Everyone wants their wedding to be magical; a day that they will never forget. Not only do they want it to be filled with joy and laughter but they also want to take lots of photos to remember it by. This is the one day in your life that you don’t want to end up with mediocre photography services.

As such, choosing the right photographer is as important as choosing the right venue or music. To keep you from getting extra frown lines, we decided to bring you this informative review with the best wedding photographers in Singapore. We sifted through the country’s finest and came up with a condensed list of the best Singapore has to offer. Our top picks are:

1. Lensofmira

Image credit: Lensofmira

Lensofmira was established in 2017 by Brandon Ho, his main aim being to explore his passion for photography. The company has expanded to be among the best wedding photography in Singapore. With Brandon as the head, he can turn your love story into perpetual pictures on your special day. You will live to remember that once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Brandon will go above and beyond the call of duty to capture genuine assertions of your love story. He puts more focus on the couple’s expressions and the atmosphere created within his frame. Through this, he can capture every moment, from laughter to tears of joy, when you say ‘I do.’ Lensofmira will endeavor to deliver quality work that is full of love and capture them all in perfect snapshots. You will always smile and re-live the moment every time you look at the photos.

Started off as a passion project by founder, Lensofmira has stuck to its roots and is just as passionate about their work till this day. He feels the most accomplished as a photographer if he is able to capture the candid and genuine expressions of his subjects. Thus, rest assured that not a single moment will be missed on your very special wedding day. With his personal touch, every single photograph will transport you to a perfect moment in time.

We love his work, and we know you will too. Connect with Lensofmira today and experience their incredible services, trust me you’ll never regret this choice.

Service highlights:

  • Actual day wedding photography.
  • Pre-Wedding package.
  • Contact Lensofmira for rates
  • Have experience in lifestyle fashion shoots as well

Facebook | Instagram | lensofmira@gmail.com

2. Mike Chen Photography

Image credit: Mike Chen Photography

With all the emotions and anxiety that your wedding day brings, you’ll definitely need a photographer who will comfortably work with you to ensure your story is well told; and this is where Mike Chen Photography comes in handy. As a professional photographer, he aims to preserve your treasurable personal moments and give you the chance to reminisce on them in the years to come. Whether it’s your pre-wedding or actual wedding, having Mike Chen as your photographer will give you an amazing and enjoyable experience. If you are a photophobic couple or shy don’t fret; as a professional, he will make you feel very comfortable as he captures all the moments so beautifully.

Mike Chen strives to ensure couples are relaxed because he believes as an experienced professional, having an eye for detail is key in bringing out the best shots. In order to achieve this, couples need to totally be at ease and be able to enjoy their special day so that amazing photos can be captured. Besides, he is upper creative with lighting and angles, his style of shooting is what many couples actually desire.

With Mike Chen, there will never be a dull moment, you’ll have lots of fun and love all the candid moments on your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Service Highlights:

  • Pre-wedding and actual wedding photography
  • Professional photography
  • Keen on every detail
  • Tells your love story in an amazing manner

Facebook | mikechenphoto@gmail.com

3. All Aflutter

Image credit: All Aflutter

All Aflutter is one of the places that will capture couples’ genuine love by producing artistic and high-quality photos. You’ll fall in love with them because they work perfectly both indoors and outdoors to create quite memorable pictures on your special day. Their all-round work from engagement, to pre-wedding, to the wedding, will enable you to have a one-stop for all three. 

They cherish every moment of your big day and make them memorable such that you let out the energy of every moment in each photo. They are also fast in production and are keenly done without compromising the quality. You’ll be able to see your wedding pictures and videos within no time.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Actual wedding day photography
  • Wedding videography
  • Photo booths

Facebook | Instagram | we.are@allaflutter.sg

4. Smittenpixels Photography

Image credit: SmittenPixels

At Smittenpixels Photography, you are sure of incredible photography during your big day. With Fiona and the other three team members, love comes alive through their experienced lens capturing. The team believes that every moment counts during your big day by keeping things authentic and natural, they endeavour to capture moments as they are.

