We all fantasize about exploring new cuisines but something about rice always brings us back. Not only does it give us that feeling of satisfaction, for many of us a meal without rice isn’t a meal at all. Even when it comes to rice, a good thunder tea rice often tops the list. You have rice, spices and great ingredients coming together, what more could we ask for?

Thunder Tea Rice is a dish that is truly, uniquely Singaporean. I love this simple yet delicious dish! I remember as a kid my mum would serve it for breakfast when we were having late night Chinese New Year banquets at home where the whole family was asleep but everyone still had to get up early to go for prayers and stuff like that. And yes, I can confirm that it is very much a local family favourite and not something typically consumed by the Chinese community outside of Singapore.

In Singapore, various restaurants serve thunder tea rice, but the recipe does vary; hence finding a great one is difficult. What’s more exciting is that these places have their secret recipes, which cause a blast of a vibrant mix of flavours in one’s mouth, making it unique in their own way.

In this article, we will list down the 10 best places that serve the best thunder tea rice in Singapore and why is the place worth a visit.

Boon Lay Traditional Hakka Lui Cha
Top 1✔️ Fluffy Rice Bowl
✔️ Creamy Soup
✔️ Authentic and Traditional
✔️ Consistent Quality
✔️ Crunchy Vegetables
✔️ Great Presentation
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Tea Square
Top 2 ✔️ Classic Thunder Rice Bowls
✔️ Additional Cilantro On Top
✔️ Distinct Flavours
✔️ Ample Seasoning
✔️ A Dash of Sweetness
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Thunder Tree
Top 3✔️ Thunder Tea Specialised Shop
✔️ Only Organic Ingredients
✔️ No MSG Used
✔️ Generous Portion of Soup
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1. Thunderbolt Tea by Boon Lay Traditional Hakka Lui Cha

Thunderbolt Tea by Boon Lay Traditional Hakka Lui Cha
Image Credit: ThunderBolt Tea

If you have been searching for a place that serves a fluffy rice bowl with creamy soup which is traditional and has authentic ingredients used then Thunderbolt Tea by Book Lay is your perfect go-to destination. The vegetables are crunchy always and up to the mark. It is a surprise that the taste does not even change a bit whenever you visit the place. It is a complete treat to try the recipe coming from ancestors to bring in the succulent taste which is inviting during monsoon.

Their presentation skills perfectly match with the need of modern times; you’re in for a good time. How they change with time is nothing to do with the taste as even today is really a mystery; their originality reflects in every morsel you take. If you are trying thunder tea rice for the first time, then this should be your first choice.

Be sure to check out their website for discounts like 15% off, and you can even get some delivered to your place for orders above $15.

Address: 81 Ubi Ave 4, #01-07, Singapore, 408830

Contact: 93398979

2. Tea Square

Not always will a lavish restaurant serve the most exquisite food. Sometimes, a flavoursome meal can be found in the corner most places in the city. Such places are known for the chef who pours all his heart into the dish he prepares to bring out flavours that will bloom majestically into your mouth. Tea Square is one of such corner restaurants where hygiene is given utmost priority.

This tiny place is located in the most popular Albert Centre Market. They indulge in classic thunder tea rice bowls of lei cha fan. What set them apart from other places serving thunder tea rice are the distinct flavours, which have ample seasoning and a dash of sweetness. To give a personal touch, the chef sprinkles cilantro on the top to bring in refreshment after the meal.

You might find the lei cha fan a bit dry without the soup but when you try out the one at the Tea Square, the rice just feels perfect!

Address: #01-06 The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen Street, 189646

Contact: +65 69063257

3. Thunder Tree

Thunder Tree
Image Credit: Facebook

As the name suggests, Thunder Tree is a place specially devoted to Thunder Tea Rice, and therefore the prices here are steep. It might shock you, but we believe that the prices they charge are worth every bite because of the amount of detailing to every spice and the way the restaurant presents. The flavours of the bowl take you to a wholly imaginary world of heaven where you enjoy having the utmost satisfying meal of the millennium.

The owner is adamant about using organic ingredients to give a unique experience to his visitors. He promises to use no MSG, which is damaging to health and swears to never mix in artificial colours.

Each meal bowl comes with a generous portion of creamy green soup which compliments the rice pleasingly. The alluring aroma which comes from the restaurant will attract you to have even the last morsel with utmost pleasure.

Contact: +65 69063257

4. Sunny Choice

Sunny Choice
Image Credit: Facebook

A blast for vegetarians since 2007, Sunny Choice is serving the most delicious thunder tea rice in its own unique way. Most of the thunder tea rice have peanuts, Ikan Bilis, choy sum, etc. but Sunny Choice replaced them with nuts such as cashew and other premium toppings like fried enoki mushrooms and cekur manis. This combination makes the meal similar to a lavish restaurant and one feels like a king while having the meal. The owner also has her unique way of preparing the broth which is a must to taste once in a lifetime event for the non-vegetarians.

The owner dictates the story of the preparation of the broth if you ask her for in his own jolly way keeping the guest entertained. She believes that her trial and error method brought the recipe which included 10 ingredients to bring a deep olive green soup which is sweet and savoury filling tummies and leaving a big smile on the face.

Vegetarians can head straight to the restaurant when they are craving thunder tea rice. Be sure to make use of their regular discounts though.

Address: You can check out their outlets here.

Contact: You can check out the contact details of specific locations here.

5. Pine Tree Café

Pine Tree Café
Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Visiting a café for a meal is always a pleasure trip. What if we tell you that you can get an astounding bowl of thunder tea rice in this pretty Pine Tree Café where soup kills the show! Most of the thunder tree restaurants concentrate on the preparation of rice and vegetables where Pine Tree Café has its own way. They opine that if the soup will taste delicious, men will return to the café.

