If you are a serious gamer, you would know that your gaming chair is a vital part of your setup. Since we put in a lot of hard-working hours into gaming, the level of comfort from our sitting positions would affect our posture and ultimately our focus and energy levels. With a comfortable gaming chair, focus and in-game performance could be prolonged and it could even save you a few trips to the gulag.

Our list entails the best gaming chairs in Singapore for the year 2021 rated based on the value-for-money, comfort, and durability of the gaming chairs. A good gaming chair would especially make more sense now than ever because we would probably spend the majority of 2021 in quarantine. Looking at the bright side, more time to game I guess! 

So now that you know what to look out for in the gaming chairs, it is time to get started on our list!

1. Martiangear Astronaut

Image credit: Martiangear

Price: $488

And here comes the star of best gaming chairs in Singapore, Martiangear astronaut. Martian Gear crafts gaming chairs from quality vegan leather, fabric, and mesh. Having had the opportunity to use it, we are confident that it’s a prodigy and would never disappoint. The astronaut gaming chair is the most comfortable and durable gaming chair you can find in Singapore.

Sit Back and Relax

For absolute relaxation, it is made from a breathable soft fabric and a high-density cold moulded memory foam. Besides, it’s comfortable, sturdy, and durable for your comfort. It has a hard steel frame, which offers firm support for your spine hence avoiding back pain while studying or working.

This premium gaming chair has a heavy base with wheel casters and silver accents, giving your office and home a sleek and stylish look. With adjustable armrests which extends to 4 directions, your forearms will be comfortable regardless of your sitting position. Another great feature of the chair is its dual-wheel casters, which helps the seat move quickly. With a 155 degree fully reclining seatback, you get to easily relax and adjust the chair independently to your perfect position.


  • The chair has a twelve-year steel frame warranty
  • Adjustable 4D arm rest
  • It’s sturdy and sophisticated
  • A breathable soft fabric which keeps it cool
  • Luxurious head pillows and memory foam lumbar support cushions
  • The chair has adjustable parts with solid wheelbase making it very durable

2. Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime Series 

Secretlab Titan 2020 Series Chair Review | ChairsFX
Photo credit: ChairsFX

Price: $529.00 (2.0 PU leather version)

This is yet another king of the list. Enter the Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime Series. This chair uses 2.0 PU leather on its seats, which are 4 times more durable than the average PU leather. Other features include amazing build quality with an aluminium base, full-length adjustable backrest, and memory foam cushions. One thing that stands out about Secretlab chairs is the multi-functional tilt mechanism which allows for keeping good posture during long hours of gaming. The ergonomics on this chair is just simply amazing!

If this 2.0 PU leather is not enough for you, or if you are truly hardcore, the titan 2020 series offers 2 other variants of chair materials:

One being the soft-weave fabric version which comes at $579. This is just a $50 top-up from the previous version and is worth it if you like more fabric material with a cool weave finish to it.

Softweave version

The other would be the holy grail of chairs, which is the Napa leather version which sits u back $1099. If you are a true baller, or just want to flex your chair game, say no more. This is the one you should be looking at.

Napa leather version

This chair did not make it among the top for no reason and needless to say, it is one of the most comfortable, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing gaming chairs you can find. What more, you will be supporting a local brand. Definitely my dream chair if you ask me.


  • 130kg of weight capacity
  • Aluminium frame material
  • PU caster wheels
  • Leather cover material
  • Cold foam padding
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Multi-tilt mechanism
  • Memory foam cushions
  • 5-year warranty

3. Tesoro Zone Balance

Tesoro Zone Balance Gaming Chair Review - YouTube
Photo credit: Think Computers on YouTube

Price: $299.00

The Tesoro Zone Balance is a good overall gaming chair for anyone who is getting their very first gaming chair or even a second. This chair comes at a reasonable price of $299 for its comfort and durability. 

It is made of quality materials such as a high-quality steel frame for long-term use, PU caster wheels, and upholstery made with faux leather and cold foam. It has a weight capacity of 120kg and also features an adjustable backrest (up to 180 degrees) for full spinal support. 

The height of the armrests could be adjusted to suit your setup, which is one customization that I personally enjoy. This little detail is a great bonus especially in this day of gaming chairs, it is starting to become a given.


  • 120kg weight capacity
  • Steel frame material
  • PU caster wheels
  • Faux leather cover material
  • Cold foam padding
  • Adjustable backrest, headrest, and armrests
  • Good ergonomics

4. KaneX Nemesis

Kane X Professional Gaming Chair - Nemesis (Neon Blue)

Price: $399

The KaneX Nemesis is an eye-catching gaming chair that feels as good as it looks. It has a PU leather finish and has High-Density Cold Cure Cut Foam which allows for better pressure absorption and even weight distribution. It also has good ergonomics and provides great support in the lumbar area. Although slightly pricey, it would still make the cut for its look and quality and is truly one of the best gaming chairs in Singapore.


  • Good looking design
  • Great ergonomics
  • Steel frame
  • PU leather

5. Vertagear PL4500

Vertagear Racing Series PL4500 & RGB Upgrade Kit Review | eTeknix
Photo credit: eTeknix

Price: $489.00

The Vertagear PL4500 offers wireless control functions such as PC and mobile integration for full RGB LED lighting, which means you could sync the LED lighting of the chair with the audio of your games.