The team also focuses on finer details such as chasing the light, messy wind in the hair, and in-between moments and also making an adventure out of moments given. If you are for such details, Smittenpixels Photography is the place for you. 

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Actual wedding day photography
  • Wedding videography
  • Photo booths
  • 3 hours of solemnization photography – $1,050 Pre-wedding photography – From $1,050 
  • 10 hours of actual day photography – $3,000

Facebook | hello@smittenpixels.com

5. Bridelope Productions

Bridelope Productions is a firm believer in the magic of life and love. Germaine, the founder is passionate about creating imagery, sharing stories, and shaping memories. Together with two other associates, Xavier and Rebecca, they will make your day a success.

The company offers overseas photography and videography for those who would love to incorporate this. Some of the overseas areas include Bali in Indonesia, Bangkok in Thailand, Dalat in Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. There are different rates for different packages and also depending on the person spearheading the process. Most of the couples can affirm that despite having Germaine as the photographer which is more expensive compared to having her associates, you can be sure that it will be worth every coin.

Some of the packages include pre-wedding Basic where Germaine’s rates are $688 while her associate’s rates are $488 and the extreme which is a premium package where Germaine’s rate is $1,488 while her associate’s rates are $1188. The actual day packages include a six hours’ coverage where Germaine’s rates go for $2,188 while her associate’s rates are $1,588 and a twelve hours’ coverage where Germaine’s rates are $2,988 while her associates are $2,288. They also offer a different package for solemnization photography starting from $588 for Germaine and $488 for her associate. Whatever your choice is, Bridelope Productions will make your day unforgettable one full of memories with every caption.

Service highlights:

  • Pre-wedding photography and video.
  • Actual day photography and videography
  • Overseas engagements
  • Different rates depending on the package

Facebook | Instagram | hello@bridelopeproductions.com

6. Anabel Law Productions

Image credit: Anabel Law Production

Having covered over 600 weddings and captured many happy moments, Anabel Law Productions is one of Singapore’s best wedding photographers. The company has been in existence for several years, which has seen it grow to expand in Guangzhou, China. The all-female team does outstanding work that has enabled them to be featured in Vulcan Post and Yahoo articles.

You’d love them because they collaborate with clients to produce individualized one of a kind photo package. They also do fantastic wedding photography, and their editing team does a superb retouching job on all the images selected by the newlywed. You will never go wrong with Annabel Law Productions.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Ability to get in touch directly for rates
  • Photography and Videography
  • Grades are given upon request.

Facebook | info@annabellaw.com

7. The Vanilla Project

Image credit: The Vanilla Project

The Vanilla Project knows how to create memorable moments for you and your better half during your special wedding day. The team understands that a wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and will make sure to make every moment count. Their exemplary job has earned them the world’s best wedding photographers in 2019 and 2020 by Junebug Weddings.

With their renowned lifestyle wedding photographers, The Vanilla Project’s goal is to savour memories in lovely photos. They will capture every moment on your behalf which will definitely make you have trouble choosing the photos to exclude since all photos will be superbly captured. Once you go to these wedding photographers, you will be happy and consider them the best investment for your marriage ceremony.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 3 hours of solemnizations photography – From $200 per hour 
  • Pre-wedding photography – $1,400 for full-day session 
  • 10 hours of actual day photography – From $2,000
  • Destination weddings – From $1,500

Facebook | info@thevanillaproject.com

8. Back Alley Creations

Image credit: Back Alley Creations

Pioneered by Jootz (Joo Teng), a revitalizing force in the wedding industry, Back Alley Creations adopts a proficient documentary/photojournalistic shooting style. Their storytelling approach with regards to weddings is unscripted, refreshing, and captivating. Their team consists of hybrid shooters with nautical experience and specialises in both wedding photography & videography services.

Back Alley Creations embraces an attractive blend of contemporary and modern shooting styles in order to bring out an amazing inspiration of all captured photos. Each and every moment of your big day will be captured candidly into a visually spectacular vestige to recreate vivid memories and nostalgia of your big day. If you want the intimate moments of your special day captured with pure honesty and expression, then Back Alley Creations is the right place for you.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Their works are unscripted, refreshing and captivating.
  • Hybrid shooters that specialise in both Wedding Photography & Videography Services
  • Visit their website for the latest rates.

