No one can resist a good wine. Whether you’re someone who knows their wines and can tell apart the Chardonnay from the Shiraz, or if you’re just someone who enjoys a delicious wine, we can all admit one thing. Trends may come and go in the world of alcohol, wine is going to remain a favorite.

And that’s exactly why wine places are now stepping up their game. Gone are the days where you would only be served cheese, and a charcuterie board. Now wine places are offering great food to pair up with your wine for a more elevating experience. But you need to visit good wine places for this wondrous experience.

Here’s a list of our top favorite wine places where you can truly enjoy the magic of good wine.

1. La Terre

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If you’re looking for an intimate setting where you can sip on the finest of old-world wines, then La Terre is the place for you. What are old-world wines, you may wonder, well it’s simply a term for wines made in Europe. So you can sip on a classic Bordeaux, taste the more mysterious yet alluring Bourgogne, or the exquisite Henri Jayer.

They’ve got a really impressive wine collection for a relatively small setting which makes the experience even more personal. They’re not just about European wines though, their collection also boasts of some gorgeous Asian wines like the Beau Paysage, a wine that is famous for being produced without the use of any machinery.

Even the menu itself has been chosen to compliment the wine. The cheese selection changes seasonally and is personally curated by the co-founder and Chief Sommelier, Daisuke Kawai.

Address: 11 Upper Circular Road, Singapore 058409

Contact Details: +65 6532 1031

2. Tipple and Dram

Image Credit: Tipple and Dram

Tipple and Dram are famous for two things, their extensive collection of single-malt whiskies and a fine collection of wines that are specially curated by the owner. Tipple is the street-level bar, which gives off a quaint yet cozy vibe with the charm of old Hollywood, which is only enhanced with the wooden bars, and the warm hues.

The wines are sourced directly from the distilleries themselves, which ensures that you get the best wines out of the entire batch produced. To make things even more special, they also have a special food menu, which includes a variety of cheese, oysters, charcuterie, chocolates, and surprisingly, Bak Kua. Definitely going the extra step in creating some really unique pairings.

So if you’re looking to spend some time in a relaxed place with a really great vibe, head straight to Tipple and Dram. You certainly won’t regret it.

Address: 24 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069704 Singapore

Contact Details: +65 6423 0353

3. Ginett Restaurant and Bar

Ladies Night Bar | Ladies Nightlife Singapore | Singapore Nightlife
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When you start talking about wines, one country that will surely come up in the conversation is France. No country does wine better than France, and bringing the flavors and wines of France right to your taste-buds is the Ginett Restaurant and Bar. The bistro style of this restaurant fits in perfectly with the Art District.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for new friends, or simply hanging out with old ones, the relaxed dining experience is sure to steal hearts. From the Merlot to the Pinot Noirs, they’ve got all the possible French wines that you dream of. To top it off, their menu puts a contemporary and seasonal twist on the usual French cuisine.

Wines start at $6 for a glass, and you can balance them with the smoky taste of charcoal-grilled and dry-aged meats.

Address: Hotel G Singapore, 200 Middle Road, Singapore

Contact Details: +65 6809 7989

4. Praelum

Praeleum wine places |  | Taken from their website
Image Credits: Praelum

If you’re someone who just begun to foray into the world of wines, and wish to learn more about them, then you should certainly give Praelum a shot. With the monochromatic theme of the place and the whimsical decorations, you won’t feel out of place at all. After all, Praelum is all about the greatness of wines and good food.

They’ve got over 10,000 bottles of this liquid pleasure in their walk-in cellar. You can enjoy them by the glass, and new options get added on a weekly basis so you’ll never run out of wines to try. We highly recommend trying out their Learn-a-Drink where the sommelier will create a new drink for you. Or even their wine flights where they take you on a journey through wine itself.

And if you need something for the wine to wash away, they’ve even got a fabulous menu with monthly specials that will couple with the wine most wonderfully.

Address: Praelum Wine Bistro, 4 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089590

Contact Details: +65 62385287

5. Wine RVLT

Wine RVLT wine places | Taken from their website
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If you belong to the group of people who love surprises, then Wine RVLT is going to be right up your alley. Leading a sort of wine revolution in Singapore, Wine RVLT seeks to change the way you taste and enjoy wines, by offering you more ‘real’ wines that have a bit of spunk and funk to them.

From artisan natural wines that seem to line the walls endlessly, there is nary a single wine menu in sight. With prices scribbled on the bottles, these wines are curated by the two founders – Alvin Gho and Ian Lim, who are also both certified sommeliers. Since they’re always on the lookout for something new, you’ll surely never know what to expect because frankly they don’t either. But when you do end up taking a sip, things suddenly come into place and you’ll understand why this is one of the best wine places.

Now wine isn’t all that they’re about. Their menu will also deliver a unique gastronomic experience. Try them out, you’ll be singing praises later.