The chair has a standard metal base for the frame structure but the backrest and seat are padded with coffee-infused fiber to prevent odour increase breathability. This unique technology is patented by Vertagear and is an awesome feature especially for those who sweat profusely (me included!). The backrest could be locked into different angles and the PENTA caster wheels ensure smooth and quiet gliding movements. 

Overall, it is a great chair that comes with unique features and great lumbar support. Worth to take a look at it!


  • 180kg weight capacity
  • Metal frame material
  • High-resilience foam
  • PVC leather cover material
  • Adjustable height, backrest, and armrests
  • Wireless control for LED lighting
  • Unique odour control technology
  • Lumbar support

6DXRacer King Series KS06

Qoo10 - DXRacer King Series KS06 eSport Gaming Chair : Furniture & Deco

Price: $669.00

If you heard of anything about DXRacer, you would know that it is the higher-end brand of gaming chairs. Many YouTubers and gamers use DXRacer and I could also vouch that it is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs you could find in the market. 

The DXRacer King Series KS06 definitely sits among the best gaming chairs in Singapore but could cost you a bit because DXRacer chairs are not cheap. However, if your lifestyle involves many hours of gaming or even if you plan to use them for working or studying for long periods, this chair could offer you the comfort you need and would be a great investment.


  • 117kg weight capacity
  • Metal frame material
  • PU caster wheels
  • Polyurethane leather cover material
  • Foam padding
  • Adjustable height, backrest, and armrests
  • Well-known brand

7. BLACKWOLF Alpha Reaper

Image credit: Blackwolf

Price: $299 (Early bird Promotion), $399 (Normal retail price)

BLACKWOLF Racing Academy is established in 2019 to create a training platform for both race drivers and esport drivers alike.

With BLACKWOLF background in motorsport and e-racing, they have now evolve into the arena of gaming chairs where the experience contributed to the performance and design of the newly created gaming chair series. 

The newly launch series will consist of 3 series, BLACKWOLF Pack, BLACKWOLF Alpha Series and BLACWOLF Legend with the latter being the highest range amongst all.

Early bird promotion for the first series, BLACKWOLF Alpha Reaper is now on soft launch at $299 for the first 10 orders and will retail at $399 once the promotion is over. The Reject Shop is appointed as the official distributor in Singapore.


  • The Best Build Quality & Perfectly Ergonomic
  • Rocking-Function with Locking System
  • Rocking Pressure Adjustor
  • 3D Ergonomic Backrest
  • Steel Structure
  • Finest Core Materials
  • Wider Armrests Made For You

8. Fantech ALPHA GC-183

Photo credit: FanTech

Price: Approximately $410 (converted from Philippines pesos)

Founded in 2009, Fantech is a Filipino company which prides themselves on their design of gaming chairs. The Fantech ALPHA GC-183 is a gem when it comes to comfort and adjustability. It has a thick foam seat which allows for long hours of sitting and also has an adjustable backrest up to 180 degrees, which means you can be literally be lying flat on the chair. However, it is rather similar to Singapore’s Secretlab chairs because of its multi-functional tilt mechanism and its focus on comfort. Thus, it could be a good buy if you are not yet ready to invest that much into a chair, but that being said, it does not come cheap as well. For this price and quality, I would say it is still worth it for what it could offer as its indeed one of the best gaming chairs you can buy in Singapore.


  • The Best Build Quality & Perfectly Ergonomic
  • Wider 2D Armrests Made For You
  • More Comfort U-Shaped Head Pillow And Lumbar Pillow
  • Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism
  • Finest Core Materials
  • Full-Length Backrest Recline
  • Durable PU Wheels Smooth Casters
  • Stability and Safety Class 4 Hydraulic Pistons
  • Strong Nylon Plastic Base
  • Better Thighs Support

9. Apol Kraken

Apol ergonomic chairs for Singapore users | ChairsFX
Photo credit: ChairsFX

Price: $398

Now that we are slowly making our way to the top 3 of this list, here comes the big boys which could really separate the casuals from the pro gamers. 

The Apol Kraken just comes shy of top 3 but don’t sleep on it! It has very similar comfort and features with the top 3 and is often underrated. You could see it has very similar details with our top 2 later on in the list. I have been seeing more and more of the Apol Kraken and judging from online reviews, I would say this often overshadowed chair could be the next big thing.


  • 120kg weight capacity
  • Aluminium alloy base
  • PU Leather cover material
  • Cold cure foam padding
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Multi-tilt mechanism

10. Vertagear Racing Series SL5000

Vertagear unveils S-Line SL5000 color editions
Photo credit: Vertagear

Price: $499.99

If you want to feel like you are sitting in a race car, this chair could let you do just that. The Vertagear Racing Series SL5000 is one hell of a chair! Just by looking at it makes me drool. It has a “bucket seat” design which many sports car seats have which keeps your bottom firm in the seat and prevents it from sliding around. Imagine that with a memory foam seat and backrest. Armrests and backrests are also adjustable to suit the gamer’s setup. I would recommend this chair if you want to stay in the zone while feeling like you are in a race car.


  • 150kg weight capacity
  • Steel frame material
  • Density foam
  • Leather cover material
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Multi-tilt mechanism
  • Memory foam cushions

If you like this list of the best gaming chairs to buy in Singapore, feel free to check out our other lists and ratings of many other things at Best in Singapore!

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