Website |mail@backalleycreations.sg

9. TakePikChua

Feng Jing, the founder of TakePikChua, is known for storytelling raw feelings and is passionate about photographing the love and authenticity of you and your loved ones.

Feng Jing’s warm personality, thoughtfulness and ability to connect with people is sure to put you at ease and to be yourself throughout the entire shoot. Her unique observation highlights beauty even in subtle and unlikely moments, allowing you to treasure and relive those parts of your special day. With her artistic eye and creativity in utilising lighting and the environment, she celebrates the fun and authenticity in people, relationships and experiences in her photographs.

Service Highlights & Rates:

  • Pre-wedding Photography from $450
  • 2 hours of Solemnisation Photography- $700
  • 5 & 8 hours of Actual Day Wedding Photography- $1500 & $2100
  • Rates and information on packages available on the website
  • Proposal, Family, Graduation & Styled shoots are available too

Facebook | Instagram | fengjingchua@gmail.com

10. Caline Ng Photography

Led by Caline, Caline Ng Photography is among the best wedding photography in Singapore. Having been in operation for over four years, Caline is a passionate full-time wedding photographer who will capture every detail of your big day and make memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Caline Ng Photography understands that weddings are full of heartfelt emotions and will not disappoint you in capturing all of them.

She will work closely with you and your better half, get to know your love story, and transfer it to the photos on your big day. You will re-live the memories through the images taken with a simple touch since Caline Ng Photography believes that every couple has a unique love story. Contact Caline Ng Photography for more details and enjoy their outstanding services. 

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 3 hours of solemnisation photography – From $1300
  • Videography
  • Pre-Wedding and actual day photography.


11. Eggs Benedict Chan

Image credit: Eggs Benedict Chan

Eggs Benedict Chan is a wedding photographer headed by Benedict himself who will make your once in a special lifetime day memorable. With years of experience down his sleeve, Benedict will ensure that you remember every little detail of your big day. Everything from the rings to the joy and tears experienced during the wedding will be captured.

Benedict takes his work very seriously and will spend time with the couple to learn their love story and will relay their account to pictures in such a way that you will recreate the moment forever. You will not even notice his presence just to make you at ease, and the photos will naturally be exhibited. Connect with Eggs Benedict Chan to book an appointment and learn more about their offers. 

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 3 hours of solemnisation photography – $900
  • Pre-wedding photography – From $860
  • 10 hours of actual day photography – $3,000
  • Casual sessions – From $450
  • Videography


12. The Perfect Statement

Image credit: The perfect statement

The Perfect Statement is pioneered by Clara, who is very passionate about Photography. She specializes in wedding photography but shoots other genres, such as graduation and family photoshoots as well. You will never go wrong when you choose The Perfect Statement as Clara will interact with you to make you feel relaxed, valued, and appreciated on your big day.

The Perfect Statement has experience on her sleeve. Clara will take the photos in a manner that will make you remember the great day over and over again. She brings all the energy she has on your big day that pimps up the atmosphere and connects hearts through photos. The Perfect Statement will make you have a memorable experience on your once in a lifetime day. Trust me, through her perfect images, you’ll cherish all these for a lifetime. 

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 3 hours of solemnisation photography – $840
  • Pre-wedding photography – From $750
  • 10 hours of actual day photography – $2,500

Facebook | theperfectstatement@gmail.com

13. Wanderlust Dream

Image credit: Wanderlust Dream

Wanderlust Dream has been in operation since 2015 and has a team of experienced wedding photographers who have learned and perfected the art of photography over time. You will never flounder with Wanderlust Dream, as they do a fantastic job that will leave you satisfied. Their team will travel and capture weddings, including pre-wedding and actual day shoots.

You can be sure that Wanderlust Dream will document your big day through cameras while visuals will do the storytelling. Wanderlust Dream believes that every couple has a story to tell, and they will capture it beautifully. All your organic moments, including laughter, unspoken affection in each other’s embrace, and your rawest presence in the stunning landscape. You will be able to look back at the photographs as if no time has passed. Contact them today for more details. 

