When it comes to significant gatherings between family and friends, a piping-hot Steamboat meal will definitely be the main highlight of the day! The aromatic fragrance that can be smelled from the simmering pot of soup stock at the dining table with swishing pieces of meat and vegetables cooking in the broth.

So much so for the love over steamboats, the preparation work can turn out to be very tedious and time-consuming. From experiencing the hassle of lugging heavy groceries home to dishing out all the ingredients on the dining table. Ultimately, it can take the fun out of the jovial occasion. Why not make life easier by allowing someone else to do the work for you? Without further ado, the following are the best 8 steamboat delivery services provided by food companies in Singapore.

Some deliver just the ingredients while others go to the extent of renting hotpot equipment to customers. The best bit is that they are all delivered to the comfort of your home. It is time to gather the family for a good old steamboat session!

1. Steamboat Delivery

This popular steamboat delivery company in Singapore comes with a winning tagline, “Singapore’s #1 Complete Steamboat Delivery Experience”. Unlike standard steamboat deliveries, Steamboat King is a cut above the rest as customers can enjoy a full steamboat experience in the comfort of their own home – minus the unnecessary hassle. Gourmet enthusiasts are in for a culinary treat due to its myriad of food choices, covering from premium meats such as rare Hokkaido Snow Pork Belly to the freshest seafood aka fresh tiger prawns–all fully cooked in the finest superior broth sourced by its award-winning chefs. The soup is so undeniably good that you be drinking to the last drop!

2-3 Pax Package$69
6 Pax Package         $139
8-10 Pax Package      $239

Business Operating Hours      Monday-Sunday 10.45 am to 10.45 pm (Last Slot 8.45pm)

T: +65 96836616 or +65 93806108

Email: [email protected]

2. Mr Steamboat

From fundamental steamboat setup to post-clean up, Mr Steamboat make available service crews to clients who are hosting big events at their residences.

Mr Steamboat is the first steamboat delivery company established in Singapore. Being one of the most renowned companies when it comes to Steamboat, the company visioned on providing flavourful soup bases with the freshest ingredients. Each soup is prepared daily from scratch and simmers for hours on the cooking stove.

4 – 6 Pax Package$168
8 – 10 Pax Package$218
More than 50 PaxEmail to [email protected] for more details
Business Operating HoursMonday – Sunday  12pm to 10pm
(Last Slot 8pm)
T: +65 96836616 or +65 93806108

3. Beauty In The Pot

steamboat delivery singapore

Well-known for their flavoursome yet nourishing soup bases, Beauty In The Pot; the steamboat franchise of Paradise Group now enable customers to enjoy hotpot favourites at the comfort of their home. Food lovers do not have to leave the house as the delivery team will send everything you crave for, ranging from its Ebiko Prawn Paste to Signature Homemade Fish Tofu; all evenly portioned, thoroughly washed and prepared. Delivery charges are priced at $5 for food orders that totaled up to $70 and above.

3 – 4 Pax Package$68; Prices are subject to 7% GST
6 – 8 Pax Package$136; Prices are subject to 7% GST
Current Promotion
(Subject to changes)
1. Islandwide delivery at $5 with min. spend of $70, valid till 30 Jun 2020

2. Free Prawn Dumpling (half portion) with min. spend of $70
Additional free delivery with min. spend of $100 (Applied upon checkout)

3. Enjoy Free Delivery with Citi & Maybank Cards;
minimum spend applies
Business Operating HoursMondays to Fridays 9am to 6pm
T: +65 64876489

4. Haidilao

Hai Di Lao is a popular steamboat restaurant chain in Singapore; notable for its top-notch service and prime food quality. Although customers do not get to enjoy the free manicure when engaging their steamboat delivery service in Singapore, the company will still include complimentary cold dishes and snacks together with your delivery purchase. Alternatively, customers get to customise their own hotpot menu by opting for a la carte or choose from their set meals for more affordable deals.

