There’s a paradigm shift in how people see sex store. Holding on to conservative thoughts have done more damage than good, so now that people are actively and openly looking for sex toys, we are ready to help them meet their needs. You are no living in an era when sex stores were shady, dull, and grossly cornered to shrouded streets. They are now lively, pretty, stylish, and easily accessible.

If you are planning to heighten your special someone’s intimacy or if you want to feel that tenfold masturbation, you are on the right page. We’ve done the research, and here’s a list of the best sex stores in Singapore to consider!

1. CherryAffairs

Image credit: CherryAffairs


  • Online delivery, self-collection, and same-day delivery
  • Impressive products, including artificial vaginas from Fleshlight and Tenga
  • Book showroom appointment for privacy
  • Discreet packaging and payment method

Sex stores are no longer grimly hidden in the streets. CherryAffairs is a well-maintained, clean, and beautiful store that will triple your interest in purchasing the best sex toys. Even though it is an online sex store, you can book an appointment to visit their physical showroom. It will perceive your privacy, and according to customer reviews, their staff is helpful. Thus, you can get help from them to sort your needs. But remember, you wouldn’t find a comprehensive collection at their physical store compared to their online store.

Also, some buyers don’t feel comfortable seeing their transaction detail on their bank statements; CherryAffairs is the spot for them. CherryAffairs is concerned about their customer privacy and requirements more than anything else. For example, if you purchase a sex toy from CherryAffairs, the transaction will not be in the product’s name. Instead, it will be as “Paypal *CA.” If this is something you’ve been looking for, then we guess you’ve found your place.

AddressUbi Techpark Lobby B, Singapore 408564
Contact+65 6384 1273
Operating HoursMon-Fri -2 PM-7PM | Sat 1PM-4PM (self-collection only)


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  • Reputable products imported from Japan, Germany, Europe, and the USA
  • BDSM toys (From Fifty Shades Freed)
  • They conduct seminars and classes
  • Same-day delivery is a popular sex store in Singapore, and it has been active since 2011. They have a wide range of products and essentials for sexual needs. They understand that most customers are embarrassed to purchase sex toys, so Horny’s packaging and selling methods are discreet.  

If you place an order with, you will be able to get it delivered on the same day, which is impressive! They offer a wide range of products from reputed brands, including brands from the UK, USA, Japan, and German.

Their prices are affordable even if you are purchasing sex toys from premium brands. Their premium brands include Tenga and Lelo. Also, if you are interested in BDSM, you can find products from Fifty Shades Freed. On top of all, this store conducts seminars and classes, which is great because we don’t usually find sex-ed!

This store looks more like a professional hair salon with innovative products and tools. But there’s one drawback–its ulu location!

Anyway, if you have got any doubt, clear it right away using their live chat option, and they’ll reply promptly.

Address756 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-21, Singapore 534626
Contact+65 9777 2176
Operating HoursMon-Fri -11AM- 8PM | Sat, Sun & Public Holidays- 11 AM- 8PM

3. U4Ria

Image credit: U4Ria


  • They have over 13,000 products
  • Branded products from Europe, including We-Vibe and Lelo
  • Discreet delivery available
  • Three branches in Singapore

This store is known for selling legit sex toys in Singapore. The initial branch was established in 2000, and when it started, sex was a taboo topic, and still, it somewhat is. The founder of the store has done the groundwork and realized the importance of sex toys. They grew as a company, and by 2020, three branches sell paraphernalia for people’s sexual demands. Another amazing thing about U4Ria is that it helps buyers make informed decisions through guides, customer service, etc.

Just like the name says, you will feel euphoric in bed from the products purchased at U4Ria. This is a famous sex store in Singapore with three branches, including U4Ria @ Midpoint Orchard #02-11A, Love is Love, and U4Ria @ Peninsula Plaza. Their shops offer more than 13,000 products for couples and singles. There are whacky offerings, too, if you are interested.

Address111 North Bridge Rd, #02-48 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098
Contact+65 6337 7463
Operating HoursMon-Thu, & Sat- 11AM–8PM | Closed on Friday & Sunday

4. Alice Maple

Image credit: Alice Maple


  • They sell easy-to-use products
  • The website includes buying guides and illustrations
  • Availability of homemade products
  • Safe and strange chemical-free products

A Singaporean couple owns Alice Maple. They cater to the needs of couples and singles who don’t want to risk purchasing products that have weird chemicals and are not guaranteed safe. If you check their website, you can find organic glass dildos, luxe vibrators, lubricants, and many other easy to handle toys.