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Photography and Videography
  • 3 hours of solemnisation photography – From $500
  • Pre-wedding photography – Upon request
  • 10 hours of actual day photography – From $1,900
  • Destination pre-wedding or wedding photography – Upon request

Facebook | info@wanderlustdream.co

14. Multifolds Photography

With Multifolds Photography, you will be at ease on your wedding day, knowing that everything is taken care of. The studio has a team of passionate photographers who love what they do. The team believes that every couple has their own unique story and hence consider personalization in their photography. If you want a wedding that will be tailored to just the two of you, Multifolds Photography is the place to be.

Multifold Photography takes every detail for you and your future generations, from rings to the time you say ‘I do.’ The once in a lifetime memory will be captured with superior quality equipment to last a lifetime. The photos will bring out the emotions and feelings attached to them, and you will relieve the moment repeatedly every time you take a look at them. It has a modular and flexible pre-wedding shoot pricing structure.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 10 hours of solemnisation photography – $1,860 to $3,970
  • 10 hours of solemnisation videography – $3,650

Other rates include:

  • Associate 120/hr.
  • Senior- 150/hr.
  • Director – 180/hr

Follow this link and get to know how their price structure works.

Facebook | smile@multifolds.com.sg

15. Withminn Photography

Image credit: Withminn

Established in 2016, Withminn has endeavoured to provide Singaporeans with simplified and reasonably priced Pre-wedding and actual day wedding photography packages. Couples can be assured of getting the best shots without quality being compromised. All photos of your big day will be consistently edited in order to obtain the same style.

Withminn prides itself in its team of enthusiastic and friendly, in-house photographers and editors who are dedicated to ensuring each and every client receives quality and personalised services. Although they are primarily based in Singapore, their team is always willing to travel upon request. In case you’re looking for warm and romantic photos captured and are mainly centred on you and your partner at an affordable price, then Withminn Photography is your ideal choice.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Actual day wedding photography and videography coverage
  • Photobooth rental
  • Pre-wedding Photography starts from $350
  • Actual Day Photography starts from $550
  • Contact WithMinn Photography for the full inclusions

Facebook | contact@withminn.com

16. Bottled Groove Photography

Photo credit: Bottled Groove Photography

Started by a husband and wife duo and bred out of pure passion and love, Bottled Groove Photography wants to help you to immortalise your love.

Their main priority is to capture every important moment of your special day down to a tee. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime special day, and Bottled Groove understands this. Thus, trust that their team is dedicated to enshrine your precious day with beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Pre-wedding Package – from $780
  • Actual-day Wedding – from $280/hr

Facebook | hello@bottledgroovephoto.com

17. Dapper Pictures

Image credit: Dapper Pictures

Kevin, the principal photographer of Dapper Pictures captures the most precious moments of your matrimony into a cinematic narrative with his unique observation and artistic eye.

His photography works have bagged several international photography awards and his editorials featured in various leading publications the likes of Female, Singapore Tatler and Prestige.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Actual Day Photography
  • Casuals and Solemnisation Photography
  • Pre-wedding Photography
  • Get in touch directly for rates

Facebook | Instagram | info@dapperpictures.com

18. Artiz Studio

Image credit: Artiz Studio

If you are looking for a Korean wedding photographer, then Artiz Studio is the place for you. Founded in 2008 in South Korea, the company has grown to become one of the most fashionable and popular Korean-style wedding photography brand around the world. The company currently operates in 3 continents, 7 countries, and has 45 branches worldwide. This kind of growth illustrates how good their brand is regarded and this is just how it’s run in Singapore.

Artiz Studio photographers are highly trained with four years of theory and an additional three years of practical attachment to a professional studio in Korea under their belt. This kind of learning enables the photographers to capture the most beautiful moments of your special day in the most ethereal and genuine frames. From the time you say ‘I do’ and shed those tears of joy on your big day to the time you mingle with your loved ones, the photographers will capture every detail. The company aims to ensure couples forever retain their most beautiful moments through their portrait captions.

