Being unable to freely head outside during this period is a real bummer. In this predicament, couples might feel even more frustrated as they are unable to go on dates with their significant others. While times might be tough, with technology and creativity, there are many ways to have a fun virtual date. Although it may sound like a sub-par experience, you’ll soon find out that virtual dates are a whole new realm of fun. Who knows? When the circuit breaker is over, you might find yourself still going on some virtual dates for how convenient they are. Using this list of the 8 best virtual date ideas, you and your partner will be able to have a blast in the comforts of your own home!

1. Movie Date

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Even though movie theatres remain closed, there are many streaming services available in Singapore that will enable you to have a virtual movie date.

A great platform that we suggest for your movie date is Netflix Party. This google chrome extension will allow you to watch Netflix movies in synchronised fashion with your significant other. For it to feel like a date, you’ll want to start a call on zoom or skype to communicate during the movie. With Netflix Party, all you have to do is choose a movie, grab some snacks and drinks and you’re all set for your virtual movie date.

2. Tour a Museum

If the idea of a museum date sounds interesting to you, this is a great opportunity to take a tour of world-famous museums with your significant other.

Through Google Arts and Culture, you’ll be able to tour the most popular museums worldwide. Always wanted to check out the Van Gogh Museum or The Metropolitan Museum of Art? You can now do so with your partner all in a free and convenient fashion. As you tour through each museum, details of the artworks along with their history are provided for your viewing pleasure. Google Arts and Culture offers an extensive list of museums to make sure museum-hopping can be a real thing for your virtual date.

3. Explore the World

best virtual date ideas

Circuit Breaker might have cancelled your romantic getaway, but you’ll still be able to explore the world together with your loved one.

With Google Earth, you and your partner will be able to travel the world together without leaving your homes. Through 3D models of cities and beautiful landscapes, you’ll be wonderstruck and left in awe as you explore the world. Apart from an amazing date, this can also be used to scout out future getaway destinations. Google Earth has a function that brings you to a random destination in the world for you and your partner to discover amazing travel destinations that may not be mainstream yet. When using Google Earth for your date, the world is your oyster

4. Cook a meal together

best virtual date ideas

Though our lives may be put on pause, the extra free time is great for learning new things. Take this opportunity to learn new recipes with your partner and enjoy the process together.

With an abundance of Youtube videos and cooking blogs out there, there are many different avenues to learn new recipes. After picking a recipe, you and your partner can attempt the recipe together and check on each other through a video call. This way, even though you are apart, you’ll be able to share the same experiences and enjoy the same meal. This is a great way to stay grounded in these uncertain times.

5. Create Art Together

best virtual date ideas

Creating art together isn’t only a date idea for those with artistic talent. Whether you’re talented in art or a complete novice, making art together with your significant other is always a blast.

If one of you is better or more experienced in making art than the other, this is a great opportunity to share your interests with your partner. Art comes in all shapes and forms and doesn’t have to be grand. Even seemingly simple activities like folding origami can make for an engaging and exciting date. Another reason why creating art is a great date idea is the feeling of accomplishment that one feels after completing the artwork. When we feel accomplished, it’s always a little sweeter when we share it with our loved ones.

6. Give an Apartment Tour

best virtual date ideas

Bringing your significant other on a tour around your apartment is a great way to have a virtual date. Even if your partner has been to your apartment before, this is a nice way to show some highlights in your home that mean a lot to you.

We spend a lot of time personalising our rooms and apartments in order to make it feel like home. Oftentimes, there are treasured memories belonging to certain objects that make for a great story. As the past is always part of us, this is a fun way to let your partner in on your past and grow closer together. If an apartment tour sounds like too much of a hassle, you can turn the tour into a show and tell session instead and share about more important items.

7. Exercise Date

best virtual date ideas

Exercising is a lot more fun when there’s someone to share the experience with. This is a great opportunity to do something healthy together, especially if both of you have been inactive at home for a long time.

There are many online guides and workouts to follow to stay healthy with this circuit breaker. Choose your preferred workout program, get your partner on a video call and you’re good to go. Exercising doesn’t sound like that romantic of activity, and we’re not trying to sell as such. However, doing something that’s good for your body together with your loved one not only gives you more motivation but also brings the two of you closer together as you work towards the same goal.

8. Karaoke Session

best virtual date ideas

In light of circuit breaker measures, all entertainment facilities including KTV rooms are closed till further notice. However, there are still ways to have an exciting KTV date.

If either of you can play an instrument, there’s always the option to jam out to some of your favourite songs. For more KTV vibes Quan Ming Party is a great KTV app to download. Quan Ming Party has a huge database of songs in multiple languages which means that you’ll be able to sing your go-to KTV songs. The only drawback is that the interface is in Chinese which makes it not as user friendly. Another great option is to have a video call running while using watch2gether. Watch2gether works similarly to the Netflix party and allows synchronise viewing of videos. Simply head to Youtube, queue some KTV tracks and warm up those vocal cords for a fun KTV date.

Who says fun can’t be had indoors? With just a little bit of creativity, any small thing can be turned into a fun date. Using this list of the 8 best virtual date ideas, you won’t have to worry about circuit breaker stopping you from going on fun dates!

9. Spin Paint House


  • Suitable for all skill levels, no art talent required
  • Work on a collaborative art piece you’ll be proud to have at home
  • Therapeutic, relaxing activity
  • Unique experience you will not find anywhere else

Unlike conventional art jamming classes, Spin Paint house specializes in Spin Art, where you get to easily try your hand at a process previously only achievable by professional artists. Their custom-built Spin Art tables were designed with comfort and romanticism in mind, as they are completely hand-powered, yet quickly get to high speeds. Adjustable Rotations Per Minute allow for amazing diffusion effects or a sleek wave from the swinging pendulums and trapezes.

Work on individual canvases as a couple in your private booth, or opt for the option of a split canvas, which allows you to either swap each half of a piece or hang them up in a funky manner. For those who value memories as much or more than items, each booth is equipped with ring lights and tripods to capture this amazing experience!

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