One of the most used appliances in the kitchen is an oven, be it built-in or countertop. A good oven can be the solution to most kitchen needs, from roasting to grilling to baking. Built-in ovens are installed or fixed in the kitchen but are a little tricky to move. They are popular for their hygienic, healthy, and pleasant cooking. They bring the essence of technological advancement to the kitchen and put forth the image of elegance and beauty to the kitchen by their modern, attractive, and classic looks.

The built-in oven can be proven to be the most useful kitchen appliance to a homemaker. They make cooking extremely seamless, efficient, and time-saving. Their multiple features, including oven, toaster, griller, make money’s worth. If you want to buy a built-in oven, choose one which complements your kitchen and your cooking style as well as your budget.

And to help you pick the best one here’s a list of the top built-in oven to help you get started.

1) Turbo Incanto TM025SS

This is a 25 liters microwave oven with a grill, kitchen timer (up to 60 minutes), and a child safety lock. It can cook and defrost quickly according to the weight. This powerhouse has a microwave power-range of up to 11, along with 9 automatic cooking menus. It comes with a digital clock and a 270mm diameter glass turntable. The grill power is as high as 1000 watts and its microwave power output is 900 watts.

With this oven you can bake, cook, steam, defrost, or even grill with just one click of a button. It is best for apartments and space-conscious homes having the capabilities of the oven, grill, and microwave.

The oven can fit in an area of W483 x D344 x H305mm (without its kit). You can purchase this oven for under $700.

2) La Germania Prima Series 90 RIS95C 61L B X

This is a professional single oven cooker with stove offered by Bertazzoni la Germania. It is made up of stainless steel and has a single-piece worktop with five brass burners. The central burner has high performance and dual work with precise controls from low simmer to high output.

It can perform 11 functions and is assisted by a fan. The oven doors are made of triple glass for better heat containment and stylish looks. It comes with wide extractable inner glass, which makes cleaning the oven effortless. Its space-efficient design, multiple functions, stainless steel body with attractive red knobs, and an oven thermometer makes the purchase worthy.

Its price is around $2,779.00

3) Brandt BKV6132X

Brandt BKV6132X is 29 liters built in-oven that uses steam and is made of stainless steel. It also has an incandescent light lamp and drop-down door opening. The installation of the oven is seamless. It contains a removable water tank, so you don’t require a water inlet connection. Steam saturation can be controlled electronically ensuring the best cooking results.

And there’s no need for you to worry about the limescale deposits and maintenance charges. This oven comes with Teflon-coated steam injectors and cold-water circulation to eliminate the risk of limescale deposits. That’s not all. It comes with 9 pre-programmed automatic cooking recipes, which make cooking easy and simple.

The oven can fit in a space of 450X560X550 (HxWxD mm) and works on 220-240-volt electricity with frequency 50-60 Hz. You can buy this oven for under $1,699.00.


This oven’s user-friendly mechanical thermostat, timer, and setting functions make cooking simple and easy, especially for beginners. It is both space and energy-efficient. If you are just starting out in the baking or roasting realm, then this oven is the best to start your journey with. The six cooking modes cover almost every type of recipe from grills to pastries, BainMarie to defrost. It has a reversible grid and eight cooking heights. The oven comes with a 120-minute timer and auto shut off. Its 33-liter capacity makes it suitable for large family size suppers. The vintage design adds an old yet classy look to the kitchen.

This oven packs various functions in a small pack. It operates on 1600 W power while having an 800 W grill power. Heating is done by convection. It comes with a drip pan and 2 years warranty.

Buying one will cost you around $229.00 which is a good price point for beginners who want something affordable to start with.

5) Iona GL4802

The Iona GL4802 is a 48 liters convection and rotisserie oven that has central convection technology and a double glass door. With temperature control of up to 250°Celsius, you can cook easily at extreme temperatures. The oven comes with a spectacular independent upper and lower element temperature setting making cooking various dishes together effortless. It features the 360° convection system that saves energy with its forward heating cycle and reduces cooking time for evenly cooked food.

There is no need for tossing the food regularly, the 4 horizontal level heating elements will take care of it perfectly. It even comes with a rotisserie skewer, skewer handle, baking rack, baking panhandle, and 2 baking trays, so there is no requirement to buy additional accessories to satisfy your baking needs. It comes with a price tag of $179.00.

6) Panasonic NT-GT1

built-in oven

Usually, people living in small apartments hesitate to purchase a built-in oven mostly because of their bulky size. Panasonic has come to the rescue of these cooking aficionados with the Panasonic NT-GT1.

