The scorching heat and high humidity in Singapore can be utterly difficult to endure, typically during the month of June. Therefore, it will be a definite necessity to have the best performing ceiling fans installed in every household island-wide. Ceiling fans are known to be more effective compared to general portable fans or standing fans, as fans mounted on the ceiling are capable of covering a wider surface area.

Furthermore, fresh air will always have an edge over aircon air as consistent aircon exposure will lead to dry skin and other forms of skin allergies, etc for some individuals. Without further ado, let us introduce you to the 16 best ceiling fans in Singapore to cool temperatures in our home down.

16. KDK 4 Blade 56inch Ceiling Fan R56SV

Minimalistic-option Ceiling Fan:

  • Suitable for apartments with a low ceiling
  • 4 Blades Design
  • Strong PPG Blade Makes Fan More Durable
  • 3D Blade delivers smooth and powerful airflow

Typical Singaporeans are inclined to trust towards ceiling fans produced by KDK brand.

This 56-inch ceiling fan is definitely no exception as well. Installed with a 1/f Yuragi function, the fan has the capability to provide a comfortable nature breeze.

The fan is also extremely safe as it comes with a cut-off safety device mechanism. Moreover, with Silver and White colours to select from, the fan is superb for a comfortable living room that requires cool air on a daily basis.

15. PO ECO DC Motor Ceiling Fan

Smart-Option Ceiling Fan:

  • Smart Fan that can be connected to Wi-Fi
  • Allows for voice control by Google Home and Alexa
  • Extremely Efficient DC Motor to conserve energy
  • Operates quietly without noise
  • Allows for reverse airflow
  • Many sizes available: 36 inches, 43 inches, 46 inches, 52 inches, and 56 inches

An established local brand; PO Eco Fan was founded in 1987 as a lightning provider. Subsequently, the business started to venture into building fans. As of today, the company produces in-house manufactured ceiling fans and LED Lights.

What is so exquisite about this fan is that it can be connected to Wi-Fi, which allows for voice control.

Additionally, the fan can operate silently without the noise of the motor.

Thus, if you are looking to buy a smart fan for your home at an affordable price, the PO Eco Ceiling Fan makes up as a wise choice for your purchase. Overall, a great ceiling fan and truly one of the best ceiling fans in Singapore.

14. Elmark Aircraft A8 Ceiling Fan

Confined Spaces Option Ceiling Fan:

  • AC Motor 18 Inches Ceiling Fan
  • 3 Adjustable Angles
  • 110 Degree oscillating function
  • Comes with remote control

The Elmark Aircraft A8 Ceiling Fan is a fan that can be widely used in the kitchen and confined spaces.

Homemakers all know the pain that they have if we are cooking in the kitchen but are sweating profusely due to the immense heat during cooking.

That is why it is important to have a fan to ventilate the kitchen when you are preparing food for your family. Additionally, the Elmark Aircraft A8 is a perfect fit for places with confined spaces.

Be sure to check the Elmark Aircraft A8 if you need measures to cool yourself down while working in the kitchen place.

13. Eco-Airx DC Ceiling Fan

Free Installation Option Ceiling Fan:

  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • 2 Years Onsite Warranty for parts
  • Energy Saving DC Motor Fan
  • Handcrafted Wooden Blades
  • Rust Proof
  • Providing 100% Wind Assurance

The Eco-Airx DC Ceiling fan has every functionality a Singaporean would ever need, given it being a fan manufactured locally in Singapore.

With a lifetime warranty on the motor and an Energy Saving DC Motor, users get to enjoy up to 80% savings on electricity consumption.

The wooden blades of the Eco-Airx DC Ceiling Fan are also handcrafted, which affirms the top quality of the fan blades.

Eco-Airx also goes on to offer 100% wind assurance for the fan, with utter confidence that their ceiling fan will be able to cool your home down. All in all, definitely one of the best ceiling fans in Singapore.

12. Fanco I-Con 48 Inch Ceiling Fan

Homely Looking Option Ceiling Fan:

  • Lifetime warranty on motor
  • 1 Year warranty on parts
  • Ultra Silent Fan Motor
  • Maximum Air Delivery
  • ABS Fan Blades that do not rust

This innovative ceiling fan ensures that users will have a comfortable time at home without the distracting mechanical noises from the fan.

Moreover, equipped with an Ultra Silent Fan Motor, the whirling noise from the ceiling fan is eliminated completely.

