You may be facing a problem with your best watch collection. The crown may feel stiff; the strap is off, or the components are no longer water-resistant. You may be stranded on what to do or which watch repair expert to visit. We all know how disastrous trying to fix it all by yourself can be. While watch problems and needs may be many, watch repair experts know what works.

With many watch repair experts in Singapore, we have those that will guarantee the best results. If you need a replacement, a new strap, or you have a rare collection, they have you covered for all those needs. Here are the best ten watch repair shops in Singapore to visit for quality service.

1. Watch It! Pte Ltd


  • It offers experience and expertise in watch repair.
  • The prices are competitive.
  • It stocks watch accessories.
  • It has excellent reviews.

Watch It! Pte Ltd has more than two decades’ experience in the watch repair industry. It’s also a retail outlet for various brands and watches straps. Some of the brands include Casio and Seiko. That’s not all that the watch repair shop offers. It also does excellent watch repair services that will leave you a satisfied and happy customer.

Besides, the shop also offers repair services for mechanical watches. If you need your clock repaired, the shop repair service is your to-go-to shop. You will be amazed by their expertise and quick repair services without compromising on the quality of repairs. In addition, to watch repair, the shop also stocks accessories such as watch winders, watch straps, omega dial, and refurbished watches. The store will meet your needs with amazing discounts and competitive rates if you are on a budget.

Address163 Tanglin Rd, #02-29 Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933
Contact Details+65 6733 3074 |
Operating HoursMon-Sun, 11.30AM – 8.00PM

2. K2 Watch Co


  • It offers repairs for all kinds of watches.
  • The shop provides experience in watch repair.
  • Modification of watches is also done.
  • It provides a variety of Seiko collections.

K2 Watch company has been in business since 1982. It, therefore, offers great expertise in watch repair like no other store in Singapore. As proof of their excellent service, the company has good reviews from satisfied customers on social media and other blogs. K2 watch has repaired more than 15,000 watches over the years. As a trusted brand, you get to meet a community of customers who are equally happy with their services. You, therefore, rest assured that your watch is in good hands.

Additionally, the shop offers repairs for all kinds of watches. If you have a Seiko watch, then it’s one of their speciality. Do you need a new Seiko watch? You don’t need to worry since the shop offers a variety of Seiko watches at competitive rates. If you also need to modify your collection, the store can still provide the service.

Address845 Geylang Rd, #03-K1, Singapore 400845
Contact Details+65 6746 0270
Operating HoursTue – Sun, 1.00PM – 7.30PM | Mon, Closed

3. Global Watch Services Singapore


  • They offer a variety of watch repair services
  • The shop has highly trained Swiss-trained watch experts.
  • It can service complicated watch repairs.
  • The shop repair provides competitive rates.

 If you have a collection of luxury watches such as Rolex, Swiss collectors, then Global Watch Service Singapore is the perfect place for your repair services. You rest easy knowing that the brand is a certified centre for Rolex and Swiss watches, with some in-house Swiss-trained watch repair experts who are highly experienced in working for Swiss companies. Another fact this watch repair shop is their ability to service complications since they have serviced many watches like the speed master and Patek Philippe. 

At Global Watch Services Singapore, you are assured of high-quality repair services. Even if you are on a budget, you enjoy discounts and competitively priced watch repairs. For more information on their services and offers, check out their websites.

Address333, Kreta Ayer Heights, #02-18, Singapore 080333
Contact Details+65 66553388 / +65 97524931 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 11.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat, 11.00AM – 3.00PM

4. Bonfield


  • It offers restoration for vintage pieces.
  • The shop has a high level of equipment.
  • It provides a wide range of watch services.
  • The shop offers quality services.

Bonfield Singapore is yet another trusted watch repair brand in Singapore. It offers a wide range of watch services such as restoration and repair of your watch. Do you need authentication services and appraisal? You don’t need to worry since the store also offers the services. What sets the watch repair shop aside is their high-level equipment, such as the Swiss. You get quality repairs in movement, refurbishing, casing, maintenance, calibration, timekeeping, and reassembling. You also get the best final inspection of your watch to ensure everything is working perfectly.

Also, Bonfield offers the best restoration services for vintage pieces. Even if the parts are no longer in the market, the watch repair services will manufacture the details for you. That’s not all; the shop also offers casing and polishing services for your watch.

Address48 Tanglin Halt Rd, Singapore 142048
Contact Details+65 6473 5505 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 10.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat & Sun, 12.00PM – 5.00PM

5. Salon De Temps


  • It offers affordable rates in the industry.
  • The store has experience in the repair of luxury watches.
  • It offers discounts.
  • The store provides excellent customer care services.

Salon De Tamps was established in 2019. I suppose you might be wrong if you think they lack experience. They have more than 20 years of experience in timepiece repairs. At the store, you get to enjoy a variety of high-quality refurbished watches. It repairs watches such as Richard Mille, Rolex, Hublot, Patek Philippe, Frank Muller, and Audemars. You, therefore, enjoy full repair service for all your luxury watches.

Salon De Temps also offers competitive repair rates in the industry. You’ll get commissions and discounts from time to time. If you need new parts for your watch, the store has more than enough. Additionally, their customer care service is the best. Not to mention how fast and efficient their services are. Other services available include watching servicing and watch consignment services.

