Spin classes are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. Just like running or going to a gym, spin classes can burn up to 800 calories within a session. If you are living in Singapore, there are plenty of spin studios you can find around. Here is our list of the best spin classes perfect for beginners and seasoned pros looking to take their fitness to another level.

1. Oompf! Fitness

Image credit: Oompf Fitness

Oompf! Fitness is one of the best studios in Singapore which focuses on embracing the modern fitness approach, providing personal training and indoor cycling in an exclusive private environment. It was established by an ex-banker and a fitness enthusiast, Agnes Liew. Her main aim was to empower and inspire women through physical exercises.

Some of the classes offered at Oompf! Fitness include Less Mills RPM, which involves flat riding, climbing hills, and sprints. They also offer cardio-intensive classes, which involve riding different terrains. You can purchase a one-week pass at the cost of $72. But you can opt for six ride classes which cost $135.


  • Highly trained personal instructors
  • Exclusive membership perks
  • A wide variety of class types
  • Affordable rates
Address180 East Coast Road, Singapore 428886
Contact Details+65 6440 6188 | oompffitness@gmail.com
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 7.00AM – 9.00PM | Sat & Sun, 8.00AM – 6.00PM
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2. Axiom

Image credit: Axiom

Axiom studio offers excellent indoor cycling and strength, training classes. Their spinning classes are best suited for beginners looking for a full-body workout. It has a team of fitness lovers who are serious about having fun. The big difference between AXIOM and the other indoor cycling studios is that they do both Rhythm and Road classes for their indoor cycling program. Their indoor classes offer these two programs in a more specialized way.

Rhythm is a typical indoor cycling class with choreography and movements on the bike, riding to the beat to the music. Road classes are more technical, consisting of pure riding and cardio training. It’s the first in Singapore with such programming, actively looking at power. Both involve 50 minutes of full-body and high-intensity workouts that aim at resistance, power, and RPM. The instructions and playlists of the coaches energize members and ensure excellent performance and results after every session. Two trial packages cost $45. Alternatively, you can go for a standard class which costs $165.


  • Specialized spinning programs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Experienced instructors
Address18A Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277678
Contact Details+65 8820 0036 | hello@axiom.sg
Operating HoursMon, 7.30AM – 9.30AM, 5.00PM – 9.00PM, 11.45PM – 12.00AM | Tue, 12.00AM – 1.30PM, 5.00PM – 9.00PM | Wed, 7.30AM – 9.30AM, 5.00PM – 9.00PM, Thu, 7.30AM – 1.30PM, 5.00PM – 9.00PM | Fri 7.00AM – 8.00AM, 12.00PM – 1:30PM, 5.00PM – 8.00PM | Sat & Sun 8:30AM – 1.00PM
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3. Crucycle

Image credit: Crucycle

Whether it is building your muscles or burning calories, Crucycle offers up to 50 minutes of workout that will leave you feeling satisfied throughout the entire body. Here, the pack ride that goes for less than $45 is the main signature. It includes cardio exercise and light weights incorporated into your cycling to revamp your metabolic rates. Other signatures include yoga, boxing, among others.

The studio is supplied with trained specialists who won’t hesitate to help you through the entire cycling process. The spin class ensures all leaders undergo rigorous training, so you can be assured to meet experienced and dedicated people ready to take your body fitness to a whole new level.

Cruscyle provides customers with state-of-art facilities, including showers and lockers. They also offer a bonus of 2 classes at $50 for first comers. So, the earlier, the better.


  • Experienced specialists ready to help you through the entire riding
  • Good workout environment incorporated with some music to increase the overall user experience
  • Has a donation project which sees $1 from every rider to create awareness against animal cruelty
Address68 Duxton Road #04-01 Singapore, Singapore 089527
Contact Details+65 6509 8880 | hello@cru68.com
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 7.30AM – 7.50PM | Sat & Sun, 8.00AM – 4.00PM
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4. Sync Cycle

Image credit: Sync Cycle

Sync Cycle, an all-round studio offers cycling of all fitness levels, including lower, upper, and core body exercises. The main signature here is the rhythmic ride that takes up to 50 minutes. It is no different from what other spin classes and studios offer. Other perks include climbing virtual hills, sprinting, climbing steep mountains, and many more.

