The iPhone market is bound to be lit by a new brand of phones, with a new colour surface finish. Purple iPhones have hit the Singapore market. It is the first colour of its kind ever. The purple iPhone comes in the iPhone 12 series, consisting of iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch screen and iPhone twelve mini with a 5.4-inch screen. Let us see the specs of this new brand of iPhone. The casing design is made of ceramic, a hard shield that has quadrupled drop performance compared to previous brands. The display has high contrast imaging and, thus, higher resolution.

The brand is 5G enabled and, by extension, fast speed culminating in faster downloads, high-quality video streaming, and little to no latency for better browsing. It has fast processors for super responsive games and live interactivity. The phone has an A14 Bionic chip. Bionic chips in phones run multiple operations per second. iPhone 12’s chip coupled with a 16 core engine ensures fast speeds and processing capability. The brand enables night mode for all cameras, a feature that produces dimly lit photos and closer detailing. The cameras are ultra-wide, capturing 27% more light.

Video graphics of iPhone 12 permit playing, editing, and playback of Dolby Vision. This feature permits linking to a smart TV for a wider view. The optical zooming range goes as far as two times. The video features are night enabled to capture better light trails and better motion. Video recording uses 10-bit HDR with sixty times extra colours from an 8-bit system. Video playbacks can last for as long as 15 hours.

As the new brand of iPhone 12 hits the market, it is difficult not to pinpoint its amazing first-time surface finish colour. Purple iPhones are finally on the Singapore market. This brand-new coloured iPhone is categorically limited to the iPhone 12 series. The series is subdivided into iPhone 12 and a smaller version of it, the iPhone 12 mini. Other than the difference in size between the mini and full versions of the iPhone brands, they both appear

with similar performance, specs, and of course, the purple colour option. The new iPhone 12 brand’s specs transcend over just colour, covering connectivity, video and camera graphics, exterior design, processing capability, and battery life.

The exterior design of the purple iPhone assumes the shape of a rectangle with the four edges slightly curved. The brand also has an aluminium frame for support. This frame is further reinforced by a ceramic shield with better drop performance compared to other brands. The brand enjoys 5G connectivity. As a result, download speeds are high, with latency or slagging websites being a story of the past. The 5G connection is reinforced with an A14 Bionic chip capable of running numerous operations and processes within a second yielding faster download and enhanced browsing. The phone also has a 16-core engine for super-fast speeds and processing.

The exterior design assumes a rectangular shape with curved edges. The OLED screen has very tiny bezels. The back of the iPhone 12 has magnetic charging support. The body consists of an aluminium frame and a waterproof glossy casing. The RAM is 4GB, and a varying RAM of 64, 128, and 256 GB. The battery capacity is 2815 mAh with a 20-watt fast charging option or a 15 Qi wireless charger. Purple iPhones go for $979.