Video games are much popular these days due to advancements in the technologies and advent of the latest generation consoles. Gamers sometimes face issues in buying a new console, game, or any other device-related to gaming due to a lack of reviews. And given the expensive prices of the latest generation consoles and gaming equipment, buying an unreviewed product is no less than a bluff.

But thankfully gaming bloggers are there to rescue us and all of the gaming freaks out there. Thus, without further ado, here is our list of the 10 best gaming blogs to follow.

What Gaming Blogs are all about?

They not only review games, consoles, and other gaming equipment but also suggest the best possible products in a given price range. Moreover, gaming bloggers also devise unique ways to complete different games. If you are stuck at a certain level of some game, there is quite much chance that your favourite gaming blogger might have devised some walkthrough for that level. Anyone can become a gaming blogger from scratch as it requires passion and some confidence.

Choosing a gaming blogger to follow can be a problem due to the availability of hundreds of gaming blogs over the internet. However, you don’t need to worry as we have reviewed and shortlisted the best 10 gaming blogs for you in Singapore. 

1. Kotaku 


  • Game reviews 
  • Talent recognition
  • Console reviews
  • Cosplay 

Link: Kotaku

Most of you doing gaming and following the games will be aware of the name Kotaku. The platform is known for its selfless blogging and a humorous writing style that attracts followers from around. There are certain blogs regarding game reviews, console reviews, and glitches in the games.

Recently, the website posted blogs regarding glitches in-game ‘The last of us 2’. Similarly, Kotaku has critically analyzed Xbox One and other gaming consoles when they were released. The platform also supports talent such as sharing the Egyptian graphic designer’s game logos in Arabic that gave him a lot of fame. So, if you want authentic game reviews and want to support the talent around the globe, do follow the blogs of Kotaku. 

2. Joystiq


  • Game reviews 
  • Console reviews 
  • Gameplay 
  • Esports events 

Link: Joystiq

Joystiq is another gaming blog that is attracting a lot of gamers from around the globe including Singapore. It is basically under ‘Engadget’ that is a famous gadget review site. Joystiq has recently reviewed ‘Beyond the Steel’, ‘Pokemon Unite’, etc.

Furthermore, the website offers unique blogs on e-sports events occurring around the world. The blogs regarding the famous consoles and inside news about these consoles are also appreciated by the readers. The content at Joystiq is considered to be authentic and the number of followers of this amazing blog site is increasing day by day. 

3. VG247


  • Game reviews 
  • Online sales on games and consoles  
  • Game spoilers  
  • Release dates of consoles and games 

Link: VG247

VG247 is another famous gaming blog site that not only reviews games and consoles but also entertains the users in plenty of other ways. The best feature of this website is that it displays the latest offer deals on different games, consoles, and gaming equipment online.

Yes, you heard it right, the same website offering entertaining content and information about online sales. But that’s not the end, as the bloggers write about the latest release dates of different games and consoles in the upcoming time. The bloggers also analyze the game story in-depth and sometimes give a few spoilers in their blogs that can be taken both positively and negatively by the readers. Recently, the gaming blog site grabbed 3 awards at ‘Games Media Awards’. 

4. Destructoid


  • Game reviews 
  • Latest announcements by gaming studios  
  • New game posters  
  • Public display of comments made by bloggers on different games 

Link: Destructoid 

If you are looking for entertaining and spikey content, then do read the gaming blogs posted on Destructoid. The blogs are known for their clear cut and authentic content. If you want to know about the latest announcements by famous gaming studios, open this website and you will find 100s of blogs related to the latest announcements.

Gaming reviews and appreciation blogs for different e-gamers is also part of the content on this blog website. If you want to be amused, then read the comments on the discussion forum, where bloggers are posting puns and funny content regarding different games. In short, you will definitely get an idea about a game by reading the blogs on Destructoid. 

5. Guardian Games Blog


  • Game reviews 
  • Fan reactions on different games  
  • Interviews of local and international gaming heroes  
  • Health hazards of different games 

Link: Guardian Games Blog 

Guardian News is a big name in the UK and here in Singapore. Guardian Games Blog is the latest addition to the network. The content like Guardian News is always thought-provoking and interesting to read.

Along with regular game reviews, console reviews, etc., the blogs also refer to serious issues such as racial discrimination in games and the health hazards of playing different games. Do follow Guardian Games Blogs if you are looking for something other than regular gaming reviews. 

6. Touch Arcade 


  • Game reviews 
  • Offers on different games   
  • More focused on Apple games 

Link: Touch Arcade

If you are a fan of iPod, iPad, or iPhone games, then Touch Arcade is the go-to the website. We know that gaming is expanding and now it is beyond consoles. You can enjoy games on Android devices as well as iOS devices. Touch Arcade is a unique platform where the blogs are mainly related to games offered on the Apple platform. You can also find exciting offers on different games and hot games being played on the iPhone or any other Apple device. 

7. The VideoGame Blog  


  • Game reviews 
  • Headlines regarding the gaming industry    
  • Gaming laws 
  • Console reviews  

Link: The videogame blog

The VideoGame Blog offers much more along with the conventional game blogs. Whether it is the latest PC game or offered on different consoles, you will find the blogs regarding its gameplay, glitches, and graphics.

Gaming headlines might be a fancy term, but you will find gaming headlines or important news regarding games, consoles, and gaming studios. You can also find console reviews on this blog site. So, this website is a complete package where you will find blogs related to gaming events, games, and consoles. 

8. Shacknews  


  • Game reviews 
  • Gaming studio news     
  • Unboxing of modern gaming equipment 
  • Game release calendar   

Link: Shacknews

If you are looking for the latest game reviews and blogs, browse into Shacknews. From the latest gaming news to the happenings in the famous gaming studios, Shacknews is one of the best game blogs to follow in 2020. The exciting feature of this blog website is the game release calendar, where you can check the dates of games releasing throughout the year. Shacknews also offers blogs on the unboxing of modern gaming equipment. 

9. Go Nintendo  


  • Game reviews 
  • Latest Nintendo News      
  • News regarding the latest releases 
  • Nintendo focused content    

Link: Go Nintendo

If you are fond of the famous Nintendo series games, then this is the right forum for you. You will find reviews of different Nintendo games on this website. Blogs are mostly focused on the Nintendo studio and news regarding the latest releases by the gaming giant. Blogs also cover the content on the player’s reviews regarding newly added characters in the sequel of games. 

10. Sherlintsu


  • Game reviews
  • Otaku 
  • Cosplay 

Link: Sherlintsu 

Dota 2, CS, and PUBG are those few games which are popular within every gamer and gaming arenas. A lot of players are inspired by these games and play them on their expensive gaming computers or other consoles. The fan following of these games is increased so much that there are gaming events taking place revolving around these games.

Well, the best gaming blog related to these games can be found on the Instagram wall of Sherlintsu. Of Course, she has her own life that is also shared on Instagram, but most of the content is focusing on the review and walkthrough of these 3 games. Any gaming freak will not miss out on the chance to follow Sherlintsu and to get her latest content. 

Gaming is a great leisure activity and becoming a career gradually. But choosing the best games and consoles can be a problem if you are new in gaming. But gaming bloggers make your job easy. Following the right blogs for gaming can help you in the selection of the right games, consoles, and also gaming equipment. This will save you money and increase your interest in gaming. Gaming blogs can also influence you to take more interest in gaming. Just select the game blog according to your taste and preference and keep following the blogs for the latest news regarding the gaming world. 

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