Buying a new tablet and can’t figure out what to buy? Or you wish to compare the ranking of the tablet that you wish to buy with other alternatives?  Well then you are at the right place, we have gathered and ranked the top best student tablets in Singapore. With in-depth information on the specification and value for money details that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our top three mentions were chosen for their versatile specification, quality display, adaptive student-friendly operating system and affordability. The top three mentions also ranks as the bestselling student tablets in Singapore.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
Top 1
✔️ High-quality display
✔️ Great surround sound
✔️ Plenty of creative tools and bonuses
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Lenovo Tab M8
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Top 2 ✔️ Value for money
✔️ Good battery backup
✔️ Very lightweight and easy to use
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Xiaomi Tablet MiPad 4
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Top 3
✔️ Affordable option
✔️ Sturdy built and classy look
✔️ Qualcomm SDM660 Snapdragon 660
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How to know which tablet will suit your needs best?

What makes tablet more useful than a regular cellphone?

When we talk about getting a tablet one might wonder, why a tablet when I can easily afford a brand new phone? Well the reason to which is simple, android phones are made specifically to work in regular modes of being it chatting with friends, browsing different kinds of websites, and most importantly communications. While the tablet on the other hand has a wider aspect of things it can perform. The tablets are more specifically built for the purpose of doing official and work-related jobs. It is kind of irritating to squint your eyes on a website designed for a larger screen.

So here, tablets come to the rescue, with their wide and high-quality display it can easily load those pages and site. Also, it can be quite difficult to use a mobile to copy those online notes and such, though it is possible doing that could lead to pressure in the eye and even weakening of eyesight.

Is getting the tablet worth the price?

Well yes and at the same time no, well it does ensure that getting a tablet is a better alternative than using a mobile or other such devices, but, the quality and the product you choose make a huge impact on it as well. Usually, people while buying tablets tend to neglect the interior system or the build of a tablet and just look for external accessories. Due to which people end up losing interest in buying a tablet ever again.

Where to find good quality Tablet?

Just typing in the work tablet in your browser is enough to guide you to various websites and pages on different types of Tablets and preferences. While some may be offering a good deal but the majority will charge you more than what they are worth. So to make the best choices for the tablets that you like, you can refer to the list below and choose from the one which works the best for you.

1. SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A8 – Highly Recommend for Overall Performance

student tablets


  • High-quality display
  • Great surround sound
  • Student and kids friendly

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 features a lightweight and compact design which makes it easy to carry. The lightweight design makes it easy for students to use this tablet easily and conveniently.  It comes in two colour shades- Black and silver.

The tablet comes in two variants – LTE and Wi-Fi + LTE – and the Wi-Fi only variant of the slate. Key features of the tablet include a quad-core Snapdragon 429 SoC processor. With 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage that is expandable via micro SD card up to 512GB. The Galaxy Tab A 8.0 features an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera which allows high-quality video recording and face time with friends, family and teachers.

The tablet comes with dual speakers which works efficiently in delivering crisp quality sound. The tablet comes with a free trial of YouTube Premium for 2 months. Not only that it hosts a range of informative and creative tools and games like Lego game content and apps like My Art Studio, Crocro Adventure, etc. The Parental Control feature let the parents set a time limit for children’s use of the device, and monitor kids’ screen time and what they access. Further, it also enables users to protect their children from accessing potentially harmful and useless content.

 Price – $179.00

2. Lenovo Android Tab M8 – Best Value for Money

student tablets


  • Value for money
  • Two different colour choices
  • Good battery backup

Lenovo Android Tab M8 tablet was launched in August 2019 in two different colour shades are Iron Grey and Platinum Grey. The tablet comes with an 8.00-inch (20.3 cm) touchscreen display with a resolution of 800×1280 pixels.  With 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage it makes it easier for students to download their lectures, record their classes and run two or more apps simultaneously without any hassle. The Lenovo Tab M8 comes with the operating system of Android 9 ( Pie) which works smoothly without any stuttering or freezing.

 Its 5000mAh battery providing an average life of 18 hours, which is more than enough to attend online lectures and classes even during power cuts. The 5mp rear camera and 2mp front camera gets the job done with ease. Made with rigid aluminium it is protected from physical wear and tear. It also has a one year warranty to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Weighing just 350 grams it easily fits into your backpack, so now you can simply carry it whenever and wherever you like.

