Singapore is one of the hotspots when it comes to tourism. Many tourists from around the globe visit Singapore every year for business purposes or to enjoy some leisure time with family. And when it comes to leisure or serving a drink in restaurants, there is nothing better than wine. Singapore is the epitome of wine and a wide variety of local and imported wine is available in the country. Thus, if you are ready to enjoy one of the finest things in your life, then do try wine from Singapore when you visit the country. We promise that you won’t be disappointed. 

We the best in Singapore always think about providing the finest to Singaporeans and tourists visiting Singapore. So, we have shortlisted the finest of the finest this time. Read on to check our top picks of the best high-quality wines that are a must-try in Singapore. 

1. Macaw Crew Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: 40SGD

A classic red wine before dinner or during any party is in high demand in Singapore. And we have shortlisted one of the high-quality red wines available in the country. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best of the king’s variety of grapes when it comes to a perfect blend for the red wine. The grapes are cultivated almost in every major country in the world. But this particular wine is a gift from the Australian Manufacturers who have perfection in grinding the oldest and finest Cabernet grapes. The wine is then prepared by mixing the grapes with a plum from Shiraz fruit and giving a final flavour of oak.

The fine red colour will turn you on for this drink and its fragrance is captivating. You can always visit the local pubs, clubs, and restaurants to find this wine. And we recommend you pair this wine with food such as red meat, grilled chicken or pasta to increase the fun. 

You can find the best and high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon wines over here.

2. Paxton Organic Rose

Price: 40SGD

Shiraz fruit or Syrah fruit is known to be the difference-maker when it comes to wine. And how about a luxury Syrah wine that will satisfy every part of your taste bud? We have shortlisted a gem product for you that is best to celebrate a birthday, promotion, business deal, or any other occasion due to its aesthetics along with the taste and aroma. This wine is made by David Paxton and Dwayne Cunningham that is regarded as one of the most organic wines in the market. Many people talk about the taste, but this wine is famous for its colour in addition to its taste. This wine is available in a pink salmon hue that makes it more appealing and a must-have product. Try this wine before dinner or with some exotic dinner such as lobster or a streak to double the fun.

You can find the best and high-quality Paxton-Organic wines over here.

3. Bellvale Pinot Grigio

Price: 51SGD

A wine that is manufactured from 35 degrees South Chardonnay is a perfect drink in parties and dinners. We have shortlisted the best 35 degrees South Chardonnay wine for you in the form of Bellvale Pinot Grigio. The Australian manufacturer has gained much experience in manufacturing wines and it has introduced another worth trying the product for you this time. This white wine is crafted carefully to give you a delicate and clean mouthfeel. The aroma of the wine is also a sensation and you cannot withstand taking a sip of it when that aroma goes through your nostrils. 

You can find the best and high-quality Bellvale Pinot Grigio wines over here.

4. Soumah Nebbiolo 

best high Quality Wines

Price: 62SGD

Pinot Noir is one of the finest varieties of French black grapes that are preserved to brew them in wine. This one is from an Australian manufacturer Soumah that has introduced other wines as well. The customers have reported that its aroma is the best feature that is a mixed smell of red fruit and some fresh cherries. Singaporeans already love this wine and match its experience to a cold summer night or a warm winter day. We suggest you try this wine with Singaporean seafood that will increase its appeal. 

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5. Territorio Cepas ‘La Casa de Las Locas

best high Quality Wines

Price: 54SGD

This time it is a Spanish wine that made it through our list. This wine brand is famous for its exquisite taste and fresh flavour that appeals to wine lovers around the globe including Singapore. The wine flavour will also give you a hint of apple and pear along with the wild grapes that are the main ingredient of this wine. Serve this white wine to your guests or enjoy it with your family along with spicy or mild-spicy food. 

For further information, visit this website.

6. Tim Adams ‘The Fergus’ 

best high Quality Wines

Price: 40SGD

If you are looking for a cheap but high-quality experience, then Tim Adams ‘The Fergus’ is the go-to option. It is an Achaval Ferrer Malbec type wine that is already in high demand in Singapore. This is a soft-style wine with medium level acidity that keeps the mouth clean. In addition to this, the aroma of the wine is another best feature that attracts the customers towards itself. The famous red wine is particularly liked as an immediate food compatible drink by Singaporeans. 

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7. Ch. Tour Haut Vignoble Saint-Estèphe Bordeaux

best high Quality Wines

Price: 67GSD

This wine is a merlot type of wine that is made up of unique blue grapes. The French manufacturer has been manufacturing wines for many years and has been one of the favourite wine manufacturers of the Singaporeans. This particular wine consists of about 75% of merlot and 25% of Cabernet Sauvignon giving a mixed aroma of red and blue fruit that is unique. The fruity flavour of the wine gives a great essence of flavour to the mouth. You can find this wine in the local pubs, clubs, and hotels in Singapore.