Address: 38 Carpenter Street (Level 1), Singapore 059917

Contact Details: +65 6909 5709

6. Wine Connection

4 things you didn't know about Wine Connection | The Peak Singapore - Your  Guide to The Finer Things in Life
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Now you couldn’t have thought that we’d create an entire list of the best wine places in Singapore and Wine Connection wouldn’t see a feature. One of the most popular places to visit for a drink, you’ll often find this place packed with people after a long day at work.

With the great value for money when it comes to both wines and the food, as well as the unpretentious nature of the place, is it really such a wonder why this place is so popular? They take great pride in their selection of wines, tasting over 2000 varieties every year and only picking the best 5%. They also understand that good quality wines need not be very expensive, so their collection reflects entirely that.

And we can’t miss out on mentioning the excellent customer service that is provided at all of their branches, a rare feat considering the amount they do have. You need to try out their cheeses, and cold cuts too. There’s hardly anything that compares to unwinding after a long day at work with good wine and delicious food. Your budget will thank you too later.

Address: You can check out the nearest outlet by clicking here.

7. The Wine & Gourmet Friends

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The Wine & Gourmet Friends proves one thing right, that all you need is some good affordable wine, delicious food and a great ambience for people to come flocking. With great options for both beginners and the more experienced, this wine bar holds over 350 varieties of wine in their cellar which are directly sourced from all over the world.

Since there is no middle man involved, and the wines are procured directly from the wineries themselves, you get wine of the most premium quality at the most affordable of prices. Gather your friends for a party or a get-together where you feast on dishes based on childhood favourites and share stories while slowly sipping wine. Everyone is bound to find something that they adore at The Wine & Gourmet Friends, and we’re absolutely sure that you won’t be the exception.

They also have a wine delivery service to make sure that your wine stocks at home don’t deplete anytime soon. Offering free shipping on orders above $80, they often offer various discounts as well.

Address: 48 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089859

Contact Details: +65 6224 1982

8. Napolean Food & Wine Bar

Napoleon Food & Wine Bar | Venuerific Singapore
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Setting out to conquer the world of wine, much like the emperor whom it is named after, you’re guaranteed to have a good time here. A crazily popular French bistro, with its great ambience and mouth- watering offerings of said-cuisine.

Not only will the food leave you asking for more, the portions are also generous which is a great thing when you’re with your group. Constantly importing wines all the way from France, they select the wines of the highest quality taking into consideration the region and subtle seasonal changes. Their main highlight is surely the selection of the best 28 wines which are displayed as the centerpiece, and can be enjoyed through an Enomatic dispenser.

If you are unsure about which one, to begin with or have made it your mission to sample them all then you can order half-glasses so that you get to savor most of them. The food is really popular as well, with the Maine lobster risotto and ‘A la minute’ which is sourced from selected breeds of British cattle, you’ll be ordering more in no time. Enjoy the easy vibe of the place because France is now here, in the streets of Singapore.

Address: 206 Telok Ayer Street, 068641 Singapore

Contact Details: +65 6221 9282 

9. The Winery Tapas Bar

he Winery | Tapas | Bar wine places | Taken from their website
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Taking inspiration from Mother Nature herself, this place has a menu that is the living embodiment of what tapas would feel like as a person. Not only is it situated within the wonderful and history Chijmes, but this place also has a wonderful outdoor atmosphere that’s perfect for a small group or even a romantic date. After all, the Chijmes is one of the most popular wedding venues after all.

Coming back to wine, this place has a wine list that is carefully curated by their sommelier, who has also won several local awards – a true testament to their skills. Every sip and bite go together in perfect harmony, and the result is a meal that you’re sure to reflect back on several times before you cave in and come back. The menu is created with a special focus on fresh produce, simple seasoning, and allowing the food to do the talking for them.

So if you’re looking for a great place to enjoy some live music, gaze at the lovely surroundings with a glass of wine in your hands, congratulations. You’ve finally found the perfect place.

Address: CHIJMES, 30 Victoria Street #B1-05 Singapore, Singapore 187996

Contact Details: +65 6553 8850

10. Park 90

Park90 | SG Magazine Online
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One of the ultimate wine places for those who seek to appreciate the drink, and not get ruled by it, Park90 is the perfect place to indulge in your love for it. Park90 gets its name from the fact that they only serve those wines which have been rated a 90 or above by the Robert Parker Wine Advocate. Don’t get intimidated though, they’re here to help everyone realize their passion for wine, be it a beginner or an expert.

Recently, they’ve also teamed with Michelin-starred Summer Palace to bring you the best of both worlds. A wine selection that is curated by top sommeliers, coupled with the delicacies from Summer Palace is sure to blow a mind or two. You’ll get to enjoy the rarest and most sought after wines, so there’s absolutely no reason to not give Park 90 a try.

Address: Regent Singapore, Lobby, 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715

Contact Details: +65 6725 3246

That brings us to the end of our list on the best wine places. Now ordering your first wine must seem intimidating, but we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of the best wines that you could try for your first time.