Service highlights:

  • Wedding dresses and suits.
  • Get in touch directly about rates.
  • Photographers
  • Make-up artists and stylists

Facebook | Instagram | official_sg@koreaartizstudio.com

19. One Eye Click

With over 2 decades of experience behind the lens, it is clear that One Eye Click has both passion and experience. They have a knack of telling stories and emotions through photographs, and the results are simply brilliant. One look at their portfolio, and you are transported back in time, and feel like you’re reliving the very moment all over again.

Another thing we love about One Eye Click is their service – they will make you feel so comfortable and at ease, such that you won’t even notice that cameras are following you. Such skills are hard to come by but truly necessary to capture real and candid photographs that tell a story.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Award-winning boutique photography studio
  • Prices start from $990

Facebook | info@oneeyeclick.com

20. Ivan Seah Photography

Ivan Seah is a true romantic, and it shows in his work. He genuinely cares about every couple and every wedding, and desires to capture the love story of all his clients in the most authentic and genuine way possible.

Ivan manages to capture the joy, love, and deep bond each couple has through his photographs. He understands love, and what it takes to capture it. You’ll fall in love with his photographs again and again, and get reminded every time the love you felt for your significant other when the exact photographs were taken.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Contact him directly for rates enquiry
  • Photojournalistic wedding style photography focusing on details and the surroundings

Facebook | info@ivanseah.com

21. 2 of us weddings

Wedding Event A&Y - Singapore | 2 OF US WEDDINGS
Photo credit: 2 of us weddings

Started by a group of talented creatives with a passion for wedding photography, 2 of us Weddings always delivers. Regardless of your budget, theme, or concept, trust that 2 of us Weddings can definitely get it done! They’re all about customer service, and will use their expertise to customize the perfect wedding package and story for you.

They’re extremely open to feedback and suggestions, and will do whatever it takes to help you create your dream wedding photographs that will last a lifetime. What more can you ask for? Check out 2 of us Weddings today!

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 3 hours of solemnisation photography – From $680.
  • Pre-wedding photography – From $680.
  • 10 hours of wedding photography – From $3,000.

Facebook | hello@2ofusweddings.com.sg

22. TwoGatherPictures

Image credit: TwoGatherPictures

TwoGatherPictures understands the intimacy of weddings, and is dedicated to capture, and not dictate the creative direction of your wedding photographs so as to capture your special day in the most authentic way possible.

Through both photography and videography, they will help you tell a story of your love. The perfect audio combined with the most raw and candid snapshots of your once-in-a-lifetime special event will rightfully encapsulate the bond and love you share with your significant other.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Wedding Documentarians who love a good laugh
  • Photography and Videography
  • Get in touch directly for rates!

Facebook | enquiry@twogatherpictures.com

23. Insprimo Photography

Homepage | Insprimo Photography
Photo credit: Insprimo Photography

Established by Eugene, a young man with a strong passion for wedding photography, Insprimo Photography is extremely dedicated in their craft.

Eugene, Insprimo’s head wedding photographer, will do whatever it takes to capture the perfect shot. From running around all day, to squatting low just to get the perfect angle, he is a man with astounding drive. Having shadowed some of the best wedding photographers in the world, he has the know-how and skills to truly help you build the most stunning wedding photobook.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Wedding package of $2399
  • A delicate balance of wedding photojournalism and posed portraiture

Facebook | hello@insprimophotography.com

24. Juxtapose Pix

juxtapose pix | Singapore Pre-wedding & Actual day photography
Photo credit: Juxtapose Pix

Juxtapose Pix’s head photographer, Junwei, will ensure to capture the most beautiful photographs for you and your significant other, while making you feel comfortable and completely at ease throughout the whole process.

He has a knack for identifying what’s unique about each relationship, and will use his skills and know-how to translate that into your wedding photographs. You definitely cannot go wrong with Juxtapose Pix!

