For parents out there who plan to send your children to only the top tuition centres, here is a piece of million-dollar advice for you – choose your tuition WISELY. Choosing a tuition centre is just like shopping for clothes. You wouldn’t want to wear something that is too baggy or tight. Instead, you would want to wear an outfit that matches your style preference to feel better about yourself. It is the same when you are choosing tuition centres.

The main idea here is to choose strategically according to what your child needs – their weakest subjects. Just like fashion style, what kind of learning style would suit your child? And speaking of in-trend fashion, does the tuition centre offer curriculums that are updated according to the latest syllabus? These are questions that you MUST reflect about when you are selecting tuition for your child. Lucky for you, we did the research, and here are our picks of the 10 best tuition centres in Singapore. 

1. The Learning Lab 

top tuition centre singapore

(Source: The Learning Lab)

Often referred to as the Oxford of tuition centres in Singapore, this organisation has never failed to showcase excellence. They have also displayed stellar performance in their objective of pushing for academic excellence for the past 16 years. Something that really amazes us in our research would probably be their strict selection of tutors. In other words, you are getting the best educators in the field.

Moreover, their tutors are required to attend a compulsory 270 hours of in-house training. They are also equipped with the latest teaching strategies which are congruent to MOE’s latest syllabus and guidelines. In fact, their teaching team is always evaluated and supported by Academic Network and the Teachers Quality Management. This ensures that your child is receiving nothing but the best support!

Additionally, coupled with their amazing curriculum designed to have the most engaging themes for students to enjoy learning, your child is definitely in great hands to learn from the best. If cost is not an issue for you, this is definitely the perfect place for your child. You pay, they deliver! Overall, all these reasons combined is what makes The Learning Lab truly deserving to top our list of the best tuition centres in Singapore.

2. Mavis Tutorial Centre 

(Source: Mavis Tutorial Centre)

You might have already heard of this one. 30 years and running, Mavis Tutorial Centre takes pride in offering excellent yet affordable services to thousands of students in their journey towards academic excellence. 

As an organisation that values professionalism and innovation, this organisation has successfully produced over hundreds of students every year to score 6 distinctions and more in the GCE-O Level Examination. If that does not amaze you, you might want to check out their 34 students who scored at least 9 distinctions for their O-levels. Above all, their 12 chains island wide makes it more convenient for your child to travel to their centres.

Moreover, if you are worried about social distancing, fret not! They have recently developed their very own virtual classroom to ensure the quality of your child’s education is not compromised. All in all, a great tuition centre and definitely one of the best tuition centres in Singapore.

3. Stalford Learning Centre

top tuition centre singapore

(Source: Stalford Learning Centre)

If you are someone like me who is starting to take Mandarin as a third language but need the extra help helping hand, you will definitely love this one. Founded in 2009, this young organisation is unique for its affiliation to Confucius Mandarin which specialises in Chinese tutoring. What’s great about their services is that they are able to cater to people from different walks of life who are interested to learn Mandarin. Their courses are designed for different academic levels, ranging from pre-school to working adults who want to learn the language for business usage or foreigners who want to take Chinese as a third language. 


top tuition centre singapore

(Source: KUMON)

Success knows no boundaries. If you believe in this mantra, you will probably fall in love with Kumon. Founded in Japan, this international organisation is unique in its method of developing students for academic excellence.

Instead of just throwing information and forcing them to memorise content, the Kumon Method place a lot of emphasis on sharpening academic skills of reading, writing, and maths – regardless of the students’ age. In other words, students are trained to master the art of learning and be confident in discovering new knowledge!

This approach has been tested for the past 60 years by over four million students in more than 50 countries. I personally think this is a great method for us to allow our child to appreciate learning as something meaningful, instead of just doing it just for the sake of doing it.

Simply register with a small fee of $40 and your child can be part of an organisation that will design an individualised study method for your child to be more competitive. 

5. Economics Café

(Source: Economics Café)

Have you headed of Mr. Edmund Quek? Besides being the founder of Economics Cafe, Mr. Quek is also one of the most highly sought-after economics tutors in the country. This is not surprising since he has successfully produced one of the highest percentages of distinction rates in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economic Examination. That’s right, this MOE-registered tuition centre has performed exceptionally well in their service that only a handful of local tuition centres are able to match it. 