For this, they have a huge bowl of soup, which also serves to increase your appetite. This way, you can enjoy your sumptuous bowl of thunder tree rice, which is more than aromatic and filling. We personally recommend trying out the thunder tree rice with the soup as you’ll rarely find such delicious soup anywhere else. Also, cost-wise, the restaurant is reasonable because of the number of good vegetables added to blend well with rice.

The thunder tea rice retails for around $8, and you’ll soon find yourself asking for seconds. Be sure to check the menu, and the promotional offers too.

Address: #02-09/13 Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road, Singapore

Contact: +65 9815 4940

6. Traditional Hakka lui cha

Traditional Hakka lui cha
Image Credit: Google Reviews

If you can’t figure out from the name of the stall itself, this one is dedicated solely to thunder tree rice. Gaining some-what of a cult-status among lovers of thunder tree rice, this stall will always have a marvellous aroma of soup which allures the people to have a meal at this heritage stall. Not always will you like to go to a restaurant for a meal! Sometimes, cutting down on money and searching for a stall to offer a good meal brings in a different kind of satisfaction altogether.

If you are willing to have authentic preparation of thunder tree rice which has a good portion of peanuts in it, Thunderbolt Tea will be your go-to place. You will find the soup here creamy and heavy to cover up for an entire afternoon and thus the meal is more than worth every penny.

Address: 505 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 640505

7. Ah Lock&Co

Ah Lock & Co
Image Credit: Facebook

Ah Lock & Co is especially for those who have never tried thunder tree rice in their entire life. This is because they give a hint of modernization to this traditional recipe and thus you will not find a completely different taste. If you are new, you will be able to have a complete portion of the meal and still will be able to develop the taste. Many prefer this modernization of recipe as it tastes so much better but if you crave originality, this place is surely not for you.

The bowls they serve have a grain that infuses various elements of both thunder tea rice and the Hakka Yong tau foo. This is where the innovation from the original recipe comes into play. Their Hakka rice bowls are extremely delicious and worth a try too.

If you have already tried the original recipe and you are looking to spice it up in a different form, Ah Lock & Co is your next go-to place.

Address: 7 Wallich St, GUOCO TOWER, #B2-22/23/24

Contact: +65 8218 8696

8. Traditional Hakka Rice

Traditional Hakka Rice
Image Credit: Yelp

Tofu fans can hit this place up. Many prefer tofu when turning a vegetarian, but plenty of non-vegetarians also incline towards the same due to the humongous amount of proteins found in it. When a rice bowl that has a good portion of carbs is combined with proteins and vegetables, it makes a perfect meal for the body.

Traditional Hakka Rice place is the only place where you will indulge in a huge quantity of tofu. This is the reason why it is famous for thunder tea rice. What made the dish different from others is the tossed peanuts. Usually, all other places do not go through the pains of tossing the peanuts and use them raw in the thunder tea rice, making it taste all the same everywhere.

The meal is balanced for maintaining body weight, and also, the portion of sesame seeds is generous and looks mouth-watering. One good thing about the place is the manner in which the restaurant served the meal. It looks overwhelming, and that pops up a lot of luscious feels before you even begin to have your first morsel. Also, the basil they add to the dish makes it even more creative and fresh leaving you in a food coma for a good hours post-meal.

Address: 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-22, Singapore 081006, Singapore

9. Living Wholesome Vegetarian

Living Wholesome Vegetarian
Image Credit: Facebook

A beautiful stall welcoming all vegetarians is the Living Wholesome Vegetarian who is willing to try the authentic thunder tea rice in the pretty city of Singapore. The crazy part about the stall is that the owner wants people to see him cook. It makes him happy that people know what they are having and how beautifully he has crafted the ingredients in the recipe. Not every day you will see such a hawker willing to show all the ingredients with so much joy and warmth. This is because they usually use not so good vegetables.

Stall owners mix and match old and new vegetables but the owner of Living Wholesome is completely against this policy. He believes in the name he has offered to his stall and proudly welcomes questions about his cooking techniques.

He adds a bit of flair while preparing food, making it a fun-time to watch while you wait for your food. A healthy meal cooked by adding a handsome quantity of vegetables and sesame seeds with seasoned tofu gives the rice a completely different taste. He also makes the dish a little minty, which makes the afternoon meal really good. The mint works to digest the meal during the remaining work hours and does not let you fall asleep.

We personally recommend visiting the stall and having the meal rather than ordering the thunder tea rice online.

Address: Bukit Timah Food and Market Centre, 51 Upper Bukit Timah Road #02-188 Singapore, Singapore 588215

Contact +65 8426 6033

10. Hakka Thunder Tea Rice

Hakka Thunder Tea Rice
Image Credit: Flickr

One of the very few places in Singapore that have used the name aptly in serving their customers with thunder tea rice in two varieties namely: brown rice and white rice. The brown rice you get here costs 50 cents more than the white rice when compared. But both the bowls are generously served with a good quantity of ingredients topped above the rice. The kitchen is inside so they only pack and give you the food. If you are someone who likes to see how their meal is prepared, do not freak out. The taste is good and we assure you of that

People usually queue up outside the store to buy parcels of thunder tea rice to carry home and enjoy. You’re in for one hell of a treat.

Address: 1A Commonwealth Dr, #01-31, Singapore 141001

Contact: 8189 9676

Thunder tea rice is a combination of various spices and a perfect blend of soup. We recommend our viewers to try the various offerings listed in this article for an all-around taste of what Singapore has to offer. We are sure, you will become a fan of thunder tea rice and will crave every time you are hungry and looking for a complete meal.

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