We all know that marriage is a lifelong commitment. But what happens when the matrimonial sparks fizzle out halfway for both couples? The once blissful marriage will turn into a warzone. That eventually invites a host of nasty relationship conflicts aka daily squabbles and the giving of cold shoulders. You get the drift. However fret not, as this is where marriage counselling is here to step in to rekindle back that lost love.

Here, many licensed marriage counsellors provide reliable and professional services to couples of all types. From helping them to recognize and resolve conflicts, they also aid as a mediator to both parties. So without further ado, here is our list of the Best Marriage Counsellors in Singapore – all set to give both you and your partner that ultimate couples therapy!

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” – Dave Meurer

1. Psychotherapy Nicole Chew- Helbig

A certified Gestalt psychotherapist extraordinaire, founder Nicole Chew Helbig uses this method to empower her clients. Regardless of what difficulty they may face in their marriage –from trivial arguments to even messy divorces. But Chew’s most sought after niche is in Therapy For Relationship, a highly efficient counselling method that helps couples to overcome and amend the rough patches in their marriage.

Besides marriage counselling, Chew also doubles up as a psychologist for a host of other mental health issues namely anxiety and depression, behavioural addiction, life transition, chronic pains, and trauma. Therefore, this makes her the perfect counselling master when it comes to helping people from different background and status.

As an experienced counsellor, Chew analyzes her patients from head to toe to find out the root of the problem. By doing that, so that she can find the best treatment plan to suit the client’s unique personality. And also to help both parties, husband and wife to make the ultimate choice.

Address20 Upper Circular Rd, #01-13 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
Contact(+65) 8797 8848
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 2 pm – 9 pm

2. Care Corner Singapore


  • Personal counselling service 
  • Non-discrimination for care & services
  • Top-notch programs by reliable qualified psychologists

Care Corner Singapore is an NGO that works to support people who need assistance and are less privileged. With excellent interpersonal challenges and functioning care corner top the charts as marriage counsellors in Singapore. To make couples and families happier, they help in building resilience within individuals. Professional psychologists are dedicated to providing superior assistance to the less privileged to make their lives happier and better. 

Care Corner always try to stay pertinent to the needs of the community! For doing so, it has continuously strived to offer amazing & innovative programmes through various social service centres to support less privileged individuals and families.

Address:6 Woodlands Square, #03-01 Woods Square Tower 2, Singapore 737737
Contact:(+65) 6250 6813| ccs@carecorner.org.sg
Operating hours:N/A

3. Theresa Pong – The Relationship Room

Image credit: The Relationship Room


  • Helps individuals heal from pain in relationships
  • Empowers and equips individuals to build everlasting relationships
  • Use different techniques in supporting clients to move forward

The Relationship Room is all about empowering and equipping individuals to build lasting relationships that you desire and deserve. It mainly focuses on counselling and coaching for individuals, couples, and families. The lead counsellor, Theresa Pong, who is also the founder and Counselling Director is a certified professional with more than 12 years of working experience helping individuals, families, and couples dealing with marital conflict challenges and depression. She is both a registered counsellor and clinical supervisor with the Singapore Association of Counselling. Theresa is vastly specialized in working with couples-in-crisis to recover from infidelity and those on the brink of divorce. She is highly sought after by media such as The Straits Times to give opinions and views on family and marital matters.

Having a particular interest in couples and family counselling, she helps to journey with individuals and couples to heal from the pain and empower them to make positive and healthy connections through the wide range of therapeutic approaches she has acquired over the years. She uses different psychotherapy techniques in supporting her clients to find the courage, inner strength, and resilience needed to heal and restore relationships. Besides, she always keeps abreast with knowledge in marital and family therapy by attending trainings and conferences; both local and overseas.

