Humans averagely spend a good chunk of their time in a certain place they visit often but bother about rarely. This mysterious place is nothing but your bathroom! It’s inevitable to keep your bathroom clean but it’s a whole different task to keep your toilet clean and running. The more you make it look like paradise, the more you will feel better about visiting it. We’re here to capture these pain points and provide beneficial solutions. As a solution, we have carefully curated the best toilet renovation service providers for you.

Most people want to improve the overall appearance of your toilets. Some even want to make sure everything is technically taken care of when they aren’t looking. Most importantly, many do not want to burn a hole in their pocket while doing so. So, here are the top 10 toilet renovation services in Singapore to ensure you feel a breath of fresh air every time you step into your washroom.

1. Toilet Renovation

There are some contractors that build trust and leave you with an ever-growing faith for years on years. Toilet Renovation is one of those organizations that still pioneers in its very own industry. Are you looking for a toilet renovation service for your residential property? Toilet Renovation leaves no stone unturned to enhance your needs. Indeed, this one’s a no-brainer.

Marking their expertise in toilet and kitchen renovation, they have been adorning their services to most of Singapore for over 20 years now. In fact, their offerings include tiling, hacking, and installation of toilet bowls, washbasins, and screen doors. In conclusion, if your aim to uplift the atmosphere inside your bathroom and not spend a bomb, don’t look beyond. Truly, you have found your go-to service provider.


  • Budget-friendly pricing (Specially for the elderly)
  • Customized packages
  • Helpful and experienced staff
BEST FOR Tiling Works and Hacking Works
SERVICESAnti-slip, floor treatment, bathtub removal, toilet shower screen, toilet slide swing door, and toilet bowl conversion
CONTACT DETAILS+65 8777 3003

2. Livespace

Certainly, Livspace is known to be one of the most popular contractors in Singapore for home innovation and interiors. Being an award-winning firm, they house specialized designers and verified contractors. Meanwhile, their goal is to support clients to fulfill their dreams and ensure they come to life. In other words, Livespace strictly hires established contractors and white-collar service executives.

Furthermore, each contractor undergoes a 3-step quality check that commences with their onboarding process. Firstly, they screen the contractor’s portfolio. Secondly, they move to test where their performance is evaluated. Lastly, they are put through a monitoring stage via a project manager for concluding the scrutiny. In conclusion, they offer mental security by giving their clients $4 million insurance cover by AXA. In addition to that, one year warranty on all civil and woodwork. How attractive are these perks!?


  • Handle various spaces
  • Convenient and easy-to-use platform.
  • Award-winning & verified contractors
  • $4 million cover by AXA
  • One year warranty
BEST FORFull home interiors, carpentry, overall renovations, handling various spaces including condos, HDB homes and landed homes
SERVICES/SCOPEDesign and build, toilet renovations, demolition, carpentry work, plumbing,
hacking, furniture, decor sourcing and masonry

3. Renovation Contractor Singapore

Certainly, everyone deserves a gorgeous view in the place they spend a lot of their day’s time – their homes and offices. Consequently, your bathroom is an essential part of your home and office. Hence, Renovation Contractor Singapore have the capability and power to smoothly transform your aesthetic goals into reality. Subsequently, they don’t only have the most innovative and award-winning interior designers team, but also at your convenience of availability.

Nonetheless, from conceptualizing to designing and right up to implementing, . Thus, whether you have a small or big space, you can be rest assured your work will be well-executed if laid in their capable hands. To summarize, there is room for both benefits – functional and inspirational.


  • Design to installation service
  • Licensed professionals
  • Assured quality and workmanship
  • Prompt after-sales support
BEST FORHome renovations
SERVICES/SCOPEHome improvement services, modular work, furnishing & decor provisions

4. Jaystone Renovation

Indeed, Jaystone Renovation Contractors are masters of the trade who intricately mold their offerings to fit client’s needs. Equally important, without crossing the line of your budget limit. Hence, they are easily one of the top 10 toilet renovation service providers in the market since many years. So, be it your bedroom, living room or bathroom, their renovation capabilities are commendable and well renowned.

Furthermore, the team at Jaystone really knows how to give your space a whole new perspective and outlook. Above all, their features combine very well in the toilet renovation department because you can choose from their 3 unique and affordable packages. On the whole, all the 3 packages are provided with the on-boarding of experts and professional installers to ensure quality workmanship.


  • Free consultation and quotation
  • Experienced staff and installers
  • Affordable rates and packages
BEST FOR All-around Renovation Services
SERVICESBathroom, toilet, and kitchen renovation, waterfproofing, paiting, Carpentry, tiling, flooring feature walls, drywall partition, and plumbing
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6653 6215

5. Thomson Renovation

Certainly, Thomson Renovation is a toilet renovation service that owns a single brand ethos – ‘Providing Peace of Mind to customers’. However, owning the arena of living in a clean and organized home, these contractors invest all their experience to make sure you get your way. Certainly acing the field for a decade now. Furthermore, Thomson’s team has been one of the most trusted names in residential and commercial renovation space in Singapore.

