You must be asking: Which is the spectacle store near me? From all those late-night Netflix binges to squinting at the desktop in your 9-to-5 job, you might realise that you’re either officially joining the myopic club or in need of another pair of spectacles to get back your HD vision. Visiting spectacle stores in Singapore are now on your to-do list.

Fast-track your research with these best spectacle stores in Singapore that offer the best deals and services — the cheapest glasses, free prescription lenses, and the latest Korean designs to nail that K-drama look. 

How to choose your glasses?

For a starter, with so many spectacle stores in Singapore, it can be overwhelming to find a suitable store. However, it is more stressful if you are shopping for glasses frames suit you once you step into the store filled with many frames displayed. With this concern in mind, we will cover some key considerations before you start on your purchasing!

i. Know Your Face Shape and Suited Frames

I’d say that just grab a camera and snap yourself! From there, you can categorize your face shape into 6 different types. This is really important so as you know what kind of frames is more suited for your face shape when you enter spectacle stores.

Face ShapeFeatures of Face ShapeSuitable Frames
Oval– Soft, harmonious contours
– Small forehead
– Gently rounded chin
– Prominent cheekbones
– Almost every types of glasses goes well
– Every designs and size works well
Round– Gentle, flat contours
– Broad and prominent cheekbones
– Rounded chin
– Thin glasses that do not make your features stand out too much
– Angular frames (Square/Rectangular)
– Wider frames that add contours to your face
– Nylon/ Full-rim frames
– Large forehead
– Prominent cheekbones
– Pointy chin
– Thin full-rim glasses
– Cat-eye frames
– Oval/Round frames
Square– Wider forehead
– Wider, high cheekbones
– Wider jaw
– Sides of face form straight, perpendicular lines
– Slightly round glasses with flat contours
– Round, curved frames
– Glasses with wide temples
Rectangular– Wide forehead
– Wide cheekbones
– Wide jaw
– Sides of face form straight, vertical lines
– Oval/Round frames
– Curved and rimless frames
– Thick frames
Trapezoid-shaped– Thin up above, wide down below
– Narrow forehead and temple
– Wide Cheekbone and jaw
– Glasses with prominent edges
– Cat-eye and butterfly glasses
– Semi-rim and Full-rim glasses

ii. Eyebrows

Do you know that eyebrows also play a part in how well suited your glasses will be? That’s right! You will need to consider the shape of your eyebrows and the distance between them. You should choose glasses that does not obstruct your brows so that people will be able to see your features as a whole!

iii. Skin Tone

Divided into mainly 3 shades of skin tone, this will help you decide on which color for your glasses you want it to be.

ToneColors of ToneSuitable Color Frames
Warm– Yellow
– Golden
– Gold, Beige, Lobster Red, Light Brown Frames
Cool– Pink
– Red
– Blue
– Black, White, Grey, Blue, Silver, Rose Frames
Neutral– A mix of both warm
and cool undertones
– Brown, Orange, Red, Ivory, Vanilla,
Gold, Silver, Bronze Frames

With this, here is a list of the best spectacle stores in Singapore. Happy Shopping!

1. Visio Optical — customisable spectacles

Visio Optical
Image credit: @visiooptical


  • 10 years in service
  • A team of experienced optometrists and opticians

Visio Optical isn’t your average spectacle store. With unique services such as fully customisable spectacles, engravings, and repainting, take full control in the crafting of your desired spectacles from start to finish. 

Services aside, Visio Optical is currently running a spectacle collection programme for the less fortunate. You can also contribute financially by reducing the cost of expenses of their charities. Isn’t this killing 2 birds with 1 stone? You visit spectacle stores and do a good deed for the less unfortunate while making your glasses!

Contact Details+65 6776 0052
Address43 Holland Dr, 01-67, Singapore 270043
Opening HoursMonday – Saturday 9:30 – 20:00
Sunday & Public Holiday: 10:00 – 18:00

Customer Reviews:

Been going to Visio Optical for many years, never disappointed, always good to be served properly for new spectacles. Boss is very knowledgeable, staff friendly. I keep recommending this shop to my friends, no worries about it. I also noticed the business has grown so much over the years. I’m happy for them to see the shop so busy, they deserve all their customers. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

2. foptics — try spectacles at home first before purchase

Photo credit: Foptics


  • Allows customers to try spectacles at home
  • Glasses from $35.90

foptics is the brainchild of a final-year university student who is tired of boring glasses at sky-high prices. Although it has a physical store just a short jaunt around Chinatown, it first started as an e-commerce store selling affordable spectacles with its Wear At Home (WAH) Programme

Simply choose up to 3 sample frames and foptics will mail you in a jiffy. Furthermore, all online shoppers are entitled for a 7-day trial before making their purchase with a unique promo code of 10% off found in your mailed bundle. Fuss-free and easy. 

