Terrariums are becoming more and more incorporated with the trends these days as people seem to grow a liking towards minimalism. However, before we even get started, we need to know first what a terrarium is. 

Terrariums are miniature, self-contained ecosystems that you can set up at home. If done correctly, they represent the perfect symbiosis of nature and man. The plants in your terrarium will grow under natural light and with a small amount of care from you. You can even use them to explore the different climates around the world! Terrariums make great gifts too—especially for those who love plants but have little garden space or time to maintain one.

The word terrarium refers to a sealed glass container which includes soil and plants in it. These terrariums can contain several different plants to fit different themes. Furthermore, some people might even try to recreate landscapes in nature with these plants and some might even include flowers in terrariums. Nowadays, these terrariums are enclosed in small geometric shaped containers, some even open. 

If you are interested in buying terrariums in Singapore or even trying to make them yourself, feel free to read on this list of the best places to buy terrariums in the country. 

Lush Glass Door
Top 1
Best Overall Terrarium Shop

Why Lush Glass Door?
✔️ Price from $29.90
✔️ Premium Terrariums
✔️ Specialised in Terrariums
✔️ Themed Terrariums
✔️ Large Selection of Styles
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The Green Capsule
Top 2
Best Customisable Terrariums

Why The Green Capsule?
✔️ Price From $40.00
✔️ Diverse Collection of Terrariums
✔️ Customisable Selections
✔️ Adjustable 4D Armrest
✔️ 12 Years Warranty
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A Tilly A Day
Top 3Most Affordable Terrariums

Why A Tilly A Day?
✔️ Price From $15.00
✔️ Colourful and Vibrant
✔️ Minimalistic Features
✔️ Theme and Occasion Based
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1. Lush Glass Door 

Lush Glass Door 
Image credit: Lush Glass Door

Lush Glass Door is best if you want to have several options when it comes to buying terrariums. This store sells mostly terrariums and offers several types of terrariums such as geometric terrariums, cylindrical terrariums, dome terrariums, scenic terrariums, modern air plant terrariums and more. In addition to this, they also have themed terrariums such as anniversary themed, housewarming gifts and more. 

The shop also has do-it-yourself (DIY) terrarium kits, so if you want to try building a terrarium by yourself, you are free to give it a try. The prices start from around $29.90 and can go over $600, however, those are more premium terrariums only. 

Official Pages: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: 371 Beach Road, City Gate, #02-53, Singapore 199597 

2. The Green Capsule

The Green Capsule
Photo credit: The Green Capsule

Founded recently in 2014, the store’s aim is to become one of the first terrariums stores in the country to enable customisation of terrariums. Thus, if you are interested in customising your own terrariums and making it more personal to you or whoever you are wanting to gift it to, The Green Capsule may just be the ideal option for you!

Alongside providing customisation of terrariums, the store also has a diverse collection of terrariums available with different sizes and also pertaining to different themes. They will always have an option that suits your liking! 

However, it is slightly more expensive compared to the previous store, as the prices range from $40.00 to $160.00. The terrarium in the image above costs $70.00. 

Official Pages: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: 107 North Bridge Road, #04-11, Singapore 179105

3. A Tilly A Day

A Tilly A Day
Image credit: A Tilly a Day

If you are not wanting to go out and buy a terrarium due to the current situation or you are just more of a homebody, fear not because A Tilly A Day allows you to not only buy terrariums online but you also have the option to customise it from the comfort of your own home. They give you theme-based and occasion-based options for you online as well. Furthermore, you do not have to go and collect it for they will ship it to your address. 

These terrariums are colourful and vibrant, so if you are wanting to brighten up your room decor, try buying one that adds more colour. Furthermore, it also has some minimalistic features, like black borders on the glass containers. Thus, if you want to go for a minimalistic vibe combined with minimalistic features, you may want to check this shop out.

Alongside having options to customise terrariums online, A Tilly A Day also has supplies available for DIY terrariums so you also have the option of creating your own terrarium if you are interested. They also give you care tips, if you are new to taking care of a plant. 

Official Pages: Website | Facebook

Location: Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, #02-03 (West Wing), Singapore 828761

4. InOut Atelier

InOut Atelier
Image credit: InOut Atelier

If you are leaning towards having more creativity used in your terrariums, InOut Atelier may be the perfect store for you to try since their terrariums are inspired by open nature landscapes. They have several different options available for all customers, so you can ensure that you will have at least one terrarium of your choice. 

