Soufflé pancakes are famous in Singapore. The Japanese pancakes are light, tasty, and can be eaten savoury or sweet. The cakes are distinct from the rest since they are prepared using soufflé, which is made up of beaten whites and egg yolks. This makes the pancakes puffier, taller, and tasty. They can be served as fluffy stacks, flippers, to soufflé pancakes.

With Tokyo’s soufflé pancake chain overwhelmingly opening eateries, Singaporeans need to know where to get the best soufflé pancakes in town. If you love soufflé pancakes, you can check out the following places for the best soufflé pancakes in Singapore that are golden brown and wobbly.

Check out our Best Soufflé Pancakes in Singapore that you don’t want to miss out!

1. Walking on Sunshine

Image credit: Walking on sunshine

Walking on sunshine is strategically located at Orchard Road in the centre of the city. It’s a big and the first lounge with a Garden café & restaurant.

Walking on sunshine prepares soufflé pancakes from high-quality ingredients, including fruits, mixed nuts, and vanilla cream. The fluffy and light pancakes melt in your mouth with a fresh sweetness. You need to make an order, and within twenty-five minutes, your order will be ready.

The café offers you nutritious and tasty foods at their naturalistic café. The soufflé pancakes are prepared from the finest and freshest ingredients. Chefs prepare all food with passion coupled with an urge to leave you fully satisfied with the tasty meals.


  • It offers a variety of pancake flavours.
  • Their prices are competitive.
  • Delivery services are available.
  • They offer quick and timely service
Address181 Orchard Rd, #03-07 Orchard Central, Singapore 23889
Contact Details(+65) 8877 0088 |
Working hoursMon – Sun, 10.00AM – 8.00PM
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2. SweetT.Rex

Image credit: SweeT.Rex

SweeT.Rex offers one of the best Western Cuisine portions and an alluring collection of meals that are great for the family to eat out, big groups, or hooking up with friends and colleagues. From Souffle Pancake to Pudding, its all-encompassing menu is insightful of the stall’s determination to accommodate every person’s taste.

At SweetT.Rex, you enjoy a variety of soufflé cakes at an affordable price from $4. The soufflé cakes come with eclectic flavours and toppings which are well flavoured. With a light creamy texture and no-frills, the pancakes are absolutely crafted from the right mix of ingredients. A scoop of ice-cream and dessert is also available.


  • It offers affordable soufflé cakes
  • Fresh ingredients are used to make soufflé cake
Address120 Bukit Merah Lane 1,#01-79 Singapore, Singapore 150120
Contact Details+65 8163 7630 |
Working hoursMon – Fri, Closed. | Sat & Sun, 10.30AM – 8.00PM
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3. Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant

Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant prepares one of the best Japanese pancakes served in a serene environment. The soufflé pancakes are usually prepared in their hotplate which makes them very delicious. Waiters free-handedly pour batter, which makes four pancakes to the hotplate.

You have the option of choosing a plain soufflé pancake at $18 or a cheese soufflé pancake at $20. The whole cooking process takes longer since the butter comes out thick, and both sides rise and cook before they are served. The pancakes are entirely made and will not disappoint. Be sure to enjoy the creamy pancakes that melt quickly.

For the original taste experience, visit Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant which offers the best soufflé pancakes in Singapore.


  • Self-cooking option and an option of having a teppanyaki chef cook and serve you.
  • Authentic Japanese meals.
Address72 Dunlop Street Singapore 209400
Contact Details+(65) 8828 8931 |
Working hoursMonday – Saturday, Lunch: 11:00hrs – 15:00hrs Dinner: 17:00hrs – 23:00hrs. | Closed on Sunday
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4. Hoshino Coffee

Image credit: Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee is one of the best cafes in Singapore with the finest delectable menus and is also renowned for its hand-drip coffee. It serves amazing wobbly soufflé pancakes which are usually made on order. You only have to wait for twenty minutes. There is an option of items on their brunch menu, which you can order as you have your pancakes prepared.

The pancakes come in a variety of flavours including the single plain pancake, seasoned strawberry, and the indulgent matcha.


  • It offers a variety of flavoured pancakes.
  • They prepare high-quality pancakes.
  • Pancakes are prepared from fresh ingredients. 
Address4, Leng Kee Road, SIS Building, #04-10, Singapore 159088
Contact Details+65-6392-2011 |
Working hoursDifferent for each location. Check out here.
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5. Typhoon Cafe

Image credit: Typhoon Cafe

Typhoon Cafe brings you Taiwan taste right to the heart of Singapore. The restaurant uses a concept that unifies Taiwan’s exceptional flavours, the craze for artisan fruit teas and larger-than-life desserts served at your pleasure.

Typhoon café is distinguished for offering the best traditional Japanese pancakes you can get in Singapore. Its soufflé stackers are prepared with three jiggly pancakes that are plated deliciously. They also have various Taiwan Milk Tea stackers, the Bubble, Red Bean, Taro, and Green Tea sauce stacker, which can be enjoyed with bubble tea.


