When you grow into adulthood, your wisdom teeth start growing in. Generally, this begins at age 17 to 25! Sometimes, it is recommended to have your wisdom tooth extracted, especially if it is causing problems like cavities or gum disease, or if your wisdom teeth are impacted or are growing at a wrong angle. Therefore, if you feel an ache at the corners of your mouth, perhaps it is time to get your teeth checked out.

We all know that most of us dread going to the dentist, especially if it is to have our wisdom tooth extracted! In addition, the videos on the internet of wisdom tooth extractions don’t do much to help!

However, there are dental clinics in Singapore that make this process as painless and hassle-free as possible. So, if you are looking to extract your wisdom tooth, check out our guide to the Best Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Singapore!

1. Twinkle Family Dentalcare

Image Credit: Twinkle Family Dentalcare


  • Experienced team of dental surgeons
  • Medisave-accredited
  • Quality treatment yet Affordable fees

Twinkle Family Dental care is an established yet recently renovated clinic that provides comprehensive, high quality, and affordable dental treatments in a comfortable as well as clean environment. The clinic is also equipped with modern equipment and is fully computerized.

In addition, the team of dentists are experienced in wisdom tooth extraction and wisdom tooth surgery and will strive to make the procedure as painless and stress-free as possible. Their dental surgeons are also well-versed in managing other causes of dental pain, such as toothache, cracked teeth, gum swelling, etc.

You can be assured that when you visit them, their caring yet thorough manner in investigating the source of the pain you are experiencing will ensure that the correct diagnosis and correct treatment is rendered to alleviate your discomfort.

Address Blk 201B Tampines Street 21 #01-1069 Singapore 522201
Contact Number6789 2837
Business HoursMonday – Friday: 9 AM – 9 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 1.30 PM

2. The Wisdom Tooth Clinic

Image Credit: The Wisdom Tooth Clinic


  • Dentist is trained in intravenous sedation 
  • Pain-free injection
  • State of the art equipment

As its name suggests, The Wisdom Tooth Clinic is a dental clinic that prides itself in its wisdom tooth extraction procedures. In addition, the team of professional and highly experienced dental surgeons also strives to perfect the art of wisdom teeth removal.

Before any surgery or procedure, The Wisdom Tooth’s dentist will take x-rays and discuss your particular needs with you so that you know exactly what to expect next.

Their dentists have performed numerous surgical removal of wisdom teeth, and will always try their best to minimise the discomfort felt during the surgery. In addition, many of their reviews mention a pain-free injection. Furthermore, with the use of local anaesthesia, patients don’t feel any pain during the surgery! Undoubtedly, The Wisdom Tooth Clinic lives up to its name!

Address8 Eu Tong Sen Street #11-93, Office 1, The Central, Singapore 059818
Contact Number6222 6420
Business HoursMonday – Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM
Sunday: Closed

3. Nuffield Dental

Image Credit: Nuffield Dental


  • Unique 6 step wisdom tooth removal system
  • Multiple locations
  • Friendly dental surgeons

The team at Nuffield Dental strongly believes in a 6-step system so as to effectively help their patients through their wisdom teeth extraction procedure. These 6 steps include priority for sterility, same-day appointments, Medisave claims, low radiation x-ray imaging, friendly dental surgeons, as well as appointment booking.

Nuffield Dental also assures its patients that a local anaesthetic injection will be given to numb the tooth that is to be extracted. Patients will therefore only experience some pressure being exerted.

You can find Nuffield Dental at several locations, so pick one that is nearest to you and check them out.

AddressMultiple locations: See here
Contact NumberSee here
Business HoursVaries with location: See here

4. TeeHee Dental Works

Image Credit: TeeHee Dental Works


  • 3 step wisdom tooth extraction program
  • Convenient location
  • Fully Medisave claimable

TeeHee Dental Works is conveniently located in the heart of town at Somerset. In addition, the team promises that they will make going to the dentist a fun and happy experience again.

The friendly team provides a 3-step program when tackling wisdom teeth extraction on their patients. In addition, the dentists at TeeHee would only recommend you to extract your wisdom teeth if he/she feels that it will cause problems if unremoved. Therefore, you do not have to worry that you may be doing a procedure that is not needed!

Because of the transparency and honesty that TeeHee Dental Works displays, it is often praised by its customers in its reviews.

