We all know that marriage is a lifelong commitment. But what happens when the matrimonial sparks fizzle out halfway for both couples? The once blissful marriage will turn into a warzone. That eventually invites a host of nasty relationship conflicts aka daily squabbles and the giving of cold shoulders. You get the drift. However fret not, as this is where marriage counseling is here to step in to rekindle back that lost love.

Here, many licensed marriage counselors provide reliable and professional services to couples of all types. From helping them to recognize and resolve conflicts, they also aid as a mediator to both parties. So without further ado, here is our list of the Best 10 Marriage Counsellors In Singapore – all set to give both you and your partner that ultimate couples therapy!

1. The Counselling Paradigm

The Counselling Paradigm is a highly sought after marriage counselor service here due to one main reason. They work by utilizing the knowledge of the Emotional Freedom Technique. This therapy is capable of providing couples a secure attachment. So that they can effectively regulate their emotions. And also get back the groove of their marriage through the proper channel.

With a team of experienced therapists and counselors, the centre aims to produce a better quality of life and relationships for clients. From online counseling sessions, workshops to a wide range of counseling therapies, The Counselling Paradigm has it all. At there, they cut to the chase as each counseling therapy session only last for about an hour. If not, you can always schedule your next appointment beforehand.

2. All In The Family Counselling

 All In The Family Counselling is your best bet. When it comes to providing the best marriage counseling in Singapore. For starters, they specialize in using problem-solving skills enhancement. This popular technique can help couples to solve their relationship problems. By identifying the root of the problem and rectifying them accordingly. Their certified counselors are specially trained in the best training centres. Both locally, as well as overseas.

Backed by solid credentials, they provide in-depth marital counseling services. For a myriad of relationship conflicts like intimacy problems, infidelity recovering counseling, divorce counseling to pre-marriage counseling. However, their best-kept secret is their use of accepted theories and methodologies.

3. Alliance Counselling

Alliance Counselling stands out due to its team of multicultural counselors and psychologists. Highly experienced as well, they can speak a host of other languages and dialects just to communicate effectively with clients. But the centre’s main forte is their use of both Gottman and Marathon Therapy to resolve marital conflicts. Gottman Therapy allows individuals to talk about their relationship problems through their perspective. To date, Gottman Therapy is the centre’s most successful couples therapy in achieving a long-term healthy relationship. Meanwhile, the Marathon Therapy allows individuals to talk in-depth about their struggles, challenges of the relationship, and its outcome. But the best part is that the counselors will give their undivided attention to both sessions so that no client gets left out.

4. Relationship Matters

They say good relationship matters as it is a secret to maintaining a happy marriage. True to its name, relationship matters are all about able healing wounds, building bridges, and nurturing understanding in a relationship. Here, the center offers a safe, non-judgemental space for couples to talk about their frustrations to a team of qualified professional counselors. Albeit, without the fear of judgment from a third party. For example, they offer two highly trained counseling methods – couples counseling and a couples workshop. Both of these methods are equally effective in solving communication breakdown or relationship problems. At Relationship Matters, they aim to provide the right mediation so that both e couples end with a win-win situation. Alternatively, the centre also offers Emergentics – a special profile for individuals and couples just to see how they think and behave.

5. The Lighthouse Counselling

The Lighthouse counseling is the go-to-choice for married couples who are facing relationship problems and need to seek help. Their founder Belinda Lau is a certified marriage counsellor and psychotherapist. For example, her credentials boast of a Master In Counselling, a certificate in the famed Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Level 2 and among others..etc. Not only that, but Lau is also currently involved in Counselling Perspective. In line with her job as a marriage counsellor, Lau is the best person to seek advice in this area as she adopts an in-depth and personal approach when conducting therapy with her clients. Due to that, she expertly applies concepts such as cognitive behavior, emotion-focused to even solution-focused – depending on the situation. Communicating with Lau is also not a problem as she is multilingual.

6. ImPossible Psychological Services

Given their namesake, how could you not trust this marriage counseling service? As even though various relationship issues can crop up in a marriage, but with the right help – the situation might turn for the better for all.

