The best way to chill at home is to indulge in durians alone while watching your favourite Television series. Since it is durian season, we decided to satisfy our durian cravings this time. Thus, here is our review on Durian Delivery.

As we searched “Durian Delivery Singapore” in Google, Durian Delivery was on our top search results, which we decided to give this company a try!

Our Field Trip on a Sunny Day

Are you interested in finding out how Durian Delivery handles and packs the durians? We had requested a tour of their packing process and had made a short video on Durian Delivery that you can check out!

The durian expert started by chopping off durians for the durian flesh. He had amazed us with his knife skills and speed as he finished de-shelling 3 durians within less than 5 minutes.

As he opened up the durian, we were wow-ed by the size of the flesh. It was indeed very plump and creamy in colour, as claimed on their website.

Next up, the expert went on to pack them in white containers before weighing them on a scale. This time, he shows his accuracy of 800g of durian per container without using a scale.

Finally, the containers were immediately vacuum packed to keep the freshness of the durians!

A Wide Variety of Durians

Each packet is packed with durian weigh 800g. What we love was that the packagings were very neat and nicely packed. It certainly is a satisfying sight to enjoy.

There were 3 durians we tasted:
– Mao Shan Wang
– Old Tree Mao Shan Wang
– Black Gold

Mao Shan Wang

Also known as Musang King, Mao Shan Wang is known to be our local favourite. You can usually identify MSW with a slice of oval-shaped meat that resembles a kidney, has pyramidal-shaped thorns. The Mao Shan Wang from here has bright yellow meat with a small seed. It is bittersweet and has a rich and creamy taste. To differentiate, it is less bitter compared to their old tree MSW.

Pahang Old Tree MSW

The flesh of the Old Tree MSW has been described as extremely rich. It is not watery or soft, and its flesh is rather thick. It has a deep, rich and bitter complex flavour. This is ideal for those true durian lovers. Like its name, Old Tree MSW comes from older trees that are capable of producing deeper flavours. For those who prefer the bitter option of MSW, you can give this Old Tree MSW a try!

Black Gold

As the name suggests, Black Gold has distinctive features. With its bright yellow flesh, you can see dark spots around the durian meat. So, don’t be shocked if you see dark spots in your durian! Compared to MSW and Old Tree MSW, Black Gold has a more intense and complex taste. It is more bitter and has “black gold” veins due to the specific nutrients and cultivating methods. This is perfect for those looking for real bitter durians.

Bonus: Red Prawns For Durian Beginners

Not a fan of bitter durians? For those who prefer a sweet durian, you should try their Red Prawn. Red Prawn is known to be sweet, creamy and moist. This is perfect for children and anyone who loves sweet treats.

You can identify Red Prawn by its flesh. It has orange-red flesh and brownish-green thorns. With a strong scent of sweetness, it overpowers the taste of bitterness. It also has more meat, thus satisfy those who are looking for plump durians.

Personally, for someone who doesn’t take durians, Red Prawn is the favourite and a good start for durian beginners.

About Durian Delivery

Durian Delivery is a 100% online store in Singapore. The durian delivery has massively improved its service over the years. It promises the quickest delivery of creamy and delicious durian within 1 hour. Besides, you can get free delivery for orders above $100.

Durians are fruits, so it is understandable if you get bad durians. So, what happens if you received a bad batch of durians? Not to worry as you can get your free replacement from them. Likewise, Durian Delivery is the only facility in Singapore that offers replacements for bad durians.

Durian Delivery is our True Gem

Here is the end of our Durian Delivery Review! With fresh durians delivered to your doorstep, you can now get to enjoy premium yet affordable durians at the comfort of your home. Hopefully, this Durian Delivery Review has been helpful to you!

Coincidentally, we found out that previously when we have tried the Basque Burnt Musang Cheesecake by Cakes & Cupcakes, their durians really tasted pleasing. And guess what, Durian Delivery had collaborated with Cakes & Cupcakes by supplying their durians! If you have missed out on our Cakes & Cupcakes review, you can read more to find out about their Basque Burnt Musang Cheesecake.

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Start ordering from Durian Delivery now!