Vegan is just not a diet to follow. It’s a whole lifestyle. And if you think that it is just a trend that most people follow for publicity or recognition, you might be wrong. As with the increment of awareness regarding planet safety is increasing, the more people are attracting towards the cause. However, eliminating all animal products is just one of the ways to spread positivity around and these vegan influencers from Singapore are doing a great job. But being vegan is not a piece of cake. It is a 360-degree rotation of lifestyle as we have grown in the world following a non-vegan living for centuries.

So if you are willing to contribute to the noble cause of positivity around the planet, we have brought you the ten best vegan influencers to follow in Singapore so as to get some motivation. Get your vegan motivation from the great influencers that belong to Singapore. As it is great to have motivation from the people with an urban lifestyle just like yours.


Ryza and Nora are the vegan mom and son. The duo is famous for creating some delicious vegan recipes. Popular with the name of “theveganmumnson” on Instagram, they are doing a great job in promoting a healthy and vegan diet. Moreover, they influence people through their delicious recipes. Being Muslim, their recipes consist of halal products and purely consist of organic nutrients.

Therefore, follow them for amazing vegan recipes and prepare delicious vegan food all by yourself.

2. Nicole

Nicole can be found on Instagram as_findingnicole. She is a woman of hope and positivity. her Instagram feed is aesthetic and full of inspiration. she shares her journey of being vegan and shows people how positive changes have occurred in her life.

she is still in a growing phase of influencer journey, but her profile is amazing to get influence from. you will not get inspiration through her feed but also a feeling of positivity through her words.

3. Grace Soh

Another amazing young girl to get influence from. Grace Soh is a budding influencer who portrays a sharp image of a healthy lifestyle through her Instagram posts. She is a traveller and a positivity enthusiast. Promoting the positive side of the world through herself is her one great feature.

She loves to intake a diet free of artificial flavours and additives and therefore is a strictly vegan person. From healthy skin to a healthy body and healthy living is what her profile is filled with.

4. Alphonsine

She is an amazing vegan person in Singapore. Her Instagram is full of motivation for being vegan. She ensembles healthy food so that people start craving for it by looking at the pictures.

She out rules the idea of being boring while being on a vegan diet. Moreover shows her audience how they can be creative with their vegan diet and try new and different recipes. The idea is to motivate people for a healthy living style. And Alphonsine is doing a great job in promoting it through her Instagram profile.

5. Ji-Young Oh

A mother of two, Ji Young Dorner, is all the inspiration that a woman of today needs. She manages a healthy lifestyle with her kids and work. Besides, she is a writer as well.

She bakes some fantastic food and serves people through her baking services. Promoting the idea of mental and physical health being she encourages people to create little changes in daily routines. She practices a healthy vegan routine herself and encourages others as well through her Instagram.

If you are a mid-age woman with children, then she must be in your followers’ list to get some fantastic influential ideas about your healthy and determined life goals.

6. Gerald

A medical health professional by profession and a healthy diet influencer by passion is Gerald’s correct introduction. Gerald has wholly switched on to the plant diet and influences other people to be healthy through his platform.

He has an amazing and charming personality to look forward to. Moreover, his Instagram is full of his journey as a doctor and vegan influencer. And we are sure you don’t want to miss getting some enthusiastic motivation from his lifestyle.

7. Jaslyn Goh

An Instagram popular personality and a founder of Souleygreen is what you need in your life for vegan motivation. She is popular among her audience for promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging people to become vegan. 

The one thing she religiously follows is positivity, and it is the only thing she intends to transfer to her audience. Moreover, through her souley green project, she guides people regarding plant-based diet and supports them through a healthy diet plan.

Moreover, she is doing a fantastic job in her work and has a tremendous influential effect on the audience.

8. Emily

Emily or popularly known as the Fruityemz on Instagram is one great influencer of a vegan lifestyle. She possesses an aesthetic profile and in addition, she promotes health and mind wellness through her Instagram blog.

She is a nutrition student with such high hopes from her life. Beside being fun-loving and joyful she tries to enjoy every phase of life. Her journey of vegan is what she likes to discuss with people and share her knowledge regarding it. She interacts with her audience through her recipes and is undoubtedly a great person to follow.

9. Nads

Famous with the name of Happinads, she is a vegan influencer on Instagram. She is a food blogger, videographer, and traveller. Therefore, her blog mostly contains information regarding different food and diets.

On being herself vegan, she supports this lifestyle through her food blogging and recipes to let people enjoy the vegan lifestyle with some delicious taste. She is one great person to follow in regards to adopting a vegan lifestyle.

10. Lin霖

Another young female influencer to get inspiration from. She is a photographer, filmmaker, and an illustrator with a considerable following on Instagram. Her recipes on Instagram promotes a healthy diet. She is famous on Instagram by the name tumblinbumblincrumblincookie.

She creates delicious recipes for her audience to enjoy while being on a vegan diet. You can follow her for some delicious healthy recipes free of any animal products. Because her main motive is to make people influence on being vegan through her delicious recipes.

In short, these vegan influencers are doing a fantastic job and are sure to get motivation from. You should follow them for motives regarding the vegan lifestyle. Hope our list of the best Vegan influencers in Singapore was of help to you!