Keeping your teeth bright and healthy can directly impact the overall quality of your life. Maintaining teeth has currently become increasingly popular in most dental clinics since it helps to fashion a smile and improve your self-confidence. Teeth maintenance can be expensive if you are living in Yishun, Singapore.

Thankfully, we have rounded up a list of the best dental clinics in Yishun, committed to offering maximum dental care that can surely bring back the dazzling smile you deserve.  Here is our list of the best dental clinics in Yishun.

1. i.Dental


  • Highly integrated technology to ensure customers achieve a beautiful smile
  • Professional experts are friendly and ready to help
  • Voted one of the best dental clinics for its excellence in dental care
  • Effective treatment methods from the beginning to the end

i.Dental is an award-winning dental clinic that was established in 1989. Since then, the clinic has built an unrivalled reputation by offering residents optimal dental care that satisfies their dental needs. In 2015, the clinic was voted one of the best dental care centres by Align Technology U.S, treating over 1500 patients.

i.Dental is a group of professional dentists committed to offering world-class services to their discerning customers. The clinic focuses on the latest technology to provide a comprehensive solution for your teeth. From diagnosis and treatment to healing and maintenance tips, i. Dental is one of the best clinics you should go to for a perfect smile creation.

What puts this clinic ahead of the curve is the partnership with AIA and government subsidiaries such as Medisave to provide patients with insurance and instalment plans.

AddressNorthpoint City South Wing, 1 NorthPoint Drive, #B1-176, Singapore 768019
Contact Details+65 6323 2813 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 10.30AM -9.30PM | Sat, 2.30AM – 4.30PM | Sun, 10.30AM – 2.00PM

2. Tanglin Dental


  • Experienced staff with years of experience, so you can trust them
  • Advanced technology to ensure patients achieve optimal dental results
  • Supports the prevention of common dental issues such as gum disease and bad breathing
  • Provide kids dentistry to help them maintain good oral health

Tanglin Dental was established in 1994 by Dr Kenneth Lew, a passionate orthodontist who aims to provide high-quality dental care to all customers. Dr Kenneth Lew with his entire crew has been well-known for treating complex teeth problems without the need of removing the teeth.

Located in Junction Nine along Yishun Avenue, Tanglin offers a quiet environment with private clinics for your dental treatment. The clinic aims to provide a better dental care service at an affordable rate.

On your visit, you will love how the dentists will handle your problem right from start to finish. They will first examine your teeth issue and personalize a unique treatment plan based upon their experience. Apart from dental care services, the clinic also offers kids dentistry, where they advise children on the need for good oral health and effective teeth maintenance.

AddressJunction Nine, 18 Yishun Avenue 9, #01-38, Singapore 768897
Contact Details+65 6266 2280 |
Operating HoursMon – Sat, 10.00AM – 8.30PM | Sun, 10.00AM – 7.00PM

3. Q&M Dental


  • Personalized dental treatment to give you a better bite
  • Over 20 years of experience in the dental industry
  • Qualified staff ready to help you with any unique dental need
  • Great service at an affordable rate

This is a modern clinic that has been providing quality dental care services to Yishun residents for over 20 years now. The clinic aims to provide a personalized dental treatment tailored to meet your dental needs. Q&M dental has dealt with numerous patients who won’t hesitate to spread the good name out there. It is no surprise that the entire team is well-loved for their professionalism.

The clinic believes that comfort is every customer’s priority. For this reason, the clinic ensures all patients are treated with utmost good care. The clinic utilizes full-range treatment techniques to ensure you achieve your desired smile. As if enough, the clinic also does daily dental check-ups and oral care to ensure patients always maintain their happy smiles.  With plenty of teeth specialists, Q&M Dental is one of the convenient clinics that you should rely on.

AddressYishun Avenue 5, Blk 743, #01-540, Singapore 760743
Contact Details+65 6851 6789 |
Operating HoursMon – Thur, & Sun, 9.00AM – 9.00PM | Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat, 9.00AM – 5.00PM

4. Shuang Dentistry


  • Qualified dentists registered with CHAS and Medisave
  • Highly advanced treatment methods to ensure patients achieve the excellent dental care possible
  • Great environment with state of the art facilities
  • Offers a wide range of dental treatment

Shuang is the newest clinic in Yishun with advanced technology, professional dentists, and state-of-art facilities. The clinic aims to provide patients with excellent dental care services that can transcend their expectations. A dental clinic is at its best when it offers a loving environment so that patients can feel peaceful when undergoing treatment. Gladly, Shuang provides the right environment that will make you feel safe and comfortable.

The clinic has a team of qualified dentists with extensive experience in dealing with a myriad of common dental problems. Its key specializations include teeth whitening, dental crowns, teeth extraction, and many more. The clinic also does a good job when it comes to children’s dental education.

Address317B, Yishun Avenue 9, #01-284, Singapore 762317
Contact Details+65 6203 0010
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat & Sun, 9.00AM – 5.00PM – By Appointment

5. TSD Dental Group


  • Professional treatment to ensure best results
  • Trained experts with experience in dealing with a wide range of dental problems
  • Advanced technology to ensure services meet patients’ dental needs

The clinic operates 3 branches in Singapore-Tampines, Choa Chu Kang, and Yishun. It has a team of friendly dentists dedicated to providing excellent dental care and ensures your treatment is tailored to meet your dental needs.