For that, there’s where Impossible Psychological Services comes in. Backed by a team of experts and dedicate counselors, they provide quality psychological services to clients who sign up for counseling with them. Their couple therapy and marriage counseling aim to help struggling couples to recognize and resolve various relationship conflicts. Some of their expertise includes areas such as infidelity, conflicts, miscommunication, intimacy problems, and among others..etc. With Impossible Psychological Services, their job is to make the place a haven for couples to vent out all their frustrations and negative emotions – albeit in a positive way.

7. Safe Space Singapore

In the age of the internet world, finding the right digital platform to reach your consumers is important for every business. Therefore, this is what exactly Safe Space is doing in line with the ongoing global pandemic crisis.

Safe Space understands that every couple requires some kind of anonymity when it comes to relationship problems. With a team of the brightest minds in psychology, they are specially trained to understand each client’s personality. So that they can find the root of the problem and resolve it efficiently. All clients have to do is by filling up the form provided by the centre. Besides, there is also a stress test that can be taken online so that the centre can assess a client’s condition before therapy. With Safe Space, no one gets judged and their expert counselors will restore your marriage to its blissful state.

8. Maria Micha Counselling Centre

Backed by the roots of psychotherapy in both England and Greece, Maria Micha is a marriage counsellor that you can trust. With years of experience behind her, Micha has worked with clients from all walks of life by first understanding their behavioral patterns. So that these negative patterns can be stopped before they can result in personal, family, and work-related problems.

Micha works through first finding out the root of the couple’s marital problems. After successfully doing so, only she will find a solution that can suit both parties. So that they can come to a mutual agreement whether to continue the marriage or put an end to it.

Additionally, the affable and multitalented Micha also uses other techniques such as visualization and hypnotherapy. To date, clients from all walks of life have benefited from the effectiveness of both techniques. Due to that, the end results are nothing but positive.

9. Psychotherapy Nicole Chew- Helbig

A certified Gestalt psychotherapist extraordinaire, founder Nicole Chew Helbig uses this method to empower her clients. Regardless of what difficulty they may face in their marriage –from trivial arguments to even messy divorces. But Chew’s most sought after niche is in Therapy For Relationship, a highly efficient counseling method that helps couples to overcome and amend the rough patches in their marriage. Besides marriage counseling, Chew also doubles up as a psychologist for a host of other mental health issues namely anxiety and depression, behavioral addiction, life transition, chronic pains, and trauma. Therefore, this makes her the perfect counselling master when it comes to helping people from different background and status.

As an experienced counsellor, Chew analyzes her patients from head to toe to find out the root of the problem. By doing that, so that she can find the best treatment plan to suit the client’s unique personality. And also to help both parties, husband and wife to make the ultimate choice.

10. Cassandra Chiu

Does the name Cassandra Chiu ring a bell? After all, this Singaporean born psychotherapist is incredibly well known when it comes to the specialized area of marriage counselling.
Besides marriage counselling, Chiu is equally adept at handling other interpersonal relationship issues as well. Issues that are faced by modern Singaporean society daily such as career anxieties, burnout, and even work-related problems. For each therapy session, Chiu will talk to you calmly in a peer-to-peer way to access your thoughts and deepest fears so that she can find out the root of your troubles.
At Cassandra Chiu, the founder herself also offers online sessions and the standard face-to-face sessions. However, if you have a tight schedule, we suggest that you go for the former. Or else, you can just see Chiu’s friendly face at the centre.

In sum, every marriage has its ups and downs. Regardless of whether you are a newly-wed, or a long-time married couple who have seen it all. But ultimately, the key to a good marriage is to compromise and adjust to each other’s quirks. If not, you can just make the first step by checking out our Best 10 Marriage Counsellors In Singapore!

However, we know that marriage is not everybody’s cup of tea. So if you are a someone who is still single, mingle and seeking for some romance, we suggest you check out our Best 10 Online Dating Apps In Singapore!