Address1 Raffles Place, #19-61, One Raffles Place (Tower 2), Singapore 048616
Contact Details+65 88506068 | info@relationshiproom.sg
Operating HoursTue – Fri, 9.00AM – 8.00PM | Sat, 9.00AM – 1.00PM | Sun & Mon, Closed (By Appointment Only)

4. Safe Space Singapore

In the age of the internet world, finding the right digital platform to reach your consumers is important for every business. Therefore, this is what exactly Safe Space is doing in line with the ongoing global pandemic crisis.

Safe Space understands that every couple requires some kind of anonymity when it comes to relationship problems. With a team of the brightest minds in psychology, they are specially trained to understand each client’s personality. So that they can find the root of the problem and resolve it efficiently. All clients have to do is by filling up the form provided by the centre. Besides, there is also a stress test that can be taken online so that the centre can assess a client’s condition before therapy. With Safe Space, no one gets judged and their expert counsellors will restore your marriage to its blissful state.

AddressA Space Between, 10 Anson Rd, #28-14, Singapore 079903
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 9 am – 8 pm

5. Maria Micha Counselling Centre

Backed by the roots of psychotherapy in both England and Greece, Maria Micha is a marriage counsellor that you can trust. With years of experience behind her, Micha has worked with clients from all walks of life by first understanding their behavioural patterns. So that these negative patterns can be stopped before they can result in personal, family, and work-related problems.

Micha works through first finding out the root of the couple’s marital problems. After successfully doing so, only she will find a solution that can suit both parties. So that they can come to a mutual agreement whether to continue the marriage or put an end to it.

Additionally, the affable and multitalented Micha also uses other techniques such as visualization and hypnotherapy. To date, clients from all walks of life have benefited from the effectiveness of both techniques. Due to that, the end results are nothing but positive.

Address545 Orchard Road, #13-10, Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Contact(+65) 8189 6386|maria@mariamicha.com.sg
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 11:30 am – 9 pm

6. The Counselling Paradigm

Undeniably, the Counselling Paradigm is a highly sought after marriage counsellor service here due to one main reason. They work by utilizing the knowledge of the Emotional Freedom Technique. This therapy is capable of providing couples with a secure attachment. So that they can effectively regulate their emotions. And also get back the groove of their marriage through the proper channel.

With a team of experienced therapists and counsellors, the centre aims to produce a better quality of life and relationships for clients. From online counselling sessions, workshops to a wide range of counselling therapies, The Counselling Paradigm has it all. At there, they cut to the chase as each counselling therapy session only last for about an hour. If not, you can always schedule your next appointment beforehand.

Address2 Hindhede Rd, Singapore 589239
Contact(+65) 8408 0010| contact@thecounsellingparadigm.sg
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 10:30 am – 7:30 pm

7. All In The Family Counselling

All In The Family Counselling is your best bet. When it comes to providing the best marriage counselling in Singapore. For starters, they specialize in using problem-solving skills enhancement. This popular technique can help couples to solve their relationship problems. By identifying the root of the problem and rectifying them accordingly. Their certified counsellors are specially trained in the best training centres. Both locally, as well as overseas.

Backed by solid credentials, they provide in-depth marital counseling services. For a myriad of relationship conflicts like intimacy problems, infidelity recovering counseling, divorce counseling to pre-marriage counseling. However, their best-kept secret is their use of accepted theories and methodologies.

Address11 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049317
Contact(+65) 9030 7239|tammy@allinthefamilycounselling.com
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 9 am – 9 pm

8. Alliance Counselling

Alliance Counselling stands out due to its team of multicultural counsellors and psychologists. Highly experienced as well, they can speak a host of other languages and dialects just to communicate effectively with clients. But the centre’s main forte is their use of both Gottman and Marathon Therapy to resolve marital conflicts. Gottman Therapy allows individuals to talk about their relationship problems through their perspective. To date, Gottman Therapy is the centre’s most successful couples therapy in achieving a long-term healthy relationship. Meanwhile, the Marathon Therapy allows individuals to talk in-depth about their struggles, challenges of the relationship, and its outcome.

