I had a lot of expectations going into this fairly young but highly talked about restaurant here in Singapore. Of course, I took the responsibility of doing my homework as preparation for my visit. And in doing so, I’ve found out that The English House is actually Marco Pierre White’s first restaurant in Asia. If you have even the slightest affection for food, you would instantly recognize the name of Marco Pierre White. But if not, he is only one of the greatest British chefs in the world- and is undoubtedly a permanent stay in the culinary scene. 

The Place

Knowing that the reputable chef is the mind behind this, it only grew my excitement more. I was preparing myself for the mouthwatering menu – but what I got was more. Let me tell you now: The English House by Marco Pierre White is an experience altogether. It is not just your usual restaurant where you dine and dash. No, The English House has this certain charm that sucks you into its beauty. Stepping into it the first time almost felt like I was intruding into someone’s home. It felt serene, intimate, and dark (in a good way) – as if I am on a museum trip. The photographs on the wall and the intricate blend of western and oriental designs only reinforce this sentiment.

Source: lifestyleasia.com

The Food

The English House offers a variety of menu – from a weekday Lunch Set Menu to a more special Saturday/Sunday Lunch Menu and even Afternoon Teas. I have personally been able to try a different mix of food on my visit, starting off with some appetizers. I had their daily soup as well as the fresh crab cake. However, albeit delicious, these did not leave me with a distinctively mind-blowing taste. But would I still eat it? Of course! 

Source: OWARI Photography

If I were you, I would shy away from the appetizers and prepare for their main course. While I’ve tried many of the other main courses – I’ve chosen to highlight my top four picks for you to try too!

For the first main course, I had something lighter first with their Classic Eggs Benedict with Berkshire Ham Hock ($20). There’s not much to say about this classic dish since they’ve perfected their technique with the poached egg and the ham hock combination. A perfect starter!

Classic Eggs Benedict with Berkshire Ham Hock ($20)
Source: OWARI Photography

Next, I tried their Traditional Full English with Toasted Crumpet ($23). Going in with not much expectations as to what it would taste like, I’d say I was very satisfied with this dish. All the elements just worked together in perfect harmony. I could wake up to an English Breakfast any day!

Traditional Full English with Toasted Crumpet ($23)
Source: OWARI Photography

My next pick was the Wheeler’s Fried Haddock and Triple Cooked Chips ($38). I loved this dish and how the fish is obviously fresh, tender, and flaky on the inside. It’s a perfect balance between sweet and savory. The bold flavor of the potato wedges cooked in beef fat also elevates this dish to a whole other level.

Wheeler’s Fried Haddock and Triple Cooked Chips ($38)
Source: OWARI Photography
Source: OWARI Photography

Lastly for the main course, I was able to try their version of a Chicken Curry with Buttered Rice ($35). While nothing beats the original flavor and aroma of a traditional curry, I’d give this one a pass. The boldness of the flavor and the tenderness of the chicken itself is great. 

The English House Chicken Curry ($35)
Source: OWARI Photography
Source: OWARI Photography

For desert, I personally recommend their The Box Tree Eton Mess ($16). It’s a perfect light ending to the heavy meat dishes, and the fruitiness is just exquisite with a light tinge of sweetness. My next choice would be their Baked Apple Crumble ($16) – how could you even go wrong with this? A classic nostalgic dish that reminds me of my childhood. Of course, top it all off with their wide selection of drinks and beverages that will complement each dish set perfectly!

The Box Tree Eton Mess ($16)
Source: OWARI Photography
Baked Apple Crumble ($16)
Source: OWARI Photography

Why Dine at The English House?

Like I told you, dining here is an experience altogether. I see myself spending weekend nights here chit chatting with my friends and enjoying good food & drinks until we lose track of time. The food and the ambiance certainly marry perfectly to create an amazing vibe. That, helped with how accommodating the staff is and the coziness of the place, I must say, the experience is worth it. 

If you are a foodie at heart, I’d recommend you to check out The English House by Marco Pierre White. We, here at Best in Singapore, are great fans of food and experience. It’s not so easy to strike a balance between those two – but with The English House, we might just have a good contender. This restaurant certainly ranks high on our list, what about on yours?