However, not everyone is aware of the most effective methods to renovate their washrooms. Hence, this is where Renovation’s toilet renovation team comes in. To illustrate, they simply take over for give a detailed transformation. This is why you need not worry or lift a single finger once they are hired for the job. To summarize, they will make the best use of their resources. Most importantly, within your given budget by formulating a fruitful plan for your home.


  • Non-mandatory site examination
  • Efficient teamwork and craftsmen
  • Brilliant project management
  • Installation of accessories
BEST FOR Home Renovation Services
SERVICESBathroom Renovation and Kitchen Renovation
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9799 9375

6. Elysian Design

Hailing from both residential as well as commercial sectors, Elysian Designs have managed to collect a whole lot of loyal clients. Moreover, they have sure earned some evolved well-wishers with their great work. Subsequently, if you’re looking for a toilet renovation service that has earned genuine goodwill due to its past projects, you’re looking in the right place. Additionally, Elysian has super affordable services solving all kinds of renovation issues.

So, what is their secret to success you ask? Indeed, they believe in making strong connections with their clients. By this, they meet their expectations with regards to home-spaces. Above all, they understand the pulse of the client. In addition, they also mark their journey from design to innovation and execution super smoothly. To conclude, their work and clients are their biggest promoters.


  • Various renovation packages offered
  • Competitive rates
  • Dedicated project managers
  • An innovative team of craftsmen
BEST FOR Home Renovation and Interior Design Services
SERVICESBathroom Renovation, Kitchen Renovation, Tiling Services, Painting Services, and Vinyl Floor Installation
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6442 0511

7. Octagon Global Trading

Indeed, the world is evolving rapidly with ever-growing innovation in technology. On top of that, people have very little time to waste in this fast-paced life. Accordingly, to optimize time and reduce human effort, Octagon Global has launched a whole new range of modern toilet tools and equipment. Immediately, your daily routine will now involve sleek products, automatic bidets, and give you a futuristic feeling.

Moreover, Octagon’s premium toilet bidets assure a convenient and comfortable toilet you won’t trade for any other type. So what more? Simultaneously, they happily invite and attend to inquiries and demos for each product. Overall, making it the coolest and fanciest toilet for your daily use.


  • Smart sensor
  • Premium Instant Heating System Bidet
  • Friendly staff
BEST FORSmart Toilet Bidets
CONTACT DETAILS+65 8312 5878
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri: 9am – 6pm

8. YHH Plus Enterprise

So, where do people usually fall the most? That’s right, the bathroom! Therefore, the most slippery and accident-prone area in your house now has a permanent solution for its impression. After all, the team at YHH has cracked unique methods. Mostly that of reducing your chances of falling and giving you a safer environment to live in. Here’s how – Their anti-slip solution does all the magic.

Most importantly, this unique product is known to diminish your accidents. Instead of tip-toeing with worry in your own bathroom space. In fact, this is especially great for families that have children and older people living in the house. Above all, it is eco-friendly, proven to be 100% effective, and certainly lasts longer than expected. 


  • Works on various types of floor tiles
  • Exclusive to Supply and Install in Singapore
  • Environmental friendly non-toxic solution
BEST FORProfessional Anti Slip Floor Treatment
CONTACT DETAILSCall/Whatsapp/SMS: +65 9455 0766
Office: +65 6685 5862

9. Renopedia

Renopedia is a concept that adapted to its time. It’s essentially an online portal where Singaporean homeowners find contractors. For example, they also get the benefits of finding tips, tricks, hacks, and inspiration on this platform. Most importantly, they get ideas for their ideal home renovation and design. In other words, Renopedia is the best liaison between the island’s best contractors and people with dream homes.

Consequently, Renopedia has partnered with over 200 renovation merchants and interior designing firms. Certainly, there is something for everyone when it comes to a toilet or home renovation on their platform. Subsequently, as you connect with a suitable contractor, Renopedia’s team ensures your preferences, desires and budgets are catered to every detail.


  • Local Singapore brand
  • Successful Innovators Awards
  • The ASEAN IN Award 2018
  • SME 100 Awards Fast-moving Companies
BEST FORInterior design, Home renovation
SERVICESShortlists interior design firms, furniture stores, home renovation brands, home renovation products and services in Singapore

10. HSM Tiling

Running a premium establishment since the 1980s, HMS Tiling has emerged as Singapore’s most valued toilet renovation service provider. Truly, they deliver nothing beyond top-notch quality and commendable workmanship right from inception. Consequently, their services grow across divisions like carpentry, sanitary, electrical, and aluminum works. Beyond this, their precision, time management, and methods of optimizing resources are impeccable.

However, no matter the extent or magnitude of the project, they have always broken record time in delivering quality services on time. Most importantly, they specialize in all aspects of renovation, even beyond toilets and bathrooms. In conclusion, whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, they will all be in safe and experienced hands.


  • 12-month warranty for dislodged tiles
  • Highly experienced team of renovators
  • They give qoutes without project commitment.
BEST FOR Tiling Services, Renovation Works, and Repair & Maintenance
SERVICESBathroom Renovation, Tiling Services, and Demolition
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9167 7727

To summarize, if you need a change, some fixing or even some help, feel free to connect with professionals. They will not only cater to your needs with ease, but also make your life easier. We promise that you won’t be disappointed by the above mentioned toilet renovation services!