InOut Atelier sells terrariums that are unique since not only are they inspired by natural landscapes, the containers they come in are aesthetic too. Although it might just be a simple glass container, the vibrant colours inside it really help to make the terrariums stand out. 

Furthermore, their terrariums need minimal daylight and in enclosed jars, their design makes sure that the humidity builds up over time. In addition to this, you can also customise your own terrariums. Prices usually start at $20.00 and can go up to $395.00. 

Official Pages: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: 311 Old Birdcage Walk, #01-06 Singapore 798484

5. Love in a Bottle

Love in a Bottle
Image credit: Love in a bottle

Love in a Bottle provides flowers in terrariums which are from Japan. Additionally, an interesting aspect of these terrariums is that some might include cute figures as well, making them more cute and aesthetic. This store also has DIY terrarium kits if you are interested in making your own terrarium 

What makes this store stand out is the colourful flowers used in the terrariums. The plants used are usually green in colour, so adding colourful flowers adds a vivid atmosphere to them. Prices start from $15.90.

Official Pages: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-41 Millenia Walk S039596

6. J2 Terrarium

J2 Terrarium
Image credit: J2 Terrarium

Although it is an online business, J2 Terrarium does sell terrariums in some markets and events taking place in Singapore. In this store, you will get terrariums with different shaped containers as well as containers and themes. Some terrariums may also have LED lights in them, like the one above. 

Furthermore, as with most terrarium shops, you will also have access to DIY terrarium kits if you are inquisitive about the creation of a terrarium. Prices range from $38.00 to $108.00, so it tends to lean towards the more expensive side. 

Official Pages: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: J²​ Studio, A’Posh Bizhub, 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #04-06, Singapore 768160

7. FittoniaMania

Image credit: Fittonia Mania

In FittoniaMania, not only can you find DIY terrarium kits but you can also see yourself finding various types of plants in terrariums. Some of them are extremely colourful, whilst others have more greener plants. You can also explore terrariums with different shapes, such as cylinders and ovals. Majority of these containers are glass with no design on the actual containers. 

FittoniaMania has terrariums that pertain to different themes and occasions. It is more expensive than most of the ones previously mentioned, starting at around $42.00. The terrarium shown in the image costs $81.00. 

Official Pages: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: #01-02 301 Upper Thomson Rd (next to Malay Barber), Singapore 574408

8. The Orijean

The Orijean
Image credit: The Orijean

This store has implemented different series for terrariums and there are three in total: The Beginning Series, The Stone Series and The Petit Series. The Beginning Series contains plants in geometric shapes with black borders, thus giving off minimalistic vibes. The Stone Series contains plants in stones and The Petit Series surrounds the plants in the glass. The picture above is from The Beginning Series. 

Alongside having these different series, you also have the option to customise your own terrarium to make it more personal to you or for the occasion. If you are into monochrome colour schemes, The Orijean might interest you since their terrariums are minimal. 

Official Pages: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: 1 Maju Ave, Singapore 556679

9. Terrarium Singapore

Terrarium Singapore
Image credit: Terrarium.sg

Although located in the Northern areas of Singapore, Terrarium Singapore provides terrariums of several different plants and geometric shapes. All their terrariums are handmade. You can choose from a variety of options, such as Bonsai Terrarium, Cactus Terrarium, Succulent Terrarium, Terrarium Waterfall and more. 

They also offer Terrarium workshops (like most other shops mentioned previously in this article), so if you are interested in making your own terrarium under guidance, you have the chance to! Compared to the other shops mentioned, it is slightly more expensive. 

Official Pages: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: 15-33 Seletar West Farmway 1, Singapore 798123

10. Terrarium4U

Image credit: Terrarium4u

Terrarium4u offers customers both open and closed terrariums. Each of them is intricately designed with several plants and rocks. By gaining inspiration from natural landscapes and gardens, they incorporate those elements in their terrariums for it to look visually pleasing. Additionally, you also have the option to customise your own terrarium. The terrariums are slightly more expensive. 

You do not have to go visit the store as you can buy directly online and they will ship it to you. If you do want to self-collect it though, you can contact them directly through their Facebook or email. 

Official Pages: Website | Instagram | Facebook

11. Mosto Terrarium

Mosto Terrarium
Image credit: Mosto Terrarium

Mosto Terrarium is one of the best places to buy terrariums for your home. With tiny sculptures and many beautiful figurines to look at, your home will be instantly transformed.