2 Pax Package$108 (Original $123); Prices are subject to 7% GST
4 Pax Package$168 (Original $190); Prices are subject to 7% GST
6 Pax Package$298 (Original $336); Prices are subject to 7% GST
8 Pax Package$368 (Original $416); Prices are subject to 7% GST
Pointers to Note1. Minimum order for delivery:S$98 (Not inclusive of cooker rental fees)
2. Delivery time: 30mins to 2hours within 5km from [email protected] branch.
*Recommended to place order 24 hours in advance if distance is more than 5km from [email protected] branch.
3. Payment accepted: Cash or NETS only.
Business Operating HoursMonday – Sunday: 10am to 6am
T: +65 65094111
Customer Service: [email protected]

5. The Steamboat Specialist

If customers already owned their unique grandmother’s recipe to prepare their special soup base and are only sourcing for the delivery of freshest ingredients; steamboat style. A trustworthy option for your steamboat meal will be The Steamboat Specialist. This steamboat delivery service in Singapore comprises of a varied range of ingredients to select from, consisting of meat, surimi, seafood, vegetables, noodles and many more. Most of the ingredients have been washed and cut so customers can commence cooking the moment the ingredients arrive.

Current Promotion
(Subject to changes)
 Free delivery for a minimum food order of $50
Delivers Island-wide in Singapore
Contact DetailsT: +65 9824 9948
  Customer Service: [email protected]

6. Hotpot Master

HotPot Master Delivery Team has the capability of shaping the dining table in your household into a Grand HotPot Restaurant Table. Alluring table setup which will be equivalent to dining in their restaurant. Saving the best for the last, diners at home do not have to clean up after the food gathering. The service crew from HotPot Master will have that taken care of at the end of the steamboat session. Furthermore, HotPot Master provides a complimentary side dish and dessert for customers who purchase their hotpot set via their online platform. Clients can place steamboat reservations as soon as possible before the delivery slots are all taken up.

2-3 Pax Package$68 (Original $86); Prices are subject to 7% GST
4-5 Pax Package$98 (Original $128); Prices are subject to 7% GST
6 Pax Package$238; Prices are subject to 7% GST
10 Pax Package$368; Prices are subject to 7% GST
Current Promotion
(Subject to changes)
$68 Super Value HotPot Set (Serves 2-3 Pax); Flash Promo – Top up $9.90 for ten pieces of Superior Braised Abalone
Contact DetailsT: +65 62550552 or +65 96664078
Customer Service: [email protected]

7. COCA Singapore

Bangkok-hailing Thai-Chinese hotpot restaurant COCA Steamboat can now deliver its mouth-watering and homemade specialities right to the doorsteps of our home. The COCA Hotpot Set comes with all the best hotpot ingredients like broth bases, vegetables, noodles, meats and the signature dishes from the restaurant itself. COCA is now offering free steamboat delivery islandwide for the month of June, which are applicable to food orders with minimum spending of $60 and above.

3-4 Pax Package$68; Prices are subject to 7% GST
5-6 Pax Package$128; Prices are subject to 7% GST
Current Promotion
(Subject to changes)
1. Father’s Day Special Set (Serves 3-4 pax) – Only available for orders placed from 10 Jun 2020 to 28 Jun 2020 – $98; Prices are subject to 7% GST

2. Enjoy FREE Delivery with a minimum spend of $60 for the month of June
Business Operating HoursDelivery Time: 11.30am-8.30pm; unless indicated otherwise
 T: +65 62413833
Customer Service: [email protected]

8. Happypot Steamboat

Being a popular steamboat delivery service that has been around since 2014, which gets a wholesome of delivery orders during the Chinese New Year festive season, Happypot Steamboat remains a conventional option during the pandemic period. Select from an extensive range of ingredients like Chinese cabbage, lotus root, sliced chicken and many more when customers purchase their Asian steamboat or Thai mookata meal option. In addition, if you do not have kitchenware appropriate for the steamboat feast, feel free to request for suitable equipment and cutlery from their online platform for a small fee charge.

8-10 Pax Package$165 (Original $168); Prices are subject to 7% GST
15-18 Pax Package$292 (Original $295.25); Prices are subject to 7% GST
20-22 Pax Package$348.80 (Original $350.25); Prices are subject to 7% GST
24-27 Pax Package$418.80 (Original $421.75); Prices are subject to 7% GST
30-32 Pax Package$493.80 (Original $497.15); Prices are subject to 7% GST
Pointers to Note1. Packages do not include stoves, soup/sieve ladles and are available under Accessories category unless stated otherwise

2. Delivery services are available island-wide
Contact DetailsT: +65 9171 2821 or +65 91874598
Customer Service: [email protected]

To sum up, we have got you covered comprehensively. From food companies that cater to an impressive variety of ingredients to established steamboat delivery services in Singapore. If you are as slothful as me, steamboat deliveries are a godsend. The time is now to arrange an agreed date for delightful steamboat dinner with your family. Bon Appétit!

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