Whether you’re tired from the work and want to calm yourself due to a stressful day at work or school or want to create a romantic mood in the house, scented candles are one of the best choices. Not only are they really effective at improving the mood, but they’re also one of the more affordable options. No matter the occasion or the type of mood, you’re sure to find the perfect candle for it.

So, we now know that the scented candles are really good, but not all of them are made alike. Some tend to burn too fast, while others burn too slowly. Additionally, some scented candles have a long-lasting effect, whereas others don’t. That’s why we have come up with a list of the best scented candles that are available in Singapore to help you choose the best one.

1. Artisan of Sense

Artisan of Sense Scented candles | Artisan of Sense Facebook
Image Credit: Artisan of Sense

if you’re a lover of eco-friendly scented candles, which also provide a refreshing and peaceful vibe to your surroundings, then Artisan of Sense is the one for you. Not only are these scented candles eco-friendly, but they are also made up of soy wax which is collected from US-grown soybean. The scents are infused into these candles by using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils from plants that are uniquely fresh and uplifting.

Their Classic Collection consists of candles with notes of cedarwood, lemongrass, lavender, lime, coconut palm, oranges, sage, etc. If you’re looking for something fancier, then you can always check out their Glass Dome collection. This collection consists of premium scented candles that have hints of jasmine, lavender, lime, cedarwood, and more. These candles come with a glass dome that concentrates the aroma, gives it a more luxurious feeling, and makes it stand out.

If you’re someone who’s frequently on the go, then you can check their Travel Essence collection. This is made using refined and recycled tin and comes with a secure, twistable lid. You can easily fit it in your pockets and set off for your travels.

PricesPrices start from $28 for an 85g Classic Collection candle
Phone+65 8218 1378
Address64 Circular Rd, #03-01, Singapore 049418

2. Candles of Light

CANDLES - Dusk 8oz Gemstone Candle
Image credit: Candles Of Light

Candles Of Light create candles out of bees-wax and soy-wax and infuse them with fragrances or scents, which are also derived botanically and naturally. This means that their candles are prepared using no chemicals. Their range of scented candles is inspired by the different stages of a day, starting with Daylight and ending with Midnight.

They carefully blend each scent by hand and create candles in small batches. This allows them to use only the finest, most natural, and raw ingredients for their candles. Their Daylight scent smells like the perfect blend of pure rose and cucumbery violet leaf, which is further enhanced with neroli and lavender. The end result is a fresh, and floral scent that gives you the feeling of waking up in early daylight.

Their Dawn collection has scents of lavender, citrus, and mint, which gives the feeling of a soft start to a new day. Some of the other collections provided by them include Day Spring, Dusk, and Midnight. A gorgeous way to rejoice and celebrate the days of our life.

Expected damage: Prices start from $24.90 for a 85g Terrazzo Tealight candle

Contact Details: hello@candlesoflight.com

3. Diadem Candles

Image credit: Diadem Candles

Sometimes you might be afraid that the marvellous scents of your candle might be coming from dangerous compounds that may cause you to harm in the long run. If so, then Diadem Candles are here to prove to you that scented candles that do not contain chemicals like paraffin, phthalates, and lead do exist.

Diadem Candles has one aim and that to provide its customers with luxurious, natural, soft, and fragrant candles which leaves less impact on our planet. They pour all of their candles by hand and use soy wax which is 100% natural. Soy wax burns for longer than paraffin wax and has a lesser impact on the environment. Also, the soot formed is very less giving your room a healthier environment.

They offer various scented candles including enamel mug candles, recycle bottled candles, reuse & refill candles. Their fragrances include lavender, lemongrass, coconut & lime, Singapore orchid, citronella & peppermint, etc. The Enamel Mug range uses a scented candle in a vintage enamel mug, with a natural wooden stick. The recycle bottle candles are created out of recycled bottles that are cut to the desired shape. They also frequently run sales on their site.

Expected damage: Their Enamel Mug range starts from $39.90 but you can get them for $30 during sales.

Contact Details: hello@diademcandles.com

4. Made By Aliens XYZ

Candles made by Made by Alien XYZ truly make us wonder if they were really made by aliens. They’re 100% plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, contain no GMOs or parabens or SLS/SLES, or even dyes. That’s not all, their scented candles contain only natural ingredients so you can even apply the wax on your skin (after it’s cooled down obviously, don’t want to burn ourselves now do we?).

Coconut Wax is their primary ingredient which is pretty surprising because it is an expensive wax. The fragrance is provided by 100% essential oils and the wooden wicks give that extra crackling ambiance when you light up the wick. Their candles also look extremely dazzling with the added touch of crystals in them.

After your candle finishes its life-cycle, you can simply use the wax for your dry elbows and knees and extract these crystals. The perfect candle for attracting some positivity into your environment. Not to forget that they would make for a good Instagram post too!

Expected damage: Prices start at $20.00 for their travel-sized candles.

Contact Details: madebyaliens.xyz@gmail.com

5. To Be Calm

To Be Calm provides candles that they craft using pure soy wax and are available in 5 different sizes. The sizes are mini, medium, luxury large, deluxe XXL, and tea caddy. All candles are poured by hand and contain a cotton wick. Their divine fragrance is thanks to the special scents that they import from France and Australia.