Address501 Bukit Timah Rd, #04-03 & 03-02 Cluny Court, Singapore 259760
Contact(+65) 6466 8120|admin@alliancecounselling.com.sg
Operating hoursMonday to Friday: 8 am-8 pm
Saturday: 8am-5pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm

9. Relationship Matters

Relationship Matters aims to empower individuals to create meaningful connections with the people in their lives. At the core of Relationship Matter’s approach is the belief that successful relationships are based on mutual trust and respect, curiosity to seek to know and understand each other better and a commitment to working hard to improve. We apply these principles in our working relationships with clients and professional partners across Singapore and in doing so, provide diverse and high quality counselling, workshops and public talks.

Specializing in couple therapy, Relationship Matters provides quality couple counselling services. Itoffers a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, including that of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy.

The quality of the counselling services has been recognized by MSN News, The Asian Parent, Honeykids Asia, MediaOne and Best Of Singapore. Psychotherapists under Relationship Matters have also been interviewed by news outlets such as The Straits Times, The Straits Times (The Big Story), Channel News Asia online, The New Paper, Today Online and Love 97.2FM. Psychotherapists from Relationship Matters have also often been invited to contribute on family life by magazines, websites and forums such as Her World, CLEO, Women’s Weekly, Singapore Motherhood, Smartparents, Singapore Brides and RICE Media.

AddressThe Plaza, 7500A Beach Rd, Singapore 199591
Contact(+65) 9789 6991|info@relationshipmatters.com.sg
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 10 am – 9 pm

10. The Lighthouse Counselling

The Lighthouse counselling is the go-to-choice for married couples who are facing relationship problems and need to seek help. Their founder Belinda Lau is a certified marriage counsellor and psychotherapist. For example, her credentials boast of a Master In Counselling, a certificate in the famed Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Level 2 and among others..etc.

Not only that, but Lau is also currently involved in Counselling Perspective. In line with her job as a marriage counsellor, Lau is the best person to seek advice in this area as she adopts an in-depth and personal approach when conducting therapy with her clients. Due to that, she expertly applies concepts such as cognitive behaviour, emotion-focused to even solution-focused – depending on the situation. Communicating with Lau is also not a problem as she is multilingual.

Address10 Anson Rd, #28-14 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Contact(+65) 8299 4866|hello@tlhcounselling.com
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 9 am – 7 pm

11. ImPossible Psychological Services

Given their namesake, how could you not trust this marriage counselling service? As even though various relationship issues can crop up in a marriage, but with the right help – the situation might turn for the better for all.

For that, there’s where Impossible Psychological Services comes in. Backed by a team of experts and dedicate counsellors, they provide quality psychological services to clients who sign up for counselling with them. Their couple therapy and marriage counselling aim to help struggling couples to recognize and resolve various relationship conflicts. Some of their expertise includes areas such as infidelity, conflicts, miscommunication, intimacy problems, and among others..etc. With Impossible Psychological Services, their job is to make the place a haven for couples to vent out all their frustrations and negative emotions – albeit in a positive way.

Address 228 Changi Rd, #03-07, Singapore 419741
Contact(+65) 9688 2790|info@impossiblepsychservices.com.sg
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 9:30 am – 7 pm

12. Cassandra Chiu

Does the name Cassandra Chiu ring a bell? After all, this Singaporean born psychotherapist is incredibly well known when it comes to the specialized area of marriage counselling.
Besides marriage counselling, Chiu is equally adept at handling other interpersonal relationship issues as well. Issues that are faced by modern Singaporean society daily such as career anxieties, burnout, and even work-related problems. For each therapy session, Chiu will talk to you calmly in a peer-to-peer way to access your thoughts and deepest fears so that she can find out the root of your troubles.

At Cassandra Chiu, the founder herself also offers online sessions and the standard face-to-face sessions. However, if you have a tight schedule, we suggest that you go for the former. Or else, you can just see Chiu’s friendly face at the centre.