Address111 Somerset Road Unit 03-12 Singapore 238164
Contact Number9133 3310
Business HoursMonday – Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 2 PM
Sunday: Closed

5. iDental

Dedicated Clinic for Invisalign in Singapore | i.Dental
Image Credit: iDental


  • Good with kids
  • Offers sedation
  • Partnered with Medisave

Established in 1989, iDental has since been serving its patients and helping them to achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. The clinic provides a whole host of dental services such as cleaning, concealing, treating, and whitening

The dental clinic is good with kids, so you can rest assured that they will be patient and understanding of your needs. If you tend to get anxious before surgery, don’t worry. iDetal offers anaesthesia to make the procedure as quick and pain-free as possible!

Address168 Robinson Road, #13-04, Capital Tower Singapore 068912
Contact Number+65 3165 4519
Business HoursMonday – Friday: 9 AM – 8 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 4.30 PM
Sunday: Closed

6. Smile Central Clinic

Image Credit: Smile Central Clinic


  • Affordable
  • Multiple locations
  • Medisave claimable

Smile Central Clinic has 3 branches across Singapore and in addition to that, they are all conveniently situated in the heartlands. The dental practice group is dedicated to providing you with top class, affordable, efficient as well as comfortable dental care.

Furthermore, Smile Central Clinic is fitted with state of the art technology and equipment. It also offers a wide array of services including oral surgery, orthodontics, general dentistry, endodontics, as well as prosthodontics.

AddressMultiple locations: See here
Contact Number9619 5830
Business HoursVaries with location: See here

7. Luminous Dental Clinic

[:en]Luminous Dental[:]
Image Credit: Luminous Dental Clinic


  • Friendly, quality as well as modern dental experience
  • Multiple locations
  • Medisave claimable

Luminous Dental Clinic has several branches across Singapore and is known for its safe, painless, as well as comfortable dental treatment. Because it is often lauded to be a dental clinic that provides procedures with minimal to no pain, many people choose to go there for their wisdom teeth extraction.

Apart from wisdom tooth extraction, Luminous Dental Clinic also offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments, all of which use up-to-date technology and are associated with the strictest infection control.

So, for a friendly, modern, and high-quality dental experience consider Luminous Dental Clinic.

AddressMultiple locations: See here
Contact Number6538 2001
Business HoursVaries with location: See here

8. NoFrills Dental

Image Credit: NoFrills Dental


  • Affordable
  • Multiple locations
  • 24 hours

If you are ever in need of an urgent dental visit at midnight, keep NoFrills Dental in mind, because the clinic is 24 hours and also has multiple branches island-wide.

In addition, NoFrills Dental offers a holistic dental experience for all ages, at a very affordable price. The clinics’ reviews also commonly cite modern and advanced technology and equipment that the dental clinic uses.

For those who prefer a friendly, relaxing, and caring dental office that is available after hours, choose NoFrills Dental.

AddressMultiple locations: See here
Contact Number9007 1085
Business HoursVaries with location: See here

9. Family Dental Care

Recommended Dentist in Singapore | Dental Package | Emergency Dentist  Singapore
Image Credit: Family Dental Care


  • Offers sedation for anxiety-free procedure
  • Personalized after-care services
  • Multiple locations

With 15 clinics strategically located island-wide, Family Dental Care is undoubtedly one of the largest dental chains in Singapore.

Its team of 50 dental surgeons and specialists provide a wide array of services, ranging from basic dentistry to aesthetic as well as specialized dentistry to meet every need in your family, 7 days a week.

At Family Dental Care, they offer sedation for patients who want a painless alternative as well as an anxiety-free procedure. In addition, the dental clinic offers personalized after-care services for all of their patients who went through a wisdom tooth extraction procedure. Obviously, you will be in great hands!

AddressMultiple locations: See here
Contact Number1800 336 8478
Business HoursVaries with location: See here

10. T32 Dental Group

a dentist checking a patient's teeth condition
Image Credit: T32 Dental Group


  • Offers sedation for anxiety-free procedure
  • Multiple locations
  • Medisave claimable

T32 Dental Group is made up of multi-speciality dental clinics spread across Singapore, because of that, it has a large customer base spread across Singapore. With up-to-date facilities and expert dentists, clients can unquestionably expect top-quality dental services.

T32 Dental Group also ensures proper examination of your teeth before going in to remove your wisdom teeth. This includes a full x-ray analysis so that the dentists at T32 can plan a successful surgery for your wisdom teeth.

In addition, T32 Dental offers sedation for patients who want to opt for an anxiety-free procedure!

AddressMultiple locations: See here
Contact Number+65 3129 2798
Business HoursVaries with location: See here

The growth of a wisdom tooth may certainly be a painful and annoying process. However, the process of extracting it need not be! In addition, with this best Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Singapore, you are on your way to a painless and fuss-free procedure and journey to recovery.

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