Contact Details+65 8892 7146
Address58B Pagoda St, #03-01, Singapore 059217
Opening HoursMon – Fri, 5 PM – 9 PM | Sat & Sun, 2 PM – 7 PM

Customer Reviews:

Definitely, love my new glasses. A recommendation by Ray. Supposedly my glasses are meant to be ready in 3 working days but due to the urgency, it took within a day. So it’s a big thumbs up. Recommended.

3. Zoff — free prescription lenses for children

Photo credit: Zoff Singapore Facebook Page


  • Made and designed in Tokyo, Japan
  • Free changing of prescription lenses for kids
  • Fast service within 30 minutes 

Anime and bullet trains aren’t the only thing Japan is known for — readying quality spectacles in 30-minutes is another trademark of theirs too. Much like their Japanese counterpart, OWNSDAY, Zoff bears the same efficiency with a plethora of spectacles designed and made in Tokyo, Japan.

One noteworthy point is Zoff’s U-15 Programme in tackling the rising rates of childhood myopia in Singapore. The Japanese brand provides prescription lenses for free within one year of purchase for all kids 15 years and below. With this project in place, parents can finally cash in on their savings with Zoff’s quality spectacles. Don’t wait till it is too late, hurry and find the nearest spectacle shop to you!

Contact Details+ 65 6250 5604 | [email protected] 

Customer Reviews:

Zoff PC glasses are great! This is 3rd pair I’ve bought for my family. They’re light & comfortable with option for 50% Blue light protection which is higher than other brands. Frame is of good quality too. Highly recommend Zoff

4. — with 3D try-on for free

Eyeglasses with Prescription Lenses for $45 –
Photo credit: Lenskart


  • 3D try-on for free  
  • Free 30-day exchange 
  • Spectacles from $98

Why bother taking a trip down to the spectacle shop when you can do it all from the comforts of your own home? makes this possible with their 3D try-on service available in their webpage here. Scroll over 2,000 unique eyewear designs and take your pick with a real-life stimulation of your face for free.

Get your spectacles from just $98 and opt for a free exchange within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with your online purchase. Likewise, you can also head down to any of their physical nearest spectacle shop.

Address: Multiple 

Customer Reviews:

Lenskart was very patient and helpful throughout my experience. Am truly satisfied with the frames, they are just as I have expected. Even when I have High Power, the lenses were very thin. Thank you Lenskart!

5. Eyecon Optical — prescription lenses from $19.80 only

Eyecon Optical
Photo credit: Eyecon Optical


  • Prescription lenses from $19.80 only
  • In service since 2004
  • Professionals are affiliated with the International Medical Consultancy 

By far the cheapest and most value-for-money, Eyecon Optical offers prescription glasses from only $19.80 per pair. Each in-house specialist is affiliated with the International Medical Consultancy and provides integrated healthcare support across Singapore and Malaysia. Rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth with every purchase. 

Contact Details+65 9668 8027 | [email protected]
Address200 Jln Sultan, #08-04 Textile Centre, Singapore 199018

Customer Reviews:

Marcus’ service was nothing short of spectacular. He was meticulous, very patient and was very reasonably priced. Unlike many other sales folks, Marcus would not sell you something you don’t need. Instead, he would provide multiple options and let you decide what best fits the budget and requirements. He did everything within his capacity to ensure the final product fitted well. I would recommend Marcus Su from Eyecon Optical without hesitation.

6. Spectacle Hut — feature high-end brands 

Spectacle Hut
Image credit: @spectaclehut


  • Spectacles in 30 minutes
  • Prestigious awards
  • Designer glasses & sunglasses

Spectacle Hut is one of the largest optical retail chains in Singapore. They have over 30 stores islandwide and is home to streetwear and atas brands such as Ray-Ban, Victoria Beckham, and Givenchy. Despite its high-end rep, the franchise offers frequent discounts and promotions so even the most budget-savvy can get it a tad cheaper. 

Furthermore, Spectacle Hut isn’t just a branded spot to get your designer eyewear. After bagging the No. 1 Top Influential Brand under the category — Optical Retailer — in 2016, it went on to set records in the following year with the same award. 

With multiple outlets available, it certainly help with your question of: “Where is the spectacle shop near me?

