Leaving for a vacation where there are no pets allowed? Or for long business trips and meetings? So, it is obvious that you will be concerned about your beloved pets and about their well-being when you are away. But, let your worries be gone. There are various pet hotels located in Singapore where you can entrust your pets. These professionals will ensure that your pets are safe and comfortable like they were before.

And for your ease, we have listed out some of the best pet hotels that will keep your pets happy while you are away. Check out the list below and choose your place to your liking.

Pets Eden
Top 1✔️ Dedicated grooming of pets
✔️ Best for cat vacation
✔️ Quality and reliability in work
✔️ Services for cats, dogs, rabbits etc.
✔️ Professional services
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The Wagington
Top 2 ✔️ Multi-starred pet hotel
✔️ Dedicated cat and pup suites
✔️ Luxurious pet spa, grooming and daycare
✔️ Royal suites for furry buddies
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Sunny Heights
Top 3
✔️ Pet training during vacations
✔️ Adoption services available
✔️ Professional trainers
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How do you select the best pet hotels for your pet?

  • What makes pet hotels unique?

Well unlike other hotels and lodges pet hotels are designed to operate under the basis of providing absolute care and comfort for pets. Their degree of providing the best pet services with optimum care and attention differentiates a pet hotel from other regular hotels. While a regular hotel would provide 24 hours services and take orders under the specifics, a pet hotel is managed with staff providing 24-hour surveillance to the pets, and offer entertaining playtime and daily activity to indulge them in.

  • Is a pet hotel a better option for pets?

Yes! When it comes to pet hotels the first thing that comes to the owner’s mind is will they provide absolute care to their pets or not? If they do then what about love and compassion? Well to say all of these facilities and services bloomed due to the effort of those pet lovers. So you can be sure about them maintaining the comfort and care of your pets. Not only that they indulge your pets in healthy habits and entertain them all day round to keep their minds as well as physical health in check. Pet hotels are all filled with lovely staff who do their best to offer the best they can for your pets.

Does a pet hotel host all kinds of pets?

Well, all pet hotels have been designed to fit a particular pet comfort. Mostly the cat and dog hotels are abundantly available all around Singapore. But, still, there are many pet hotels that offer services to unique pets like a cutesy hamster, friendly rabbits or curious hedgehog. So there are certain pet hotels that don’t host to accommodate all kinds of pets but there are a few that do.

1. Pets Eden– For The Best Pet Servicing


  • Cat vacation stop
  • Dedicated grooming of pets
  • Quality and reliability in work  

Established in the year 2013 by a group of pet lovers, Pets Eden certainly is a paradise for all pets. Located on the corner edge of 29 Everitt Rd, Singapore, Pets Eden warmly welcomes all the owners who are in a dire situation for their pets. Having undergone positive reinforcement’s training under many trainers in Singapore makes them just the person to take care of your pets.

Started with the passion to offer a place to aid the pet needs, soon began to draw in crowds because of their friendly interactions and quality service. Thus, later giving rise to pet grooming and cat hotels. They provide assistance in pets grooming for cats, dogs and rabbits as well. The cat hotel gives the best-dedicated cat rooms which are steam-sterilized, air-conditioned and filled with personalised cat structures to explore. They even offer professional staff who monitors the activity of the pets to ensure their luxurious stay here at Pets Eden. With such intimate love for pets and their expertise in their field of work makes they are able hands keep your pet happy, healthy and safe.

AddressPets Eden, 29 Everitt Road, Singapore 428576
Contact+65 6258 3201 
TimingsMonday, Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm
Sunday from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
Closed on Tuesdays

2. The Wagington: Paradise For Your Best Pet Buddies


  • Multi-starred pet hotel
  • Dedicated cat and pup suites
  • Luxurious pet spa, grooming and daycare

Give your pet a special vacation at a multi-starred pet destination, which serves some of the finest quality of pet privileges. Featured by the famous British skateboarding Bulldog, Bobo, this pet hotel has gained a lot of traction from pet lovers all around Singapore. The Wagington offers every facility either it is for a vigilant pup or an aristocratic cat, their vacation here will be memorable and a royal one. The Wagington has creatively designed luxurious daycare facilities which let them enjoy their ‘Daycation’ in the fun air-conditioned playground. They even have cameras installed to keep track of them during their playful day. It’s not limited to that, The Wagington even provides pet spa and grooming services as well.

