Are you the kind of person who likes singing in the bathroom, bedroom, or car, and you would like to gain courage or at least sharpen your singing skills? Maybe it’s time you enrol in one of the best singing lessons in Singapore. You are never too old or too young to take singing lessons. To show the world or your loved ones what you have got, taking singing lessons will help you know the dos and don’ts of singing and improve in the area.

Looking for an excellent place to do this can be overwhelming, but do not worry, we’ve got you covered. We will discuss the best singing lessons in Singapore as you prepare to take your singing to greater heights. Here are the best places to enrol for your singing lessons in Singapore with a surety that you won’t be disappointed.

1. MADDspace

Image credit: MADDspace


  • Pioneers of widely held signature show choir class.
  • Amazing school of Music, Art, Drama and Dance (MADD).
  • Promotes self-confidence, discipline, mutual respect and humility among learners.

MADDspace offers singing, dancing, and acting classes in Singapore. You can choose either one or a combination of the three. It caters to all ages. From pre-schoolers to adults; you will fit right in at MADDspace. 

With the lead of experienced singing instructors, you will never go wrong when you choose MADDspace. They offer trial lessons at a refundable fee when your child does not like the experience. You will never go wrong with this choice.

AddressSCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, #05-01, #02-23 – #02-26 Singapore 237978
Contact Details+65 6802 4072 |
Operating HoursMon – Fir, 10AM – 10PM | Sat, 9AM – 10PM | Sun, 9AM – 5PM
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2. Studio72

Image credit: Studio 72


  • Vocal technique/control
  • Identifying voice quality and type.
  • Discovering essential elements in singing.
  • Articulated positioning and parts.
  • Learning to sing your favourite songs.

Studio72 is the place to be for anyone aspiring to sing, be it an armature or an advanced student. The school believes that age does not matter when it comes to singing lessons. With professional, highly skilled, and passionate music teachers, you and your loved ones will get nothing but the best. All you need is to have love and desire for singing, and you will be good to go.

Studio72 offers a trial in which you will gauge and see what they offer. Besides, they provide various courses such as guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, ukulele, and vocals, usually accompanied by singing. For those people who have a love for instruments, you will perfectly fit in as well. Some of the singing areas include voice blending, rhythm, voice switch, tempo, breath control, pitching, and diction. With Studio72, you will be good to go to singing.

Address24B Circular Road, Singapore 049380
Contact Details+65 9322 7272
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 12.30PM – 9PM | Sat & Sun 10AM – 6PM |
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3. Alternate Tone

Image credit: Alternate Tone


  • Vocal stamina.
  • Voice discovery.
  • Stage performance techniques.
  • Breathing techniques and breath management.
  • Repertoire.
  • Vocal care.

Alternate Tone offers excellent singing lessons in Singapore for all age ranges. For this, your whole household will be covered when they decide to enrol for the singing journey, whether for fun or as a career. Some of the features that make this place unique include online lessons, personalized lessons, money-back guarantee, central location, progressive lesson plan, and learning at the student’s pace.

The instructors provide the necessary skills needed in the field. Such skills include breathing techniques, the building of vocal stamina, and how to avoid stamina fatigue. Skilled and passionate instructors are found at Alternate Tone. The place also offers additional opportunities such as recording sessions and performance opportunities throughout the year.

Some of the other lessons offered at Alternate Tone include guitar (electronic guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and ukulele), piano (Jazz piano, pop piano, and keyboard), songwriting, and a DJ course. The place caters to those interested in singing and other instrument lessons that go hand in hand with singing.

Address29B Seah Street, Singapore 188385
Contact Details+65 8115 9378 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 11.30AM – 9PM | Sat, 9.30AM – 5PM | Sun, 10.30AM – 6PM
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4. Passion Vocal Studio

Image credit: Passion Vocal Studio


  • Stress reduction.
  • Gaining better stamina.
  • Singing with better control.
  • Elimination of an abrupt change in your voice.

Have you been wondering which are the best singing schools in Singapore where you will learn to sing freely and naturally? Passion Vocal Studio is the place for you. Passion Vocal Studio pays more attention to students’ vocal performance as they believe vocal is the crucial area in singing.

Vocal areas such as overall stamina, breath control, and resonance will be a walk in the park for you when you decide to choose Passion Vocal Studio. Those who stay far are also taken care of as the studio offers online classes through skype.

AddressMultiple loactions. Check out your nearest outlet here.
Contact Details+65 9751 2710
Operating HoursDifferent for each outlet. Check out here.
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5. Studio Verve

Image credit: Studio Verse


  • Vocal lessons.
  • Singing lessons.
  • Speech lessons.

Studio Verve is one of the best places in Singapore to enrol for your singing career or singing as a hobby. The school’s teachers are versatile in all genres of music, and their dedication and skill will help you grow. Their teaching technique strives to take care of your vocal and throat health so that you do not strain while singing. 