Contact Details+65 63338 7717

Customer Reviews: 

Staff are helpful. Prices and selection are good. I also buy contact lenses regularly coz I like their range of colors.

7. Visual Mass — Korean-styled spectacles with a free 30-day exchange

Photo credit: Behance


  • Korean-styled glasses 
  • Trend-setting
  • Affordable prices from $95

Chances are you’ve coveted VisualMass’s range of trendy spectacles as seen on influencers and online personalities such as Naomi Neo and Slyvia from NOC. The eyewear company believes that everyone should look good in their eyewear and has since been the trendsetting, go-to spectacle stores for the most fashionable designs.

Each prescription glasses cost as low as $95 with a free 30-day exchange. Shop at their site now or book an appointment.

Contact Details+65 6702 3480
Address277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, B2-30, Singapore 238858
Opening HoursDaily, 1 PM – 8 PM

Customer Reviews: 

This small optical shop tucked away in the basement of Orchard Gateway was a rare find. Although they had a small range of spectacles from Korea, prices were affordable and the staff were friendly and helpful. We managed to purchase two prescription glasses for SGD55 during a clearance sale.

8. Oblique Eyewear — aesthetic designs for males

 Oblique Eyewear
Image credit: Oblique Eyewear


  • Fashion-forward vision 
  • Affordable
  • Trendiest and finest selection for both males and females

Unlike most spectacle shops that focus solely on feminine designs, Oblique Eyewear pays equal attention to men with a wide range of fashion-forward pieces at friendly prices. 

Lightweight and durable, choose from up to 5 different materials — steel, thermoplastic, acetate, titanic, and hybrid. They’re always looking to enhance their processes to provide aesthetic spectacles at a low cost so check out their IG page for the latest releases in designs and promotions. 

Contact Details+65 9118 2433
Address2 Handy Rd, #01-07 The Cathay, Singapore 229233

Customer Reviews: 

I went to have my vision check last Saturday 30 May and YY assisted me. She was friendly, polite and accommodating. She also recommended eyeglasses that are suitable for my face shape. The service was excellent and I was able to collect my eyeglasses on the following day.

9. OWNDAYS Singapore — ready-made spectacles in 20 minutes

CentralPlaza Mahachai | OWNDAYS - OPTICAL SHOP
Photo credit: Owndays


  • Convenient — multiple store locations
  • 20-minute eyewear processing
  • Excellent warranty and customer service

Since its inception in 2013, OWNSDAY Singapore top the eyewear industry with its 20-minutes fast service and budget-friendly price tags from $78.

That’s not all — the leading eyewear company provides extensive risk-free guarantees such as free lifetime maintenance and consultation services, as well as 50% discount on replacement pairs regardless of warranty. 

Why bother taking a trip down to the suntec spectacle shop when you can do it all from the comforts of your own home?

Contact Details+65 6222 0588

Customer Reviews:

Fantastic store. Lovely optometrist and very helpful staff. I went there early Saturday afternoon, Jordan and the other staff were very polite. Owndays has expanded in the last six or seven years from just a few stores in Singapore to almost 30. They have the utmost dedication to high levels of customer care and satisfaction. Great experience

10. W Optics — largest vision care flagship store 

W Optics Suntec City still leads Singapore's eyewear market | SFJ - Sqfeed  Journal
Photo credit: Sqfeed Journal


  • Largest vision care flagship store
  • Dedicated kid’s corner 
  • Provides customised lenses to improve eye vision

W Optics up the ante with Singapore’s largest flagship vision care store back in 2013 where visitors can explore every option of eyewear in one spot. Featuring more than 150 collctions from hypoallergenic materials to sports goggles, they also have state-of-the-art facilities to help kids combat myopia. 

Specialising in kids’ eyewear, W Optics also comes with a custom vision correction for children. Even the most nit-picky parent will be satisfied with their services.

Contact Details+65 6270 1303

Customer Reviews:

Getting my eyes checked by the professionals at W Optics. Totally new experience for me, and the optician explains everything step by step. Had my Corneas photographed and analysed too to make sure it’s in good health. Awesome service 👍👍👍

11. monocle — eco-friendly & exclusive tortoiseshell glasses

monocle cheap spectacle shop singapore
Image credit: @monoclegram


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • From $85

monocle is another local initiative brought together by 3 siblings who had myopia early on. More than just an eyewear business, the trio is equally invested in practising mindfulness by planting a tree for every pair of glasses sold. 

Moreover, their Italian tortoiseshell spectacles is a winner too. As revealed by its unique patterns, these spectacles are made with top-notch stainless steel and titanium. Here’s how you can marry exclusivity and affordability in monocle from just $85 per pair. 