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Contact them directly for rates enquiry
  • No hard-selling

Facebook | junwei@juxtaposepix.com

25. Knottin’ Visuals

Knottin' Visuals x Back Button Media — Knottin' Visuals
Photo credit: Knottin’ Visuals

Knottin’ Visuals are brilliant storytellers that will convey your love story as a couple through beautifully-taken snapshots. Each photograph will perfectly express the humanity of the moment, and the memories encapsulated will last a lifetime.

The gravity of the emotions you felt for your significant other, the way they looked, and all the important tiny details you wish to remember even as time passes, will all be captured by Knottin’ Visuals. Put your trust in them and you definitely won’t be disappointed. Truly one of the best wedding photographers in Singapore!

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Contact them directly for rates enquiry
  • Various packages available that include a partnership with make-up artists, bridal studios etc.

Facebook | +65 8607 9784

26. Natalie Wong Photography

i19-163-natalie-wong-photography-mj-10_2I5A6713 - The Wedding Notebook  magazine
Photo credit: Natalie Wong Photography

Natalie Wong is yet another talented and passionate Singaporean photographer. She is adept at taking scenic and destination shoots and always brings emotions to life through her photography. There is a sincerity in her work that is quite difficult to duplicate.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Provides family shoots, pre-wedding photography and actual day photography
  • Rates provided upon request

Facebook | hello@nataliewong.photography

27. Knotties Frame 

Inspired by the symbolism behind a binding knot, Knotties Frame is known to have a unique photography style.

Additionally, they specialize in signature night photography. Thus, they have acquired skills that would take others years to master.

Moreover, they truly have become adept in the use of lighting and ambiance to create the most unforgettable wedding shoots. Overall, truly one of the best wedding photographers in Singapore!

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Provide pre-wedding, actual day and signature night photography

Facebook | info@knottiesframe.com

28. Hong Ray Photography

Photo credit: Hong Ray Photography

Head photographer and founder, Hong Ray, is extremely friendly and will make you and your significant other feels completely at ease and comfortable. His ability to do so allows him to take natural, raw, and candid photographs that will capture every moment and emotion perfectly.

Looking back at your wedding photographs taken by Hong Ray, you’ll be reminded of the exact feelings you felt on your special day – the exciting jitters, pure joy, insurmountable love… Moments of pure bliss captured in snapshots that will last forever.

More information about the adventure concept: https://www.hongrayphoto.com/index.php/off-the-beaten-path-singapore/. You may also check out their Instagram to see the hidden gem spots for yourself https://www.instagram.com/hongrayphotography/.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Singapore Prewedding Adventure $1350 for 3 hours | $700 for 90 minutes 
  • Intimate Wedding Day 10 hours $3200 | 8 hours $2600 | 6 hours $2100
  • Offers studio and fashion photography service too

Facebook | enquiry@hongrayphotography.com | Instagram | Whatsapp 

29. Antelope Studios 

Antelope Studios
Photo credit: Antelope Studios

Voted by Singapore Tatler as 2018’s Best of Singapore in Wedding Photography, Antelope Studios is known for taking bright and whimsical shoots. When it comes to photography, they always try to focus on the emotions behind a moment. Apart from wedding shoots, Antelope Studios also does maternity portraits.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Provides solemnization, pre-wedding and actual day photography
  • Solemnization photography costs from $1200 for a 3-hour session
  • Pre-wedding photography costs from $1500
  • Actual day photography costs $3200 for a 9-hour session

Facebook | happy@antelopestudios.com

30. Colossal Weddings

Colossal Weddings | Singapore Wedding Photographers
Photo credit: Colossal Weddings

Founded in 2016, Colossal Weddings is the baby of this group. Don’t let that fool you though; they have talent in buckets. With their team of 13 wedding photographers and several editors, Colossal is a collective of Asian creatives dedicated to telling people’s unique stories using photography. As they put it so themselves; they are in this for life.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Provide pre/post-wedding and actual day photography
  • Have all-in-one packages 
  • Price list availed on request

Facebook | hello@colossalweddings.com

31. Kint Weddings

Kint, is short for ‘Kintsugi’ – the Japanese art of piecing broken pottery with precious metals or real gold powder, rather than something to disguise. The word Kintsugi comes from the Japanese Kin (gold) and Tsugi (join), and therefore literally means: join with gold. The art of Kintsugi is called Kintsukuroi, meaning “mending with gold”.