Their website includes a guide for naïve buyers who have no idea how to purchase or use sex toys. If you are new to buying, rest assured, you can easily find the ideal product at Alice Maple. There is a whopping amount of sex toys in this store that are handmade, so this might be your thing if you are into organic, handmade products.

According to Google reviews, Alice Maple is one of the best sex shops in Singapore. If you are too hesitant to visit the store or about purchasing sex toys, don’t worry, Alice Maple will meet your needs safely and confidentially. There is an option to get your order in 3 hours, so you have the liberty to enjoy shopping without stressing about privacy. They also have excellent after-sales services!

Address304 Orchard Road #01-101 (Lucky Plaza) Singapore 238863
Contact+65 8444 5644
Operating HoursMon-Fri- 12PM – 8.30PM | Sat- 12.30PM- 7.30PM | Sun &Pub Holiday- 12.30PM – 7.30PM


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  • 100% authentic products imported from Germany, USA, Japan, etc.
  • Discreet packaging
  • Relatively lower prices and excellent level of confidentiality
  • Rewards and promotions

With a 4.7-Star rating on Google, is a popular sex store in Singapore. It’s recognized for the quality products, excellent brands, and a wide range of collections. You can get anything from essentials to entertainment. They also have promotions and rewards for taking your experience to the next level. These products will light up your mood and make sex extra fun and exciting.

If you love things a little wild or if you want to experiment, anything is possible with the products offered by Their products are offered at relatively lower prices with discreet packaging. You can enjoy their 100% authentic products delivered to your doorstep without risking confidentiality.

But if you are clueless about what to purchase or how to purchase, you can go to their guide’s section and look up the guides included. It will make shopping effortless.

Address8 Burn Road #08-09 Trivex, Singapore 369977
Contact+65 8666 0069
Operating HoursMon-Fri- 11AM-6.30PM | Sat- 12PM-6PM | Closed on Sunday

6. Pink Lifestyle

Image credit: Pink Lifestyle


  • From lingerie, accessories, oil to sex toys for any gender 
  • Personal massage products for sensualizing sessions 
  • Three sub-branches 
  • A section of 50 Shades series’ products 

To make your fantasies of intimacy come true, try checking out the collections at Pink Lifestyle. It has many sex toys, including a section of 50 shades series’ products and sex toys for foreplay. There are products specialized for couples, men, and women. Not only sex toys, but they also offer other essentials to spice up your sex experience.

This is a one-stop sex store to meet all your demands. You will not feel awkward entering the store because the store’s exterior looks more like a pretty lingerie shop, even though they have an exotic and compelling interior. Pink Lifestyle primarily specializes in lingerie, but you can find unique and innovative sex toys as well.

As they have a wide range of products, you are unlikely to return bare hands. Moreover, their website is user-friendly, so you can navigate the page without needing help. If you are at their physical store, professional staff will be at your service. On top of all, you can choose between online and offline shopping.

Address8 Liang Seah Street, Liang Seah Court #01-02 Singapore 189029
Contact+65 82002737
Operating HoursTue –Sun, Public Holiday- 12PM –10PM | Closed on Monday

7. Lily Hush

Image credit: Lily Hush


  • Products from popular brands like Doc Johnson, Durex, and Exotic Novelties
  • Collect your order at POPstation if you don’t want doorstep delivery
  • Handled discreetly, so everything is assured

Social stigma on sex has caused a lot of inconvenience to people who actually find sex gratifying. If you want to enjoy sex using new and exciting sex toys, you can head over to Lily Hush and meet your demands. But what if you don’t want to shop publicly? You can opt for online purchases. Or they have another option, and if you don’t want them to deliver it to your doorstep, you can collect it at the POPstation.

As a business, they have analyzed their customers to meet their needs with perfection. They sell products from over 40 brands, including many international brands. For women, they sell vibrating wands, glass dildos, nipple clamps, and panties.

You can place your online order at your convenience because they are available 24/7.