Contact Details+65 8736 1649
Address239A Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427496
Opening HoursSat & Sun, 10.30AM – 4.30PM (Closed on weekdays)

Customer Reviews:

Bought my glasses here awhile back, still wearing it up till today. The build is solid, love how comfortable it is. They offer a good range designer-quality eyewear that’s relatively cheaper compared to other places. Customer service is great too. Will recommend this place to family and friends 👍

12. Oscar Wylee — affordable in-house vintage spectacles

Oscar Wylee cheap spectacle shop singapore
Image credit: @oscarwylee


  • In-house manufactured spectacles  
  • No third-party fees

When it comes to cutting third-party vendors and providing authentic, in-house spectacles, Oscar Wylee fits the bill. The Sydney-based eyewear business recently expanded into Singapore with affordability as their top priority.

Evidently from the creation of the design downright to the sale of their glasses, enjoy premium spectacles without paying jacked up prices. 

And if you’re a softie for all things vintage, Oscar Wylee’s old-school collection for this reason will be right up your alley. 

Contact Details+65 9722 2210
Address3 Temasek Boulevard #02-426 Tower 5 North Wing, Suntec City Mall, 038983
Opening HoursDaily, 11AM – 9PM

Customer Reviews:

The staff are really friendly and accommodating. One of the staff offered to adjust/fix my current specs frame as well. Brandon, who did the eye test, was really patient and knowledgeable too. Highly satisfied with the customer service!

13. ORIAN Eyewear — at one fixed price only

ORIAN Eyewear
Image adapted from @spectalksg


  • More than 2,000 trendy frames at only one price
  • Glasses at only $48 nett

Previously known as SpecTalk, the father-and-daughter duo rebranded to present-day ORION Eyewear with 3 outlets in Tai Seng. The local start-up retails each pair for just a fixed price at $48 nett

If you can’t find you fancy, look forward to the following months as they’re constantly refreshing their collections with new frames. 

Contact DetailsMultiple
AddressDaily, 11 AM – 7 PM

Customer Reviews:

If you’re looking to make glasses, this is a fantastic place to get one. Great service, told me things I never knew about my eyesight or how to care for my glasses etc. Definitely my go-to place for future eyewear! Thank you!

14. Capitol Optical — comprehensive eyewear collections

Capitol Optical
Image credit: @capitolopticalsg


  • Over 52 years of service
  • 17 stores island-wide
  • Complimentary vouchers and gifts

Established in 1968, Capitol Optical is among the most reliable optical stores around the island. The local venture kickstarted as a family business in 1968 and soon became the family eye care expert. They have since expanded to include alternate eyewear collections such as protective goggles and cleaning machines for eyes — talk about getting their eye health down pat! 

Today, Capital Optical not only updates with durable eyewear collections but an exclusive reward system to treat their long-term regulars. My Capitol Rewards treats patrons with exclusive benefits such as discount vouchers, free eye examinations, eye care products, lifestyle perks, and more. 

Contact Details+6583677971 | [email protected]

Customer Reviews:

I got my new glasses from the Bishan branch…The service provided by the staff was fantastic… Very happy with my new glasses 😊 a big shout out to Lee Tin~

15. Mimeo — Korean-styled glasses from just $65

Photo credit: Mimeo The Optical Shop


  • Personal eyewear collection
  • Low prices from $65
  • Clear pricing

Mimeo don’t see eyewear as just a necessity, but a fashion statement and a lifestyle piece to match your #ootd. Better yet, Mimeo promises transparent pricing with no hidden charges. They carry a wide range of designs sporting spectacles in Korean style, sporty, and light-weight titanium frames from just $65 onwards. 

And if you’re merely looking for prescription lenses, Mimeo provides your preferred lenses with no additional fees — yes, you saw that clearly. Simply make an appointment here to get started. 

Contact Details+65 6776 0052
Address43 Holland Dr, 01-67, Singapore 270043
Opening HoursMon – Sat, 9.30AM – 8PM | Sun & PH, 10AM – 6PM

Customer Reviews:

Progressive lenses do cost a lot. But a good pair is truly worth it. Enjoying my glasses now. Far near all can see. Not much adjustment issues too. Thanks, Mimeo for all the friendly and great advice on getting the right pair of specs and lens!

Get your perfect eyewear in Singapore 

Whether you’re on the lookout for a cheap pair of glasses or the next cutting-edge design to bring out your outfit, shop sharp at any of these spectacle stores in Singapore that have won the hearts of locals in providing the best eye health. 

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