In the same philosophy, Kint Weddings celebrates the coming together of two individuals as they begin a new life and journey together. Unique in their own personalities, yet united as one. Unlike the typical industry standard, kintweddings celebrate the big moments and the small. They are there for both the grand moment when you finally kiss the bride and also the small, quiet moments you share with yourselves when nobody else is looking. They knit moments into memories, from the laughter during gatecrash to the tears of your thank you speech.

Their style is raw documentary, capturing the way you recall the entirety of your day to be.

Here are the links to some of our Wedding Videography works:

1) Pre-wed (Pottery) Watch here

2) Actual Day (Church) Watch here

3) Actual Day (Gatecrash+Church) Watch here

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Provides solemnization, pre-wedding and actual day videography
  • Actual day videography starts from $600 to $3000
  • Costs for pre-wedding videography start from $300
  • Provides overseas pre-wedding videography on request  
  • Quote ‘Best in Singapore’ for 5% off Actual Day packages up to 31 Dec 2021
  • Promo: Quote ‘Best in Singapore’ to redeem a 1-hour Pre-wedding / family video shoot for $250

Facebook | Instagram | hello@kintweddings.com

32. 12Loves

12Loves was pioneered by two friends, Sam and Kevin, who have been partners for over a decade. The two believe that everyone should be able to have a beautiful coverage of their once-in-a-lifetime event so that they can relive precious moments over and over. With this in mind, the duo captures every moment of your wedding in a way that you will always relive every time you see the photographs. 

Their passion for excellent wedding photography enables them to deliver nothing but the best on your special day. Besides, their services are reasonably priced to accommodate couples on a tight budget.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 2 hours of solemnization photography – $388
  • 9 hours of actual day photography – $788
  • Photomontage – $300
  • Actual day videography – from $888
  • Solemnisation videography – $388


33. Darren & Jade Photography and Videography

Darren and Jade’s photography is composed of one of the friendliest and warmest teams that will make you feel at ease during your big day. Their hospitality will enable you to take perfect pictures without you even realizing they are being captured, making them come out naturally.

They treat every wedding like their own and are all about telling a couple’s unique story by capturing pure emotions and creating beautiful memories. You can be sure to have a set of amazing photos on your wedding day.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Pre-wedding photography and Videography – starts from $1,988
  • Actual Day Photography – starts from $1,388
  • Actual Day Videography – starts from $2,200
  • Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography – starts from $2,900
  • Overseas Pre-Wedding Videography – starts from $2,288

Facebook | us@darrenandjade.com

34. J Production

Image credit: J Production

J Production is composed of a passionate team of award-winning wedding photographers and cinematographers. The team is driven by the desire to capture the genuine joy, excitement, and emotions that couples feel on their special day. 

With J Production, every treasured moment of your big day will be captured, and you will be able to relive the moment later on with every photograph.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 10-hours Actual Day Videography – $1,800 (usual price $2,000)
  • 3-hours ROM Videography – $750 (usual price $950)

Facebook | sales@jstillmotion.com

35. La-Vie Photography

La-Vie Photography is a Singapore and Japan-based wedding photography that captures photos for more than 40,000couples in a year. What you’ll love about La-Vie is its one-stop package, including wedding gowns, a makeup artist, an interpreter, and an assistant, to offer you first-class service during your special day.

The team will go the extra mile to ensure they capture each and every moment during your special wedding day and make memorable memories for you and your loved one.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Full-day photoshoot in kimono and wedding dress – SGD$6,800
  • Full-day photoshoot in 2 sets of wedding dresses – SGD$6,000
  • Half-day photoshoot in kimono – SGD$3,600
  • Half-day photoshoot in a wedding dress – SGD$3,200 
  • All packages include soft copies, rental outfits, makeup and hairstyling, transportation, and an interpreter.