Address9 King Albert Park, #02-08, Singapore 598332
Contact Details+65 9851 1857
Operating HoursMon – Thur, 11.00AM – 7.00PM | Sat & Sun, 12.00PM – 5.00PM | Fri, Closed

6. SkyWatches


  • The store offers quick services.
  • It provides high-quality services.
  • It offers competitive rates.
  • The shop offers a variety of refurbished watches.

Skywatches is a household watch brand in Singapore. Even though the store sells watches, it also offers a variety of repair services. While the store may not have specialized in watch repairs, you are assured of high-quality maintenance, especially for Seiko watches. Are you worried that such a brand will charge high costs for repair services? You don’t need to worry since their prices are competitive.

Also, the watch repair shop offers polish services for any watch brand you may have; if you have a Cartier, they are your go-to store. You will be amazed by their quick service, which is less than an hour. Other services at the store include watch casing, movement, maintenance, and sale of refurbished watches. You don’t need to worry that your watch is in amateur hands with highly trained watch repair experts. The store has good reviews on social media from satisfied clients.

Address1 Park Rd, #03-62/63 People’s Park Complex, Singapore 059108
Contact Details+65 65351377 |
Operating HoursMon-Sat, 11.00AM – 8.00PM | Sun, Closed

7. Swiss SAV


  • It offers expertise in watch repair services.
  • It’s reputable for offering repairs in difficult repairs.
  • The store offers high-quality maintenance.
  • The store has good reviews.

SwissSAV has been in the watch repair business since 2002. It provides expertise like no other. Its reputable for fixing the difficult watch issues and being your last shop after everything else has failed. Over the years, the store has created happiness and trustworthiness among its long list of happy clients. As a show of their quality service, the store has high customer retention.

SwaaSAV boasts a highly motivated team that has been retained over the years. Other services offered at the store include watch consignment, fixing of straps, and change of parts. At the centre, you rest easy knowing that your watch is in safe hands. With good reviews for their services, the watch repair should be your one-stop solution for any watch issues.

Address19 Tanglin Rd, #06-27, Singapore 247909
Contact Details+65 6726 9000 |
Operating HoursTue – Sat, 11.00AM – 6.30PM | Sun & Mon, Closed

8. The Watch Specialist’s Clinic


  • The store offers high-quality repairs.
  • Full service comes with a warranty.
  • The stores provide professional service
  • It provides expertise in watch repair services.

The watch specialist’s Clinic was established in 2012. It specializes in watch servicing and repairs. You are assured of high-quality services at the store since the store has experienced watch repair experts. The store adheres to strict Swiss standards and guidelines while using Swiss equipment and tools.

 Watch specialized is reputable for offering intense repair services. Every watch is disassembled to the last piece. Specialists then clean every lever, oil the parts, assemble and test the components for waterproofing. As if that is not enough, the specialist gives you a two-year warranty on full service. Other services offered at the store include strap repairs and repair of branded watches. You are guaranteed professional service for watch repairs.

Address3 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556681 Serangoon Gardens
Contact Details+65 9101 0339
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 10.30AM – 6.00PM | Sat, 10.30AM – 5.00PM | Sun & PHs, Closed

9. JW Horological Gallery


  • It offers expertise in watch repair service.
  • The shop offers competitive rates
  • It uses modern equipment’s in repair services.
  • The shop provides quality customer care services.

JW Horological Gallery was established in 1996. It is an established brand in watch repair services. John Wang, the founder of JW Horological gallery, is highly trained in the USA and Switzerland. At the watch repair store, you are assured of quality service from an expert. JW Horological gallery is a reputable watch repair shop dealing with new watches. It also deals with vintage pieces and pre-owned watches.

Also, the watch repair company uses modern equipment and technical expertise to repair both Quartz watches and mechanical watches. Other watch services at the shop include battery changing, belt sanding, and case polishing. You enjoy competitive rates without compromising on quality. With a team of experts at the shop, you rest easy knowing that your watch is in the hand of experts.

Address3 Pickering Street, #01-50, Singapore 048660
Contact Details+65 6538 6055 |
Operating HoursThur, 12.30 PM – 3.00 PM | Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun & PHs, Closed

10. 2ToneVintage


  • It offers high-quality repair services.
  • The shop uses modern equipment in their repair.
  • It provides knowledge about rare collectibles.
  • It offers repairs for high-end watches.

2ToneVintage watches is another top watch repair brand in Singapore. Founded by Ali Neil, the watch repair proprietor is passionate about collecting watches. He has travelled the world in pursuit of the best watches in terms of originality and quality. As a result, he has expertise regarding any watches. He has a keen eye for detail in all his repairs and is a go-to watch specialist.

At 2ToneVintage watches, Ali offers strict discipline and impeccable watch repair services while applying high standards in curating the different pieces. Do you have high-end watches? Then 2ToneVintage is the perfect place for all your repairs since it focuses on originality, rarity, and quality to meet all your needs.

Address428 River Valley Rd, #01-11, Singapore 248327
Contact Details+65 6977 7123 |
Operating HoursMon-Sat, 12.00PM – 9.00PM | Sun, Closed

The above stores offer the best watch repair services in Singapore. The stores have specialists who are well trained and use modern equipment that guarantee the best results. Besides, most stores offer affordable services, timely repairs, discounts, and warranties for first-time repairs. If you have a rare collectable, you can check stores that have experts in the area.

Even though the store offers expert services, you must take good care of your watch. If you notice an issue that needs adjusting, let the experts handle the repairs. Experts are best placed to offer quality diagnostic and solutions to your watch problems.