Panasonic NT-GT1 is a super affordable, space-friendly little oven toaster that you can use to toast bread, melt cheese, and baking. It comes with an adjustable thermostat for temperature control and a removable tray which makes cleaning the oven super easy. It is the perfect hybrid of a built-in oven with a smaller size.

This oven is tremendously versatile. It can perform various sorts of baking, grilling, toasting, and roasting functions. The convection mode ensures homogenous heating throughout your food. It has a power consumption is about 1200 watts with a voltage rating of 220-240 Volts. That’s not all, it comes with its very own crumb tray and power cable. This tiny powerhouse costs $48.90.

7) Kenwood Electric Oven MOM880BS

built-in oven

MOM880BS by Kenwood is a 32 liters electric oven that has a stainless steel body. It comes with both upper and lower temperature controls, making cooking a large amount of food easy and manageable. It makes baking easy by its fermentation settings and moisture control. Users get an enhanced cooking experience while baking or roasting through its convection function and added fans for better air circulation. The oven has rotisserie setting for cooking both poultry and meats in traditional rotisserie style.

It has a durable and fashionable design, which adds a touch of modernity to the kitchen and the stainless-steel front door goes with many common kitchen designs. Crumb removal gets convenient with its slide-out crumb tray. The W-shaped heating tube ensures complete heating and proper cooking of the food. There’s also no need to regularly check up on the oven because its audible signal will call you when the food is cooked.  The non-sticky cavity of the oven makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The oven comes with an auto cut-off timer of 120 minutes, a power ‘ON’ indicator light, and interior lights. The glass door allows you to look at your food while cooking. It will cost you around $289.00

8) Rinnai RO-M3411-ST

built-in oven

Rinnai is one of the best built-in oven that comes with grills. It has both touch controls and a dual circuit zone. The 9 auto-cooking menus (Potato, Coffee, Popcorn, Auto Reheat, Spaghetti, Pizza, Chicken, Cake, Speed Defrost) make cooking easy and time saving. The convection mode of heating with heating air circulated throughout the oven ensures evenly cooked brown and crisp food. While the stainless-steel large cavity makes cleaning and maintenance hassle free.

For grilled food lovers, the grill-mode is a boon. The highly efficient grilled mode is best suited for thin slices of meat, steaks, chops kebabs, sausages, and chicken.

The timer setting can be turned up to 95 minutes. And the weight and cooking temperature can be set using the LED-backlit Rotary selector or can be automatically selected from the auto menu. The oven consists of a quick menu to easily perform quick tasks like Auto Reheat, Speed Defrost, Potato, Coffee, Popcorn, Spaghetti, Pizza, Chicken, Cake. This beast will cost you a sum of $1699.

9) Rommelsbacher BG1650

built-in oven

For all the baking enthusiasts, Rommelsbacher BG1650 is perhaps the best choice. Its extra-large volume of 40 liters is suitable for baking trays up to 36 cm. And it allows roasting tins up to 40 cm which makes it best for small-scale bakeries. The temperature regulation from 60°Celsius to 250°C allows you to bake products from buns to bread. It comes with 4 heating modes: upper & lower heat with and without circulating air, oven heat with circulating air, and a powerful grill with 1450 W. The 90-minute timer has an acoustic signal that tells you when your food is ready. The oven chamber has interior illumination and is easy to clean due to its inner coating. Child safety is ensured through the convenient retractable knob. The big large door makes overcooking inspection effortless.

It comes in fancy colors and designs, is so easy to handle, and has state-of-the-art technology that fits well with any kitchen design. This beauty will cost you around $699.00.

10) Rowenta Gourmet Pro OC7878

built-in oven

This oven does not contain a regular convection fan but instead features the Rowenta 3D convection system. It is equipped with 2 ways of cooking with 5 manual modes and 22 automatic menus. Its 3D convection system assures homogenous cooking. You can even cook two dishes simultaneously in this 38-liter built-in oven. Rowenta’s Smart Captor enables precise temperature setting within 5° from 80°C to 240°C. The food can be kept warm for as long as 10 hours with its Keep Warm function. A child’s safety is ensured through the child lock security system. The timer can be set to a maximum of 8 hours and the large cavity of 40 cm helps in keeping the oven clean.

Along with the oven, you also receive a book with over 40 recipes to trigger your inner baker and satiate your taste buds. This oven works on the power of 2900 W. Besides, one of its most attractive features has to be the 24-hour delay start timer. So what are you waiting for? This oven will cost you $899.00.

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