Sync Cycle is an indoor cycling studio that aims to improve the overall fitness of your body. The studio is perfectly organized with plenty of equipment and music, incorporated together to motivate you while on a ride. The studio is led by experts committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. For beginners looking to familiarize themselves with beat-based cycling basics, this studio offers two newbie rides at $35. Here is a chance to kick off your fitness adventure at an affordable rate!


  • Best for both beginners and experienced riders
  • Friendly beginner rates
  • Experienced experts to help you achieve your fitness goals
  • Ample environment for your entire workout
AddressEast Coast Road Studio: 282 East Coast Road | Yio Chu Kang Studio: 92 Yio Chu Kang Road
Contact Details+65 62826008 | general@synccycle.com.sg
Operating HoursMon & Tue, 5.00PM -10.00PM | Wed & Thu, 9:30AM – 12.00PM, 6.00PM- 10.00PM | Fri, 9:30AM – 12.00PM, 6.00PM – 8.00PM | Sat, 9.00AM – 12.00PM | Sun, 10.00AM – 5.00PM
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5. Ground Zero

Image credit: Ground Zero

Ground Zero specializes in two types of intense workout; rumble and ride, but also offers other signatures, including boxing and spinning. If you are looking for a spin class around the CBD, then Ground Zero is worth consideration. You only need to come with your water, because the studio offers you cleated shoes. The showering facility is also provided and has hair and skin products to use after an intense workout.

Here, you can ride and burn calories within their 45 minutes’ session for only $45. The environment is fully surrounded by excellent lighting and sound systems that can surely motivate you throughout the entire riding process. Playlists are set differently by instructors so that you cannot get bored when sweating off your stress. The instructors are friendly; the kindest people you could ever meet.


  • Highly maintained workout environment
  • Best services that value your money
  • Trained instructors with experience in body fitness
AddressLevel B1-120 Cross Street Exchange
Contact Details+65 6226 0083 | hello@groundzero.sg
Operating HoursMon – Fri 6.00AM – 9:30PM | Sat & Sun 7:30AM – 6:30PM
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6. Aqua Spin

Image credit: Aqua Spin

Looking for a perfect way to calm your knees? Aqua spin allows you to spin underwater. It is one of the best spinning studios known for an excellent recovery workout. Besides, it does an excellent job of burning calories because of water resistance. Cycling at Aqua spin can burn up to 800 calories within a session. Furthermore, cycling underwater increases blood circulation, thus reducing the chances of developing varicose veins. Also, you won’t have any form of soreness or body aches because cycling in a swimming pool prevents lactic acid from building up within your muscles.

For beginners, you only pay $60 and book up to 4 classes within a day. The going rate for regular customers is $50. The studio offers showering facilities equipped with hair and skincare products, so you won’t have to smell chlorine.


  • Creates no impact on your joints
  • Best suited for recoveries from injuries and other body aches
  • Excellent facilities for the entire workout
AddressAqua Spin has branches at Hotel Jen, The Polo Club, Swissotel Merchant Court, Oakwood OUE, and Temasek Boulevard.
Contact Details+65 9698 9202 | info@aquaspin.sg
Operating HoursMon & Wed, 7.30AM – 8.30PM | Tue & Thur, 7.30Am -10.30AM | Fri, 7.30AM – 7.30PM | Sat, 8.30AM – 10.30AM | Sun, Closed
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7. Absolute Cycle

Image credit: Absolute Cycle Singapore

Absolute Cycle offers a wide variety of cycling classes (45 minutes’ sessions each), including lunch beats, absolute beats, and community rides; all incorporated with a music theme that perfectly matches your moods. It also provides a 60-minute session challenging class, which most people consider powerful and intense.

For excellent workout results, the studio allows additional 15 minutes, especially for beginners. Like other spin classes, Absolute Cycle also provides showering facilities, so you won’t feel sweaty when leaving.


