“Never stop learning”, they say. Learning new things every day indeed keeps us going. Whether you want to train or discover, enrolling in the best workshops in Singapore is helpful! There are lots of activities that you may do in your most free time. Singapore has a wide array of workshops that you can try. This can be a great way to destress yourself after work!

Did someone say “TGIF”? Let’s not keep the waiting game long! Check out the best and most helpful workshops to attend in Singapore!

1. Singapore Visual Arts Center Workshops

Art Course at Visual Arts Centre Singapore - Our Courses & Workshops

Want to learn more about the arts? Singapore Visual Arts Centre might have the best workshop for you. They offer a long list of art courses! These include nude life drawing, graffiti art, portrait drawing, and acrylic painting.

Needless to say, Singapore Visual Arts Centre has it all. What’s exciting is they also offer online classes! You may join their Zoom live art sessions here

If you might be wondering, materials are all provided for the course you’ve paid for. You do not have to worry about bringing things to their studio. If one-on-one classes work more for you, they are willing to attend to that. 

No matter what age group you belong to, Singapore Visual Arts Center will happily cater to your art needs. Just contact them to learn more about their services. Bring out the artist in you!


  • Provided materials
  • A wide array of art workshops
  • Online classes
  • One of the most popular art centres in the country

Contact details: 6255 0711 / 6733 2155 | info@visualartscentre.sg

Address: 10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469

2. Nanatang Baking Workshops

This Baking Studio Owner Sells Korea's Cakes, "Fatfatcarons" In S'pore

Want to learn how to make and decorate cakes? Nanatang’s Baking Workshops are for you! Nanatang offers decorating tutorials on cakes, macarons, rolls and more.

You’ll love the cute and adorable pastries as you scroll through their website. If you want to learn the ins and outs of decorating sweets, enrol now! What we love about Nanatang is its affordability of the price. You’ll get the best cake workshop for a fraction of the cost!

Serena, the bakeshop’s head, and her team is dedicated to teaching people of any age. So, what are you waiting for? This might be the best cake workshop for you!


  • Cute cake decorating
  • Affordable rates
  • Small group
  • Professional baker team

Contact details: +65 9199 8928

Address: 41 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169358

3. Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop

Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop | Beginner Art Class | Room To Imagine

One of the most awesome up-to-date arts is Acrylic Pouring. Because of its mesmerising process, it’s one of the coolest arts. Not to mention the results are too fascinating!

Learn to create gorgeous abstract art by enrolling in their Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop. Materials and tools will be provided, so you don’t have to worry. You’ll also be in a small group, hence learning would be easy.

If you want to upgrade your canvas size, you may send a request. Additional fees will apply depending on the canvas size. Note that the canvas is subject to availability. Reserve your slot now!


  • Small group class
  • No age limit
  • Complete materials provided

Contact Details: hello@roomtoimagine.sg

Address: 395 Jalan Besar, #04-01, Singapore 209006

4. Soap Ministry’s Bath Bombs and Soap Making

All-Natural Bath Bomb Making Workshop for 1 Person, Orchard, Singapore |  Best deals near you | Fave

Enjoy a class of Organic Soap Making at Soap Ministry! Soap Ministry stands by being ecosystem friendly to Save the Earth, Save your Skin, and Save Cost. They are formed by a group of friends who believes in handmaking organic soaps. Organic soap contains natural ingredients such as plant-derived base oils. Using organic soap will certainly improve your skin in the long run!

Soap making workshops are suitable for all ages. We recommend you bring your kids along for some fun, educational, and interesting soap making sessions.


  • Do it yourself workshops
  • A wide selection of products
  • Eco-friendly ingredients 

Exclusively for Best In Singapore readers: $5 Voucher + Complimentary gift

Redeem voucher here: https://advo.io/0B88J8

Contact details: 96695953 | friends@soapministry.com

Address: Orchard Gateway | 227 Orchard Road #03-04 Singapore 238858

5. DF Academy Dance Workshop

DF Academy, The Dance Family – a Hip Hop & K-Pop Performing Dance School  for Kids, Teens & Adults in Singapore

Wanna learn how to move to the groove? Attending dance workshops is a great option! DF or “Dance Family” is here to teach you the latest moves.

DF Academy is a HipHop and K-Pop Dance school in Singapore. Hundreds of classes are conducted on a weekly basis at a number of their studios. The good thing is people of any age can join!

Classes here are conducted by professionals who have won various awards. They starred locally and abroad! So if you want to learn or hone your dance skills, join them now!