TSD is an integrated facility with modern treatment tools to ensure patients achieve a happy smile. The clinic also conducts daily dental check-ups so that you can maintain your smile. TSD specializes in crowns and bridges, teeth extraction, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, among others.

AddressBlk 747, Yishun Street 72, #01-100, Singapore 760747
Contact Details+65 6758 2112 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 9.00PM | Sat, 9.00AM – 4.30PM | Sun, Closed

6. Luminous Dental Group


  • A wide range of treatment
  • Affordable rates
  • Peaceful environment
  • Experienced dentists

Luminous Dental Group is one of the best clinics in Singapore, featuring a modern and quality dental experience for your dental needs. The clinic is surrounded by a team of highly trained dentists with many years of experience when it comes to dentistry work. They also keep upgrading their skills and knowledge every time, so you can trust them to help with your dental woes.

The clinic aims at two things; effective treatment and the honour of staff. They are also committed to keeping patients’ rates in their pockets. So, don’t worry about the pricing. At Luminous Dental Group, patients’ well-being is their top priority. They aim to offer a comprehensive treatment that can surely deliver a bright smile on patients’ faces.

The clinic offers a wide range of dental treatments including root canal treatment, Invisalign treatment, braces treatment, and many more.

AddressNorthpoint City, 1 Northpoint Drive, #02-150, Singapore 768019
Contact Details+65 6250 0355 |
Operating HoursMon-Sun, 9.00AM – 9.00PM

7. Dental Focus Yushin Clinic


  • Affordable rates
  • Comfortable environment
  • A wide range of dental services
  • Strategically located
  • Experienced dentists

Dental Focus Yishun Clinic takes pride as a family clinic. For this reason, they ensure Singaporeans feel at home while considering their dental health. The clinic is strategically centralized, so you can easily access them when you need dental care services. They also have other branches around Singapore which serve both residents and ex-pat members.

Dental Focus Yishun Clinic is trendy forward. They use the latest technology and treatment procedures so you can be sure of their effectiveness. It has a team of experienced dentists, including dental surgeons, periodontists, and oral hygienists. They work together to ensure patients receive unique treatment that can surely bring the best dental results. Some of the services they offer include oral hygiene, pain management, aesthetic dentistry, and many more.

AddressBlk 236 Yishun Ring Rd #01-1010 Singapore 760236 Singapore
Contact Details+65 6752 1888
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat, 9.00AM – 1.00PM

8. Enhance Dental Centre


  • Excellent customer care services
  • Experienced team of dentists
  • Quality dental services

Located in the heart of Yishun is a locally established dental clinic; Enhance Dental Centre. The clinic ensures patients achieve optimal oral health through their comprehensive, affordable, and high-quality dental care. Enhance Dental Centre also commits to offer a one-stop dental experience for you and your family.

At Enhance Dental Centre, patients are the centre of everything. For this reason, they try to provide world-class dental services that can address all patients’ dental concerns. The clinic has a team of trained dentists who have possessed a wealth of expertise in dealing with diverse dental problems. They are committed to providing a personalized solution in the comfortable way possible.

Address417 Yishun Ave 11 #01-333 Singapore 760417 Singapore
Contact Details+65 6481 8908 |
Operating HoursMon – Thur, 9.00AM – 9.00PM | Fri & Sat, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sun, 9.00AM – 1.00PM

9. Smile Makers Dental Clinic


  • A wide range of dental services
  • Experienced clinicians
  • Affordable rates

Smile Makers does exactly what it says; to bring a bright smile that you deserve. Whether you are looking for dental implants or general dentistry, Smile makers offer a diverse selection of services.

At Smile makers, dentists love their duty of looking after your health and your overall well-being. In fact, Smile Makers comprises a team of passionate, thorough, and above all, skilled dentists with a standard of excellence in personalized dental care. They show pride in their work, which guarantees 100% patients satisfaction.

The clinic also aims to provide excellent customer care services. From start to finish, they will attend to you throughout the entire process and ensure you are treated with utmost care.

Address10 Sinaran Drive #09-26, Novena Medical Center Singapore 307506 Singapore
Contact Details+65 6397 2739 |
Operating HoursMon – Thur, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Fri, 11.00AM – 7.00PM | Sat, 9.00AM – 6.00PM

10. Polygems Dental Care


  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced dentists
  • Quality dental services
  • Offers dental consultation

Polygems is a one-stop dental care centre focusing on providing customers with the highest quality dental solutions possible. Established by Dr Chua Koon, a professional surgeon who graduated from the National University of Singapore, Polygems offers state-of-art facilities to cater to all your dental needs.

The clinic has a team of experienced dentists with utmost dedication and commitment to your oral health. They are caring, easy to help you, and seeks to provide a customized solution with their personal touch. It offers an excellent environment to ensure patients receive treatment at comfort. This also ensures patients feel safe and assured of quality dentistry services.

A dental clinic is at its best when it offers services at an affordable rate. Thankfully, Polygems Dental Care provides the best combination of price and value that you could ever find. As part of their modest services, the clinic also offers dental packages to cater to your dental needs. These packages may include dental implant screws, metal brace packages, among others. They also provide dental consultations.

Address507, Yishun Avenue 4, #01-06, Singapore 760507
Contact Details+65 6362 2204 |
Operating Hours Mon – Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat, 9.00AM – 1.00PM


When it comes to choosing the best dental clinic in Yishun, you deserve only the best. Yes, because oral health plays a crucial part in a person’s life. Whether it is teeth whitening or a regular check-up, the above dental clinics promise premium services that can fulfil your dental needs.