Are you fascinated by the busy and vibrant cosmopolitan island, or perhaps you are drawn to the quality of life here in Singapore? Well, it is time you decide on staying for good. If this is the case, then there are two options possible for you, permanent residency (PR) or getting yourself citizenship to this beautiful country. However, these two options are easier said than done, and that is why you need a helping hand that will walk you through the bureaucracy and makes things smooth for you.

Our company specializes in PR and Citizenship consultancy and will give you the best advice as far as the two options are concerned. If you are thinking of beginning this journey, then you are in the right place, sit tight and let’s get right in!

What is the difference between a permanent residency (PR) and citizenship?

Well, a permanent residency is essentially an individual’s legal residency status in a particular country while citizenship on the other hand means that you are a participating member of a political community. Also as a citizen, there are certain privileges and rights that you enjoy which do not apply to those individuals who are only permanent residents. For instance, foreigners and permanent residency (PR) pay a considerably higher percentage in school fees and medical fees compared to citizens.

Why should you become a full Citizen?

Again, becoming a full citizen in Singapore means that you get to enjoy so many privileges that otherwise would not be possible. Here are some of the benefits that you get to enjoy as a citizen in Singapore.

●       Freedom of travel

Ranked 2nd by the Hanley Visa Restriction index, Singapore is one of the countries in the world that gives you access to different territories with or without a visa. With a Singaporean passport, you get visa-free or visa access to 189 territories to enjoy and visit.

●       Employment benefits

Before relocating to Singapore, it is important to understand that here, companies prefer hiring citizens or individuals with a permanent residency (PR). This is not discriminatory in any way but only an effort to avoid the gruelling paperwork that comes with hiring anyone who is not a permanent resident or a Citizen.

●       Housing

Singapore is one of the countries that have the best housing plans for its citizens in the world. Anyone above 21 years in Singapore is eligible to rent or buy a house from the (HDB) which is the Housing Development Board.

What makes this great for the citizens is the numerous subsidies that you get as a citizen. As a citizen, you can apply for loans at a discounted interest rate from the board. Besides, any first-time house buyer has a chance to get up to 40,000 SGD grants.

●       Education

As a Singaporean Citizen, you are entitled to an Edusave account where you will receive an annual contribution from the government which will help fund your education. In the event that you excel in your academia, then you will also receive awards from the government through the same account.

●       Parenthood Subsidies and Incentives

As a citizen, once your child is born, he or she has access to the Baby Bonus Scheme from the government. You are eligible for an incentive of up to SGD 8000 for the first and second child and another additional stipend of up to SGD 10,000 for your third and fourth child. Also, the government goes further and provides another subsidy of SGD 300 to 400 all in a bid to make infant care affordable.

Similarities between PRs and SCs

Not everything is different when it comes to access when Singaporean citizens and those on PR are concerned. Individuals who are on permanent residency are eligible to rent or purchase a house through the HDB program. The only difference comes in when the government is looking to upgrade, PRs must pay for any extra feature they opt for. In Singapore, whether you are a PR or citizen, you are eligible to Central Provident Fund which a requirement by the government. Remember, second-generation male PRs are required to join the National Service once they reach 18 years of age.

Why work with us?

We are a company that is entirely focused on helping our clients put up applications for both citizenship and permanent residency in Singapore. By working with us, we help you come up with a master plan of action that will help you navigate through the migration checkpoints. As a company, our clients range from professionals, expatriates, and even foreigners who are looking to make applications for either citizenship or permanent residency (PR) but lack the necessary information to kick things off.

Through the knowledge we have under our belts acquired over the past 8 years, we will give you an edge and advantage over other applicants and also hold your hands throughout the process. As a company, we will make subsequent appeals whenever required to do so. We don’t just work with anyone, so if we take up your case, then that means you have a good chance of having your application go through. We only work with cases that we are confident we will be successful in.

What has since the beginning set up apart from our competitors is our dedication to our clients. We go the extra mile of working with other organizations, for instance, the red cross and also insurance companies all in a bid to give you a better chance at a successful application. You will be glad to know that our company has the most 5-star rating over google and Facebook thanks to our stellar work.

With the eight-year experience and expertise under our belts, you stand a better chance working with us. Go ahead, make your dreams come true, and work with us. It is time you move permanently to this magnificent Island and call it your permanent home.


There you have it, folks. These are just but a few pieces of information that you may require when thinking of applying for citizenship or permanent residency in Singapore. Working with us will give you the competitive edge that is very necessary during the application phase.

Furthermore, we will walk with you through every step of the journey till the very end. Get ready to settle in permanently in Singapore!