The Wagington offers Royal suites options for the pupper pooches and Royal feline suites for the kitty cats. Each suite is best designed giving special priority for their comfort. The pups have to chew toys to gnaw upon as they can relax in the queen-sized beds and even have access to the dog hill garden for playtime. While the cats have the privilege to explore the cat trees and houses or take a sweet nap listening to soothing classical music with a cool air-conditioned purrfect environment for the cats.

AddressThe Wagington, 27B Loewen Rd, Singapore 248850
Contact+65 64711689
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 08:30 am to 07:30 pm

3. Sunny Heights– Let Your Pets Learn New Skills


  • Best for what your pet deserves.
  • Even offers pet adoption service.
  • Professional trainer training.

Here at Sunny Heights, they understand the value of dogs. Giving all the love and care they deserve, for their boundless love and faith in their human partner. Whilst you are away it’s quite boring for your dog to lay alone all day waiting for your return. It looks sad and painful for the dogs to be bound to the four walls, of what people call a shelter. So here at Sunny Heights, they believe that dogs too need their own free space, a spot to relax and socialize. Offering all of these facilities and even more just for your doggo champ.

Their huge facility offers leash-free green grounds to sunbathe and run happily, playing games like fetch and Frisbee alongside other fellow kins. Well, it gets quite hot after a nice run and plentiful playtime, worry not they even have a dedicated swimming pool just for the dogs. What’s more fun than swimming in the cool calm pool with some friends right? It is just so refreshing. Well after a good swim it’s time for some training. It’s always beneficial to learn some new amazing tricks and skills. With the help of a professional trainer, it’s all possible.

Address110 Turf Club Road Singapore 288000
Contact+65 6314 9363
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 09:30 am to 06:30 pm

4. Dear Mutt


  • Individual special treatment.
  • 24 hours CCTV updates.
  • Bubble bath and spa.

It’s only fair that while you are away for your vacation, your pet too enjoys theirs. So why not give it the best here at Dear Mutt, who specializes in giving their best to each individual guest. Yes! They agree that each pet is special and different, so they take special care to maintain each pet, taking great notice of their habits and daily basis routine.

Their services include big spacious rooms equipped with all the facilities to provide a comfortable and soothing atmosphere for them to relax. Their level of hygiene is unmatched. They pride themselves on offering the cleanest and spotless space, which is not only beautiful to look at but also healthy for the pet. They provide healthy jog with every morning and evening along with regular baths and playtime sessions to keep the health and their mood happy. If you ever feel anxious even after leaving it under their great care. You can always keep track of their live activities via CCTV.

AddressDear Mutt, 17 Venus Rd, Singapore 574304
Contact+65 9222 0190
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm
PricingPrices start from $40.00

5. Ginny & Friends


  • Budget friendly.
  • Grooming facility available.
  • Trusted pet hangout.

When you wish to give the best to your pet’s vacation, it’s necessary to be sure that the facility they are in is trustworthy. Worry not as Ginny & Friends are here to save your day. They are rated the highest among other top pet hotels in Singapore. With being featured over dozens of articles, been requested and featured on many TV shows surely they have gained a lot of popularity. They are indeed worthy of praise, with their honest services, warm welcoming nature and providing a great place for pets to relax.

When it comes to services they offer all of their professional facilities at a very budget-friendly cost. While their services are the best, the place is entirely designed to host pet parties filled with cage-free fun including two play areas. Designed with chew-proof beds, rubber flooring, freshwater supply, air-conditioned environment and under constant supervision to ensure their health and safety. To top it off they even offer grooming options if you ever wish your pet to give it a beautiful makeover.

Address9 Thong Soon Avenue (near Springleaf Thomsom), Singapore 787436
Contact+65 6754 3677
TimingsMonday to Friday from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm
Saturday from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

6. Nekoya Cat Hotel


  • Cat boarding and Daycare services
  • 24/7 air conditioned and climate controlled
  • Adoption and foster care available

Founded in 2016, Nekoya Cat Hotel started its journey with one goal in mind, to provide absolute care and comfort to the cats that are under their care. Like you, the cat-lovers here at Nekoya promise complete hospitality for your cats. They have three outlets spread around Singapore, all praised for their top-notch service and customer satisfaction. Not only the service but the aesthetics of the hotel is absolutely stunning too. With wooden panel floors and walls, and spacious cabins for cats, everything looks amazing. Hygiene is one of their topmost priority.

The services that are only crafted for the lovely felines offer cat boarding and complete daycare services in all of their hotels. As far as the routine goes, they try to mirror the routine that your cat is used to so they do not feel foreign and uncomfortable. Whether you are leaving for a short vacation or for a long-term overseas journey for a work-related schedule, Nekoya makes sure that your cat is in their safe hands. Spa services and medical services are also available for your cat. They happily provide a cat adoption policy too.

