Travelling overseas can be a challenging thing, especially for those who are visiting for the first time. If you have never travelled before, things can become a little bit difficult if you do not take good care of everything before making your trip. Even you can get yourself in trouble if you do not know the rules of the other countries. We have listed down a list of tips and tricks that will help you in making your journey easier.

1. Counter check your health insurances

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

No one wants to waste his day or two in doing health insurance in the newly arrived country. Whenever you decide to travel overseas, always make sure that your health insurance is up to date and it is applicable in other states too. If your health insurance policy is not valid overseas, never hesitate to buy one for your trip. Also, make sure that if you have any type of ailment, you must take all of your medicines with you unless that medicine is not allowed for taking to other countries.

2. Take photocopies of your passport

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

Taking photocopies of your passport is a must thing to do for every traveller. Many new travellers have complained that they lost their bags having the essential documents in it on their first journey. You surely wouldn’t want to be stuck in that country forever. So, you have to make sure that you take some photocopies of your passport to avoid any inconvenience. Also, making an electronic copy and storing it in the email is never a bad idea.

3. Calculate that you have enough money

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

Before travelling overseas, always calculate the currency exchange rate of your country and the country you are going to travel. It is not a good thing to find out that your currency values way too less in other countries after landing. Have a quick look on the internet about the basic stuff to make sure that you have the necessary money available.

4. Check other countries exit and entrance fees

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

Never forget to check the other countries’ exit and entrance fees before travelling. Some of the countries charge them, and they are not included in the air tickets. Also, make sure that you have cash available in the hard form apart from a credit card because not all the places accept credit cards.

5. Get guidebooks

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

Guidebooks are essential in giving you instructions about other countries. When you want to travel, always make sure that you purchase the guidebooks of the country you want to visit. In this way, you will get all the important maps, sites and the food which is famous in that country. This will reduce your haste after landing in that country. You can also get a guide here.

6. Learn the basic ethos of that county

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

Never ever miss learning the basic ethos of the country you want to travel. It’s always a good thing to read about the culture of that country beforehand because you have to adapt yourself accordingly. If you do not follow their culture, you will land yourself in trouble. Also, some countries regard some signals as positive while others consider them as negative. For example, gift means poison in German language, so you must not try to tell someone that you will give someone a gift in Germany. Following these things will make your journey easier.

7. Activate your phone’s global capabilities

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

Nothing irritates more than a dead phone. You have to take care of this before flying, and always activate your phone’s capabilities before going to that country. You, usually have to pay for that purpose, but if you do not do this, things will become worse.

8. Get your electronic accessories

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

Do you know that electric sockets are of different sizes all over the world? If you are new in travelling, you should know this fact because otherwise, you will suffer after landing in the new country. Always remember to take an adapter with you that will help you in plugging your devices into the various size of switches. The best choice is to get a flexible adapter which will adjust itself according to the size of the socket, instead of taking different adapters for every country.

9. Learn the basics of the country’s language

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

Although English is considered as the international language all over the world, yet learning some key phrases in a new language is the key to excellent communication. Never forget to learn basic phrases like Hello, Goodbye, How are you in the local language. This will help you in doing communication with the people who do not know English there.

10. Estimate a living cost in that country

All you need to know before deciding to Travel Overseas

If you are meeting the ends with the fixed income in your country, it does not mean that you will make ends in other countries too. Remember, the economic system of your country is different from other countries. So, make sure to calculate how much money would you need to survive in that country. What are the general rent rates? How much does the transport cost? Do you need parking tickets there? Answers of all these questions are extremely necessary to have a fair estimate of the living cost in that country.

These were some essential things which you should take care of. If you do not follow them, you can get yourself in trouble, and you will not be able to enjoy your travelling overseas. You just get a visa for a limited time so you will surely want to make every day count in your trip which is not possible without following the precautions mentioned above.

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