With the global pandemic showing no signs of abating any time soon, we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we probably should invest in a good, ergonomic office chair for our home office.

Without it, our bodies are going to pay the price with nagging aches and pains all over, but at the same time, we don’t want to punish our bank accounts either — we’re pretty sure you feel the same way.

Thankfully, the ErgoTune Supreme seems to be a good way to meet in the middle!

It has a price tag that’s low-to-mid range (you can buy approximately 3 ErgoTune Supremes for the price of 1 Herman Miller Aeron) and it claims to boast quality ergonomics and comfort.

We’ll reveal if it lives up to its promises in this review:


At first glance, the ErgoTune Supreme definitely looks like it can fit right in with most home offices. Not many home aesthetics will match a gaming chair, but the ErgoTune Supreme is a sleek, modern-looking office chair that will have no problems blending in with the rest of your furniture.

That said, if you prefer the luxurious look of a leather or fabric chair, then you may not like the ErgoTune Supreme, because it has a mesh headrest, backrest, and seat, which is good for breathability instead.

Personally, I find this more attractive, since Singapore is so warm and humid all the time. It also didn’t dig into my skin or cause any irritation.

It’s also made with a metal frame so it feels rather sturdy, and it comes in 2 colours currently — black and coral red. We hear that they may have new colours in the pipeline, so that’s something to look out for!


I’ll be very upfront with you — when you compare mesh to fabric and leather office chairs, the comfort factor definitely lacks lustre. Since the seat is made with a special, German-engineered mesh-fabric hybrid, you won’t get that plush, cosy feeling of sinking into the chair, but it’s not hard enough to feel like you’re perched on a wooden plank, either.

In fact, I would say that the seat is simply firm with a hint of springiness, and I felt pretty comfortable even after sitting on it for a couple of hours, which is a great sign.

A close-up view of the mesh shows how densely-packed it is, which is why it’s able to provide a firm support

As mentioned before, thanks to its mesh properties, I also didn’t sweat or experience any of that stickiness that you might get when seated on a fabric or leather chair for long periods in warm weather! I really appreciated that, because it can ruin my mood or interfere with my work productivity.

Ergonomic Support

With 11 points of adjustments available, the ErgoTune Supreme is a chair that can fit almost everyone perfectly.

These adjustments include:

  1. Headrest angle
  2. Headrest height
  3. Headrest depth
  4. Lumbar support
  5. Backrest height
  6. Backrest recline angle
  7. Backrest tilt tension
  8. Armrest height
  9. Armrest angle
  10.  Seat height
  11.  Seat depth


Most ergonomists recommend that if a headrest is not adjustable, then it’s better to opt for a chair without a headrest. Luckily, the ErgoTune Supreme TriTune™ 3D Support Headrest is highly adjustable, in terms of height, angle, and even depth so that it fits snugly at the base of your head to support your head and neck


Headrest height

Headrest angle

If it’s still too high for you even though it’s at its lowest height, we heard that they will be releasing new headrests soon, which can be lowered even more.


When it comes to an ergonomic chair’s backrest, there are a few things to take note of:

  • Is the lumbar support adjustable?
  • Is there a backrest lock?
  • Is the backrest recline angle and tension adjustable?

We’re happy to report that the answer to these three key considerations is a resounding yes for the ErgoTune Supreme.

Also known as ATLAS™ (Auto Tuning Lumbar Area Support), the chair’s lumbar support automatically adapts to every movement of yours so that your spine’s natural curve is always supported properly. It’s also pretty firm, which means that the support it provides is definitely not some flimsy bolster and will encourage you to maintain a good posture, in case you need such a reminder.

To adjust the height of the lumbar support, simply reach backwards while seated and lift the U-shaped arc (or the base of the backrest) all the way up and down (to reset it), then slowly bring it up to your desired height (it will lock into place automatically).

This is not the maximum recline angle pictured

It also reclines up to an angle of 136-degrees, which is far back enough for some quick shut-eye.

Here’s a quick rundown on the adjustment knobs and levers:

Left-hand side of the chairRight-hand side of the chair
Knob: Backrest recline angle lock Turn clockwise to unlockTurn anti-clockwise to lockKnob: Backrest tilt tension Turn clockwise to increase the tensionTurn anti-clockwise to reduce the tension
Lever: Seat depth Lift up and push the seat pan inwards or outwards to your desired depth, then let go of the lever to lock in placeLever: Seat height Lift up and adjust the seat height accordingly, then let go of the lever to lock it in place

How to adjust the seat depth

Here’s a tip for petite people with shorter arms:

If you find it hard to recline and reach for the backrest lock (the knob on the left-hand side) at the same time, simply slump the top half of your body over to the left entirely! Your weight will still be enough to keep the backrest tilted at your preferred angle.


With a 5D armrest, there were plenty of configurations I could play with to find whatever best suits me for my current task or position.

For starters, my original office chair came with fixed, non-adjustable armrests that were too low to support my elbows at a 90-degree angle, which is what ergonomists recommend for good posture (What is even good posture? Find out here.)

Left: My old chair, which had armrests that were too low

Right: The ErgoTune Supreme, which has armrests that I could adjust to the same height as my tabletop!

With ErgoTune Supreme’s GyroBrace™ 5D Armrest, though, I could adjust its height easily via a button right beneath the armrest pad, and I could also move it forwards, position it nearer or further away from my side, or adjust the angle so that they were flushed against my input device.

The various positions you can adjust your armrests to

Pretty impressive, and my elbows no longer have to be left hanging.


Since the ErgoTune Supreme uses a unique blend of mesh and fabric, it’s easy to clean and maintain because all you need to do is to vacuum or give it a wipe down with a damp (not wet) cloth.

It’s also said to be more durable than ordinary mesh thanks to the fabric qualities, preventing it from tearing or sagging easily. While I have yet to sit on it for years to report back to you on how true this is, the chair comes with an 8-year (able to extend to 12 years for free) warranty — long enough to put even the most prudent buyers at ease.

Image credit: ErgoTune

The ErgoTune Supreme has also been awarded best in class certifications and tests such as the BIFMA and ISO, and was constructed with superior materials with Korean and German engineering to ensure a long-lasting chair that can withstand the trials of wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

With such a long warranty, it seems testament to the confidence that the brand has in the functionality and durability of its chair.

That, along with everything else I’ve reviewed, points to one conclusion: the ErgoTune Supreme is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a good ergonomic office chair that doesn’t break the bank.

If you’ve never gotten an ergonomic chair before, it also serves well as an introduction to the benefits of ergonomic office equipment before you dive into the premium tier where a chair can easily cost a few grand!