For further information regarding this wine, visit this website.

8. Battle of Bosworth Organic Semillon

best high Quality Wines

Price: 45 SGD

We have shortlisted yet another Pinot Noir wine in this list. Singaporeans love the aroma of this particular wine and Battle of Bosworth is a name that is on the tongue of every Singaporean. The Australian manufacturer has a rich experience of producing high-quality wine and this time the wine is a mixed blend of strawberries and grapes. The red wine is mainly loved with cheese and chicken dishes and we recommend this wine with Chicken Pasta or BBQ dishes. You can buy this from local shops or online eCommerce platforms.

For buying this wine, visit the website.

9. Bodegas Penafiel ‘Silencio de Miros

best high Quality Wines

Price: 123SGD

If you are looking for a luxury brand wine, then we have shortlisted a wine from ‘Bodegas Penafiel’. This particular wine is made up of Tempranillo grapes that are known for their great smell along with the essence of oak. You will also find the flavours of pear and cherries so this product is a mixed blend of different fruits. The conventional cork opening is also loved by the customers. We recommend you to buy this wine if you want to give something classy to your friends or colleagues. 

For further information and purchasing this wine, visit the website

10. Bocelli Family Wines Prosecco DOC N.V.

best high Quality Wines

Price: 48 SGD

If you are looking for sparkling wine, then we have shortlisted this magnificent product produced by the Bocelli Family. The wine is produced from processed Glera grapes, which are mainly found in Asian Pacific regions such as Australia and New Zealand. The acidity of the wine is a bit high and we recommend that you use it for celebration purposes and take it in small quantities. In addition to the celebrations, you can also have wine with pasta, steak, and other exotic dishes. 

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11. Montelvini Promosso Spumante Extra Dry (Oak and Barrel)

Price: 24 SGD

Oak & Barrel is established by people who enjoy their drinks, for those who enjoy their drinks. Offering you the best wines available in Singapore, they recognize that every customer has their own palate choice and cares to understand you better. Pick from their wide range of wines, spirits, beers, mineral water, soft drinks, and get them delivered to your doorstep! Oak and Barrel import directly and work with brands from around the world.

Montelvini presents Promosso Extra Dry, a fresh and dynamic creation that represents their vocation in the world of sparkling wines. Obtained from the best white berried grapes, this sparkling beauty is made with the utmost skill and passion for those who enjoy quality. This wine is obtained from the white vinification technique, fermenting for the second time in the presence of the best quality yeast at 16 degrees C, refrigerated, centrifuged, and isobarically filtered, then bottled.

The scent is very delicate and fruity, distinctly aromatic. On the palate it has a pleasant acidity, it is lively and savoury, it has a dry and delicate body. It is an excellent accompaniment to crustaceans, light fish, molluscs; also excellent as an aperitif. You can also browse through Oak and Barrel for more selections.

Visit Oak and Barrel’s website to buy this wine. 

12. Chateau Montana Silencio 2016 (Wala Club)

Price: 58 SGD

Wala Club, founded in the year 2013, is dedicated entirely for the sole purpose of providing the best wines from around the world. They are committed to delivering the finest quality of wines to the very comfort of home. With their personalised category of wine all leaning on the taste buds of your choice, we have to admit that they’ve succeeded. And all of this comes at an amicable price with even further discounts and offers for those who sign up for their subscriptions.  

Chateau brings the award-winning, delicate French wine which resonates with the intense aroma of freshly crushed grapes. Finely dedicated to captivating the complex and intoxicating glint of red fruits with vanilla accents which makes up the complete meld of spicy hint in the after taste. The basis of its creation goes back to the gentle caress of handpicked grapes of the best varieties; Syrah, Carignan and Grenache. It then goes through the process of making wine through maceration, where the wine gains its rich flavours administered under the orderly system of temperature. 

Its complex and enchanting aroma instantly allures the finest of wine enthusiasts. The wine’s bold and acidic touch perfectly complements the gamey meat flavours, regional dishes, and the cheeses’ intensity.  

Visit Wala Club’s website to buy this wine.

So, trying the finest wines is the fantasy of every wine lover and when it comes to Singapore, the country has a lot to offer. The locals and international tourists always enjoy the finest wine offerings of the country. The Australian wine brands are dominating the country but some Spanish and Italian brands have also made their way through the country. We the best in Singapore have shortlisted the best-branded high-quality wines in the country. Do give our list a try and we promise you won’t be disappointed. 

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