The terrariums available include the singing in the rain, which sells at $51 and contains a Japanese character Totoro standing with an umbrella in the garden. The sailing in a nest sells at $44 in a rocky, figurines, moss, and seashell environment. It also has birds in a nest. Want to have a romantic atmosphere in your home? Then sailing in a nest will be your perfect terrarium. Other terrariums worth checking out include birds of different feathers that sell at $55. All other terrariums sell for $35.

At Mosto, their terrariums are inspired by real-life situations. The beauty of their simple, figurative glasses will capture the romantic and historical story in your home.

Official Pages: Facebook | Instagram

12. Green Banana

Green Banana
Image credit: Green Banana

Green Banana offers a variety of flowers in terrariums. If you need a touch of sophistication and style, you are in the right place. It has closed and open terrariums that come in different egg-like shells and domes. It has various plants such as the cacti and the air plants.

You will enjoy Green Banana because their terrariums are available in pots, glasses, and not just glass vessels. What’s more, you get intricate with the various texture of terrariums. To get a quirkiness feel, they have a trophy cup that sells at $35. There is also a jar that has a spherical cork top that sells for $75. Other terrariums in stock include the Go Vintage 06 at $40 GreeGo Air that sells at $29. With a wide selection of terrariums to choose from, your home decoration will be classy and to your standard.

Official Pages: FacebookInstagram

Location: Havelock ll- 2, Havelock Road, #B1-28, Singapore 059763

13. Masons

Image credit: Mason

Mason is another place to buy excellent terrariums for your home décor. For those who need a whole array of items to select one that suits them wholly, Mason has a variety of terrariums that will meet your home improvement need.

For that classy and sophisticated feel in your home, Mason has the Teak Root Glass Bowl Décor at $129.00. Another item to try out is the Bultnik ready-made terrarium at $ 89. Other terrariums available include the Arvex concrete pot with succulent at $19.90 and the Beton concrete pot with succulent at $34.90.

Besides the expensive and classy terrariums, you enjoy a thirty-day risk-free return on the terrariums. The online store has other decorations apart from terrariums. This is actually one of the must-visit terrarium stores.

Official Pages: Facebook

Location: 39A Jln Pemimpin, Halycon Building, Singapore 577183

14. Mossing Garden

Mossing Garden
Image credit: Mossingarden

Mossing garden offers you a selection of minimalistic terrariums to transform your home. At the store, they believe less is more. Their designs are breathtaking and very simple. You get to experience the tranquillity and peace that comes from their well-designed terrariums. 

The store has the classic Jurassic series at $150.00. You’ll get to experience the miniature Jurassic park which comes in a variety of stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus. You need to hurry and grab your perfect vintage medicine jar since there is always minimal supply. Other terrariums in stock include Dome Garden at $120.00, Mr Bee Catcher at $150.00, Mr Ward at $120.00, and standard medium at $70. With the perfect creation in creating the images, you are sure to have an artistically inspired home.

Official Pages: FacebookInstagram

Location: 235 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #07-1100, Kebun Baru Palm View, Singapore 560235

15. The Plant Story

The Plant Story
Image credit: The Plant Story

The Plant Story offers you a variety of lush green terrariums that transform your entire household. It hosts various terrarium parties so that you enjoy urban culture in a serene and relaxed environment. After the party, you carry your preferred miniature garden. What’s unique about the plant story is that you attend workshops to learn how to make terrariums.

With their nature-inspired environment, you know how to incorporate the green lush miniature environment in your own home. At plant story, you can design the rainforest garden, which takes a few months to blossom. There’s the air garden and desert garden. The air-garden is ideal for town dwellers who prefer soil-less gardening. Your water garden has morimo balls from Japan, which are believed to harbour god luck. All the gardens are inspired by the need to experience nature in a homely environment.

Official Pages: FacebookInstagram

Location: Seletar Aerospace Park near Wheeler’s Estate

With this list of the best places to buy terrariums in Singapore, you can be assured that you will have at least a few options that suit your likings for terrariums. Each of these shops gives you high-quality terrariums and in some of them, you can also build your own through DIY terrarium kits or through workshops. If you are interested in having a plant but you are new to taking care of them, you might want to first go for terrariums since they are small and easier to manage than big plants. You might also want to use terrariums to decorate your house. Go ahead and give these shops a try!

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