Price – $199.00

3. XIAOMI TABLET MI PAD 4 Plus – Super long battery life

student tablets


  • Affordable price range
  • Long battery life
  • sturdy body

Xiaomi has always given us the best of their products, their reliable and user-friendly operating system all of which comes at a very affordable price rate. Likewise, Xiaomi in the year 2018 released their tablet modified for the students and their official work purposes. Unlike other tablets which brags about its bulky size befitting for a classy look, as some would suggest, the Xiaomi Tablet Mi Pad 4 Plus, is relatively much slimmer and designed to go with the comfortability of the students. Its slimmer design and lightweight body make it easy for the students to carry it around with them without any trouble.

Its high-quality IPS display provides a faster response with colour accuracy, and with its 8620mAh battery life, you don’t have to worry about your phone dying out while in the middle of your online classes. Upgraded to Android Oreo the operating system can handle tenuous application processing and runs quality online streams. Its Qualcomm SDM660 Snapdragon 660 chipset comes along with 4GB RAM and64GB internal which is more than enough to store and run all your applications with ease. If you wish to take some quality snaps, then worry not Xiaomi comes with 13mp high-quality rear and 5mp front camera to capture your moments. Its dedicated stereo speakers make your gaming and video streaming worthwhile. All of which is protected by your fingerprint sensor.

Price – $699.00

4. Samsung Tab A7

student tablets


  • Better quality online streams
  • Faster response time
  • Good battery backup

Samsung Tab A7 is another great find when it comes to choosing the best tablet for students. The Samsung Tab A7 comes in three different styles those are dark grey, silver, and gold. The all-new Samsung Tab A7 comes with a 10.40-inch display with a TFT screen that offers faster response along with a smoother framerate. The 1200×2000 pixel resolution produces higher quality and crisp images and prevents screen tearing. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Octa-core processor gives a faster and smooth processing speed that can even withstand a heavy workload. Samsung Tab A7 has default android 10 as an operating system that can further be upgraded to android 11, the operating system is modified for the comfort of the masses. Which offers efficient data management, application administration and manage multiple application use with ease.

The Samsung Tab A7 comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage data that allows you to save all your important files, data, and information, while higher RAM gives you smoother system performance and prevents screen freezing. It has a battery capacity of 7040mAh which means longer battery life and its smart battery consumption arrangement further extends the battery life. So now you don’t have to worry about power cuts while have to attend online classes, meeting,s or seminars. Its 5mp front and 8mp rear camera does the job for quality snaps and offers high-quality video chat and conference calls.

  Price- $235.00 – $265.00


student tablets | Huawei tablet


  • Long battery life
  • Affordable price range
  • Designed especially for students

Huawei Matepad T8 is best known for easy handling with its sleek ultra-slim size and lightweight. Its sturdy metal body that curves around the edges gives it an elegant look. With a dedicated IPS LCD display and a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels that deliver a high-quality viewing experience. So, now you can accurately take online notes and grasp the fundamental of classes easily. It comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal so now you can easily record and save your online lectures and lessons for later.

Huawei Matepad T8 is built with an Octa-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53) processor and an inbuiltEMUI10 operating system, which is made specifically for the relevance of the students. With its strong chipset, switching between apps and doing multitasking on a tablet easier and smoother. It carters many utility apps and functions which are designed especially for kids and students. The few smart features include automatic brightness and contrast adjustment and dark mode options to make reading easier, along with the Eye Comfort mode option that protects the eye from constant blue light. If 32GB internal is not enough for you then you can further expand its storage capacity with up to 512GB external SD support storage.

Price – $165.00  

6. Apple iPad 8

student tablets | Apple ipad 8


  • 12 months warranty
  • Value for money
  • High performance tablet

Apple iPad 8 is another tablet which reigns with both the class and specifications, also, it is one the best option for the students offering its secure and dedicated design. With its 10.2 inches IPS display option it comes in great use, delivering crisp and highly detailed images. All of which is protected by a solid aluminium body and a scratch-resistant screen. Apple iPad 8 is an 8th generation model that comes withA12 a Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, with an iOS14 operating system. It is technically a beast in comparison to other similar price ranged tablets.

Apple iPad 8 has two different variation one with 32GB internal and the other with 128GB, both of which works perfectly fine. The 8mp rear camera and the 1.2mp front work just fine for delivering and recording good quality video. The stereo speaker works perfectly with delivering quality distortion-free sound. There are three different colours to choose from those are Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. A lithium-ion battery gives it up to 10 hours of talk time, all of which is protected by your own personal fingerprint.


7. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

student tablets | Samsung Galaxy tab


  • Comfortable Design
  • User Friendly
  • Amazing Display and Sound

Samsung surely knows what features to provide when it comes to budget-friendly tech for the users. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, released in 2019 is one such tablet that comes with every important feature and also goes a mile further with some of its specifications. Its sleek design makes it very attractive and classy and is very comfortable for both adults and kids to use. You can choose from three different colour variants that it comes in, that is, Black, Silver, and Gold. The soul of this tablet lies in its wide 10.10inch TFT screen that boasts a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels for a crystal-clear viewing experience. Pairing up this feature with its powerful dual stereo speakers with Dolby 3D Atmos surround, you have a theatre that you can carry around.

You can choose between its 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, or if you want more speed and storage, it’s 3GB RAM with 32/64/128GB ROM versions. It has expandable storage of up to 512GB. Running on the latest Android version and a super powerful octa-core processor with a clocking speed of 1.6Ghz,1.8Ghz, it can handle any kind of heavy work. Capture your memories with its amazing 8.0 MP rear camera that records videos in 1080p 30fps. Also, for great selfies, meetings, or online classes, the 5.0 MP front camera does an amazing job. The 6150mAh battery underneath gives hours of long battery time. Its additional parental control feature allows restriction of the harmful and unwanted content for the kids.


8. Huawei Mediapad T5

student tablets | Huawei tablet


  • Powerful processor
  • Great display
  • Loaded with essential features

Huawei, as always, never fails to amaze us with their constant new releases of smartphones and tablets. The Huawei Mediapad T5 is an affordable tablet for easy everyday usage. Black and Champagne Gold are the colours that you can choose from. Its huge 10.10inch screen provides a crisp resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. The Mediapad T5 runs on the Kirin 659 octa-core processor with a clocking speed of 2.3GHz that is paired with 2GB of RAM, capable of handling heavy loads of the apps. The default operating system it has is the Android Oreo. The storage options it provides are 16GB/32GB internal storage that is expandable up to 256GB.

Though the Mediapad is not usually praised for its camera, it gets the job perfectly done. With its 5MP rear and 2MP front camera, you breeze through the online conferences, online classes, and seminars without any problem. The Kid Mode provided by this tablet allows kids of all ages to play and learn various new things and its eye-comfort mode is perfect for long periods of reading and writing purposes for the students. Packing a 5100mAh battery, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of charging it frequently.

Price- $278

9. Apple iPad Air 4

student tablets


  • Crystal-clear resolution
  • Powerful specifications
  • Efficient and reliable

When it comes to the quality of smartphones and tablets, Apple is no exception and we all know it. Launched in 2020, Apple iPad Air 4 is still one of the best tablets on the market for its price and specifications. The colour options available are Silver, Rose Gold, Green, Space Grey and Sky Blue. It has a massive 10.9inch display offering a resolution of 2360x1640pixels for crystal-clear videos and images.

iPad Mini packs an A14 Bionic Chip with a Neural Engine processor underneath, which is perfect for all kinds of daily work requirements and comes with 4GB of RAM. It runs on the iPadOS 14 operating system. As for the storage, you can choose between two variants, that is, 64GB, 256GB internal storage with no expandable option. Its 12MP rear camera allows clicking amazing photos and also scanning documents. The front 7MP HD camera allows high-quality video quality for casual face-time, important meetings and conferences, and online classes. Its powerful battery offers a long-lasting battery life of about 10 hours.

Price – $764.00 – $1,019

10. CHUWI HiPad Tablet

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  • Powerful specifications
  • Great battery life
  • Premium and sturdy design

CHUWI HiPad Tablet is probably the most underrated tablet you can find. It not only looks unique and amazing but it also an equally amazing build and specifications. The design of the tablet looks great with its geometric cuts. The thin speaker grill that runs along the sleek back panel gives it an extra aesthetic touch. The Grey finish on its metal body looks amazingly premium. Despite having such a design, this tablet is surprisingly comfortable to hold. Its 10.10inch FHD IPS display boasts a pixel range of 1920×1200. The OGS lamination technology brings out the true, accurate colours of the display.

CHUWI HiPad is one of the most powerful tablets you can find anywhere for this price point. It runs on the Android Oreo operating system out of the box. Powered by a massive Helio X27 deca-core processor with a boost clock of 2.6GHz, along with Mali T880 GPU, this tablet can be used for heavy gaming too. Its 3GB RAM provides faster responses and works time for the applications that can be stored in its 32GB of internal storage, which is expandable up to 128GB. Both of its rear and front cameras are 5MP for capturing amazing photos as well as for clear online conferences and classes. The massive 7000mAh battery offers 10 hours of comprehensive usage time.

Price – $329.00

With this, we now come to the end of this list of some of the most amazing tablets that are perfect for the usage of both students and for the home working adults alike. The tablets listed above are based on their specifications, comfort, interface, and user-friendliness. So, choose the one to your liking and not regret your decision.

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