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Here’s a quick update on what’s Phase Two is going to be like if you are not up to date: Phase Two refers to the “Safe Transition” stage as our country aims to re-open our local service industry, namely food and beverage, retail outlets, sports health, wellness and aesthetics facilities. Social restrictions, in public and in private, are now laxer with interactions be allowed in no more than a group of five. Albeit the granted freedoms, face masks are still compulsory and safe distancing of at least 1m apart is still enforced. Even so, there is no longer a reason to stay completely cooped up at home. If you need a breather outside; we have listed out the 10 best activities you can do in Phase 2.

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1. Help our community

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The pandemic has affected even the best of us and there is never a bad time to lend a helping hand to those in need. From buying a meal for your Grab delivery riders to donating a portion of your $600 Solidarity Fund to needy families or migrant workers, there are multitudinous ways to support others. Refer to the table below to see the few ways to give a hand. For a comprehensive list, read more at Stay United SG.

How I can help:Details:
Show your care to low-income families in SG here at #WeCareSG
Donate new items or Grant A Wish at Pass it On 
Gift a meal on to our healthcare workers on
Make SG a #HOMEFORALL by donating to migrant workers in need
Whenever you’re ordering, make sure to thank your rider by buying them a meal on Grab. For more details and participating outlets, check it out here.

2. A quick Date Night Out


Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes online dates don’t cut it with our special one since gatherings under 5 people are allowed, maybe it’s the best time to catch up IRL. Grab a quick bite at your favorite restaurant or order a take-away to have some private time in the comfort of your homes. 

Read here for the latest news on the safety guidelines released for retail and F&B outlets and read here for the 7 best restaurants that are now accepting reservations for dine-in during phase two.

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If you’re going out to eat, make sure to download the TraceTogether app to exercise social responsibility in order to facilitate contact tracing and to get updated when a confirmed case is nearby you in a specific area.

3. Visit grandparents at home

S'poreans May Visit Their Parents Or Grandparents After June 1
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Miss your ah ma and ah kong or your nenek and atok? Same here. I miss my grandparents too. With the visitation rules becoming less strict, dropping by my relative’s home is definitely a top on my list. Don’t visit them empty-handed; get them some of their favourite snacks!

We recommend bringing them yummy durians that are in season right now. Click here to view the best 8 places to order fresh durians in Singapore.

4. Have some fun with your housemates or invite a friend over

There’s something about how online chats just can’t replace the presence and spontaneity of another human being. So when this Phase Two starts maybe you can invite a close friend or a family member around to enjoy some quality time at home.

Sing some karaoke; watch some movies; play board games or maybe cook a fancy dinner. There are many things to do in the comfort of home! Truly one of the most low-budget and best activities to do in phase 2.

5. Take part in some retail therapy

Don’t you just miss walking around malls? Seeing the bright lights and endless products on display is a kind of calming therapy as you see what items are available. Whilst online shopping does have its many charms, window shopping – using your whole 5 senses to choose what you want to buy is undeniably one of the fun things about physical shopping. 

With Phase Two, mall visits are now a reality again but with certain measures of course. 

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Luckily for us, the Urban Redevelopment Authority has launched a new website called SpaceOut to track crowd levels in over 50 malls in Singapore. By doing so, consumers can ease the pressure of mall operators by strategically deciding when to visit in order to avoid congestion. Click here to SpaceOut from the crowd.

6. Support some home-based businesses

Now that home based businesses are allowed to re-open, it’s time to order some delicious bakes from our local pastry artisans. Check out some of my recommendations below!

7. Get a breath of fresh air with a visit to the park

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Recreational activities are now allowed again. So, whether you want to go for a jog, a bike ride or a refreshing stroll, you can do so in Phase Two now with your family in tow. Now that playgrounds, stadiums and beaches are now open, it’s time to get our dose of Vitamin D under the sun so make sure to wear sunscreen and properly hydrate.

Do remember to exercise discretion by wearing masks as long as you leave home and to strictly adhere to safe distance rules.

NParks develops nifty real-time map showing crowd levels at most ...

Just like SpaceOut, NParks has created a website, Safe Distance @ Parks to monitor crowd levels in parks so that you can properly plan a visit and avoid the throngs of families escaping the confines of their homes.

8. Bored with those home workouts? It’s time to go back to the grind at the gym and pools

Gym-junkies out there can breathe a sigh of relief as their second homes are now open. Swimming complexes are also now expected to open.

9. Yes, girls, we can get our hair, nails and massages again!

Pandemic has changed our routines. For many of us, the trip to the nail or hair salon was more than to look pretty; just like a massage session, it’s more of a time for relaxation and pampering. Since working from home can be stressful too, we just miss those trips. Thankfully, with Phase 2 we can now head down to our favourite me-time shops and indulge ourselves. Relaxation and pampering is truly one of the much-needed and best activities to do in Phase 2.

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10. Back to school! Online Classes Galore

Stop using Zoom, Singapore schools told

In these few weeks, schools are expected to fully open by 29 July. However, for those who have long graduated school, education is a life-long journey. Accompanied by Work from Home measures, most would have more time on their hands to take an online class. Ranging from skills to fitness courses to lectures by Ivy League, learning has never been easier as many have gone online. For more details, check this link out to see what courses are available on the Internet.

Want to learn workplace skills? NTUC Learning Hub is currently offering Online Learning classes to complement their existing Workplace Health and Safety (WSH) courses amidst a few other courses. For more details, click here.

We are finally entering Phase 2! It’s normal to get excited and look forward to meeting friends and going out. Hope this article of the 10 best activities to try out in Phase 2 was of help to you, and let us know in the comments which one you decided to do!

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Written by: Sarah Suprat