It is important to keep yourself stuffed with nutrients even if you don’t feel like it. I am not a breakfast person and my mom often nags me to have the habit of just grabbing a bite before I leave my home. To ease her worries, I tried out Revive as one of my potential breakfast candidates. And so, here is me sharing my Revive review!

About Revive

Revive started because they truly believe that when it comes to healthy snacks, no one should have to compromise on taste for health.

Our product range includes Granolas, Overnight Oats and Nut butters. Their products are crafted with natural and wholesome ingredients, and will always lead with a nutrient-rich first ingredient – such as whole grains, nuts or seeds – and all other ingredients used are beneficial to your health. It’s also free of artificial preservatives and made in Singapore!

Sleek and Neat Packagings

revive nutrition review

When I opened out the delivery box, I was greeted with these elegant and neatly packed granolas and overnight oats. I loved that the packagings were in Ziploc form, which helps me save time from transferring the contents into containers.

Healthy Granolas

Revive Nutrition review

These were the 5 kinds of granolas I had received from my delivery. As seen on the packagings, these granolas are:

  • 100% natural
  • vegan
  • No refined sugar
  • No artifical preservatives

There were different flavours for me to choose from. I tried out all 5 different kinds and ranked them according to my preference. My top 3 choices were honey granola, maple granola and earl grey granola. Taking earl grey as an example, I loved that the granolas had a strong earl grey taste and scent but complemented nicely with the nuts, which made it light and easy to digest.

Once you open up the packagings, you can see that the granolas are cut into bite-size. With the granolas being in bite-size, I am able to take some out to my work and have them as energy bars and for my afternoon tea time break.

To be honest, even though I am not a nut fan, these granolas are my alternative snack choice when I am watching my dramas at home. No more looking for Macdonalds, popcorns but Revive~

Overnight Oats

Not to worry if you are looking for instant breakfast but something more filling than the granolas. You can try out their overnight oats as well.

According to Revive, this is how you should prepare their overnight oats:
1. Pour 200ml of milk/milk alternative, and 50g of packaged contents into a jar/bowl. DO NOT ADD WATER.
2. Stir well and refrigerate overnight.
3. Give a quick stir the next morning and enjoy.

I usually take fresh milk so it wouldn’t go wrong. Those who want to add in other milk choices can try out adding soy milk or almond milk.

Of these four, my personal favourite will be the chocolate banana. Rough on the looking, but smooth to the taste, these oats are surprisingly softer than how it looks. To give your oats a more variety of nutrients, real fruits will be a good compliment. Grab some berries, bananas and other fruits of your preferences, you are settled with a good breakfast.

Natural Nut Butters

These jars of nut butters are:

  • Unsalted
  • No palm oil
  • Dry roasted
  • 100% natural
  • No sugar added

My personal favourite is definitely the peanut butter. I am seriously not a fan of peanuts but I loved that the peanut butter smelt strong and the texture was more natural as compared to those peanut butter you find in the supermarkets.

The jars of nut butter were very fragrant and smelt sweet even though there was no added sugar. I had added some to my overnight oats in the morning. It tasted creamy and were a good compliment with the overnight oats.

In Conclusion

So, here is the end of my Revive review. Revive is the perfect snack choice if you are looking for healthy snacking options. There are many different kinds of granolas and overnight oats for your preferences and you can always explore different combinations of snacks with them.

Happy Shopping with them~