There’s nothing better than seeing a match at the regional sports bar surrounded by great friends, a cheering audience, and decent food. Watching live sports in a pub is really among the best choices since there’s a real sense of camaraderie. However, the ambience in a pub isn’t a random thing. Several elements go into a bar to be able to be sure the experience is lively and fun.

Sports pubs make it possible for patrons to see events that may not be available on cable. Many pubs purchase hard to locate sporting stations and pay-per-view occasions in a bid to draw prospective clients. This permits patrons to view the most recent live games on large screen televisions. Most areas also purchase high definition televisions so as to make sure that individuals find the very best viewing experience possible.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s a list of our picks for the best sports bar.

1. Charlie’s Restaurant & Bar

Charlie's Restaurant & Bar Sports Bar | Image Taken from Facebook
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Charlie’s proudly homes some of the most amazing home-made sangria, a dazzling range of tapas, and touch rock grills. The wide-ranging menu provides humble snacks as an extension to the mains. At Charlie’s, sports fanatics are spoilt with a massive screen with quick meals & beverages support. They sponsor live screenings for soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, Formula 1, and various other sports. If you’re curious about their program updates, you can always check out their sports page.

The menu also includes a huge choice of classic tapas, in addition to several vegetarian alternatives. When we say huge, we mean it; they have over 17 variants of tapas. It’ll take you a lot of time to select just one, and we don’t blame you for it. The Squid Ink Paella utilises Arborioa infused rice with seasoned broth along with squid ink. It’s so full of flavour that you’re going to ask for seconds. Another notable dish is their Baby Back Ribs. They’re carefully stone-grilled to ensure the flavours are well-preserved in each cut of the meat. Immediately after, it’s glazed using a secret barbecue sauce before being served with a side of creamy coleslaw and chips.

Calm your nerves, celebrate over such excellent food, and have the chance to admire the scenic view of Boat Quay!

Address: Charlie’s Restaurant & Bar, 32 Boat Quay, Singapore-049821

Contact Details: +65 6533 5880

2. Mischief

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Mischief is the place to be if you’re looking for a night of fun and food. Situated in the Esplanade, this 250-seater nightspot is the place of choice for group parties or even laid-back dates. With a stunning view of the Marina Bay, paired with an amusement area filled with games, and plenty of cheap happy-hour bargain deals, the celebration is kept moving.

Even its extensive menu was created for one purpose, to share it with others. Divide the Cholo Loco ($14), broiled nachos with that delicious salsa, guacamole, or simply sink your teeth into the Vintage ($20), which is a Wagyu cheese-burger that’ll taste your taste buds to heaven. The food over at Mischief has all of those classic American treats but adds a fun local twist to it to spoil you.

But the food isn’t all that’s good here. The gastro-pub has regular sports screenings like the English Premier League, and even board-games and dartboards. The digital beer pong table only adds to the fun.

Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-12 Esplanade Mall Singapore, Singapore 039802

Contact Details: +65 6532 0106

3. The Public House

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This restaurant and sports bar located at the intersection of Canton Street and Circular Road is the sister location of Mogambo and Hero’s. The vibe is casual, friendly, and you’ll often find the patrons enjoying a chilled glass of beer while hooting in bliss in the pool table and darts section.

Monday nights are reserved for home-made bar quizzes which are based on truth and pop culture. If you do win, you’ll get plenty to enjoy plenty of free drinks and beers. This chill ambience, paired with their finger-licking’ good snacks, and the welcoming staff make this the ideal place to enjoy your dose of football and rugby.

If you’re a fan of buffalo wings, then you’re in for a treat as well. They serve over ten stunning wings with each serving. Their unique sauce is spread over a brioche bun and served with chips. Not quite the recommendation if you’re seeking to eliminate weight, but who cares? It’s your cheat day for all we know.

Address: 42 Circular Road Singapore, Singapore 049398

Contact Details: +65 6533 3545

4. Hero’s

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Also located on Circular Road, Hero’s is another great sports bar, that is decorated in a modern yet classic Old West Saloon Style. There’s a live band, and showcase various sports matches frequently. Open until dawn; this is the best place to catch some snacks or to see late-night games! What distinguishes it from other sports pubs is that patrons may fill their glasses from their own pints from the VIP area, each outfitted with two draft beer taps. The quantity of beer consumed – Asahi or Kronenbourg 1664 – is monitored electronically and exhibited in real-time on a table-top screen.

Hero’s proudly serves a combination of Indian & Western cuisine, together with kebabs, wraps, pizzas, and pasta. You’ll also find the likes of other average pub grub and platters to accompany your game binge. When it comes to beverages, they have an array of quality bourbons and whiskeys, craft beers, cocktails, and shooters.

Address: 69, Circular Road, #01-01, Boat Quay, Singapore 049423

Contact Details: +65 6438 6058

5. Boomarang

| Image Taken from Facebook
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Boomarang (yes, definitely not spelt boomerang) is an Australian pub, otherwise dubbed as “Singapore’s House of Live Sports.” There are plenty of reasons for achieving this title. The servers and owners are welcoming and warm – the reason they have many usuals visiting each week.

You’ll be in for a treat while grabbing your favourite sporting event in their big HD displays. This means no longer battling your way to finding the best viewing corner in the house! The bar sports a relaxing ambience where large groups of friends or family can spend some time by the riverside in the open-air seating arrangement.

Boomarang supplies a vast array of Australian food and provides the most fabulous weekend brunches in the city. Including dishes like beginner plates, salads, pizzas, hamburgers, grilled, and fish. Combine your beer with a few Devil’s Ribs and Boomerang Deluxe Pizza – and you’re good to go with your bar mates. Take things up a notch and attempt the Peppered Kangaroo Loin to add to your authentic Australian experience.