Address19 Tanglin Rd, #04-01B, Singapore 247909
Contact(+65) 62690401
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 10 am – 8 pm

13. Elephant Therapy & Training 


  • More than 50 years of experience 
  • Incredible functionality and manner of support
  • Highly qualified counsellors perform ethical practice.

Elephant Therapy & Training is founded by Adriana Giotta, a highly experienced with psychological treatment for all ages and genders for domestic and international clients. The director herself knows the psychology models and psychotherapy, and the clinic is certified under HCPC registered consultant clinical psychologist. 

Moreover, ETT experts are focused on providing customized sessions to deal with personalized issues of couples as well. 

Address87 Club Street, 3rd Floor, Singapore 069455
Contact3138 4692| admin@elephant.com.sg
Operating hoursN/A

14. International Counselling and Psychology Center


  • Cross-cultural assistance 
  • Great hospitality
  • Psychological workshops & seminars

To fix your marital issues, it is helpful for people to choose Singapore’s great counsellors’ ITPC. They provide better supervision and facilities for different psychological issues for living a happier life. 

Especially, they focus on providing training sessions that strengthen the couple’s relationship so that they can grow together. The great counsellors of ISPC help couples resolve differences and find their lost love and get back at their happy married life. 

Address360 Orchard Road, #06-08 International Building, Singapore 238869
Contact(+65) 6734 6463|connect@intlcounselling.com
Operating hoursN/A 

15. Counselling and Care Center


  • Marriage Counselling
  • Premarital Counselling 
  • Therapies for children 

To help with excellent counselling services, this NGO assists with a wide range of services that can improve your marriage and family relationships. They are highly experienced counsellors who have been serving the society for more than decades. 

Therapies for adult and child-focused services are rendered in counselling and care centres with skilled psychotherapists and consultants for healing and better care.

AddressBlk 536 Upper Cross Street, #05-241 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 050536
Contact(+65) 65366366|info@counsel.org.sg
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6 pm

16. Community Psychology Hub Counselling


  • Incredible supervision 
  • Works ethically with experienced counsellors 
  • A convenient way to connect 

CPH Counselling is an online marriage counselling service initiated with its services in April 2020 for couples dealing with conflicts during the pandemic. The community psychology hub runs the program to help married couples with their divorce, marital, and parenting issues conveniently. Also, they provide free of cost service to couples. You can online resolve your marital issues easily by signing up on the official website. Isn’t it more convenient? Obviously Yes!

The main purpose of the CPH is “Restoring Relationships” which means bringing relationships back to its original state. “We restore clients’ relationship with self, with others, and with the world around.” Says Peter Tan – Director, Community Psychology Hub

Address3779 Jalan Bukit Merah, #03-01 Community Hub, Singapore 159462
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9 am – 5 pm

17. Focus on the Family Singapore


  •  Highly experienced staff
  • Provides unbiased assistance
  • Awarded with work-life excellence award

Focus on the Family Singapore is one of the most reliable choices to make for the marriage counsellors in Singapore. They are highly experienced with their work and aim to provide support to married couples by fixing their marital issues using different programs. The aim is to nurture and give support to native married couples for being happier in their lives. 

The organisation came into action in 2002 and the founder was Mr Tan Thuan Seng.  It has conducted numerous workshops and seminars to assist couples, individual adults and even kids in helping them with their relations. In addition, FOTF (Focus On The Family) operates charity as they have good relations around the globe. Currently, they are working with 12 global affiliates to help people around the world.

Address9 Bishan Place, #08-03 Junction 8 Office Tower, Singapore 579837
Contact(+65) 63361444|focus@family.org.sg
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pm

18. Olive Branch Counselling Services

Los Angeles


  • Registered and experienced professionals
  • Assistance to pre-martial couples and married ones 
  • Great hospitality 

The olive branch counselling services manage to provide the best services to the users to attain a healthy bond with their loved ones. They have a team of the executive who deals with effective change with different therapies to build a healthy relationship. The professionals in psychology, counselling, and psychotherapy make a person learn better about a happy married life to improve the relationship and maintain peace. 

