Telegram is becoming more and more popular each day. Released in 2013, it took over the world through its cloud-based messaging means, implying that you can access your chats from all your devices. 

There are several different features on telegram, but the one we will be discussing today are groups and channels. Groups on telegram can have up till 20,000 members, with features like hashtags, mentions and replies to keep each of them efficient. Groups can be made public and anyone is able to join them. 

On the other hand, channels are used to make announcements for a large audience. Indeed, an unlimited amount of people can subscribe to channels. Each message has a view counter, therefore allowing you to see how many times the message has been viewed. 

If you want to know more about telegram groups (with some of them being channels) you should definitely join, then read on because we tell you the best 10 Telegram groups every Singapore should follow. 

1. SG Food Deals 

If you are interested in buying somewhat expensive food at cheaper prices, SG Food Deals might just be the ideal channel for you to join. Not only does it provide you with available food promotions and discounts, but also with promo codes. With that, they also include the location you can find these at as well as how long each promotion will last. 

Don’t worry if you think you’ll be limited to just a few types of restaurants and food. They provide promotions for all types of food such as Marche, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, Haagen-Dazs, Burger King, BreadTalk, Liho and more! You can join here

2. Eatbook

If you liked SG Food Deals, then you would probably enjoy this group as well. What this group does is that it provides food recommendations from different locations, alongside also giving some recipes and entertaining videos related to food from time to time. Not to mention, they provide reviews and listicles as well. 

A huge advantage of joining this group is that it provides recommendations from various different locations, from Hawker Centres to five-star restaurants. So be assured that you won’t ever feel left out of your food choices! You can join here

3. SG MRT Updates

Safe to say, SG MRT Updates is a very useful group to join, especially if you travel by the MRT daily. The group gives you real-time MRT updates, with details on when each train is going to depart and arrive for each line. Alongside these, SG MRT Updates also provides members with details on if there are any delays or breakdowns and early closures and late openings. 

You won’t be missing your MRT or panic if you suddenly realise that there is going to be a delay in your desired line and arrive late if you subscribe to SG MRT Updates here

4. SG Road Updates

If you are a frequent driver in Singapore or prefer to take cabs and cars around the country, especially during the pandemic, SG Road Updates is probably the perfect group for you to join in telegram. Through this group, you’ll be notified about traffic jams, including accidents and other major incidents on the road. Additionally, they will also advise you which lanes to take in case there is traffic. 

With this group, you’ll be able to know if you’re going to face traffic and how to avoid it. You can join here

5. The Straits Times

The Straits Times is a very useful group for everyone to join on Telegram, especially if you do not have enough time to check the news daily. It keeps you updated on daily events happening in Singapore. If you want to know more about news related to COVID-19 or simply just happenings in the country, you might want to join the group here

6. Singapore Internship Opportunities

If you are a student or a recent graduate from university, this group could perhaps be the ideal group you could join since it’s perfect for people who want to have some work experience! They give you full details of what the job requires you to do, as well as the requirements you need in order to apply. 

This group is particularly useful right now due to the ongoing pandemic since a lot of people are leaning towards working from home rather than going out of your houses. Who knows, maybe you can find a work from home opportunity in here? Join now!

7. WerkWerk SG

This group is especially for undergraduates, fresh graduates and young professionals who want some work experience. What makes this group different from the previous is that it provides details about full-time job opportunities available in Singapore, alongside internships and other positions relating to that area. In addition to this, you will find career advice, career hacks, wisdom and tips. 

If you are relatively new to the job field, you might find WerkWerkSG helpful to kickstart your career. You can join here

8. Pelando SG

Chances are that if you enjoyed SG Food Deals, you would probably like this group too. With some food deals, it also provides you with the best shopping deals alongside coupons. 

If you are into thrift shopping, Pelando SG might be the ideal group for you to join in Telegram. It also includes small perks like bus rides in certain malls. Click this link to join now!

9. SG Concerts

Ah, who doesn’t like a good concert? Although unfortunately, you can’t go to concerts now, this group might really help you in the near future. It gives you the latest gig news in Singapore, along with concert announcements and ticket sales. Furthermore, they are also giving out information on online concerts. 

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to buy the tickets! Join the group here

10. SG Weekend Plans

If you are ever bored on a weekend and don’t really know where to go in Singapore, don’t worry because SG Weekend Plans will provide you with full details for places to go. Besides these, the group also notifies you about the activities to do in the venues mentioned and the best time to visit. 

By joining SG Weekend Plans, you can always spend your weekends in the best way possible before starting your week. Join here!

Telegram is a huge platform for chatting and keeping up with all the events and news. With this list of the best 10 Telegram groups in Singapore, you will be able to find activities and groups of your choice and perhaps, maybe even find some interesting activities to do during the weekends. 

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