  • It offers a variety of stacker pancakes.
  • They offer the best traditional Japanese pancakes.
Address68 Orchard Rd 04-63/67 Singapore 238839
Contact Details+65 6884 5423 |
Working hoursMonday to Friday, 11.30am – 9.30pm (Last order at 9.15pm) | Saturday to Sunday, 11.00am – 9.30pm (Last order at 9.15pm)
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6. Bangkok Jam

Image credit: Bangkok Jam

Bangkok Jam proudly serves immutable Thai dishes since they opened their doors to Singaporeans in 2007. Directed by a devoted Thai culinary team, each ingredient is meticulously hand-picked, an indication of their commitment to every dish they serve. The menu brings you an assortment of curated dishes refined over a period of time, along with traditional classics from their favourite cuisine.

Bangkok Jam is a must-visit venue for Thai inspired soufflé pancakes. The favourite pick on the menu is the Mango sticky rice soufflé, milk tea flavour, and the classic mix Berry Souffle pancake at $16.90. There is also Bangkok Jam’s cuisine, which you can opt for with the dessert menu, including the waffles, meringue, and lists tarts.


  • Authentic Thai Souffle pancakes.
  • Customer focussed and great service
AddressMultiple locations. Check out your nearest outlet here.
Contact Details+65 6341 9188 |
Working hoursDifferent for each outlet. Check out here.
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7. The Coffee Academics

Image credit: The Coffee Academics

Coffee Academics offers a two-layered pancake which is a perfect treat for both your tummy and eyes. If you want to get this amazing experience you have the pleasure of visiting them at their Scotts Square outlet, an excellent spot for the Japanese soufflé pancakes.

You should give a shot to their academic’s pancake which has mixed berry topping and comes with berry sorbet and whipped cream. You can also try their coffee, which comes with different blends.


  • It offers a variety of soufflé pancakes.
  • Great location and signature dishes.
AddressMultiple locations. Check out here.
Contact Details+65 6538 1940 |
Working hoursDifferent for each outlet. Check out here.
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8. Miam Miam

Image credit: Miam miam

Miam Miam French-Japanese restaurant metes out among the best soufflé pancakes in town. Their soufflé pancakes are fluffy thick and come with vanilla coffee and a yoghurt pettie. Miam Miam compliments your plate of pasta with its great sweetness. The favourite pick on the menu is the caramelized Banana pancake which you ought to give a try.

Miam Miam restaurant is inspired by the old school theme and grace of decor. It offers fresh flavours and authentic Japanese cuisines with French cooking techniques. By use of sustainable, fresh ingredients, Miam Miam provides the best Japanese cuisines for you.

If you need French-inspired desserts, you can try out vanilla chocolate moelleux and vanilla soufflé at the restaurant.


  • It uses fresh ingredients.
  • It offers a variety of soufflé cakes.
AddressMultiple locations. Check your nearect outlet here.
Contact Details+65 6837 0301 |
Working hoursOpened daily for Call & Collect Takeaway and Delivery.
Sun to Thur, 11:30 am to 9 pm | Fri & Sat: 11:30 am to 9:30 pm
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9. Flipper’s at Takashimaya

Flipper’s at Takashimaya provides amazing soufflé cakes that will satisfy your craving. Their pancakes are prepared from quality butter, eggs, and Hokkaido kitahonami wheat flour. The ingredients are often fresh and healthy. At the restaurant, you’ll get the best pillowy soft pancakes that do not require you to use a knife.

The café offers you six soufflé pancake flavours that are stacked in three. There is the original Kiseki pancake plain, Hazelnut chocolate, Matcha Azuki, fresh fruits, egg Benedict and the millennial strawberry. The pancakes are priced at between $16.80 to $20


  • It offers a variety of pancakes.
  • It uses fresh ingredients.
  • Their prices are affordable.
AddressTakashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, #B1-56, 391A Orchard Road, S(238873)
Working hoursMon – Sun, 11am – 9pm Last order at 8pm
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10. Belle-Ville Pancake House

Image credit: Belleville

Belle-ville pancake house is a popular pancake spot in Singapore. The pancakes are skinny but fluffy. Once you order your pancake, the meringue is whipped in butter then grilled right away. The ordered cakes are of different varieties. Most of the flavours comprise the Rice-ball, Red bean pancake, and Matcha.

Belleville pancake house has its unique menu, which includes pumpkin cream and chestnut mont Blanc. If you do not fancy these cakes, you can pick the standard Mille-feuille pancakes, which have various toppings, including Azuki red, chocolate ice-cream, and Vanilla.


  • It offers a variety of pancake flavour.
  • The cake house provides quick and timely service.
  • Their prices are competitive.
Address230 Victoria Street #01-01B Bugis Junction Towers, Singapore 188024
Contact Details+65 6255 5456 |
Working hoursMon – Sun, 11.00AM – 8.00PM
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The above lists of the best soufflé pancakes in Singapore will be your ultimate guide to finding the best soufflé pancakes. Soufflé pancakes are one of the finest desserts that many Singaporeans enjoy. The wiggly-jiggly stacks that are cloud-like are a favourite of many. They appear on the menu of most restaurants.

If you haven’t tasted the best soufflé pancakes in town, then you are yet to savour the best delicacies. You can hop into any of the eateries and try out the pancakes. The ingredients used to make soufflé pancakes are usually fresh and well mixed to ensure a tasty and savoury pancake that will leave you wanting more.