With so many different TV consoles out in the market, it can be hard to settle on good quality but cheap TV consoles that you’re satisfied with.

Having to balance aesthetic and practical considerations is a real headscratcher and makes the decision-making even more troublesome.

With our list of 7 cheap TV consoles that you can buy online in Singapore, we will prove that your future TV console can be cheap, functional, and aesthetically attractive!

Factors in choosing a TV console

Since most of us in Singapore are living in space that is not very spacious, it is important for us to search for the right TV console.

With that, there are some factors other than pricing that you will need to consider when looking out for a TV console.


With our living space being constrained, this means that you will need to consider your room layout and ensure that the console has the right width and length to go with your TV.

The thing you want to avoid is to order what you thought was an ideal console table to turn out that it does not fit your TV. What a waste of money it will be!

Also, you will need to consider your TV size. You definitely would not want to have a console table smaller than your TV.

Haven’t got your TV? You can browse through our list of different Television brands to find the right one. You should check the TV size before getting your TV console if you are interested in any we have listed.

Viewing height

If you have a particularly small living room and is very near the TV, it is more advisable to get a lower console. I mean who likes to strain your neck to watch your shows, right?

Style & Materials

How often will you need to change your TV consoles? I believe a TV console tend to stay in your living space for quite awhile, so it is really important to choose one that matches with the theme in your home. Which is why, you should also consider the material of the console you will be getting. Cheap but sturdy and low maintenance.

With that, here is our list of the best 7 cheap TV consoles you can get in Singapore.

1. Nordic Style TV Console

Image Taken From Shopee

This Nordic Style TV Console from Shopee finds itself at the top of our list. Being able to balance affordability, aesthetics and practicality makes this TV console an excellent option for your home.

Priced cheaply at $140, this TV console is great value for money. With 3 reasonable sized compartments, you will not find yourself short on space with this model.

Each individual compartment is sized well to accommodate your router, books, and any other miscellaneous items you would like to display.

Being flexible in length, it will allow you to adjust the length of the TV console according to your preference. The length ranges from 1.35m to 1.89m. Not only that, it also comes in 3 colors – brown, brown & white and oak. Very minimalistic!

If you’re searching for a long TV console that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, this is the model for you. Overall, all these advantages combined is why this model tops the list of cheap TV consoles in Singapore.

Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)(135-189) x 30 x 40.5 cm

2. Aideal TV Console

Image Taken From Shopee

Coming in second place is the Aideal TV Console which is affordable at just $130 in Shopee.

The West Brook TV Console uses a combination of MDF wood and solid wood for a sturdier build. Speaking of sturdiness, this TV console has 5 legs to distribute weight, ensuring it will continue standing for a long time. With 3 large compartments, the Aideal TV Console can house almost anything you desire.

Lastly, the TV console is aesthetically pleasing especially due to the deep oak, light brown and white color that brings with it a modern and sophisticated air. As a TV console that is affordable yet large and well built, Aideal TV Console is an excellent pick.

Dimensions (W x D x H)120 x 30 x 45 cm

3. VHIVE Hannah TV Console

Image Taken From Shopee

While it is the most expensive, this VHIVE TV Console has the best build quality with high practicality and eye-catching aesthetics. It is still considered a cheap TV console when compared to other models in the market.

This VHIVE TV Console is the full package. It offers a modern look, built quality and storage space all at an affordable price. At $359.00, everything that you might want in a TV console is housed in the VHIVE Hannah TV Console.

The longest on our list with a length of 181cm, this is great for those who needs a bigger space for their TV. With 6 different compartments, organizing your items has never been easier.

Furthermore, the bright color is sure to attract your guests’ attention and elevate the aesthetic quality of your space. Looking for a TV console that’s stunning, practical and affordable? Your search ends here with the VHIVE Hannah TV Console.

Dimensions (W x D x H)181 x 42 x 58cm

4. Liam TV Console  

Cheap TV Consoles Singapore

The Liam TV Console comes next and is the most affordable TV Console on our list. Although it may appear small, the depth and height of this console are similar to the Baltimore at 40cm and 48cm respectively. This results in a surprising amount of compartment space available.

The Liam TV Console comes in both Light Grey and Beech Oak, both of which are classic colours that will pair nicely with your furniture. Although the design is basic, with an extremely affordable $49.90 price tag, the Liam TV Console is a cheap and good option that stands out from its competitors in Singapore.

Dimensions (W x D x H)100 x 40 x 48cm

5. Wall-mounted TV Console

Image Taken From Shopee

Next up is the wall-mounted TV console with its stunning looks and the amazing number of compartments. If you’re someone who dislike furniture taking up the floor space, this TV console can help you do just that.

With 3 different compartments, you’ll definitely be able to efficiently sort your household goods. Furthermore, the wall-mounted TV console comes with 2 drawers which can come in handy storing our less aesthetically pleasing items. Available in classic colors of white or black base, this TV console is a great practical and aesthetic choice for $120-$220 depending on the length of 1m to 1.8m.

Dimensions (W x D x H)(100-180) x 23.6 x 16cm

6. VHIVE Jade TV Console

Image Taken From Shopee

Here’s the pick for you if you are looking for a smaller TV Console. At $159, the VHIVE Jade TV Console is affordable and will look great wherever you place it.

This TV console packs all the great things about a compact TV Console with its length of 80cm. Although it is at least 1/2 smaller than the others, this console does not lose out on its storage space. Having wheels for supports, this TV console is easy to move around. Also, with 5 different storage compartments, you’ll be able to sort your items into your preferred areas. For those in the market for a small yet functional TV console, the VHIVE Jade TV Console is among the best and cheap TV consoles available in Singapore.

Dimensions (W x D x H)80 x 40 x 67.5cm

7.Homez TV Console

Image Taken From Shopee

Wrapping up our list is The Homez TV Console. What a modernist piece of furniture this is! Though a lack of drawer, this TV console is well equipped to meet your needs.

With such open spaces, you can decorate your console with plants and other small deco. Coming in at $44.90, the Homez TV Console is a great choice for those who like cheap, modernized and a compact console with open concept.

Dimensions (W x D x H)120 x 34 x 40 cm

To Conclude

Undoubtedly, TV consoles take up a large space in any room. We understand the pressure that comes with choosing one. However, a good TV console does not necessarily have to be expensive.

To add more value to your entertainment, it is best to find the right equipment to pair them up with your TV. We got you covered with our list of projectors, soundbars, as well as android TV boxes to keep you entertained with a cinema-like system.

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