They also concentrate on teaching students how to read music as they believe it helps communicate in the musical world. Some of the school’s focuses include vocal physiognomy, fundamentals of breathing, dynamic control, and intonation. Some of the other courses offered here include piano, vocal, violin, young pianists play-world (YPP), pop and jazz programs, and online lessons.

Address996A Buangkok Crescent Level 3, Singapore 531996
Contact Details+65 9456 4608
Operating HoursMon-Wed & Fri, 1PM – 9PM | Sat & Sun 9AM – 5PM | Closed on Thursday.
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6. Joy Music Studio

Image credit: Joy music studio


  • Fun and engaging music lessons.
  • Class schedules for different age groups.
  • Flexible music methodology.

Joy Music Studio offers singing lessons to children, youths, and adults for fun and also those taking it as a career. The school provides a number of professional music areas including piano, drum, singing, guitar, ukulele, and violin. The age ranges from pre-schoolers, school children as well as adults.  

A team of dedicated, experienced, fun, and passionate teachers makes learning an enjoyable experience. With regular recital performances, students can showcase their skills with live audiences. 

AddressMultiple locations. Check out here.
Contact Details+65 6348 0628 | +65 6904 3266
Operating HoursMon, Wed & Thur, 12PM – 9PM | Tue, 1PM – 8PM | Fri, 1PM – 8PM | Sat, 9AM – 6PM | Sun 10.30AM – 8PM
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7. SingingTechniques

Image credit: Singing Techniques


  • Singing transformation courses and lessons
  • Detailed vocal classes with great progress
  • Both virtual and face to face coaching

SingingTechniques is a unique place that you should choose for your singing lessons. The school offers singing lessons to all ages and all languages as well. This is a place you will feel comfortable on your first day as they tailor the lessons based on your unique needs. 

SingingTechniques offers both individual and group sessions depending on your preference and will point out your improvement areas after your singing. The technique enables them to focus on your singing weaknesses and perfect them within the shortest time possible. They also offer students an opportunity to sing at their students’ recital, enabling them to put their learning into practice. This is the best place for busy adults with singing aspirations. See you at SingingTechniques.

AddressMostly virtual. Book your time slot here.
Contact Details+65 9180 0792 |
Operating HoursMon, Tue, Sat, Sun, 9AM – 4PM | Wed, Thur, Fri 9AM – 9PM
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8. InTune Music

Image credit: Intune Music


  • Vocals such as pop, Broadway singing, and classical opera. Instruments such as classical piano, pop keyboard, and ukulele.
  • Pop songwriting.
  • Music arrangement.
  • Children vocals.
  • Encore on keys.
  • Kinder beat.

InTune Music has been around for over a decade, and they strive to coach youth and adults who aspire to excel in singing. They have worked with musicians and singers to push their talent to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or undertaking singing full time, you will fit right in InTune Music. Some of the school’s areas include classical opera, Broadway singing, pop vocals for youth and adults, speech level singing, and Estill voice training. The school has qualified instructors as some have more than 30 years of experience in the field.

If you want an all-around singing experience that will teach you both vocals, instruments, songwriting, and other singing accompaniment, Intune Music is the place for you and your loved ones.

Address258 Middle Road #01-01 Singapore 188987
Contact Details+65 6336 0335 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri 1PM – 10PM | Sat & Sun ,10AM – 7PM
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9. Harmony & Pitch

Image credit: Harmony & Pitch


  • Breathing techniques.
  • Vocal range expansion.
  • Pitching to diction and expression.

Harmony & Pitch caters for both individuals and group singing lessons and instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, viola, and so much more. The music courses are designed to allow for students’ flexibility and specialization depending on their interests. 

The school has professional teachers with seasoned performing skills who will give you tips and tricks on how to shine while on stage. 

Address9 King Albert Park, KAP Residences, #02-­17, Singapore 598332
Contact Details+65 6251 0730 |
Operating HoursMon 2PM – 6PM | Tues, Wed & Sat 10AM – 6PM | Thurs & Fri 10AM – 8PM | Closed on Sunday.
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10. Millet Music

Image credit: Millet Music


  • Voice assessment and technique.
  • Vocal training
  • Vocal range increase.

Millet Music has been existent for almost a decade and is renowned to be among the best in offering singing lessons in Singapore. Some of the areas the school excels in include music education, audio production, and performance and events. The instructors here have years of experience in the industry, and they specialize mainly in Asian pop sensation. Some of the courses offered include pop vocal, pop instrument, millet kiddies, classical instrument, and etiquette. 

Address362 Joo Chiat Road, #02-01, Singapore 427607
Contact Details+65 6440 2345
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 2PM – 10PM | Sat, 9AM – 6PM | Closed on Sunday.
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With the above list of the best singing lessons in Singapore, I am sure you will have an easy time selecting one place and have an amazing experience. Some of the areas to look at including the schedule, physical location, availability of online classes, age group, and the school’s genre. It’s suitable for those interested in instruments to go to schools that offer them also those offering singing lessons. All the best!