Let’s be real. I think we can agree that 2020 has been a really bad year for most of us. Twitter users have already dubbed 2020 as the worst year in the history of humanity. From the possibility of World War 3 to us being forced to work/study from home due to the pandemic COVID-19. I can literally spend the whole day ranting about these negative things. But for today, let us put aside all the bad things and talk about something that will definitely make us all happy. That’s right, FOOD! I am one of those Singaporeans who take pride in our local food scene. And lucky for you, I am feeling generous today. So these are my picks of the 5 best satay delivery in Singapore. I highly recommended every single one of these places!


(Source: Kwong Satay)

With their island-wide wholesale distribution and delivery, you don’t have to worry about travelling and getting your food in person. You order, they deliver.

In fact, this brand has been gaining a lot of positive attention from the media. Heritage Hawker from HungryGoWhere and the Sunday Times are some of their avid supporters. They were even given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars for their chunky servings and generous pineapple sauce.

What I love most about this brand is their relentless efforts in staying true to their family traditional Hainanese recipe throughout the generations. Their business expansion over the years has never stopped them from serving us with the best authentic Hainanese taste. It is a MUST for you sink your teeth into their irresistible signature pork loin satay! And let us not forget about their equally popular chicken, mutton, beef, and pork belly satay that will make you hungry for more. Overall, definitely deserving of topping our list of the best satay delivery in Singapore!

Just be sure to order minimally 50 sticks of fresh and succulent satay to enjoy their quality products within the comforts of your home. And if you order 200 sticks or more, you don’t have to pay any delivery charges. Isn’t that amazing? 

Just remember to order 48 hours and cash for payment before that all right? 

2. Opah Satay (Halal Certified) 

(Source: Opah Satay

From their humble beginnings at Satay by the Bay, this brand is now available island wide. Their Opah Satay On-Line service will deliver freshly grilled satay to your doorstep! And if you are as impromptu as I am, their delivery service is a blessing for you as they are very flexible in delivering orders on the same day for both homes and offices! All you have to do is order minimally $40 via Whatsapp, Facebook, or website. How convenient!

Still not convinced? Well, they have also been recognized by the National Heritage Board for outstanding service and products! Thus, definitely check out their amazing babat satay (tripe), beef, mutton, chicken satay as well as their chicken and mutton satay goreng. After all, there’s always time for satay for every occasion.

3. City Satay

(Source: City Satay

Recognized as one of the largest satay distributors on the island, City Satay takes pride in serving nothing but the best. Their satays are highly inspired by Singapore’s multiculturalism. Be sure to try out their Yakitori Original Sticks and Ultimate Pork Belly Satay that will definitely make you come back for more! My personal favourite would be their Singapore Satay-Chicken On The Go. Its unique combination of Asian spices will for sure win your heart from your very first bite. Let’s not even forget about their signature sauce made of roasted groundnuts, tree nuts, tamarind, and traditional shrimp paste (belacan). You will definitely fall in love with their food with every single bite that you take. 

Another thing why this brand is on our list would be the amount of attention and love they put in in their food. From using the freshest ingredients for cooking to collaborating with institutes of higher learning for products that are healthy and suitable for all ages, you can be assured that you are getting the best quality services from them.

Moreover, they also provide personalised On-Site BBQ services. You can opt for this service in your next corporate events, home parties, weddings, and even large-scale events. Something for you to look forward to after this Circuit Breaker! In the meantime, you can enjoy free delivery with a minimum order of 80 sticks and share the love with your family! Hands down one of the best satay delivery in Singapore!

4. Lee Wee and Brothers (Halal Certified)  

(Source: Lee Wee and Brothers

If you are someone like me who is thrifty but still want quality food, this is the perfect place for you. Staying true to their family’s rich heritage, Lee Wee and Brothers is passionate in serving customers mouth-watering satays that captures the Singaporean flavour. Available in both cooked and uncooked, they are known for serving juicy tender satays (chicken, mutton, and beef) with a unique combination of herbs and spices. Together with their homemade sauce, cucumber and onions, you can enjoy the best satay in your home without burning a hole in your wallet.

Another bonus point for this brand would be their commitment to using 100% natural and fresh products, without relying on artificial ingredients and preservatives to maintain their quality of products. In fact, they will only prepare once you place your order! This means their satays are healthier for us and we don’t have to feel too feel guilty about eating them. Isn’t that great?

5. Haron Satay (Halal Certified) 

(Source: Haron Satay)

Let’s save the best for the last. This is probably one of my personal favourite to-go-to place to satisfy my satay cravings with my family and friends since forever. For 38 years and counting, Haron Satay has been faithfully serving its customers tender and quality halal satays at East Coast Lagoon Village Food Village. Everything that they serve is handmade and grilled to perfection, which makes every single one of their satay, sauce, and rice cakes close to our hearts.

And what I love about them is how generous they are with their portions. I assure you, their wide selection of succulent chicken, mutton and beef satays, together with their heavenly mix of fine and chunky peanut gravy will make you addicted and come back for more. Just talking about it makes me remember how fragrant and flavourful their satays are.  This is literally a heaven on earth for satay-lovers out there. Simply amazing and definitely one of the best satay delivery in Singapore!

Hopefully, this article has been informative for you. After all, be fearless in the pursuit of the things we love. We should never let this virus be stopping us from exploring the great things in life – such as satay! Bon Appetit and do remember to indulge moderately! 

Written By: Norazim