Some of these scents include balsam palm, citrus, eucalyptus, pine, fresh-cut grass, cedar, and pink pepper. Their smallest size is the mini scented candles but doesn’t be fooled by the word ‘mini.’ Even their mini candles contain 125g of soy wax and can last for as long as 24 to 28 hours.

The deluxe XXL candles are ultra-large candles with two cotton wicks, which are a delight both visually and aromatically. This variant is available with two fragrances, the Divine Black Orchid & Ginger and the Yuzu & Tea Fragrance. You can get a 10% off on your first order with them, and they offer free next-day shipping for orders above $50.

Prices:Prices start from $18 for a 125g mini candle
Phone:+65 9654 7650
Address:310 Orchard Rd, Basement 1 Tang Plaza, Singapore 238864

6. Hush Candles

Hush Scented Candles | Hush Facebook
Image Credit: Hush

Hush Candles provide a wide range of scented candles that are created using all-natural soy wax along with therapeutic grade essential oils, and a cotton wick. They use soy wax of the most premium quality and are also biodegradable.

Their prices are also extremely easy on the pocket while not compromising on the quality of the product. All their products give you the perfect sense of minimalism while keeping it fuss-free. This lets customers get premium quality products at a much lower price while also making them really popular among minimalists.

Their scented candles contain about 5-10 ml of 100% pure essential oil in each candle. This not also gives the candles an amazing fragrance but also provides therapeutic benefits for both the mind and body. Some of their popular scents include cinnamon-nutmeg, rose-nutmeg, lemongrass-rosemary, bergamot-clary sage, YlangYlang-clove, and peppermint-orange as some of the alluring combinations.

PricesPrices start from $18 for a 113g candle
Phone+65 9829 8889 / +65 92974611
AddressOxley Bizhub 2, 62 Ubi Rd 1, #05-13, Singapore 408734

7. Sally’s Room

Sally’s Room Scented Candles | Sally’s Room Facebook
Image Credit: Sally’s Room

Sally’s Room aims to provide you with the best quality candles with a tinge of nature wherever you are. Along with this, they also provide information regarding candles and what is happening in the world of candles. Their scented candles are homemade and use natural soy wax and high-quality fragrance. To induce this high-quality scent in their products, Sally’s Room insists on using only premium fragrances that come from Switzerland.

They have a total of 12 fragrances for their scented candles. This is further divided into 7 categories: Floral & Sweet, Citrus & Fruity, Fresh, Comfort, Woody and Perfume type. The Fresh & Sweet category offers fragrances such as cherry blossom, Bed of Roses, blackcurrant, and Marry Me. The Citrus & Fruity category includes Sake, Citrus Heaven, and Piore Fragrances. Similarly, Fresh has Peppermint and Tea, whereas Comfort comes with Snowy Night. Woody and Perfume include Scandinavian Woodlands and Virgin Island Water, respectively.

If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones then Sally’s Room also provides gift sets where you can mix and match your favourite scented candles.

Prices:Prices start from $15 for an 80g mini soy candle
Phone:+65 6221 7883
Address:4 Everton Park, #01-44, Singapore 080004

8. Hysses

Hysses | Hysses Facebook
Image Credit: Hysses

Hysses provides a large variety of scented candles that are created using bees-wax and 100% cotton wicks. Beeswax is naturally non-toxic and can burn three times longer than the usual paraffin wax. Meanwhile, the cotton wax used gives a cleaner-burning fume.

Their candles come in four different scents which are Ginger-Lemongrass, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Rose-Geranium. These candles have a hypoallergenic effect and release negative ions into the atmosphere when they are burnt. This gives the air a purer and improved quality. These candles also come with a lid that acts as a snuffer while making it look even more pretty on your desk.

Expected damage: Prices start at $32.90 for a 100g bees-wax candle.

Address: You can check out their store locations right here.

9. Candescent Box

Candescent Box | Candescent Box Facebook
Image Credit: Candescent Box

Candescent Box is the creation of a mother and daughter duo, who provide all-natural soy wax candles that they pour by hand. They offer plenty of combinations of essential oils, natural ingredients from plants and flowers, and also some synthetic manmade ingredients which act as a good scent throw.

They are always open to feedback from their customers. Together, they have created over 10 different scents for their candles. Some of their best-selling candles are the 50 Shades of Grey which contains a combination of cedarwood, bergamot, mandarin, and lime, and the You Are Beautiful which is a combination of avocado and lime. They also offer a Candescent Box candle set that comes in two different sizes, the classic (250g) and the Mega (300g) which includes candles, cookies, and chic necklaces. Candescent Box also encourages its customers to simply refill their candles so that packaging waste can be reduced.

Expected damage:Prices start at $48 for a 250g Classic Soy Candle
Address:5 Banda St, #03-90, Singapore 050005

10. Temple

Temple Candles | Temple Candles Facebook
Image Credit: Temple Candles

Temple Candles take their inspiration from the exotic life in Singapore. It comes with plenty of scents like the Singapore Orchid, Lime, Basil, and Mandarin. They make these candles using 100% natural ingredients such as coconut wax and contain a blend of 100% pure Australian essential oils fragrances to provide these candles with a unique fragrance.

The candles are packed in a classic black and white box adorned with a handwoven Chinese eternal knob which symbolizes good luck and longevity. Since these candles are made using all-natural ingredients, these luxurious candles burn cleanly and effortlessly fill the room with a gorgeous fragrance. These candles are sustainable, toxin-free, and eco-friendly.

Contact Details: +65 9116 0204

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