You all might have heard about the self-test DNA kits available in the market. For those of you who don’t know what they are, a DNA test kit lets you know about your ancestors and your ethnic roots by examining your DNA. I have not been a fan of these DNA testing kits, but something caught my attention: the DiscoverMe+ self-test kit. I used it and then decided to write a review on it so everyone could benefit from my experience. So, if you also want to know how this works and is worth your money, then stick around and find out.

DiscoverMe+ DNA Kit

A DNA test involves simple steps in which you collect your saliva sample, send it to the company, and they will let you know what your ancestry roots are and other stuff. DiscoverMe+ DNA testing kit allows you to know about overall health and wellness. As I was more interested in just finding out how I can make myself and my body healthier and prevent potential diseases from happening, I ordered my kit and just decided to go for it. It has 379 reports on different areas like skin, weight, health, personality & potential, physical information, diseases, and drugs.

Get Started

The first thing you do is open the box which you get. The kit includes a saliva testing tube with a lid, a plastic bio-specimen bag, and a randomized ID card. The card is used to retrieve the reports once it is done. Before you start, you need to register yourself and activate the kit. Then you need your saliva sample in the tube and close the lid tightly. Just pack it in the bag you received with your kit and send it back to the company.

What I Got to Know

I was astonished by how detailed the reports were and the results came back in just 10 days. You can get to know absolutely everything there is to know about yourself. I consider myself a fitness enthusiast, so I was more eager to learn about health and fitness as well as the role genetics play in it. Genetics plays a significant part in the results you see, whether in weight loss or building muscle. All the genetic markers were examined in the report, like appetite control or how my body weight will respond to exercise, which helped me greatly with my workout sessions.

The report also included what type of diet could be the best for me and how to reach my maximum potential in physical activities. This can help you find out which drug your body is sensitive towards and the potential risks of many diseases. I also got a list of supplements and vitamins which can be good for me. I have started taking some of them, and trust me, I already see good results.

What I liked About it

Well, first things first, the detailed reports just blew me away altogether. There was so much in the reports, and everything was nicely sorted as well. I got to know so much about myself, which, honestly, I was not expecting. It is pretty easy to use as well, and the results come back quickly. The report’s delivery time is much faster than other self-test DNA kits in the market, which I have read about. Plus, the shipping is also free in Singapore.

This brings me to the next point, which is price. It is much cheaper than other DNA kits and provides you with detailed reports for just $999.00. The reports and overall experience you get with this kit are quite better than many expensive kits. Plus, the free lifetime updates are just the cherry on top of the cake.

The great thing is that these guys adhere to the international security standard, ISO-27001. DiscoverMe+ DNA kit makes sure the information is encrypted, and our identity remains anonymous. The unique ID cards used to retrieve the reports can keep your identity anonymous, even while submitting the saliva samples.

Asian DNA Specialization

While most of the other DNA test companies have majorly Western or European database, DiscoverMe+ has more than 650,000 data points for Asians. This is a really unique and cool thing especially if you are an Asian.

Final Verdict: It Reeks Of My Approval

There you have it, this was the review of the DiscoverMe+ DNA kit, and I hope it covered everything you needed to know. It is without a doubt the best DNA kit that is available in the market right now. It is straightforward to use and not too heavy on your wallet too. The results come back as quickly as possible and never leave you hanging for long. It is pretty safe, which can keep your mind at ease all the time. You can have free lifetime update reports, which is excellent.

To sum it all up, DiscoverMe+ can give you the best and detailed reports, which you can use in more ways than one. The medical breakdown and reports are magnificently detailed but simple to read. It is two thumbs-up from my side, and I will suggest that you all use DiscoverMe+ as well and improve your health as I did.