With so many different TV consoles out on the market, it can be hard to settle on a TV console that you’re satisfied with. Having to balance aesthetic and practical considerations is a real headscratcher and makes the decision making even more troublesome. With our list of 7 cheap TV consoles that you can buy online in Singapore, we will prove that your future TV console can be cheap, functional and aesthetically attractive!

1. Baltimore TV Console 03

Cheap TV Consoles Singapore

The Baltimore TV Console 03 finds itself in first place on our list. Being able to balance affordability, aesthetics and practicality makes this TV console an excellent option for your home.

Priced at $138, this TV console is great value for money. With 6 equally sized compartments, you will not find yourself short on space with this model. Each individual compartment is sized well to accommodate your router, books, and any other miscellaneous items you would like to display. Being 180cm in length, it will allow your tv to comfortably rest above it while still having ample space for decorating. Made using Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) wood, the Baltimore TV Console 3 is pest resistant. If you’re in the market for a long TV console that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, this is the model for you. Overall, all these advantages combined is why this model tops the list of cheap TV consoles in Singapore.

2. West Brook TV Console

Cheap TV Consoles Singapore

Coming in second place is the West Brook TV Console as the most expensive TV console on our list at $229.90. While it is the most expensive, it has the best build quality with high levels of practicality and eye-catching aesthetics and is still considered a cheap TV console when compared to other models in the market.

The West Brook TV Console uses a combination of MDF wood and solid wood for a sturdier build. Speaking of sturdiness, this TV console has 5 legs to distribute weight, ensuring that will remain standing for a long time. With 4 large compartments, the West Brook TV Console can house almost anything you desire. Lastly, the TV console is aesthetically pleasing especially due to the deep oak colour that brings with it a modern and sophisticated air. As a TV console that is affordable yet large and well built, West Brook TV Console is an excellent pick.

3. Warren TV Console

Cheap TV Consoles Singapore

The Warren TV Console is the full package. The TV Console offers good looks, built quality and storage space all at an affordable price. At $199.90, everything that you might want in a TV console is housed in the Warren TV Console.

This TV console is the tallest on our list with a height of 80cm, great for those an elevated height to their TV. To support this height, the Warren TV Console comes with metal legs for durable enhanced support. With 6 different compartments, organising your items has never been easier. Furthermore, its beautiful Walnut colour is sure to attract the attention of your guests and elevate the aesthetic quality of whichever room you house it. Looking for a TV console that’s stunning, practical and affordable? Your search ends here with the Warren TV Console.

Available at FortyTwo’s website.

4. Liam TV Console  

Cheap TV Consoles Singapore

The Liam TV Console comes next and is the most affordable TV Console on our list. Although it may appear small, the depth and height of this console are similar to the Baltimore at 40cm and 48cm respectively. This results in a surprising amount of compartment space available.

The Liam TV Console comes in both Light Grey and Beech Oak, both of which are classic colours that will pair nicely with your furniture. Although the design is basic, with an extremely affordable $43.90 price tag, the Liam TV Console is a cheap and good option that stands out from its competitors in Singapore.

5. Kyrie TV Console

Cheap TV Consoles Singapore

Next up is the Kyrie TV console with its stunning looks and the amazing number of compartments. If you’re someone who loves to compartmentalise your things, this TV console can help you do just that.

With 6 different compartments, you’ll definitely be able to capitalise on this and efficiently sort your household goods. Furthermore, the Kyrie TV console comes with 2 drawers which can come in handy storing our less aesthetically pleasing items. This TV console was built to last using a combination of MDF and solid wood. Coming in its classic Sonoma Oak colour, the Kyrie TV Console is a great practical and aesthetic choice for $219.90.

6. Baltimore TV Console 01

Cheap TV Consoles Singapore

If you loved the Baltimore TV Console 03 but it was either too long or too expensive, here’s the pick for you. At $89, the Baltimore TV Console 01 is affordable and will look great wherever you place it.

This TV console packs all the great things about the Baltimore TV Console 03 and cuts its length down to 120cm. Being 1/3 smaller, it does not have as much storage space as its bigger brother. However, if a smaller TV console is what you’re looking for, we guarantee that the Baltimore TV console 01 is a great option. Having 5 legs for supports, this TV console isn’t collapsing anytime soon. Also, with 3 different storage compartments, you’ll be able to sort your items into your preferred areas. For those in the market for a small yet functional TV console, the Baltimore TV Console 01 is among the best and cheap TV consoles available in Singapore.

7. Desta TV Console

Cheap TV Consoles Singapore

Wrapping up our list is The Desta TV Console. Though it is less long, this TV console is well equipped to meet your needs.

With a special lamination applied over MDF wood, the Desta TV console is built to be more durable than other TV consoles built purely using MDF wood. Boasting 54.5cm in height and 39.5cm in-depth, this gives the Desta TV Console a large amount of compartment space. Your cables can also be connected in a fuss-free fashion using the strategically placed cable holes. Coming in at $209, the Desta TV Console is a great choice for those who wish to save space lengthwise while still having sufficient storage space.

Since TV consoles take up a large space in any room, we understand the pressure that comes with choosing one. However, an amazing TV console doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. With our list of 7 cheap TV consoles that you can purchase online in Singapore, an affordable yet awesome TV console is only a few clicks away!