AddressYou can check out their addresses here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details here.
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 06:00 pm

7. Mutts & Mittens


  • Adoption facility available.
  • Trusted pet hotel.
  • Best cats and dogs boarding.

Driven by the passion to give love and affection, Mutts & Mittens is a pet hotel whose revenue goes towards helping those poor animals in need. By offering help to the innocent and homeless animals, they extend their warm embrace by providing adoption facilities as well. Since 2003 they stand strong as one of the best cats and dogs boarding in Singapore.

Focusing on giving the best to the pets their level of hygiene and sanitation of clean spacious rooms are some of their key factors for a healthy and happy pet. They are assisted by professional vet nurses to aid and look after any special needs. Their highly experienced staff welcomes and look after pets with good vibes and love. With a special room equipped to the likings of your fur babies, here safety comes first before fun. The 24 hour CCTV ensures the total safety of the pets along with the care and guidance of a loving highly experienced staff. The overall facility welcomes all of those who wish to leave their pets for their holidays under high care and a loving environment.

AddressYou can check out their addresses here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details here.

8. Up For Paws


  • Safety and cleanliness are prioritized
  • Various activities for dogs
  • Healthy treats

When you leave your beloved dog at Up For Paws, be rest assured as you are entrusting your best friend in the hands of Singapore’s number 1 dog hospitality hotel. But no all dogs will be readily accepted. For the safety of the staff and other dogs present there, your dog must undergo a behaviour test. Flea control and up-to-date vaccinations must also be kept in check. The professionals make sure that your dog is happy and comfortable while you are away from your canine friend.

Their staff who are professionals in dog care and first aid treat every dog with equal care and love. Activities like dog socialization, pack walks and outings keep your dog from feeling left out. The food that is provided is completely gluten-free for a healthy treat. For cleaning and bathing purposes they use eco-cleaning products, with zero use of chemical products, that are safe and gentle for your dog. They know that you will miss your friend when you are away, so they keep you updated regularly.

Address31 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 599004
Contact+65 9168 2600
TimingsMonday to Friday from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

9. Petronize


  • One time stop for all your needs.
  • Safety with fun.
  • A choice you won’t regret.

Established in the year 2010 Petronize is a one-stop place for all the needs of your pets. Not only do they provide facility for pet hotels but also offer all the essential pet supplies store. Choose from their best pet supplies which are chosen with great detail for their health benefits and yummy treats. Petronize has the sole purpose to give knowledge for the essence of grooming and choosing the best food options which are not wallet heavy. Dedicated entirely for the pets it is indeed a paradise for pet lovers, a place that they should definitely try out.

With over eight years of experience in their field of work, Petronize is the best option when it comes to leaving your furkids under great and loving care. Either it is of a short vacation or home renovations they got your pets back, they give total care and love to make their stay here a memorable one. Under the guidance and surveillance of the trusted caretakers, they get to socialize with other dogs. They live under comfortable air-conditioned rooms and life is bliss. Truly the best friend for all the pet owners, Petronize.

AddressBlk 18 Upper Boon Keng Road #01-1135 Singapore 380018
Contact+65 9871 7593

10. Breakfast at Fluffy’s


  • A place your pet would never leave
  • Pet grooming services available
  • Celebrate your pets special days here

Holding over many awards of being the best pet hotel Breakfast at Fluffy’s really takes the mood to another level. Not only do they provide a pet hotel facility but also offer services where you and your pet can together enjoy a hearty celebration be it birthdays or just a special hangout. As they say, pets too need vacation while you are away as well. Not bound by any cage, Breakfast at Fluffy’s only wish to give the pets the best that they deserve.

The place is here where your pets can socialize and roam freely not bound by leash or inside a cage. The happy soul gets to mingle with their fellow kins. The whole of BFF as they call it is filled with happy wags and barks. They pride themselves that once brought to BFF your pet surely will refuse to go back home. The BFF not only provides pet hotel services but also pet grooming services. There goes a saying that with healthy food and stay good grooming is a must.

Address318 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427569
Contact+65 9690 9876
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 07:00 am to 09:00 pm

With this, we have come to the end of our list of top pet hotels in Singapore. Give your pets a place to relax to socialize and groom. A ‘daycation’ or be it a vacation, your pets deserve it. So head over to their services and give your pets a gift that they can never forget.

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