  • Highly-skilled instructors
  • Various genre
  • No age restriction

Contact Details: 6587178869 | enquiries@dfacademy.com.sg

Address: 3 #04-13 Gateway Dr, Westgate, Singapore 608532

6. Fashion Makerspace Workshop

Learn the ropes about fashion sewing from these industry veterans! Inspired by the culture & practices of makerspaces in the west, Fashion Makerspace was born to inspire growth & fuel the passion of learning in a conducive, open & friendly environment.

The sewing classes form the pre-requisite of most of their classes, where Fashion Makerspace will introduce you to the functions of a sewing machine, setting up and threading your machine and using it through a hands-on sewing practice. It will then end with a virtual tour where you can purchase your fabric and sewing supplies.

They are currently offering a starter bundle at SGD 98 that is recommended for beginners to build the basic skills of sewing their own clothes! The 2 session workshops consist of a total of 5 hours, meaning 2.5 hours each session.

Being able to use or gift an item you’ve created yourself will give you joy and a sense of pride—and confidence that you can do more.

Learn basic sewing skills with Fashion Makerspace now!


  • Basic sewing classes
  • Complimentary materials and machines
  • Individually tailored workshops
  • Exclusive class bundles

Contact details: 81397787 | fashion.makerspace@gmail.com

Address: 42B North Canal Rd (Lvl 3), 059298  

7. Couple Perfume Workshop SG

Couple workshop) Create a Unique Scent that matches your Personality: Perfume  Workshop - Perfume Workshops in Singapore - LessonsGoWhere

Looking for a romantic activity with your special someone? This perfume workshop for couples is the perfect thing to do! We highly suggest that you do this during your special day – your anniversary. Surely, it would be a memorable experience for both of you as you try to make scents that match a perfect two!

What’s even better is that Perfume Workshop SG also offers Bridal Shower Workshops, Aromatherapy Team Building, Hand and Body Wash Workshop, Hand Sanitiser Workshop, and more lush-related classes! Indeed a unique way to bond with your friends and family. You may visit their site to discover more. Who knows, perfume-making might be your favourite hobby in the making!


  • High-quality perfume
  • Fun activities
  • Well-researched ingredients
  • Offers virtual workshops

Contact Details: 6597328004 | info@perfumeworkshop.com
Address: 51 Imbiah Road, Singapore 099702

8. Polymer Clay Jewelry Workshop

△ – Gather The Misfits

If you’re savvy about polymer clay art, this is the workshop for you. Tinkle Arts offers clay workshops! They can turn into your hobby or even a business venture. Get creative and fun with their classes.

They have the cutest pieces available for the workshop! You can choose from croissants, kimchi sets, and wantons. The list doesn’t stop there. There are many options to choose from. We suggest you visit their site for more.

What we love about this is they invite individuals with special needs. Everyone can join! They have charity events too to help underprivileged communities.


  • Charitable events
  • Cute sets
  • Open for everyone

Contact Details: 6585885970 | charlene@tinkleartrooom.com

Address: 800 Margaret Drive, Level 4, Singapore 149370

9. Freediving Academy Courses

Do I Need To Do A Freediving Course? - DeeperBlue.com

For all the thrill-seekers, we dare you to try freediving by Singapore Freediving Academy! Singapore Freediving Academy offers courses supervised by highly trained professionals. The freediving courses cater to first-timers, intermediate, and advanced.

Why try freediving? It may just be the new skill you’ve been looking for. Who knows, you might find yourself enjoying yourself as a freediver! There are lessons such as static apnea tables on the program.

If you’re interested, try looking into their courses here.


  • Highly-skilled trainers
  • Certification after the course
  • For adventurous individuals

Contact details: +65 9622 4393 |  info@freedive.sg 

Address: 3 Jln Binchang, Singapore 578580

 10. Souldeelight Calligraphy

(Source: souldeelight.com)

Here’s a chance for you to up your creative and artistic game. Souldeelight Watercolor and Calligraphy workshops are listed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) as the best classes to get crafty in Singapore! You’ll be taught by Dee Capulan who is the founder of Souldeelight, a freelance creative artist and Certified Art Therapist.

Souldeelight holds an impressive list of classes from Modern Calligraphy to Copperplate Calligraphy. All the sweet and floral styles are definitely Instagram worthy! Flaunt your work on Instagram and you’ll capture all of your friend’s attention.

If you find her styles familiar, it’s most likely that you have seen her modern calligraphy exhibited in PaperMart and Overjoyed store.


  • Regarded by Singapore Tourism Board
  • Provided materials
  • Beginner friendly, no experience required

Contact Details: 6591025012 | info@souldeelight.com

Address: 19B Hillview Avenue #05-04, 669555

11. Artz Grainè Art Studio’s Art Classes

Artz Graine Art Studio is a leading art studio that promotes art cultivation through its commitment to educating students with impeccable art techniques and creative skills. Focusing on self-exploration, their workshops allow individuals to discover their uniqueness and self-expression. Every individual has his or her own heart for something, right?