Additionally, Mr. Quek has even helped students who were consistently in zero percentile to rise up and achieve that A-grade. He is motivated in engaging students, in both physical and virtual classrooms, to UNDERSTAND economics instead of just memorising it in our heads, hoping that a miracle will happen. So, if you need an extra helping hand to overcome your fear of Economics, this is the perfect place for you. 

6. The British Council

(Source: British Council)

I think most of us here can agree on how important for us to be good in English. In fact, English – which is the most commonly spoken language in the world, is also the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. In other words, without good English, we are good at nothing!

This is why if you want to invest in English education, I would personally recommend the British Council. Established in 1947, this organisation has trained over 20,000 students internationally, and is definitely one of the best English tuition centres in Singapore.

If that is not convincing enough, they are also training our MOE teachers. What I personally love about them is how they design their curriculum to be more fun and meaningful through regular trips, excursions as well as free classes and clubs. Coupled with their modern centres with cutting edge facilities, they are definitely more than equipped to build a warm and nurturing environment for students to learn. After all, who says learning cannot be fun? 

7. The Physics Café 

top tuition centre singapore

(Source: The Physics Café

At this point, I feel that it is always important to see what kind of reviews the tuition centres you are considering are getting for their services – including their strengths and weaknesses. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Physics Café is on our list as it is one of the most reviewed tuition centre in Singapore with over 3000 that is readily available online. And most of them have been great comments!

Thus, if you are struggling with physics, mathematics, and chemistry, you should totally check out more about the Physics Café and their success in producing percentages of A that is twice as high as a national record. Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, they have also innovated and customised their very own physics and math video resources, coupled with textbook delivery that yu Still not convinced? You can always request for a free trial session where you can attend and the first-handly experience their HBL session. 

8. Smile Tutor

(Source: SmileTutor

Wait, there is more! Now, what if I were to tell you that you can get your very own personal tutor while still keeping it affordable. Yes, I am not joking! Smile Tutor takes pride in matching over 3,000 students every year with the most suitable and qualified tutors across the island.

Simply fill up their online registration form to indicate your personal preferences such as timings, teaching style, and more! You name it, they find it.

Additionally, this leading home tuition agency provides free service and you just have to pay for the lessons conducted. Be a part of the 11,000 customers who are satisfied with their service and use it more than once.

Their comprehensive database of qualified teachers would cater to over 250 plus teaching subjects across 7 different levels from preschool all the way to the university standard, including languages and even complex skills like computing science! Overall, hands down one of the best tuition centres in Singapore!


top tuition centre singapore


If you are someone like me who finds the humanities intimidating, this last tuition centre might just end your struggle. is a premium tuition centre that specialises in equipping students with the necessary skills for them to get that A grade in history, geography, and Social Studies in their GCE O, N, and A-Level.

Students will be trained by teachers who have been teaching for more than 10 years. This centre will help students to improve their Source Based Questions (SBQ) and Structured Essay Questions (SEQ). As the wise words of Vincent Van Gogh, “What is done in love is done well”.

Ultimately, if you wish to overcome your fear of humanities, sign up for this tuition centre today! It is definitely worth investing in this place for your child to develop their passion for the humanities.

10. Aspire Hub 

top tuition centre singapore

(Source: Aspire Hub

Do you wish to have customised learning program for your child? If your answer is yes, the Aspire Hub team is more than happy to make that dream possible. For over two decades, the academic coaches of this tuition centre are widely recognized for their unique approach to recognizing diversity amongst students. Instead of forcing everyone to follow the same pace, Aspire Hub has constantly worked hard in designing teaching styles that would cater to different students’ learning styles and capacities. So one thing is for sure, within the max class size of eight in both physical or virtual, your child is guaranteed to receive undivided attention from their coaches for them to learn and discuss meaningfully. 

At this point, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by the huge amount of information you are getting. Here is another good news for you. You are not alone, and it is fine to feel that way. Take your time to explore these tuition centres’ websites – their reviews and what they have to offer. And do not be afraid to ask around for help. Good luck!

Written By: Norazim