Nevertheless, ‘The olive branch counselling service’ is best known for the excellent courses that tackle the couple’s problem and deal with the issue that is ruining the relationship. It is easy to book an appointment with psychologists and find your lost love with a loved one, indeed. 

Address229 Mountbatten Road, #02-32 Mountbatten square, Singapore 398007
Contact(+65) 8322 8861  
Operating hoursEveryday Appointments are must 

19. Fernhill Psychology & Counselling 


  • Deals with stress and anxiety issues
  • Great mediation services
  • Excellence in psychology, counselling, and mental health

Fernhill Psychology and Counselling are one of the reliable names in the forte of counselling in Singapore since 2003. The place is located in a quiet and beautiful area where maximum assistance can be provided to the clients. The highly qualified psychologists and specialists are dedicated to assisting clients for the best. With the talks and other therapy and sessions, specialists will help you overcome all the trauma together as a couple and make you a better person individually.  

They provide a variety of therapies that help unveil the emotional side of the couples so that they can understand each other better. Besides, they excel in their job and adhere to higher standards of professionalism in counselling and allowing the client to feel the utmost comfort. The experienced faculty comes from the UK, Singapore, Europe, and Australia. from marriage counselling to youth and children focused counselling, every service is provided at Fernhill counselling centre. 

Address27 Woking Rd, Singapore 138705
Contact(+65) 96234461|contact@fernhill.com.sg
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9 am – 8 pm

20. Reach Community Services Society


  • Approved under the registry of societies in 1998
  • Full member of the national council of social service
  • Strengthen families with the right programs and talks

Pastor Calvin lee started an organisation with his team for leading society and serving it in the year 1998 to benefit society. REACH family was initially settled at the  Blk 187 Bishan street 13; however, with the growth of the organisation REACH, a community spread as well. It is the right decision for married couples hassling with their marriage life to get consultation here and attain the best results certainly. 

There are precisely four services that they offer to their clients that are family service, youth service, counselling service, and senior service. In all of these services, they enlighten people to share thoughts and fix their relationship. 

AddressBishan Street 13, #01-475 Block 187, Singapore 570187
Contact(+65) 6801 0730
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9 am – 6 pm

21. The Counselling Place


  • Online service of therapists available
  • Variety of services to assist better
  • An international team of specialists 

The Counselling Place is a reliable choice when looking for the right marriage counsellor in Singapore. The experienced and qualified experts will help you to understand the problem and fix it eventually for overtime. The counselling place adheres to the higher standards of life coaching and psychologists in Singapore, and they excel at their job certainly. 

From life coaching to couple counselling, experts here will help you out with everything certainly. Marriage therapies are extremely helpful in making things accurate between couples and correcting the relationship accordingly. Instead of letting your strong bond go in vain, in fact, great counsellors here who may help to fix the problem between the married couple. 

Address105, #07-01 Cecil St, Singapore 069534
Contact(+65) 3157 7499|tcpapt@gmail.com
Operating hoursMon – Fri: 9 am – 6:45 pm

22. The Center for Psychology


  • Experienced and caring psychologists & therapists
  • Professional and ethical standards 
  • Regular training & workshops
  • Neuropsychological & social assessment 

The Center for Psychology not only helps you with relationship issues but also with other neurological problems. The great counsellors of the centre provide professional services for couples, families, and individuals on multiple issues. 

Also, some great professionals can assist in improving your marriage and preventing your marriage from failing. Undoubtedly, they are rated as one of the finest counsellors in Singapore. 

The experienced and trained counsellors will look in-depth at the relationship and help you find the root cause of frequent conflicts. And thus, they help you learn to disagree without offending each other. 