  • A variety of cycling classes for you to choose your favorite
  • Classes are incorporated with music to allow motivation
  • Excellent showering facilities
AddressTHE CENTREPOINT, 176 Orchard Rd, LEVEL #04-101
DOWNTOWN GALLERY, 6A Shenton Way, #02-01
MILLENIA WALK, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-43
ZOUK, 3C River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-05
Contact Details+65 6220 2688 | support@absoluteyousingapore.com
Operating HoursDaily, 7.00 AM – 9.00 PM
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8. Athlete Lab

Image credit: Athlete Lab

Athlete Lab is well known for offering the best indoor cycling experience with their state of art Adjustabikes. Unlike other spinning bikes, Adjustabikes are meant to provide maximum intensity, especially for those looking to strengthen their muscles.

The spin classes provide an extensive range of packages. There are over 75 types of classes to choose from every week. Beginners looking to lose weight can start with an endurance assistance class. They also offer more intense classes such as Hill intervals and Ironmania, which aim to improve customers’ pedalling efficiency. Mountain madness is the longest session offered at this 3-Storey health and lifestyle lab. It takes an average of two hours, challenging members to ride all life courses, including descending, long climb, and more.

All new members can pay $75 for three trial classes or a monthly subscription of $299, including exclusive perks such as an invitation to studio’s events and free towel rental. The spinning class is well equipped with friendly instructors ready to help you throughout the session. They focus on providing one on one coaching, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. Apart from cycling, they also provide yoga classes.


  • Friendly and helpful crew
  • It uses modern Adjustabikes instead of traditional ones
  • A wide variety of classes to choose
  • Simulated programs
Address71 Amoy Street, Singapore 069890
Contact Details+65 8223 1301 | singapore@athlete-lab.com
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 6.00AM – 9.00PM | Sat & Sun, 8.00AM – 12.00PM
Social MediaFacebook | Instagram

9. Virgin Active

Image credit: Virgin Active Singapore

With a total of 13 classes to choose from, Virgin Active focuses on providing a quality body workout experience that supersedes your expectations. Class durations vary in length, with 30 minutes being the shortest. One thing you will like about Virgin Active is the VR cycling. It is a technology that connects your bike to a 270-degree screen so that you can track your progress while training. You will also love the suffer-fest, which features different models like climb, power, endurance, and speed. Suffer-fest is best suited for those seeking intense workouts.

Apart from spin classes, members can enjoy a wide variety of exercises and other facilities such as a gym, yoga, and exclusive amenities. Hairdryers, rain showers, and clothing irons are the combination of perquisites you’ll get to enjoy at Virgin Active. It is also worth mentioning that members’ prices vary depending on length. Visit their website for prices.


  • A wide range of classes
  • Ample environment
  • Trained instructors
AddressOne Raffles Place, Tower 2, Level 6, Singapore 048616
Contact Details+65 6908 7878 | wecare@virginactive.com.sg
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 6.30AM – 10.30PM | Sat, Sun & PH, 8.00AM – 5.00PM
Social MediaFacebook | Instagram

10. PURE Fitness

Image credit: PURE Fitness

Pure Fitness offers four different cycling classes; Real Ryder, The Trip, RPM, and Cycle, each with different workout regimes.

Their 50-minutes classes use virtual reality to create an intense fitness environment. You’ll be able to perform different exercise moves as instructed by coaches, strengthen your core while enjoying the upbeat music. The spin class provides exclusive shower facilities equipped with towels. So, you can be sure to leave the gym fresh.


  • Experienced instructors
  • Free trial for first times
  • Uses virtual reality
AddressLevel 8, Ngee Ann City Podium Block 391, Orchard Road, Singapore 238872
Contact Details+65 6100 8898 | info.sg@pure-international.com
Operating HoursMon – Sat, 6.00AM – 12.00AM | Sun & PH, 8.00am – 10.00PM
Social MediaFacebook | Instagram

There you have it, the best spin classes in Singapore. Apart from curated music, a good spinning class should offer a buzzing environment that creates a positive vibe and energy. Luckily, the above studios have excellent spin classes with body workout destinations that can push you to the maximum.