Netflix is the modern-day home theatre facility. With only a few dollars monthly subscriptions, you can select from thousands of movies and shows to watch. The best thing about this online entertainment platform is that not only it offers the shows produced under Netflix production house. It also promotes the content of other production houses. With about 182 million subscribers in the world, Netflix is the most streaming online platform. Even Singaporeans love watching Netflix and there are about 264.83k Netflix subscribers in the country. Although Netflix provides the list of top trending shows. However, selecting shows according to your preference from such a long list can be an issue. But don’t worry as we have solved this issue by shortlisting the best 7 Netflix series/shows that are a must-watch in 2020. 

1. The Umbrella Academy

Netflix partnership with Marvel is an old thing now as it has stepped itself in superhero content creation. The Umbrella Academy is based on the story of a superhero team consisting of 7 adopted siblings. These heroes are emotionally stunted. You would be excited to know that the series has been written and scripted by none other but ‘My Chemical Romance’ band member Gerard Way. Famous actors such as Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, and Robert Shehan have done justice to their roles and made the series worth watching. Skilled characterization along with an enchanting soundtrack, the superhero series will be a whole new ballgame in superhero content. 

2. Indian Matchmaking

Indian Matchmaking Season 1 Review: Amusing and entertaining in ...

Looking for a show with picky characters, and family drama then do consider watching this amazing web series ‘Indian Matchmaking’. The series revolves around a matchmaker named as ‘Sima Taparia’ matching singles all the way from New Jersey (USA) to Mumbai (India). The show is definitely a must-watch for the ones who have an interest in the subcontinent culture of weddings. Also, the expectations of the newlywed individuals are beautifully depicted. The viewers report that the show might seem to be boring at the beginning. However, as it progresses, you will find it as one of the best Netflix ever. So, if you are looking for light humour, insightful and heart-warming shows, do watch the Indian Matchmaking. Hands down one of the most binge-worthy must-watch Netflix shows of 2020!

3. The Baby-Sitters Club

If you are thinking that this web series would only indulge teenagers in it, you might be wrong. The BabySitters Club is equally enchanting for both young and adult individuals. This show is pictured in the novel published by Ann M. Martin and revolves around six teenage friends who struggle to establish their business. The summer camp set by the teenage friends faced obstacles by a group of adults who tried their best to close the business. Similarly, the friends also faced personal problems such as divorced parents, diseases, personal relationship problems, etc. that adversely impacted their startup. But these 10 episodes are enough to teach you the real meaning of friendship and sacrifices to make each other happy. 

4. Time to Eat 

For all the cooking freaks out there, Netflix has introduced an innovative cooking series for you named ‘Time to Eat’. Many Singaporeans are fatigued of those fancy cooking series featuring either conventional dishes or the rarified modern dishes with complex cooking recipes. But Nadiya’s Time to Eat is a defy to all those fancy cooking shows. She serves easy recipes that can be cooked and enjoyed by all. You can also find pantry shortcuts, cost-saving, and time-saving hacks in her shows. These hacks could be crucial for a normal kitchen hold. Thus do watch the show, if you want to leave your couch and cook something fancy for your friends or family members.

5. Unsolved Mysteries

If you are a fan of mystery shows, then Netflix has an offering for you named ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. All the mysteries discussed in the show are unsolved so be prepared for the cliffhangers. There are a total of six episodes, each of them highlighting a new cold mystery case. Most of the cases are related to strange disappearance, murder, or paranormal activities. Thus the show has something for everyone and has impacted the audience around the globe. So if you have a Sherlock in yourself, then do consider watching this show and presenting your insight into different mysterious cases discussed in the show. 

6. Trial By Media

This series ‘Trial by Media’ is a great analysis of the current mainstream media and its impact on public opinion. The show features different criminal offences and focuses on the miscarriage of the US justice system. Amongst these cases is the famous case of Governor Rod Blagojevich. The governor was removed from the office on the charges of corruption upon his impeachment.You will observe how the media can be used as an advantage by the victim. In addition, how this powerful thing can change the stance of the convict himself. So, this show brings six different stories under the same umbrella and has depicted them clear enough to spark a conversation. 

7. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

Many Singaporeans are interested in the case of Jeffrey Epstein who was a society financier but was later accused of sexual assaults. Well, Netflix has released a series focusing on his life, interviewing his ex-colleagues and other acquaintances.

The mini web series is based on a book of the same name published in 2016 by James Patterson. Jeffery started his career as a teacher and soon shifted towards banking making a lot of money and a name for himself. But it was in 2005 when he was accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. The influential individual was arrested and convicted as a sex offender and suicided in a cell in 2019. 

So, Netflix has a lot to offer to its viewers but having too many options can be rather confusing sometimes. To solve this problem of yours, we have shortlisted the must-watch shows on Netflix in 2020. So just go through our list and select one according to your taste and preference.