Address491B River Valley Road, #04-01 Valley Point Office Tower, Singapore 248373
Contact(+65) 6733 2893 | contact@center4psy.com
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm & Saturday: 9.00 am – 3.00 pm

23. Goodluck Friends Centre


  • Highly experienced centre
  • Top-rated by customers  
  • Various couple therapies for strengthening the relationship

Mr Horatio Lee is the founder of the Good Luck Friends marriage consultancy where he tackles the problems of couples by understanding the root cause. With the right couple of therapies, it becomes easier for them to deal with issues ruining the beautiful bond between couples. 

They do render online services of marital consultancy and help couples resolve the marital issues in situations like COVID-19. The online matchmaking services are also provided for assisting the singles in finding the love of their life. Also, they are one of the top recommendations in Singapore for consultancies and matchmaking services.

Address35 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188307
Contact+65 6336 5112
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 1.00 pm – 8.15 pm

24. Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre


  • Approved by Institution of public character
  • Educational workshops for couples
  • Assists with marriage counselling, kids therapies and individual assistance

Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre ltd was established in 1997 to bring hope to be broken and failing marriages. EMCC aims to build a happy Singaporean society with healthy relationships and loving bonds. They are registered as a charity and the national council of social service (NCSS), and Institution of public character (IPC) also approved them.

Marriage is not everyone’s thing, but people who are willing to strengthen their bonds with partners and resolve all the misunderstandings can get assistance from EMCC. The tried and tested therapies and methodologies help manage the conflicts and understand the root cause of marriage failure. EMCC is one-stop for people willing to strengthen relationships with their loved ones and get out of the emotional trauma. 

Address331 Odeon Towers, #22-01/06, Singapore 188720
Contact+65 6788 8220|services@emcc.org.sg
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

25. Society W

No photo description available.


  • Top in matchmaking and couple consultancies
  • Well trained consultants
  • Great ambience

Society W offers an incredible option to rely on when it comes to managing marital life. Society W is a great consultancy aiming to improve the married life of marital couples. They have well-trained consultants, psychologists, and relationship coaches who do a great job making marital life a little better. Couples who are eager to work on their failing marriages can pick Society W, one of the most reliable marriage consultants in Singapore.

They are assisting singles in finding the right match and assisting existing married couples in making the failing marriages successful. The highly professional consultants are great at their job as they perform different therapies that are immensely helpful. People should be choosing for reliable services from the reliable Singapore consultancy. 

Address25 Lor Telok, #02-01, Singapore 049037
Contact+65 6904 9290
Operating hoursMonday – Friday: 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

26. Prowise Marriage Consultancy


  • Various Courses for developing a healthy relationship.
  • Non-judgemental Consultancy.
  • Highly experienced relationship coaches.

The Prowise Marriage Consultancy (PMC) helps improve relationships between married couples and fix their individual issues. Most relationships are ruined due to personal traumas, and Prowise relationship experts understand this aspect very well. Along with improving relationships, they help couples to become between on an individual basis.

You can attain assistance for relationship issues, parenting, family issues, children issues, and others. They are really popular on social media platforms due to their reliable services. For married couples struggling to prevent their marriage from failing, surely find a ray of hope at Prowise Marriage Consultancy to add the spice of love in marriage all over again.

Address10 Anson Rd, #26-10 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Contact+65 9145 1182
Operating hoursN/A

In sum, every marriage has its ups and downs. Regardless of whether you are a newly-wed or a long-time married couple who have seen it all. But ultimately, the key to a good marriage is to compromise and adjust to each other’s quirks. If not, you can just make the first step by checking out our Best Marriage Counsellors In Singapore!

However, we know that marriage is not everybody’s cup of tea. So if you are a someone who is still single, mingle and seeking for some romance, we suggest you check out our Best 25 Online Dating Apps In Singapore!

Written By: Lim Su Yee