Above all, the 48 inches blades are ABS Fan Blades that are anti-rust, which are highly sought after by potential customers.

Thus, if you are considering to purchase a reasonably priced fan, the Fanco I-Con 48 inches ceiling fan is undoubtedly a good buy.

11. Fanco A-Con 52 Inches Ceiling Fan

Well-Designed Option Ceiling Fan:

  • Ultra Silent Motor
  • Comes with Remote Control
  • Maximum Air Delivery
  • Option to install light or no light
  • 1 Year Warranty for parts
  • Lifetime warranty for motor

Established since 1998, Fanco has more than 20 years of experience fabricating ceiling fans, with over 400 customers who recommend their manufactured ceiling fans. The company offers conventional and affordable fans that are bound to cool your home.

With Fanco A-Con 52 Inches Ceiling Fan, consumers are given the option to consider the installation of a light kit, depending on the requirements of their home.

Alternatively, this fan features a vintage look that gives it a classy yet elegant exterior that is bound to impress guests when they visit your apartment.

10. Crestar DC ValueAIR 55 Inches Ceiling Fan

Trendy Option DC Motor Ceiling Fan:

  • 5 Blade Fan
  • 6-Speed Fan
  • Comes with Remote Control
  • Light Kit Comes with Three Colours

This wooden ceiling fan by Crestar offers an extremely trendy look to your living room.

The LED lighting also comes in three colours. Thus, you can adjust the type of light you desire depending on the ambiance that you would like to have in your home.

All in all, if you are sourcing for a trendy-looking fan, accompanied by a strong and powerful airflow to cool down your home, the Crestar DC ValueAIR 55 Inches Ceiling Fan would be a good fit.

9. KDK DC Motor Ceiling Fan U48FP

Value for Money Option Ceiling Fan:

  • Has LED Light integrated with the fan
  • Smooth and strong airflow provided
  • LCD Wireless Remote Controller
  • Safety fuse in place to prevent overheating or power surge
  • Offers up to 9 speeds
  • Falling of blade prevention mechanism
  • 1-year local warranty with KDK

Well known for being one of the most respected brands in the ceiling fans market of Singapore, KDK offers an amazing fan that integrates both lighting and fan as one. Truly one of the best ceiling fans in Singapore hands down!

Moreover, equipped with a modern design, this ceiling fan provides strong airflow and offers up to 9 speeds for you to choose from.

Besides being suitable for all homes such as HDB, Condominiums, and landed properties, the 48-inch ceiling fan comes with a 1-year local warranty registered with KDK themselves. This gives consumers peace of their mind if they happen so, any technical issues that may arise after the first year of purchase.

8. Fanztec FT-TWS-1 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

Customisable Option Ceiling Fan:

  • DC Brushless Motor
  • Can select between 2, 3 or 4 blades
  • 6 selections of speeds
  • Option to add in LED Light Kit
  • Light comes in Warm, Cool and White

The FT-TWS-1 fan is a highly customisable fan. You get to opt for two configurations of the ceiling fan; either with the fan equipped with the light kit or excluding the light kit.

Next, select between three colours. Primarily Rosewood, Pinewood, and Graywood.

Moreover, you can choose between 2 blades, 3 blades or 4 blades.

Additionally, you can choose between 3 lights once the fan is operational. They are warm light, cool light, and white light.

On the whole, if you are looking for a fan that can be highly customised to meet the unique needs of your home, the Fanztec FT-TWS-1 would be a prime selection to make.

7. Kaze Quinto KZ05 Ceiling Fan

Energy Efficient Option Ceiling Fan:

  • EEDC Motor Optimized for Performance
  • Metal Alloy Body along with Aerofoils Polycarbonate
  • 5 Aerofoils in total
  • iSense technology automatically detects optimized performance for the fan

Taking into consideration environmental factors, the Kaze Quinto KZ05 is designed to ensure that the energy consumption is kept at a minimum.

Above all, with their proprietary Energy Efficient Direct Current motor, the fan is capable of saving around 80% of energy consumption.

In addition, the iSense technology is able to automatically recognize the current state of the room to instinctively optimize the fan’s performance to cool the room. On the whole, definitely one of the best ceiling fans Singapore has to offer.