This art studio conducts classes on mural painting, sculpting, drawing, and even basic techniques like cutting and pasting for the younger kids! Through these workshops for the youngsters, their motor skills are developed through creative means. 

Every person, regardless of age, has the potential to bloom in the field of arts. Thanks to Artz Graine Art Studio, you’re welcome to explore and embrace your own unique art style!  Visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages to know what we’re talking about.


  • Patient, helpful, and highly skilled teachers
  • Engaging art classes
  • Emphasizes self-exploration and encourages art discovery
  • Well-experienced instructors


  • Queen’s Road: Blk 4 Queen’s Road #02-107 S(260004) Farrer Road MRT, Exit B
  • Lavender: 114 Lavender Street #05-77 S(338729)

Contact Details: 

12. My Fishing Frenzy Academy’s Fishing Classes

They say fishing is an old survival skill handed down to every generation. Not only does it provide food, but in the modern era, it gives fishers a whole lot more. Fishing teaches us to be patient and determined in achieving our goals. The life lessons you get from this skill is definitely worthwhile – and the best news is: you can easily learn how to fish!

Wanna master the techniques in fishing but don’t know where to begin yet? Well, you’ve found the right page because we’re here to introduce you to one of the best go-to classes of those who want to start and venture out in fishing. Here’s My Fishing Frenzy Academy, a hands-on school with various skilled instructors offering the best fishing courses for every level of anglers. 

My Fishing Frenzy Academy has beginner-friendly and advanced fishing courses. Meaning, everyone is welcome in this fishing academy. These are the Beginner, Novice, Immediate, and Advance Angler’s Courses. 

Be one with the waves, hone your fishing skills, and find the best catches with My Fishing Frenzy Academy’s fishing courses. Learn about this and more through this link. You may also check out their Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter pages to stay updated with the latest news about their fishing courses.


  • A comprehensive range of fishing courses
  • All courses conducted outdoors
  • Covers the basics to the advanced skills
  • Instils a positive and correct attitude

Address:  11 Cove Drive Singapore, Singapore 098467

Contact Details: info@mffa.com.sg

13. Artlette Studio

Art has always been known to soothe an individual’s imagination, ideas, and beliefs. Art is something that eases one’s thoughts allowing him or her to express his feelings freely. With that, a lot of people devote their time learning art, where most enrol in art classes and workshops.

Having said that, lots of art classes are available elsewhere. But, the question is, which one of them is the best? Artlette Studio is among the most successful art studios out there, providing top-notch programs, supplies, and workshops for its students.

Artlette Studio’s art classes can be enjoyed by kids, hobbyists, and those who want to build their art portfolio. What we love is that they cater to parties and events too! Some of their programs involve sketching, painting techniques, proportioning, clay art, collage art, watercolour, and more. 

Truly, there is a lot to discover and devour with Artlette Studio. So, wait no more and head to their website because lots of classes await you! Browse through their exciting classes by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages too.


  • Offers best-quality programs and materials
  • For the young and young at heart
  • Has portfolio management classes
  • Improves self-confidence, generates positive outcomes


  • Thomson Road: 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza, #03-18, Singapore 574408
  • Ang Mo Kio Avenue: 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Jubilee Square, #02-05, Singapore 569814

Contact Details: hello@artlettecolours.com | +65 8128 5430 (Thomson Road) | +65 8128 5643 (Ang Mo Kio Avenue)

14. Spin Paint House

Popularized by famous artists such as Damien Hirst and Callen Schaub, Spin Art is as mesmerizing as it is inaccessible, requiring the use of a fast-spinning device to attach your canvas on. Spin Paint House has designed and built their own spin tables, making it easy for anyone to engage in this viral TikTok trend, with just paint and a little trust in the process. Learn to create amazing pieces of art, with instruction from their friendly staff, all the tools you might need and even private booths for safe distancing. Each booth is equipped with ring lights and tripods to capture the making of your masterpiece!


  • Custom-built spin tables and wheels make it suitable for all ages
  • Everything is provided – just show up!
  • Play with pendulums and swinging trapezes
  • Private booths with safe distancing measures & ring lights to capture the process

Contact Details & Address:

spinpainthouse@gmail.com | 61 Kaki Bukit Place, #04-00, S416233

We can all agree that there are a lot of courses and workshops in Singapore! You just have to pick where your interest is gravitating towards. Truly, it’s never too late or too early to build a hobby and learn new things. Learning is endless and we grasp something new every day. We hope our list was helpful in determining the perfect classes or workshops for you. If you think we’ve missed one, feel free to share your suggestions. Let us know your thoughts below! We hope this list of the best workshops to attend in Singapore was of help to you!

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