Attention, shoppers! There’s a new Japanese cheap retailer store in town. It’s called Don Quijote, or more popularly known as Don Don Donki. Ever since it launched its first store at Orchard Central in late 2018, Singaporeans have been raving about Don Don Donki. If you’re wondering what you can buy at the discount store, don’t fret. We have listed the 10 best buys at Don Don Donki Singapore.

You can buy almost everything from their store. From ready-to-cook meals to cooking sets, drinks, beauty products, quirky items, and more – You’ll definitely love shopping at Don Don Donki.

Let’s start with the list! Here are the Top 10 best buys at Don Don Donki Singapore:

1. Otafuku Takoyaki Kodowari Cooking Set

Is Takoyaki among your favourite Japanese foods? Make takoyaki with a breeze through the Otafuku Takoyaki Cooking Set. This all-in-one set has the ingredients you need – from the batter, takoyaki sauce, pickled ginger, up to tempura bits!

To complete the set, you need liao for filling the doughy balls and eggs for mixing the batter. With this set, you can make up to 32 takoyaki balls! Surely, this is worth the price. You can buy this at the nearest Don Don Donki store for less than 8 dollars. Meaning, that’s only $0.25 per ball!

2. Salmon Nigiri Aburi


Forget about the ordinary sashimi and grab one of these Salmon Nigiri Aburi trays! People have been raving over about how delicious these ready-to-eat meals are. What’s with this, really?

Well, for starters, you get 10 pieces of Salmon Nigiri Aburi topped with blow-torched sashimi. At a price of less than $10.00, that’s honestly a great deal. Curious? Get one of these at your favourite Don Don Donki store. You’ll be wanting more for sure!

3. Angus Beef Shabu Shabu


You’ll never run out of yummy and savoury food at Don Don Donki. We have more on the list! Next is this Angus Beef Shabu Shabu. Because they’re thinly sliced and juicily flavoured, you’ll surely love how this meal will suit your taste. 

This hefty tray will only cost you $10.00. For its price, you’ll enjoy a tasteful and flavourful beef that will go beyond your expectations. The goodness melts in your mouth and you’ll definitely be craving for next! Mouth-watery, right? Head to a Don Don Donki store and grab a tray or two of this Angus Beef Shabu Shabu!

4. Sale KitKats


What’s a trip to Don Don Donki without grabbing a pack of KitKat? We all know these snacks come in a variety of flavours but finding each flavour in Singapore needs the best of luck. Don’t worry, ‘cause at Don Don Donki, you’ll see tons of different KitKat flavours you may choose from.

Have a break by heading towards Don Don Donki and selecting from their mountains of Japanese snacks. Every bite is worth it! You’ll surely go by each flavour of Japan’s famous KitKat. No wonder why it’s on our list of the best buys at Don Don Donki Singapore.

5. Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea

Japanese imported Kirin Kirin afternoon tea original lemon flavored  beverage net red leisure children summer drink | Lazada PH


Nothing’s more soothing than drinking a refrigerated lemon tea. This tea is nestled among the countless refrigerated drinks at Don Don Donki. Needless to say, this refreshing drink is addictive, hence it made it to our top 5! You’ll definitely be wanting more upon finishing this entire bottle.

We love it because of its strong black tea and lemon taste. What’s good is it is not overly sweet – just the right amount of sweetness friendly for our taste buds. Rush to the nearest Don Don Donki store and get ready to quench with the Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea. Just perfect for a sunny day in Singapore!

6. Takara Mio Sparkling Sake


Looking for a drinking sake? This next sweet and sparkling drink is for you! Enjoy a fancy drink by purchasing a bottle of two of the Takara Mio Sparkling Sake.

Takara Mio Sparkling Sake is one of Japan’s classic alcohol drinks that will leave you quenched and refreshed. This sake is enjoyed by most younger drinkers. Its refreshingly fruity and sweet aroma will captivate your taste. What more can you ask for? All these good qualities make the sake undoubtedly deserving to be in the best 10 buys at Don Don Donki Singapore.

7. Umaibo


You’ve probably stumbled upon one of these snacks at local stores but never knew what they were. These are puffed corn snacks popular in Japan that come in a number of flavours. Some of which are Cheese, Chocolate, Tonkatsu, and Mentai.

These snacks are called Umaibo. Their fun and colourful packaging will make you curious as to how they taste. Feed your curiosity by grabbing a pack of these at a Don Don Donki store! Maybe you’ll get to answer why this snack deserves a spot on our best buys at Don Don Donki.

8. Casio Watches


Never run late with these Don Don Donki watches! They’re very budget-friendly Casio watches that cost less than 10 dollars. If you’re looking for a cheap watch that gets the job done, consider buying a Casio watch from the Don Don Donki store near you.

You can find a variety of watches in their store. You can choose between digital or analogue watches. These models go on the simpler side, but what’s to complain about? They’re cheap yet they work well! No wonder why they’re on the top buys at Don Don Donki Singapore – cheap yet functional indeed!

9. MSH Love Liquid Eyeliner

Calling all make-up lovers out there! This MSH Love Liquid Eyeliner is one of the best buys in Don Don Donki Singapore since it has a large number of good reviews on the net. With this, you’ll definitely get what you pay for – an eyeliner that makes your eyes extra beautiful.

This sebum and sweat-proof eyeliner are perfect for those who want a long-lasting touch to their eyes. It provides easy control creating clean and sharp lines. This eyeliner comes in shades of black, blue-black, brown, and a lot more. So, if you’re wanting to purchase a go-to eyeliner, you might consider buying the MSH Love Liquid Eyeliner from Don Don Donki!

10. Retro Game Machines

(Source: donkisg | Instagram)

Interested in quirky and fun items? These Don Don Donki Retro Game Machines might charm you! These machines are equipped with colourful screens and a vintage-themed layout. They have removable joysticks as well as buttons to play games with.

These machines are around 50 dollars each, but they’re definitely worth the price! More so if you love gaming and fun stuff. You’ll surely enjoy playing with one of these as it brings you the classic arcade game feels. What are you waiting for? Head out to a Don Don Donki store and get yourself a Retro Game Machine. Truly one of the best buys at Donki!

Surely, there are a lot of good buys at Don Don Donki. We hope our list helped you be familiar with what you may purchase at the retail store. Wait no more and go to a Donki outlet near you!

And oh, you may follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates, promotions, and discounts. Happy shopping ya!

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