Address10 Anson Rd, Singapore 079903
Contact+65 3158 3057
Operating HoursMon-Sun- 10AM –12AM

8. Love Love Notes

Image credit: Love Love Notes


  • Focused more on couples and women
  • Organic lubricants, love toys, intimate goods, and sexy lingerie
  • Bondage accessories
  • Products from featured brands

Women run Love Love Notes, and they mostly produce for couples and women. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find sex toys for men on their website. The section “His Toys” includes toys and gifts for men. They have an extensive collection of sexy linger, sex toys, bondage accessories, and organic lubricants.

On top of all, they list the features brands and country of origin, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing their products in terms of quality. They have products from famous brands like Jimmyjane, Lelo, and We-Vibe. If you don’t find them affordable, you can check other affordable products.

Unfortunately or fortunately, Love Love Notes doesn’t have showrooms, so you have to stick to their website. But that’s good in a way, right?

Address133 Cecil St, #05-01A Keck Seng Tower, Singapore 069535
Contact+65 9083 4350
Operating HoursMon-Sun- 8AM – 10PM

9. Mimibox

Image credit: Mimibox


  • 24-hour vending machine
  • Limited but affordable products
  • Cash payment, so enjoy anonymity
  • Discreet billing and packaging

You have no pressure if you are purchasing at Mimibox because they have a 24-hour vending machine. Even though they have limited products, they are affordable, and most products are under $50. Their popular brands include Tenga, Doc Johnson, Fleshlight, Zemalia Vibrator, Pjur Lube & Sprays, and EasyGlide Lubricants.

However, their store is located at Geylang, and it’s a shabby location, but the ambience is excellent, according to Google reviews. If you don’t want to risk all that, you can easily consider online shopping. Their site is super easy to navigate, so you can check their products, guides, and policy before deciding.

If you are up for an adventure and want to try a vending machine that let you buy sex toys, you got to try Mimibox. It’s fully automated, so you don’t have to deal with staff.

Address340 Geylang Rd, #01-18, Le Regal, Singapore 389365
Contact+65 8192 8155
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours

10. Maison Mika

Image credit: Maison Mika


  • Famous for luxury sex toys
  • Only online purchase
  • La Vie Nue products for seduction
  • Workshops and masterclasses

If you are curious to enjoy luxury sex toys, the best option would be Maison Mika. They treat your pleasure as their passion. They have curated a list of products to meet your sexual demands. Their official website itself is more than enough to set the bar for their quality. They have brightly lit photographs with creatively catered sex toys. Their site makes you want to spend a little more to look around for the right sex toy for you!

Their indulgent and tasteful theme makes it one of the best online sex stores in Singapore. Maison Mika doesn’t have a physical store, which could be a little worrying if you want to feel the product before purchasing. Apart from sex toys and lingerie, they also manage parties and events, and workshops.

However, if you are an online shopper, you wouldn’t mind not having a physical store. Their website has categorized the products for beginners, couples, and connoisseurs. At the moment, Maison Mika is entirely operated online, but maybe you can expect a local store in the long run.

AddressClick Here to View Google Map
Contact+65 8388 4036
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours

11. 6FUN Toys


  • Several effortless options to place orders
  • Discreet packaging and excellent delivery
  • Affordable prices
  • Good ratings

The list of sex stores in Singapore is never-ending, but only a few good ones can make it to this list. Among those few good ones, we’ve included 6FunToys as well because they are doing a pretty good job.

There’s something that sets apart 6FunToys from others, which is their unique service. They don’t overwhelm you with thousands of options. Instead, they offer a few quality products from top manufacturers to satisfy your needs.

You can place your orders as you please because they have mentioned several effortless options to place orders. For example, if you are comfortable placing an order via WhatsApp, you can do it, and they’ll cater to your needs right away.

If you are interested in quality sex toys, you know who to contact.  

Address Sengkang E Rd, Singapore 540279
Contact +65 8228 8500
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours

Goodbye clunky and noisy sex toys; they have no say in the bedroom. Now that you have our suggestions, you can shop for kinky sex toys and sexy lingerie without feeling awkward. These are our top picks of the best sex stores we’ve mentioned above are popular in Singapore. You are their priority, so they’ll keep your privacy protected and discreet!

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