Disclaimer: This article is rewritten from an actual customer’s experience. The customer’s name has been changed for privacy.

My Journey With Hair Loss

Have you ever experienced discouragement and depression by hair loss at any point in time? Jason will promise you that isn’t pleasant. Jason was your average male, with amazing hair back when he was a teen and during his early twenties. Jason was really proud of what he had been gifted on his head, due to which he always had that boost of confidence within him. But as Jason started to hit his mid-twenties, he began to notice how his hair was thinning and found bunches of hair on his pillow when he woke up in the morning.

Jason refused to believe what was happening to his hair and shrugged it off, thinking that it might fix itself after some time. But as months passed, it got worse. Over the course of time, when Jason reached his thirties, he tried several different hair products, went through several different treatments, spending hundreds of dollars for nothing.

That’s when a friend noticed what Jason was going through and introduced Rehair Lab. Naturally, Jason was sceptical over it but nevertheless made the leap. He gave Rehair Lab a chance and now never looked back.

Hair Replacement: No Pain, Just Gain

Their service was as friendly as it gets, providing you with tips and tricks all the way through. They thoroughly analyzed his situation and helped him identify the perfect headpiece for my face shape. After all the customization, adjustments and finally the hair attachment, my heart was racing, fluttering more than the wings of a bee. All this time Jason had his eyes closed, and as he opened them and stared at the mirror, it was as if he had woken up from a dream.

Jason couldn’t believe what he was seeing! There he stood, looking just like he remembered himself. Then he brushed his fingers between his hair and took a second shock. It was not a dream! It really was hair! He even got a bit emotional on the spot.

The final results were shockingly amazing. The toupee really blended with Jason’s natural hair and looked extremely realistic. Like one wouldn’t even know that it is a toupee. And the best thing about the procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t require any sophisticated procedures that might harm your body in the long run. Also, Rehair Lab’s headpiece is very lightweight and easy to care for. Jason is able to do all his day-to-day activities as usual, without having to worry about the headpiece. Even exercising doesn’t exhibit any uneasiness.

Before & After

What’s more interesting is the reaction that his friends and family had on their faces. Feeling his confidence rushing back within him, Jason headed back home and shouted, ‘Surprise!’, and guess what? Nobody was home. He had totally forgotten that his mom and dad had a dinner night that day.

When they finally arrived, their reaction was priceless. They did not utter a single word for a moment and stared at him with their eyes wide open. Jason thought he looked funny. But they laughed exclaimed that he looked younger and more dashing. Similarly, his friends told him that they didn’t recognize him at first glance.

Confidence was oozing out of Jason again, making his life better and better day by day. And as a matter of fact, the Chinese New Year was just around the corner so guess what? His confidence fuel was up and running for the celebration. Jason couldn’t get happier and fuller since. Over the past few months, Jason has even recommended Rehair Lab to his friends going through the same phase as him. And honestly, their life has changed in various ways, just as he did.

If you’re struggling if hair loss and looking for a non-surgical method to regain your hair and confidence, visit Rehair Lab today!