Address: 60 Robertson Quay #01-15, The Quayside Singapore, Singapore 238252

Contact Details: +65 6738 1077

6. Muddy Murphy’s

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Muddy Murphy is snug and romantic, similar to most of the authentic sports pubs located in Ireland. With six big displays dangling high, your viewing angles will be great wherever you’re seated. Now we know that nothing can come close to watching a game live before your own eyes, but over at Muddy Murphy’s, you’ll be the closest to experiencing the game without seeing it live.

The reason for this is their happy and lively atmosphere, coupled with the roaring cheers and enthusiastic chatters. Games like soccer, rugby, F1, golf clubs, and golfing are shown on their big displays, making it a vital hangout place for sports fans in Singapore all year long.

Muddy Murphy’s meals have always been famous for being yummy, so rest assured that whatever you select off the menu will satisfy your stomach and soul. From steaming Irish stew, Beef and Guinness Pie in addition to the touch Irish Fish & Chips, your dining choices are endless.

Address: 442 Orchard Road #01-02 to 05 Claymore Connect, Singapore, Singapore 238879

Contact Details: +65 6735 0400

7. The Penny Black

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You may feel as if you’ve stepped into a bar on Oxford Street the moment you enter The Penny Black. From the dark wooden high chairs and tables to the walls tastefully adorned with cold-beer on taps and wooden signs, this stunning classic old-school pub can send you straight back to the roads of London. Now that you’re attracted back to older Victorian times get ready to be engulfed by the intense passion of the English sports lovers’.

Enjoy the Zozo Championship or Australian Open on their wide displays, and cheer all night with your teammates. Happy Hour lasts for up to 8 hours with a broad choice of beverages to keep you moving through the match.

Sip on the best pinot noir while overlooking the glistening Singapore River and head indoors to enjoy the soccer game. The Penny Black is multifaceted, and you should certainly give it a try!

Address: 26/27 Boat Quay Singapore, Singapore 049818

Contact Details: (+65) 6538 2300

8. McGettigan’s

McGettigan's Sports Bar | Image Taken from Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook

If you often opt for late-night booze along with your pals, odds are you have swung with this long-standing pub a few times. Before going to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the very initial McGettingan’s pub began operations in Ireland in the 1960s.  It finally landed in Clarke Quay, Singapore, and continues to keep tourists and locals happy ever since.

Here, patrons are constantly kept amused with excellent live band songs, trivia quizzes, Irish food, fantastic booze bargains, and live sports. So if you’re trying to find a bar that may provide a no-frills night out with tasteful yet rustic furnishings inside, McGettigan’s is your reply to your hunts. Aside from soccer screenings, they screen the likes of UFC, golfing, and tennis too. 

The Beer Battered Fish and Chips are their best-selling recommendations, but we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the Pork Belly Popcorn and McGettigan’s Chicken Wings just as much. Their live bands and promotional offers like Children Eat Free make this a great sports bar.

Address: 3A River Valley Road, Merchant’s Court, Singapore 179020.

Contact Details: +65 6837 0577

9. Cafe Football

Cafe Football Sports Bar | Image Taken from Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook

Leave the comfort of your sofa and enjoy the upcoming big football game at Cafe Football. Whether you’re a Kopite or even a Gooner, matches from various football clubs have screenings here! This football-centric cafe is partially owned by former footballers Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs. This will be the very first Asian outlet after its institution in the UK. 

This cafe is a paradise for all soccer fans.  From barstools to dining tables, you can choose your desired seating and unwind. Then all you need to do is ease up, and revel in some good food and a great game

The menu features pizzas, burgers, and several Asian dishes. The Crispy Jumbo Shrimps are enormous in size with crispy batter and sweet, succulent flesh. It tastes much better when combined with the tartar or sambal sauce. Get the Lamb Shank with Mashed Potatoes and Salad if you’re up for a satisfying meal. Overall, Cafe Football is fantastic for fellow footies to convene over traditional American food and football games!

Address: The Arena, 48 Woodleigh Park Singapore, Singapore 357844

Contact Details: +65 8820 8814

10. Harry’s

Harry's sports bar | Image Taken from Facebook
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Launched in 1992, Harry’s was a shophouse jazz pub and has since evolved into a recognized F&B group. This outlet is one of the few that have survived newer dining and pub chains. They display nearly all big matches, from soccer to rugby and tennis to cricket. The mood at Harry’s is comfortable and comfy, straight-up the alley of people who favour no-frill and unpretentious bars. Whatever game you’ve got on your watch list, you can rely on Harry’s to equip you with HD sports telecasts.  Expect exciting promotions and enjoyable events, along with quiz nights and themed parties!

They go large on their collection of beers, cocktails, and wines. The beers are decently priced and taste much better when paired with their meals.

Harry’s Seven and Amigo Nachos are a crowd-pleaser. You will indeed find both of these at each table. Together with other side food items like Harry’s Signature Wings (four bits of Harry’s homemade Steak, four bits of Masala Wings, and four bits of Sriracha Buffalo Wings), Chicken Satay, Otah Toasties, and Onion Rings, you’ll find even the boring games seem more fun.

Address: You can check out their outlets here.

Contact Details: You can check out their contact details here.

That ends our list of the best sports bar in Singapore. Even if you’re not a sports fan, this is a great place to have some fun. Spend some quality time together in there with good beers awaiting you.  Who knows, you could get roped into enjoying the game too!

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