While some prefer to be surprised by what the future holds, others want to be mindful of what the future has in store. Their go-to? Tarot reading! Invented in the 1430s, Tarots have changed the game in fortune-telling. With ledge from crystals, full moons, sage cleanses, and mystic illustrations, tarot cards serve as spiritual guidance for some. Tarot reading has become popular in Singapore, emerging from the traditional fortune-telling to a digitalised platform.

We understand that tarot reading is not for everyone. But, if you’re curious about this phenomenon, we have listed the 5 best places you can get tarot reading in Singapore:

1. 7una7avenda

(Image Source: Instagram | 7una7avenda)

Being part of the Kang Li Mineral Kingdom,  A Family Business that Specialises in Geomancy Consultancy and Feng Shui or Zi Wei Dou Shu Analysis, Retailing Crystals and Gemstones since 1989, Yi Xinn is among the best tarot readers in Singapore. 

She founded 7una 7avenda, in Northbridge Road, hoping to focus on a Niche community and for Anyone to Seek a Peace of Mind, comfortably drawn from her perspective & insights; with her catchphrase; “For the Wanderer, Seeking a Peace of Mind, Banking in your Secrets within the Gift of Lights.”

You can, “Deposit your Darkness Sacredly…” The services 7una7avenda offers are Tarot Reading, Aura Reading and Face reading.

For her exemplary tarot reading service, rates start at $117. 

Tip: If you book by referral, rates are notably friendlier! 

Contact Details8720 2199 | 77@7una7avenda.com
Address777 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198745

2. Tarot Mamta

With over 18 years of tarot reading experience, Tarot Mamta has a large clientele, catering to clients in Singapore and other countries across the globe. She learned her skills from a gipsy in London and continues to imbibe her wisdom and art through tarot reading. 

Tarot Mamta provides tarot reading services in Singapore through private sessions, online tarot card readings, and Zoom classes. For those who are interested in learning the art, she offers tarot reading courses, too! Typically, tarot reading sessions with Tarot Mamta last for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of questions you have and the type of session you book. 

Curious about the other services Tarot Mamta offers? Click here. She conducts meditation classes, energises crystals, and a lot more! You can easily book an insightful card reading in the comfort of your home through her website.

Contact Details+65 9749 9287 | mamta@tarotinsingapore.com
Address38, Lorong, 23 Geylang Singapore 388372
Facebook | Instagram

3. Tarot on the Moon

(Image Source: Pinterest | @tarotonthemoon)

What’s beyond tarot reading other than fortune-telling? A lot! More than fortune-telling, tarot is a tool for serenity, inspiration, and action. With Tarot on the Moon’s tarot reading, you’ll enjoy a calming journey through every reading.

The Moon’s bookstore is appealingly something to look forward to, but have you tried conversing with Elaine? She’s Tarot on the Moon’s tarot reader, providing personalised tarot reading for every client. Rates start as low as $25, so you should definitely check out their tarot services. Make sure to pre-book your preferred schedule before heading out, because walk-ins are not allowed.

Contact Detailsmeow@themooon.com.sg
Address37 Mosque Street, Singapore 059515
Facebook | Instagram

4. The Secret Door’s Tarot Reading

Another entry to fill our list of the best places to get tarot readings in Singapore is The Secret Door. Despite being young in the industry, Fion, the founder of The Secret Door, is committed to bringing out fresh mystical tarot reading services on the island.

Allow yourself to leave all the setbacks behind and step up to new beginnings with Fion’s help. The start of the journey can get rough, but who knows – perhaps with the help of the best tarot readers like The Secret Door, you’ll find the guidance and introspection you need!

Contact Details+65 9625 4159 | thesecretdoorsales@gmail.com
WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

5. Lovelight SG’s Tarot Reading

(Image Source: Instagram | @lovelight.sg)

Is something bothering you right of your chest? Get clarity with Fay of Lovelight SG. She provides magick and tarot reading in Singapore through her Instagram account. 

LoveLight SG also provides tarot readings if you have upcoming events. If you want a quick session, she has 1 and 3-card reading sessions for you! Rates start at $4, which is definitely not bad if you’re seeking a fast and brief insight.

By the way, she has a podcast you might be interested in! Follow the Magickal Homeroom through this link.

LoveLight SG’s social media pages: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

There are a lot of tarot reading places in Singapore. We hope our list of the best tarot readers in Singapore has helped you decide where your upcoming session would be. Whether you’re looking for a place to vent, ease your mind, or bank your worries away, these tarot readers can be of great help. It needs open-mindedness and curiosity to spark an interest in tarot reading, but there’s nothing to lose if you try, right?