6. Amasco Wale 52 Inches Ceiling Fan

Highly Powered Option Ceiling Fan:

  • Save 70% to 95% worth of energy
  • 6 Speed Reversible Fan
  • Uses 3D PC Blade for maximum airflow

Amasco delivers exceptional good ceiling fans with top performance. While using an upgraded version of the motor, the Amasco Wale 52 Inches Ceiling Fan is equipped with greater power for their airflow.

Above all, with the classy design along with a DC Brushless Motor, this ceiling fan will be able to cool your residence in a short amount of time.

5. Acorn Intaglio DC-159 52 inch Ceiling Fan

High-End Looking Option Ceiling Fan:

  • Energy Saving DC Fan built with DC Motor
  • Sleek and Simple Design
  • 3 x ABS Acrylic Blades
  • 6 Speeds with forwarding and reverse functionality
  • Perfect for living room and dining area
  • LED Light variant available

This boutique brand provides a 52 inch with an extremely affordable price tag.

If you are looking for a fan with a sleek and simple design that conserves energy, look no further, this fan will be an appropriate choice.

You might also be wondering what is the purpose of the reverse functionality of the fan.

The reverse functionality can be utilised when you turn on the air conditioner. It allows the wind to be propelled towards the ceiling so that the room can enjoy the cool air coming from the air conditioner.

4. KDK T60AW DC Motor Ceiling Fan

60 Inches Option Ceiling Fan with Spring Singapore Safety Mark:

  • SPRING Singapore’s Consumer Protection
  • Lightweight, low power consumption
  • 3D Blade ensures stronger airflow
  • 1st KDK Fan with DC Motor
  • 1 Year Warranty by KDK

Being the first ceiling fan that adopted the DC motor by KDK, the KDK T60AW is renowned for its 5 60 inch blades.

With an Automatic mode that enables the fan to sense and detect the temperature in the room, the fan can dynamically adjust its speed according to the temperature in your home.

Moreover, using a PPG blade material for extra durability, the blades will be less prone to wear and tear. On the whole, hands down one of the best ceiling fans in Singapore.

3. Decco Sydney 54 inches DC Motor Ceiling Fan

Stylish Option Ceiling Fan:

  • Premium Copper Grade DC Motor
  • 3 x 54 inches ABS Blades
  • 3 Lamp Colours (Cool/Warm/White)

This stylish looking 54 inch ceiling fan fits ideally in every living room. With 4 colours to select from; generally, GM, Bamboo, Oak and White, you will definitely find a fitting colour that matches the design theme of your home.

Ultimately, every modern ceiling fan these days come with a light kit in place. The Decco Sydney 54 inches ceiling fan is no exception. With the option to toggle between Cool light, Warm light, and White light, the fan is able to give the desired ambiance in your home.

2. AMASCO Fanta 46 Inches DC Motor Ceiling Fan

6 Speed Reversible Option Ceiling Fan:

  • DC Brushless Motor
  • Saves up to 95% Energy
  • 6 Speed Fan that allows reversed direction
  • 3D – PC Blade

Amasco’s Fanta promotes a 6-speed reversible fan that could spin up to 245 rotations per minute!

With the option to install the ceiling light onto the fan, you are able to enjoy 3 kinds of lighting at the convenience of pressing a button by utilising the remote control.

Moreover, with over 70 customer reviews providing positive feedback on the fan, this ceiling fan is an optimal choice for customers who are opting for a cost-saving yet high-quality ceiling fan.

1. Fanco FFM3000 Ceiling Fan

FANCO 3000 48 Inch Ceiling Fan FFM3000 | Household Appliances ...

Extremely Affordable and Customisable Option Ceiling Fan:

  • Lifetime warranty on motor
  • 1-year warranty on parts
  • Over 600 positive reviews from past customers

With 3 colours to choose from; primarily silver, black and white, you get to decide whether you would like a remote control to be added as a bundle in your purchase. Besides that, you get to choose whether you want to add a light to the ceiling fan too. This extremely customisable and vintage-looking fan act as a good alternative if you are on a tight monetary budget. Overall, definitely deserving to top our list of the best ceiling fans in Singapore!

To sum up, hurry down to the closest furniture store near you or navigate to your favourite online shopping platform to make an irresistible purchase of the ideal ceiling fan that best suits your needs. What is next? Open your windows wide and switch on the ceiling fans to let them do what they do best: circulate cool air around the house. Any of the above modern ceiling fans will do the job perfectly; with style! Which one of the ceiling fans do you like best in your home?

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