36. OneThreeOneFour

Image credit: OneThreeOneFour

OneThreeOneFour is a global wedding photography service provider in Singapore that connects couples with photographers around the world. The team will connect you with only the best and will relieve you of the stress and hustle of planning for a destination shoot.

Their convenient one-stop services include gown and suit rental, hair and makeup, and bouquets. Whichever location you are, don’t fret! Get in touch with Onethreeonefour for memorable wedding photos all captured immaculately.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 3 hours of solemnisation photography – From $850
  • Pre-wedding photography – 2 hours at $1,499 // 4 hours at $2,299 // 6 hours at $2,899 // Packages include gowns, makeup, and transport

Facebook | hello@onethreeonefour.com

37. The Beautiful Moment Photography

Image credit: The Beautiful Moments

The Beautiful Moment Photography is driven by a deep desire to capture and pursue real heartfelt imagery during a couple’s most important day of their life. With their unique talent, they capture fleeting moments of love, laughter, tears, and joy, enabling the couple to relive the moment again and again. 

With their passion in photography and ethos of capturing amazing photos that will last a lifetime, couples should give them a shot for perfectly done images of any of your beautiful moments.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 3 hours of solemnization photography – $900
  • Pre-wedding photography – From $900
  • 10 hours of actual day photography – $2,500


38. Andri Tei Photography

Image credit: Andri Tei

Andri is known for his vibrant photography. He believes in capturing the story and soul of every wedding through finding beauty in unlikely places. This enables him to give couples memories that truly reflect who they are. 

Their services are also super efficient and swift capturing every candid moment perfectly. They have a distinctive style and always brings out an outstanding job. With his experience and talent, you will cherish this moment for a lifetime.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 3 hours of solemnization photography – $1,100
  • Pre-wedding photography – From $750
  • 10 hours of actual day photography – $3,300
  • Overseas pre-wedding photography – Upon request

Facebook | info@andritei.com

39. Chris Chang Photography

Chris Chang Photography was born out of a passion for photography and commitment to capturing raw and genuine moments, especially at a person’s wedding. They believe that photographs are not with a camera and lens but with their hearts. The images they take will enable you to relive your special day over and over vividly despite the passing of years. 

Chris and his team also offer overseas pre-wedding shoots documenting your love stories destinations all over the world. They also offer videography during the wedding, capturing every moment, be it laughter, joy, or tears, during your special day. 

Service Highlights & Rates

  • 3 hours of solemnisation photography – $500 to $1,000
  • Pre-wedding photography – $1,350 to $3,000 
  • 10 hours of actual day photography – $2,000 to $3,250

Facebook | info@chrischang.photography

40. FSquared Photography

Image credit: FSquared

Started by two brothers Farhan and Faez, SQUARED employs photojournalism and fine arts during your special day as well as pre-wedding. The brothers excel at keeping things formal, enabling you and your better half to be at ease on your special day. The two shine well in multiracial weddings as well as the flow of events of traditional weddings. 

They will make your once-in-lifetime day unique and memorable for life. Besides, they incorporate special colour grading effects and editing to enhance your photos and make them more appealing. You will never go wrong with squared photography.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Actual Day Wedding Photography: Starts at $1,488
  • Pre-wedding Photography: Starts at $899
  • Combine both packages for $2,188

Facebook | contact@fsquaredphotography.com

41. Forever Pixels Arts

Image credit: Forever Pixel Art

Forever Pixel Art has been in operation since 2014 and was established by a trio who will endeavour to make memories of your special day. The team is praised for their professionalism and fun personalities, enabling them to relax and be more natural in front of the cameras during their special day. 

As passionate photographers whose goal is mainly conceptual, Forever Pixels Arts will certainly document your lifetime moments with amazing photos with infinite, artistic photography which is full of glamour.

Service Highlights & Rates

  • Actual Day Wedding Photography $2,388
  • Actual Day Wedding Cinematography $2,388

Facebook | foreverpixelsarts@gmail.com

So there you have it; these are the list of the best wedding photographers in Singapore right now. They all promise magical shoots that will leave you swooning for years. Whichever one you pick, one thing is certain; you will surely not regret it!