic button and design. Thus, for those looking for a good water dispenser in your new home or office, this is the ideal and professional-looking dispenser.

Instant Hot & Cold Water

It comes with 3 temperature settings:

  • Cold (5-10°C)
  • Lukewarm (30-45°C)
  • Hot (89-97°C)

With hot water, you can certainly brew instant coffee and tea. Furthermore, you can get instant cold water without refrigerating your water. Thus, this is ideal for those working in the office or working from home.

Water Volume Control

Besides water temperature, there are 3 different volumes for you to choose:

  • 180ml
  • 220ml
  • 1000ml

It will automatically stop at the water level you want it to be. This is a great function since you won’t have to worry about manually controlling your water output.

Easy To Use

It is certainly very simple to use. Firstly, choose if you want hot or cold water. Next, hit the water button. Now you have your instant water!

6-Step Purification Care Process

Image Credit: COSMO
6-Step ProcessWhat Does It Do
1. Sediment Filter? Removes visible particles
? Removes dirt, sand, dust & debris
? Eliminate cloudiness from suspended solids
2. COSMO Ultra Precision Filter™? Filter 99.9% of impurities with an accuracy of 0.0001 microns
? Removes bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, organic and inorganic matter
3. Activated Carbon Filter? Removes particulates, chlorine, volatile organic compounds
? Removes unpleasant odour
4. UV LED Sterilisation? Eradicates the presence of micro-organisms and bacteria via germicidal ultraviolet wavelength
? Disrupts DNA in pathogenic micro-organisms to prevent reproduction and bacteria growth
5. Alkaline Filter? Removes unwanted contaminants found in tap water
? Promotes better immunity with Alkaline water consumption
6. Anti-bacterial Filter? Remove any strains of bacteria and/or viruses while preventing the growth of micro-organisms
? Eliminates odour
? Improves taste

Easy To Purchase & Install

With their ready and friendly staff, you can undoubtedly get your water dispenser easily. Their professionals only need 15 mins for installation, so you don’t need to worry about blocking out too much of your time.

Besides, you are covered with their sales service and 24 month warranty with just a call away!

Health Starts At Home With COSMO Quantum

Overall, we love that the dispenser is easy to use and can provide us with instant hot and cold water. Now, making coffee and tea certainly no longer need boiling water in the kettle. And, we can get instant cold water to cool down during hot weather.

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With that, we will end our review COSMO Water Dispenser here. Hurry, get yours now!